All-22: The Struggles Of Nick Foles


Anyone watching Sunday’s game could see that Nick Foles was off, to steal the term Chip Kelly used to describe his quarterback.

He overthrew receivers and undthrew receivers. Threw behind them in some instances and was too far out in front in others. Foles’ accuracy was quite possibly as bad as you’ll see from an NFL quarterback this year (11-for-29 for 80 yards overall).

But beyond the misses were the plays where Foles failed to see the entire field or simply hesitated to pull the trigger. Coming off a strong performance the week before against the Bucs, it’s difficult to come up with an explanation for why the second-year QB was so bad.

And clearly, the head coach didn’t have an answer. The truth is, Kelly called a good game. Pass protection held up well for the most part. Receivers got open. An average QB performance likely would have yielded 300+ yards and a score in the 20s. Foles showed his A-game in Tampa and his F-game against the Cowboys. Had he gotten up to just a C, the Eagles would have had a great chance to win the game.

Below is a look at what went wrong.


With 9:46 left in the first, the Eagles had a chance for a huge play. Early on, they tried to get their running backs matched up against the Cowboys’ linebackers in coverage.

“It’s the matchup,” Kelly explained. “I think when people are going to play in man, who is going to cover your running back? I think when you look at it, one of the big plays in the Chargers game was the big play we threw to LeSean [McCoy]. When you can kind of try to free him up a little bit… we tried to do it with screen passes and other aspects of things, whether we have them running option routes or changeup and running the option route to run it down the sideline.”

Early on, they had a chance to hit on a big play to McCoy, who ran a wheel route down the left sideline.


The Cowboys are in man coverage. McCoy is going to be Bruce Carter’s responsibility.


But Carter gets picked by Jason Avant, leaving McCoy wide-open down the left sideline. Foles is even staring right at him at one point.


But he hesitates and doesn’t pull the trigger, instead inching up in the pocket and throwing off-target to Zach Ertz on the shallow crossing route.


Here, you can see McCoy with his hand up, calling for the ball. That will soon become a running theme. If the ball goes to McCoy, it could very well be him against the safety with a chance for a 60-yard touchdown. Instead, it’s a missed opportunity.


One of the keys to the Eagles’ success on offense this season has been their efficiency on third down. Going into last week’s game, they converted on 45.9 percent of their third-down chances, good enough for fourth-best in the league. But against Dallas, they went just 4-for-18 (22.2 percent). During the joint press conference last week, Michael Vick said that Foles was more athletic than people give him credit for.

Maybe Foles took that to heart, because it’s difficult to come up with another reason why he made the decision to take off on a 3rd-and-10 play with 3:50 left in the first.

Riley Cooper is matched up against second-year corner Morris Claiborne. He gets an outside release and runs a comeback route north of the sticks.


Cooper does an excellent job of selling the fade, and with no safety to that side of the field, Claiborne is careful to not let Cooper get behind him.


Here, you can see the clear separation. If it looks like Cooper is making a catch with his hands in this image, that’s because he’s clapping, as if to say, “Over here! I’m open! C’mon! I’ll cut my hair! I’ll wash your car! Whatever you want! Just throw me the ball!”

You can see Foles has left the pocket in the above shot, which is fine. But he fails to keep his eyes downfield. That’s a trait that Andy Reid pointed out as a major positive with Foles when he first flashed some ability during the 2012 preseason.


The line of scrimmage is the 22. In this shot, Foles still has 7 yards to work with in terms of throwing the football on the run. But he isn’t even looking at Cooper and instead decides to take off. The defensive lineman catches him from behind and tackles him after an 8-yard gain. Instead of a first down to extend the drive, the Eagles are forced to punt.


Through the first six weeks, the Eagles’ offense had 34 pass plays of 20+ yards, tops in the league. But against Dallas, Foles failed to connect on even one.

In the second, this missed opportunity led to one of many scowls from DeSean Jackson.


Jackson’s the lone receiver to the right in a 3×1 set and is going to run a “sluggo” route against Brandon Carr. It’s 3rd-and-5, so Carr has to respect the slant. That allows Jackson to get behind him.


Jackson often creates separation when the ball’s in the air. Here, he’s already got a couple steps on Carr, who is trailing. Sean Lee is lurking, but as athletic as he is, a linebacker’s going to have no chance against Jackson, who is already at full speed. You can see Jackson has his hand in the air and is calling for the ball.

But instead, Foles targets Jeff Maehl over the middle. To be fair, Maehl was open, but the ball was thrown behind him. And protection was not an issue. The offensive line did a great job on this play (and really held up well for most of the game after a couple hiccups early).


Another incompletion, another blown opportunity for a big play.

That made for an unhappy Jackson. According to Pro Football Focus, the Eagles’ wide receiver had six scowls on eight targets.


Here, the Cowboys defend Jackson differently using a Cover-2 look. Jackson gets an outside release on Carr and finds space between the corner and the safety.



Again, Jackson’s got his hand up. There’s plenty of space to loft a throw in front of the safety. Foles instead fires incomplete to Avant over the middle.

It’s worth noting that Todd Herremans got called for an illegal hands to the face penalty here, but Foles still had time to find Jackson.



We’ve covered misses to McCoy, Cooper, Jackson and Avant. Don’t want Brent Celek to feel left out.

This is a pattern the quarterbacks threw to the tight ends every single day at practice over the summer. Celek is set up in-line and gets matched up with rookie safety J.J. Wilcox. He’s going to run a corner route and get as wide open as you’ll see him all season.


What’s the opposite of a tight-window throw? That’s what we have here. A giant area of the field with no Cowboys defender. As long as Foles doesn’t overthrow Celek, it’s a minimum 15-yard gain, with a chance for much more.


But he did overthrow him, and the Eagles failed to capitalize on what could have been another big play.


The above images show the what, but the why is still a bit foggy. The previous week, Foles played his best game as a pro. Was there an injury? A personal issue? A lack of confidence? Something else? No one’s saying. The company line is to just chock it up to one bad day.

And the point of this piece is not to pile on Foles. He knows he played poorly before suffering a concussion late in the third quarter. But the tape shows the Eagles had clear opportunities – many for big plays – which could have potentially led to a different result with even a competent performance from the quarterback.

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  • Bdawk20

    I defended Foles staunchly last week. My foot is in my mouth. This was pathetic.

    • Eagles4Life

      One of the few to admit it lol. It’s all good though. So…who are we aiming to grab as QB in 2014?

      • Jason Hall

        I would wait til 2015 and get famous jameis from Florida St. That will be the smarter move Mariota and Bridgewater will be taken and Manziel is a sandlot football QB, I just dont trust him in the NFL

        • Eagles4Life

          If we could guarantee getting Jameis, I’d be all for it lol.

        • A Big Butt and a Smile

          That’s a football wet dream right there. We’d likely have to either royally suck or mortgage the farm to get him. I don’t like either of those options, however.

          • UKEagle99

            On those terms he’s a Giant (and they don’t own a farm to mortgage, all the pigs are in Dallas).

          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            If he’s not an Ealge, I don’t want Famous Jameis anywhere NEAR the NFC…not just the NFC East, the NFC.

        • #7

          Hell yeah man. I’m not convinced on any of them, but I’m no expert. Bridgewater is probably out of reach, but if I had to pick one, I’d take Johnny Football and let him sit for a year…or two. That kid is not ready to play in the NFL, no way, but he can be developed…a lost art in the NFL these days

          • Mr. Magee

            I’m saying no thx to Johnny football

      • Bdawk20

        Will be tough if we keep winning, may have to trade down if we want our guy. There will be a lot of competition for a guy, I have no idea who our guy should be.

        • Maggie

          You’re right about the competition. it seems half of the teams in the NFL are trying to find a starting QB. Between injuries and incompetence (or possibly bad coaching) there don’t seem to be enough to go around.

          • UKEagle99

            When was it any different?

    • Tyler Phillips

      Your foot should only be in your mouth if you defend him this week. He was great last week.

    • Brian

      Me too. :(

    • 1972


    • BlindChow

      Eh, this was so far below his statistical average even his worst detractors wouldn’t have predicted it.

    • #7

      Should be waayyy up in there.

