Vick Calls It: Foles To Start Vs. Dallas

Eagles QB Mike Vick and Nick Foles

Michael Vick stood to one side in a white long-sleeve Eagles shirt and grey sweatpants. Nick Foles set up to his right in a red No. 9 practice jersey and black mesh shorts.

Together they stood for 11 minutes, 54 seconds, answering questions in a joint press conference outside the NovaCare Complex Thursday afternoon.

“You never had a tag-team press conference,” Vick said. “”This is the first time it’s ever been done in history. We made history today.”

The two QBs started walking off the practice field, knowing each was scheduled to address reporters separately. They looked over to Eagles director of public relations Derek Boyko to see who was up first, and he waved them both over to the tent.

The first question centered on Vick’s hamstring injury, and the veteran QB revealed that he still needs time to heal.

“I’m not playing this week,” Vick said.

After the press conference, when asked what’s realistic in terms of his return, Vick told Tim McManus: “Next week, maybe the week after.”

That projection is consistent with what a source close to Vick told McManus – that this is a three-to-four week injury.

“Everything is coming along as planned,” Vick said. “So I just can’t rush it.”

At no point during the session did either quarterback indicate the job would be Vick’s once he’s healthy. But throughout, they emphasized their strong bond and explained that there would be no hard feelings, regardless of what Chip Kelly decides down the road.

“I think that questions are asked,” Foles said. “That’s the one thing that Mike and I, we don’t worry about it. I respect Mike with everything I have. I love Mike. We have a great relationship and we don’t worry about that. We know that the most important thing is for the Philadelphia Eagles to win, no matter who’s at quarterback. We’re gonna support each other. When Mike’s out there, I love watching him. When he comes to the sideline, I’m gonna be there talking to him. He does the same for me. We can’t worry about that. That’s what messes up friendships and that’s not what it’s about. We want to keep this friendship for as long as we live, so we don’t worry about that.”

Added Vick: “Regardless of whatever happens, it’s all about rooting for one another. This is a fun game. You can’t have animosity towards a teammate because of the way he plays or what people want or what they feel. We know how hard it is to play this game. You heard Peyton Manning say it last week: This game is not easy. So we’re gonna always root for one another and always try to be there for one another. And whatever comes out of it is gonna be all good for the both of us, and we appreciate that. We appreciate the opportunity to play this game. Like I said, our friendship has grown over the years. I love Nick, like he said. That friendship is there, and it won’t go anywhere regardless. We’re just gonna keep trying to win football games. And that’s what’s most important for the Philadelphia Eagles.”

The situation right now is that Vick is injured and Foles is the quarterback. So really, no decision has to be made yet. Once Vick is healthy, that’s when Kelly will take all the information into account and decide which direction the team goes in.

“I’m working to try to get myself back to 100 percent. Until then, Nick is the quarterback of this football team, and that’s where we stand,” Vick said.

He’s been on the other side of this scenario before. Back in 2010, Kevin Kolb was the Eagles’ starter, but he got knocked out of a Week 1 game, and Vick took over. That’s how Vick ended up winning the job.

“I understand the nature of this business,” Vick said. “I understand how things go. The thing is, I’m very confident in myself. I’m very confident in what I can do. When I’m needed, I’m gonna be there. And that’s the bottom line.”

Asked what he takes away from Vick’s game, Foles joked: “I think I try to emulate his moves a little bit, which causes injuries sometimes. Had a little rushing touchdown last week, so that was because of watching him.”

Added Vick: “What people don’t know is Nick is very athletic. You’ll start to see it as time goes on, but I’ve always admired the things that he can do, the things you don’t see when we’re out here at practice, the way he just handles he football, the way he moves around. It translates over when he’s out on the field. So don’t be surprised when you see him getting rushing touchdowns and moving a little bit. It’s a part of what he do.”

And so that’s where things stand as of Oct. 17. Foles starts Sunday against the Cowboys, Vick continues to heal, and Kelly gets another week before coming to any real conclusions.

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  • Soybot

    If Foles plays well and beats the Cowgirls in front of the home crowd, it’ll be mayhem on sports radio next week.

    • B

      And for us that work night work, that will be very entertaining, hahahaha.

    • defroe81

      if foles plays well and beaths the cowgirls then it will be well they didnt play well and they have no defensive line to pressure him. if he plays well and keeps winning it will be well he had the easy part of the schedule. foles will never get any respect as he is only seen as the back up…

      • HowboutdemIggles

        That’s exactly what happened with the Giants it’s like it’s not normal football when a team takes the lead, people act like Vick was going to throw 4 TD’s in the second half.

        • No. People act like we were going to lose the game with Vick. And giving Foles a past for losing the lead.

          • Vick Must Go

            Giants scored 7 in 1st half (not Vick’s Fault). Giants scored 14 in 2nd half (not Vick’s fault, but also not Foles fault). Can’t blame Foles for Giants scoring more points.

            What I can say is that Foles scored 20 vs. Vick’s 16, passed for 200 vs. Vick’s 100, threw for 2 TD vs. Vick’s 0, and had a much better completion percentage/rating/etc than Vick’s 6/14 for 104.

            If we had won the game, it would not have been due to Vick’s play (because he was downright AWFUL).

  • Johnny_P

    I think we have seen the last snap Mike Vick will take in Eagles green. It’s been a very interesting journey since the day they signed you. Thanks for providing entertainment on a weekly basis, and we wish you the best. *Hands keys to franchise over to Foles*…… man up.

    • Aunt Esther

      I really doubt that. I like Foles and he’s in the process of earning everyone’s respect. But the odds are against him playing the level of football he has for the last 6 quarters. The moment drives begin to stall as teams figure out a way to shut down the underneath stuff, people will be longing for Vick’s big ticket ability once again. FWIW, I think that Kelly plans to let Vick get well and put him right back in there, no matter what happens. Remember: Foles is not Peyton. Teams will adjust and he’ll have to overcome his share of adversity.

      • #7

        Absolutely. Couldn’t have said it better

      • We’re in the cupcake part of the schedule…so Foles *should* do well. What is going to be interesting is if we get into a shootout with someone – Romo for example – can he keep up or are we gonna lose close games b/c he doesn’t have that big play ability.

        After Romo though it’s the Raiders (don’t sleep on them. Pryor could give this defense fits) and the G-men – they are basically done for, but divisional games can always be surprising.

        • #7

          TP proving a lot of people wrong.

          • Raiders might not have to need to draft a QB. He has work to do obviously, but surprising to say the least.

          • anon

            You can’ be saying stuff like that on these boards — you know how people feel about “moble” qbs.

          • HowboutdemIggles

            No that’s how we feel about 33 year old injury prone Michael Vick, McNabb was mobile early, despite the draft day booing, he was loved.

          • EaglePete

            please, TP is showing to be decent but I wouldnt go crazy here. Talk to us in 2 yrs to see where he is. Then again, the surrounding talent is something to be desired as well. Just not buying that hes top 10 material. