Observations: Eagles 54, Bears 11

NFL: Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles

Here’s what we saw during tonight’s Eagles-Bears game.


* Everything the Eagles did offensively worked Sunday night. They started the game on fire, scoring touchdowns on their first three possessions. After a poor punt by the Bears, the offense went 43 yards on six plays on its first drive. LeSean McCoy had a big 19-yard run, and Nick Foles found Riley Cooper in the back of the end zone for a 5-yard TD.

* The Eagles’ second offensive possession came after Bradley Fletcher forced a fumble on the ensuing kickoff. Foles bought time, scrambled to his right and hit Zach Ertz for a 27-yard completion. McCoy then found the end zone from 1 yard out.

* On their third drive, Foles found Brent Celek for 24 yards off play-action. On a 4th-and-1 play, McCoy picked up 11. He then gained 16 yards on a screen. And Foles found Celek for a 10-yard TD.

* The onslaught continued in the second half. Foles found Riley Cooper wide open for a 32-yard completion, and McCoy got in the end zone from 1 yard out for his second touchdown. In the fourth, the Eagles put together a six-play, 70-yard drive, running the ball on every snap. Chris Polk scored from 10 yards out.

* Foles was as accurate as he’s ever been, completing 21 of 25 passes for 230 yards and a pair of scores. McCoy carried 18 times for 133 yards. Bryce Brown picked up 115 yards on nine carries. He had a 65-yard TD in the fourth.

* Foles spread the ball around well. Five different receivers had at least three grabs. Celek led the team with 58 receiving yards. McCoy had a team-high six catches.

* Michael Vick and other backups came in with six-plus minutes left in the fourth quarter.


* The Eagles’ defense came off its worst outing of the season against the Vikings and played perhaps its best game of the season, limiting a potent Bears offense to 11 points.

* They sacked Jay Cutler five times. Trent Cole got him three times and Mychal Kendricks twice. On Chicago’s first drive, Cole ran over Matt Forte to bring Cutler down. Later, Cedric Thornton pressured Cutler, but Cole finished him off. And in the second half, Cole came flying over the line of scrimmage to take Cutler down.

* The Eagles’ run defense continued to be good. Forte had 29 yards on nine carries. At halftime, he had just 8 yards on four attempts. Credit the defensive line. Fletcher Cox, Thornton and Bennie Logan all played well.

* Earl Wolff made his return, broke up a pass and nearly had an interception. But afterwards, he looked like he might have had an issue with his knee, and he didn’t see the field again.

* Alshon Jeffery had a quiet six catches for 76 yards.. Brandon Marshall had four grabs for 36.

* In the third quarter, Thornton burst into the backfield and tackled Forte for a safety. In the fourth, Brandon Boykin jumped in front of a Cutler pass and returned it 54 yards for a touchdown.

* Cutler finished 20-for-35 for 222 yards, one TD and one INT.

* The Eagles take on the Cowboys in Dallas next Sunday night for the NFC East title.

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  • dislikedisqus

    Pedal to the metal, guys. No let ups.

  • Dr Rick

    Nice to see the Chip Kelly offense show up, and the D to play to potential. Great game and lots of fun.

  • Explorer51

    You all should check out Pete Prisco on Twitter; dude is pretty sour on Eagles winning.

    • evanphilly

      Read some of his stuff. Saying the same things about other teams. He is right though, that this game really means nothing unless they win next week.

      • BlindChow

        It meant something to the Bears. They could have clinched the NFC North with a win.

  • cliff henny

    kelly, from now on…this is the way Eagles play with 20 point leads!

  • RIP illa

    I’m warn out from the pure enjoyment of that game!!!
    Don’t wanna talk about Foles…awesome.
    Don’t wanna talk about Shady, Brown, and Polk…awesome.
    Don’t wanna talk about Djax…awesome.
    Don’t wanna talk about Chip…awesome.
    Don’t wanna talk about the secondary, although they def deserve some love this week…awesome.
    Don’t wanna talk about the OL…awesome.

    Our Front 7 brought the pressure tonight for the whole game!!! Not only that, they got home and made sacks…BONUS!!! They killed it and Cutler. Thornton, Cole, Kendricks were the standouts out of a group that played well enough that no one should standout. Love it man!!! If they play like this next week, then it’s a wrap. We’ll be able to tell early, like we could tonight, if they’re locked in or not. Great team win and I think that’s pretty much the most complete game we’ve played to date!!!