  • Basscase

    Sheil, great analysis, but one question I have:

    On the 3rd and 1 play before the half, why did Kelly call a bomb in that situation? They had a TO or 2 left, correct? I really questioned that playcall because 1) Foles was so shaky, and throwing a low % pass might not have been the best idea, and 2) what if he doesn’t connect and he has to choose between kicking a 60 yarder (which would give the Boys time to try to score if he missed, as he did) or punting the ball away?

    • poetx99

      he didn’t necessarily CALL a bomb. if the coverage dictates it for the route you have dialed up, and that’s the right read, that’s where you go. e.g., you’re not going to throw and complete a 6 yd hitch to a press corner in cover 2 who is rolled up with help behind him. not happening.

      • Basscase

        No, but it doesn’t account for down and distance. Calling a play that has a deep option in that instance is a lower % play than trying to get the first down, especially since it leaves you in a bit of a tight spot, having to go for a 60 yarder.

        And since Foles’ accuracy was suspect at best, getting the ball in a higher % position would still allow for them to try for a closer FG, and if that misses, Dallas has no time to try anything.

        In the end it didn’t hurt them, but it’s calls like that which make you a little concerned (though that’s like the 46th problem with this team ATM).

  • Tyler Phillips

    Good lord if they were running that wide open all day Vick would have put up 30+ if he was healthy.

    • A Big Butt and a Smile

      Yeah. Even Vick with his accuracy issues ain’t missing folk THAT wide open. lol. And oddly enough Foles generally doesn’t either, well at least if they are within 15 yards of the LOS. Have NO idea what was going on with him.

      • Tyler Phillips

        The silver lining is most dallas fans I talked to believed Their D played great. Lol

        • cliff henny

          could be blessing in disguise, they’ll probably back into nfc east and JJ will think they are close, which they arent. cap is destroyed for at least 2 more likely 3 yrs, he’ll spend money to put them over top (sort of like eagles did with no-D) thinking Dallas is a player or 2 away. frankly, prefer our state, least we know where we stand

  • septa_rida

    Wow. It looked bad from the seats on Sunday but the freeze frame shows how utterly pathetic it really was.

  • A Big Butt and a Smile

    Awww man that hurt. He played worse than I originally thought. And Dallas’ defense wasn’t as good as I originally thought. Man that sucks even more.

  • Zee

    So many missed points potentially about 21 points left on the field. smh

  • Will

    Thanks Sheil….I would like to know how many targets were dropped by the Rec’s this game, catch-able balls? Clearly Nick made some poor decisions. Nick was just indecisive for some reason which led to him holding the ball to long. Nick clearly doesn’t feel comfortable throwing to the outside but prefers the middle of the feild at least in this Dallas game.

  • Broadcasting Wisdom

    I am so disappointed in my boy Nick Foles. One game does not a career break, but it is going to be hard for him to get another honest shot now. Man some of those receivers were just so wide open, and it wasn’t like he didn’t look at him (e.g., the play was designed to go elsewhere). He looked at them and just decided not to throw it or threw it terribly when he did throw it.

    I was at the game, and the overthrow to Celek was right in front of my seats. I was patient until that throw, but after that I officially became concerned that the Nick Foles era might be over before it really started. He was just clearly in his own head. Is there a stat for largest one game difference in QB rating, because I would think Foles had to have broken that by a ton. Just sickeningly disappointing.

    • nicksaenz1

      I think in some cases he wasn’t trusting what he was seeing, like the McCoy wheel route. I think he saw the guy who appears over the top of Avant, looks like he was playing both routes. I’m not going to go over the top like many in how bad it looks in the stills vs live action. I was miserable all day Sunday because I saw exactly how bad this looked. It was bad.

  • JofreyRice

    Wow. This shows it was actually worse than it looked on TV. Amazingly bad.

    • cliff henny

      glass half full…at least it was foles, not scheme or recrs not getting seperation. foles can and will be fixed-either he gets better or draft qb, tough to change other 10 guys. and we arent hearing ‘cowboys figured out kelly’ nonsense

      • JofreyRice

        word is bond.

      • Token

        Yea I owe Kelly and the WRs a apology for this week. This game cant be put on anyone but Foles. Im stunned at how bad it was.

        • #7


        • southy

          Foles was awful, but so was the running game. And there were multiple drops the few times Foles put the ball where it needed to be.

          • aub32

            There were much more missed passes than drops. Hell the receivers were probably caught off guard when the ball was actually catchable. Also, it’s hard to have a running game when the passing game is so off. Look at how the Giants were able to silence AP the other night. No passing game means teams can put 8 and 9 in the box.

    • UKEagle99

      You need a bigger TV with full HD, 3D & 7.1 surround. Makes the All-22 on days like this look just bad.

  • Dutch

    Good work Sheil….. some of these guys were open by a mile.

    • JofreyRice

      booo! I was hoping for more gloating on this thread. Come on Dutch, you’re as off as Foles, I want to see some more detail on Foles’ shortcomings.

      • cliff henny

        we were beaten in the face for 3 hrs with it. not only did he stink, but it was a slow painfull burn. game took for freaking ever. but barkley’s ints and some energy

        • JofreyRice

          I’ve been so busy this year, I haven’t seen one game live, but can’t say I’ve minded. Watch them all on DVR at like 8:30 on Sundays. Takes like 2 hours to get through the whole thing, even replaying stuff I want to see over and over, and I don’t have to sit through commercials. No one’s ruined the surprise by telling me the score before the game yet, so it’s essentially live–to me.

          • #7

            DVR. Best idea ever. Takes me 4 hours to watch a game if we’re winning. So the Foles game was one of the fastest games I’ve ever watched. Once Barkley came in, it was time for a smoke

      • #7

        No need to gloat.

  • 1972

    I don’t care what anyone says, a potential winner makes that throw to Avant.
    You cant play like that in the biggest game of your career.
    Every fan pulling for you against our hated rival.
    I’m done!!! HE’S DONE IN THIS CITY!!! The kids a back up

  • morgan c

    I have been on record supporting him, especially after his great game against the Bucs. This was worse than Vick at his worst. He was terrible. I am just completely astounded as to how he could be so good against the Bucs and so bad in this game. I’d like to hear him explain himself.
    And now we have to rush back Vick, who will re-injure the hammy… great!

    • 1972

      He was scared!!! That shit will never fly here!
      Mr poise, his lack of heart in that game was so dissapointing

      • #7

        He was scared. He was staring right at the WRs and backs wide open. I know it’s one game, but Foles…he at least needs to explain himself. Tebow could do better than that guranteed

  • 1972

    I don’t wanna hear about this chip Kelly offense excuse again.. MAKE THE DAMN THROW WHEN ITS THERE!!!!!
    God sheil, why did you have to show me this tonight??! lol

    • #7

      Shiel makes it as clear as HD.

  • Ray

    This is unbelievable. What a horrible horrible performance by Foles. That’s why I wasn’t kicking the dog after this loss, I feel like we aren’t that far from the Cowboys even though we are rebuilding. We will get them next time, I just know it. And that one will be for all the marbles.

    • #7

      I hear you on that

  • cliff henny

    pretty funny part about Celek. no doubt lifelong Eagles fans have learned some humor helps, or, there wouldnt be many eagle fans. as my father told me at 7, when asking for Eagles’ jersey for christmas ‘are you sure, there’s nothing easy about being an Eagle fan’. 35 yrs and counting, he wasnt lying

  • Kevin

    Well, if nothing else, this makes me feel better about Kelly and our ability to beat man coverage.

    There is just no explanation for the way Foles played. To swing that far… did he get a spiked smoothie or something.

    • G_WallyHunter

      Did Ernie Sims sneak into the locker room spike his labelled smoothie?

      Worth looking into, Ernie knows his way around the Linc

    • #7

      You have a great point. Silver lining at least

  • Token


    Just a flat out crumbling under the pressure situation. Someone posted on twitter that he was awful in his college bowl games or something. Just doesnt have it in him apparently.

    • #7

      I’ve been for Vick, but I really believed that Foles would play better than this. I have to say I was shocked. I knew he could play bad, but not this bad

  • A Big Butt and a Smile

    I’ll say this: this year may be rocky with our musical chairs at QB and our shaky D, but I’m feeling pretty good about owning this division moving forward. Kelly’s offense is truly as advertised.