    So…who was the idiot that said I was “out to lunch” for thinking we would win, and that the bears were “hanging a 50 burger on us”???? I doubt he will show his face..
    Ok, I think it’s time Yous start believing me when I tell you Cary and Brad are your starting CBs of the new era:

    Hey hey….goodbye!!

    Ok, Silly hating Joeffry and the other doubters, need to shut up with the questioning of Kendrick…like I said, he would grow into a stud.the only question is when…he was spectacular tonight, and you can’t watch the tape of his last 5 games, without knowing we have a future PLAYER on our hands…

    Boykin and Donnie Longball are an awesome tandem. I need to know how many punts Boy king has downed inside the 5? ATleast 6 of them….Ced Boogie with a beast play on the safet
    feeling the Defense yet? Lol
    Nick FOles is the TRUTH…..PERIOD!!!

    • anon

      we’ve also been asking for a stud olb sack machine. he’s got 8, think he can get to 10 next week?

      • RIP illa

        He knows we need a stud OLB. He just really likes Davis. Although 12 is more of my cut-off 4 stud (don’t know if we can expect that from a rookie) w/ 14 or more being elite.

        • Guest

          I was more or less right. Wrong team, but the 50 burger happened. You’re welcome.

    • MildEagsFan

      I was more or less right. Wrong team, but the 50 burger happened. You’re very welcome.

      • Adam

        Another swing and a miss. 0-2

      • Richard Colton

        Seriously. at this point I’m not even mad. The week after your idiotic anti-Shady post, he breaks the franchise single game record. The week you predict the defense will give up 50 – the D comes up with their best game of the year.

        Do us all a favor and let us know who’s going to suck vs. Dallas.

  • Mr. Wu
  • Jason

    See Adam, Vick should be the QB when we are trying to run out the clock. You owe me an apology.

    • Adam

      It was a great Vick-tory formation


    Wish we played Dallas tomorrow..

    I doubt Dallas players had much fun watching the eagles game tonight..

    Defense OWNED Cutler,Forte,Marshall!Jeffries!!!

    • cliff henny

      only difference a week is going to make for Romo, Dez and the ginger, they’ll have better seats when kelly’s boys hang half a hundred on that garbage defense

    • anon

      best part is after today’s blowout we still have something to prove against the boys.

  • Tom w

    Guess I won’t have to listen to the nitwits cry how chip is morphing into Reid and doesn’t run the ball and relies on the big play too much and should run more more more. Just shut up, enjoy the game, realize this coach is a once in a generation offensive mind, realize he knows football, stop second guessing everything every week and acting like the sky is falling and relax even if we lose by 30 to Dallas or feet blown out by the saints or Seahawks. Enjoy the Franchise qb. Enjoy the franchise rb. Enjoy 2 great starting wrs. Enjoy a leader at te and a stud rookie te. Enjoy a great right tackle and great oline. Enjoy a young stud dline. Enjoy the transformation to a good defense in one yr. can’t always be perfect but try being a fan for once and not a miserable second guessing dope all the time. And thank Howie roseman every nite before bed for staying on chip and landing him after he initially said no. Thank you Howie. You got a coach that makes football in this town fucking great.

    • RIP illa

      Yeah cuz CHI didn’t play 8 in the box not once all game!!! And we all know as soon as you see 8 in the box you don’t attempt to run!!! You are so right…don’t have to listen to people question a coach or players for questionable coaching and playing in one specific game, and not the whole season or their future, during a blowout loss. F’n nitwits…how dare they second guess the all powerful Eagles at any point in time!!! Just keep guzzling!!!

      You sir, and your many screen names, are also a nitwit, just on the otherside of the fence. I hate people on both ends of the spectrum…”The sky is falling” and “Never question the authority”.

      • Anon234

        You’re just a hateful douchebag.

        • Andy124

          This screen name makes me feel like I’m having an identity crisis.

        • RIP illa

          Perhaps. Still makes nothing I say less true. Thanks for the intelligent insight tho.

      • NineseveN

        It’s not how dare they, it’s really ‘if Joe Random sitting on his couch knew better than a guy who has turned very offense and program he’s touched in the last 14 years into a winner and a powerhouse, then Joe Random would probably not be sitting on his couch watching the game’. Those who can’t do and haven’t done tend to be the loudest critics, and are often wrong.

        • RIP illa

          Yup cuz you never ever questioned anything that has happened on any sports team you’ve rooted/root for. Even during the last two years of Andy or during his whole tenure w/ Shady. Glad you managed to stay above the fray and be holier than thou. Classic.