    • G_WallyHunter

      And it will only get better from here, the guy’s a nut.

      49 and single, eats, breathes, sleeps, and craps football.

  • A Big Butt and a Smile

    “That made for an unhappy Jackson. According to Pro Football Focus, the Eagles’ wide receiver had six scowls on eight targets.”

    That made me LOL really loudly.

    • Dustan M. Howell

      This game was a macrocosm of the third quarter against the Giants. Foles couldn’t move the offense across mid-fid in the 3rd quarter against the NYG or the entire time against Dallas. He lacks the arm-strength to fit the ball into tight windows or tight man coverage.

      • aub32

        I think you’re being too kind. Some of those windows weren’t all that tight.

        • Dustan M. Howell

          Many of those throws–that Foles missed– were deep throws, which he
          sucks at. In order to complete those short high percentage passes that
          he likes to throw almost exclusively, he had to fit those into tight man
          coverage against Dallas. Press man does leave you vulnerable to getting
          beat deep, but Foles clearly couldn’t take advantage of those

      • Guest

        Many of those throws–that Foles missed– were deep throws, which Foles sucks at. In order to complete those short high percentage passes that he likes to throw almost exclusively, he had to fit those into tight man coverage against Dallas. Press man does leave you vulnerable to getting beat deep, but Foles clearly couldn’t take advantage of those opportunities.

        • macadood

          the windows werent even that tight. he was just missing bad all day. i know hes a better qb than that, something was up with him against the cowboys. groin seems like a likely injury, really makes it tough to move around or plant your feet

          • Glennjo

            Except he hurt his groin at practice before the Tampa game so that excuse makes no sense. It’s obvious that Foles is an average QB at best who had a very bad day.

  • levdog

    There is good news with this game, the defense stepped it up against Dallas and we all know that the Eagles this season will go as far as the defense. Even an average game by our quarterback would have produced a victory. Hopefully this will be a harbinger of things to come for the D.- the division is there for the taken.

  • Thereyougo2

    I’m thinking Foles received his head injury the third play of that game when he got sacked. Eagles can’t admit this because they allowed him to continue playing.

    • G_WallyHunter

      Don’t let the Foles lovers see this

      • #7


    • pjcostello

      That’s actually the best theory I have heard so far, anywhere.

    • pjcostello

      OK, just reviewed the plays on NFL’s site, and I think you’re on to something.. screen pass to McCoy for 11 on snap 1, sacked by Selvie on snap 2, 5 yd run by McCoy on snap 3, intentional grounding on snap 4 — then punt. That Selvie sack (loss of 5 yards) may have concussed Foles, because the rest of the game he looked dazed and confused. Good call.

      • Andy124

        I really want to walk the fine line here. I don’t want to make excuses for Nick. But I don’t think anyone can deny that he played like he was concussed. It would certainly be a convenient explanation.

        At the same time, I can’t just excuse the game as him being concussed when we don’t know that to be the case. I would expect everbody to deny that for fear of consequences. So this is a theory that could be confirmed and won’t be, but can’t be disproven. May as well start talking about religion…

        • pjcostello

          You’re right — we may never know, though frankly it would be in Foles’ best interest to publicize that at some point, if it’s true. It does neatly fit the game results; I’m not crying over the loss, but this All-22 really shows that Foles was even more ‘off’ than we thought just from watching the game. I joked on another thread that I thought the offense might’ve been out partying till the wee hours, but it looks now like Foles was the only one asleep at the wheel, so to speak.

          • Andy124

            I’ve been telling people that Marcus snuck in to Foles’s house Saturday night and whacked him upside the head with a cast-iron skillet.

            It would be in Nick’s best interest to publicize that if it’s true, but I’m guessing he would refuse to do so.

        • cliff henny

          certainly not a foles defender, and during game (tv) just assumed he was stinking joint up. seeing these all-22’s hard to believe he was missing these reads. if it’s 3rd options he was missing that are running wide open, maybe get why he isnt pulling trigger… but he’s staring right at the receiver. for whatever reason, the eyes to brain to arm wasnt working. sheil just picked 5, wonder how many more there were?

          • Andy124

            wonder how many more there were?
            About 13 more.