          • Andy124

            Tangent because I don’t want to stick my nose in to whatever you two are disagreeing about: Regardless of credentials, track history or documented IQ, fans have the right to question, doubt, and maybe even insult decisions made by said coach. If the last regime taught us anything, it’s that sometimes, the fans really are right.

          • RIP illa


          • NineseveN

            It’s not about being holier than those who question, it’s about those who keep questioning around here being wrong and not letting that deter them from their next stupid criticism. The same guys that over-criticize are generally the same ones who said Foles was garbage, Cary Williams was a waste, that Barwin was a washed up has-been/never-was, the Eagles wouldn’t get to or above .500 and that the defense overall was a liability because they think they know better than Chip and his staff.

          • RIP illa

            So basically you’re talking about and have a problem w/ Dutch??? He hasn’t been around for awhile.

          • NineseveN

            I try to forget Dutch, to be honest. Most recently, it’s been the media morons, some of the idiots in the game chats and a handful of people who comment here ruffling my feathers with asinine commentary. It’s been quieter lately because success tends to make the rats scatter a bit. Unless we win the Superbowl, I expect most of them to come running back as soon as our season has ended telling us how they knew it would happen and of course, all about what’s wrong with the team.

  • Andy124

    So, Eagles Best >>>>>>>> Cowbitches Best

  • birdsfanindc

    What a show!

    I wonder if the fact that there was no pressure played a role in how well everyone played?

    I’m trying not to get overconfident for the next one, this team will be under the most pressure they’ve been this season. But after watching tonight it’s hard to argue they aren’t up to the task.

    • anon

      think it was that we got smashed in the mouth last week.

      • birdsfanindc

        Yup, that sure helped.

  • Maggie

    Not much to say, except: I’ve liked Bradley Fletcher since training camp, the Eagles didn’t take their foot off the gas this time, and finally, I was a little sad to see some Bears’ players quit in the fourth quarter. Those that weren’t pissed off or exhausted, that is.

    • Andy124

      Now that Romo came up clutch in a December game, will you finally embrace your inner Eagle and join me in a completely biased “Romo Sucks!”? :)

      • Maggie

        Well, I thought I’d wait until I’m comfortably seated in my recliner next Sunday evening, with waistband undone from eating over Christmas week; whereupon I will inhale as deeply as I can on a full stomach, and bellow at my TV screen, ROMO SUCKS! When I catch my breath, I might even do it again! Maybe throw in a Des Bryant or Jerrah Jones, just because. Must be a little too much brandy in the fruitcake?

        • Andy124

          I’ll take it! And twice on a Sunday. :) Merry Christmas! (Or any other holiday anyone celebrates).

          • Maggie

            Christmas is fine with me. Also, I used to work with people from many parts of the earth, from different belief systems, who never minded in the least when wishing a Merry Christmas. Not what the politicians or occasional sourpuss wants to hear I suppose.

  • FMWarner

    Wow, great game tonight, obviously. The Eagles had nothing but seeding to play for, and the Bears could have locked up the division – that makes this result astounding. I was thrilled to see the front seven pressure like that (even given that the Bears’ OL is atrocious), I was thrilled to see special teams contribute like that, and I was thrilled to see Brown and Polk play well so that we don’t have to run Shady into the ground.

    Still think next week is a tossup, but you can’t have a more encouraging lead-in than this.

    • Adam

      Bears o-line being atrocious is a myth. They’re actually quite good this year. Kudos to our front 7 for making them look bad.

      • knighn

        Was a stat posted during the game: 5 sacks was the most Cutler had been sacked all year. A truly bad O-Line would be giving up 5 every game. A truly bad o-line couldn’t be part of the 2nd best scoring offense (the Bears, until last night).

    • Joe from Easton

      The only reason next week is even remotely a “toss-up” is because it’s a divisional game. Crazy things happen in games like that. Honestly though, the Eagles should blow Dallas off of their own field. If they lose it’ll be because of poor execution. Chip will have the game plan to smoke Dallas.

    • kleptolia

      You don’t get to 8-6 with an atrocious offensive line. You get there with an average to above average offensive line. As the offensive and defensive line’s strength goes, so goes the team winning percentage. Therefore, the Bear’s offensive line might be average or slightly above. It’s certainly not atrocious.

  • anon

    I was completely wrong about this game. thought bears passing would kill us. If we play ike we played today i dont know who can beat us. great complete game. also love that vick RO, glad BB got his first TD.

    • birdsfanindc

      Can’t say I saw this coming either…

    • OregonDucker

      No one can beat a Chip team that is ballin’. NO ONE.

  • Andy124

    OMFG, Our QB knows that our punter just broke a team record. Bow down!

    • BlindChow

      That’s probably all Donnie was talking about back in the locker room.

  • Andy124

    For entertainment purposes only:Peyton set new NFL records and threw for 4 tds today… Foles increased his lead in passer rating over Peyton today.

    • EaglefaninAZ

      Foles. What a show off.

    • theycallmerob

      It’s all those rushing yards, amiright?

      • Broadcasting Wisdom

        If only rushing yards counted in QB rating, Foles would be even higher.

    • poetx99

      21/25 and 3 of those were throwaways. think about that for a minute. he connected, basically, on 21 of the 22 passes he actually tried to connect.

      kid is balling.

      • kleptolia

        It’s just too bad that it’s only a matter of time before the spread (gimmick!) offnese gets figured out, right? What happens to Nick Foles then, huh?!
        ESPN Broadcaster’s Guild

  • Andy124

    Semi troll post: Blame the beer: How much shit would Foles have caught had he under-thrown a pass like Romo did to Williams that made him pull up and stopped him from scoring a TD? The evil evils scored a td anyway, but the way Foles gets dissected here, I can’t help but wonder what would be written had Foles underthown a pass so badly but still completed it.

    • RIP illa

      Semi troll answer: and yes more beer:
      Hopefully as long as it was a TD not much. However someone (me) would say the hypothetical play was all on the receiver, depending the degree of difficulty for the catch. Then would get continually down voted and called out for not giving enough credit to Foles. But yes I’m sure someone would make a big deal of the throw regardless the result. It works both ways.

      • Andy124

        Downvote for (Insert hilarious comment here) :)

        • theycallmerob

          ^ poor form

  • JofreyRice

    Foles really bounced back from his terrible 400 yard 3 td performance. Dude was on point out there.

    • cloisterwater

      Foles was the first person to say he didn’t play a great game against the Vikings. He missed important throws on momentum changing plays. He didn’t play horrible, but didn’t give his team the best chance to win. He was playing catch up and put up good numbers. Be careful or you might start to sound like Dallas fans when they defend Romo.

      For the record, I’m not knocking Foles but the Minnesota game wasn’t his finest performance despite the great numbers.

      • Token

        Russel Wilson was dreadful yesterday. Dont think ive read one thing about it. Tannehill, just awful yesterday.

        Dont get why Foles is picked apart so much more than his other young peers. The offense wasnt the issue last week overall.

        What people dont realize is that Wilsons typical game, is throwing for 100 some yards or low 200s. Thats his typical week. Yet you would think this guy is the second coming of Joe Montana. Hes in THE best situation in football.

        I dunno. Im just trying to understand it. Hes gonna have bad throws. Hes gonna have bad games. Every QB does, especially a young one.

        For some odd reason people expect this kid to be perfect every single throw. I want to know where thats coming from. Why is that dynamic in place? We sat through McNabb and Vick for the last 10+ years. I can tell you most of their throws werent perfect.

        • cloisterwater

          Who is picking apart Foles? This is a Philly website, why would we be analizing Wilson and Tannehill?
          And again, I’m not ripping Foles. I think he’s amazing. Doesn’t mean I can’t be honest about one game.

          • Token

            You must not pay much attention to philly media or this site.

          • cloisterwater

            I’m relatively new to the message boards here, so I’ll defer to you guys I guess. And I hate the Philly media coc-a-roaches. I didn’t realize that’s who we were referring to.

  • Scott J

    Isn’t Foles’ 21 of 25 passes for 230 yards a franchise record for accuracy? And a few of those passes he threw away.

  • Token

    This team just keeps proving me wrong. Loved the effort. Just one of those games where everyone looks like a all pro.

    Hope this same intensity shows up next week. When the offense can be even close to this efficient they can hang with anyone in the NFL.

    Billy Davis must stay aggressive next week. The skins went soft and thats why they lost. You blitz Romo. You keep blitzing Romo.

  • PaoliBulldog

    Numbers never lie: the Eagles had *exactly* twice as many total yards than the Bears.

  • Rashad Johnson

    I love the way the Birds dominated .The running up of the score was the icing on the cake ,People may complain and say its not classy ,but it sends a message .

  • SallyForth

    Right now, it’s probably fair to state that the Eagles’ OL is one of the elite lines in the league. Easily in the top 5. Maybe close to the top.

    Also, it appear that the potential for the DL – Thornton, Cox, Logan and Curry – has the makings of an elite DL in another season or so. Young guys who are only now starting to gel as a unit.