      • Dr Rick

        That’s as good an explanation as anything else I have read or thought about. I was thinking that he just plain choked, but that is not really part of his history.
        I watched the whole game, and had my wife with me at a sports bar since it wasn’t on locally here in Seattle (local FOX had a cooking show).That was soooo painful. Let’s just hope that’s the low point for the year.

    • Dustan M. Howell

      I doubt the #Eagles hid a concussion all game long. It’s more likely that Foles is simply hot and stinky trash.

  • UKEagle99

    I was going to post here but I did a “Foles” and missed, ended up posting in a BBC Cooking forum. Hope DeSean likes his eggs over thrown, err, I mean over easy :-/

    • Nick Folds


      • #7

        Nick Folds. Damn

    • A Big Butt and a Smile

      You are so wrong. Though SO funny. lol

  • Andy

    Great analysis. Just a terrible performance by the quarterback.

  • #7

    Shiel you did it again. Exposed. Everyone has a bad game though. I have confidence that Foles can step in if needed. But boy did he Fold. Had the chance to maybe cement himself as the starter and failed.

  • SeaDucks

    Gut check question here- seems pretty clear now that QB is our single biggest puzzle piece we need. Defense might actually be competitive by end I season if they keep progressing. But how much of our soul do we sell to the devil to get there? Unlike most lousy teams Giants actually have a known quality QB with no supporting cast. Do we dare offer McCoy and/or Jackson in exchange for a guaranteed top pick and henceforth Mariota, bridgewater, or whoever?

    • #7

      You’re nuts

    • aub32

      That’s just silly. We just saw Flacco, who isn’t even a top 10 QB, win the SB because of the pieces around him. If our guy can be had, then go get him. If not, there are other players that can make this team better.

      • SeaDucks

        I knew that would ruffle some feathers, but sometimes great reward comes with great risk. A franchise QB is easily the hardest spot to fill, and has the single largest impact on the game. Flacco is at least a consistent competent QB. Getting a great draft QB gives us massive cap room to sign key skill players in FA and dig diamonds from low in the draft- Provided we have the scouts to find those skill players. This is exactly how Seattle has built it’s team.

        When Vick is on, he is an absolute Elite QB, but when he’s not he’s average or less. Point is he is highly inconsistent and that can’t be game planned around. The CK offense can work with a pocket passer, but is exponentially more dangerous with a mobile QB. Imagine what CK would do with someone like RW?

        Doesn’t have to be Jackson and McCoy, but we are in a rare rebuild mode. If we are going blow up the team to build right, then shoot for the top, not be stuck in mediocrity because we’re afraid to make the hard decisions.

  • #7

    Man that was terrible. It’s waaaayyyyy worse than what I saw watching the game. If a QB has a bad game, they probably don’t want to see the All-22s…they will expose you for that week.

    Foles was scared to throw the football. Period. That’s why I keep saying that we should have won this game WITH FOLES because Dallas was not sharp at all and guys were running as wide open as you can get in the NFL. 2.7ypa. I know players have bad games, but how open could these players get. We all can see why #10 was pissed. I like Foles but he is a backup and a good one at that..I think. Wow

  • Pennguino

    Terrible game for Foles. He played like somebody kidnapped his wife and need him to throw the game. A lot of his issues were mental. Not willing to step into throws, holding the ball, trusting what he was seeing. Foggy, fuzzy, confused.

    The bad part is we will never know what was up with him that day. One game does not make a career. Hopefully he clears the concussion with no effects and we can see him out on the field again. I think he will still be needed before the end of the season.

  • BostonianEagle

    After the first play that you described, I decided that I cannot read another play. So disappointing. It was a winnable game, especially considering that the defense played their hearts out. (I mean come on, them giving up only 17 points should be considered like shutting out the opponents for our defense. They are that terrible.)

  • Soybot

    “According to Pro Football Focus, the Eagles’ wide receiver had six scowls on eight targets.”
    Almost spit my coffee on the monitor. You’re the best Sheil.

  • Buddyball61

    I think Foles was hurt on the first play of the game, when he was sacked pretty hard by two Cowboys. Maybe he had a concussion then.

  • Dustan M. Howell

    I’ve been saying this since last year: Foles cannot attack defenses vertically with any consistency. When the #Eagles played Tampa he mainly threw screens and short high % passes. The throws that traveled 15 yards beyond the line of scrimmage–against Tampa Bay– were a 17 yard pass to Cooper, a 47 yard TD to Cooper, where the ball was thrown so high that Cooper ( who ran by the corner ) had to slow down, and get away with a push off, to make the catch, and the 36 yard pass to Jackson. So Foles–against the Bucs–was the benefit of a great effort by Cooper and throw one nice throw to Jackson. Other than that, he threw screens, short passes, and relied on his receivers to gain yards after the catch.

  • borntosuffer

    If nothing else, the plays above gives me further confidence that Kelly is quite capable of putting players in positions to succeed. They just have to get the guy who can deliver the ball consistently.

  • jabostick

    Yikes. And Sheil didn’t even show (b/c it was in an earlier post) the missed TD to Avant. Some have floated the 1st quarter concussion idea. I know it sounds like they’re being Foles apologists but, seriously, as blatant as those misses were, it’s either an undiagnosed concussion, a gambling scandal, or an unbelievable case of the ‘yips’.

    • Glennjo

      Or, more likely, he’s just not as talented as some people thought. He’s only accurate on short throws so when he’s even slightly off that’s what it looks like, especially when he tries to throw the ball down the field which he just doesn’t have the arm strength to do with any consistency.

  • Craig

    A young QB struggled…..Not much a surprise is it?!?! Crazy to get too high or too low on 1 great week or 1 poor week.

  • Reef215

    Wow! Just wow! If I didn’t think the idea was absurd I would think that Nick betted 1 million on the game

  • KP

    The bright side to this is as long as we have an “average” QB performance, this offense is going to keep rolling. Our bad game can be chalked up to countless missed opportunities, but at least it’s not because our offense is inept.

    I’ve been really impressed by Chip’s playcalling and with Vick back, I’m sure this offense will be back to churning out yards this week against a week Giants defense. Chip Kelly will find our franchise QB at some point down the road, but I think that it’s clear that no matter who’s back there, this offense will always have opportunities to be lethal with our skill players.

  • Loke1988

    Unreal Sheil. Your obviously biased toward Foles. Lets see you take the time to be this critical of Vick.

    • aub32

      You’re being sarcastic right?…..Right?

    • Glennjo

      Right, the media never criticizes Michael Vick………. And I think you mean biased AGAINST Foles.

  • Frank

    Cut Foles a break!!!!
    On Nov 7th 2004 the Eagles took a 7-0 record into Pittsburgh. They lost 27-3.
    Donavan McNabb was 15 of 24 passing for 90 yds, sacked 4 times for 19 yds and threw an interception. Brian westbrook had only 6 rushes for 17 yds. Just goes to prove that even if you are heading for the Super Bowl you can throw up a klunker every once in a while. It was just a bad game, and now eveyone wants to throw this kid Foles under the bus. He will learn from this experience and bounce back.

    • Glennjo

      That’s a bad comparison, McNabb was already firmly entrenched as the franchise QB and there were no questions about whether he had the physical ability to succeed in the NFL. Foles just doesn’t have the arm strength or athleticism to be a franchise QB, he’s not as bad as he looked against Dallas but he’s not as good as he looked against Tampa either. He’s a capable backup who could probably start for a bad team but he will never be anything special.

  • Art from Foobooz

    Did Foles get hit early? He played that whole game like was concussed.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    bad bad game. and I hope scowls isn’t a real stat they track, that’s ridiculous

  • defroe81

    ill still defend foles this is not what we have seen for the most part, its just baffling. i dont get it not sure why maybe he wants to be cut. i dunno just makes no sense what so ever. to the vick loyalist its just more fuel to trash the guy who could have taken their hero’s job…

  • SallyForth

    Really, the only logical explanation is that Foles suffered an injury (concussion?) early on in the game, but failed to remove himself figuring he could tough it out and knowing that a (less than ready for prime time) rookie was waiting in the wings.
    Any other explanation (crumbling under the “pressure”) pretty much dooms him as a future NFL starter.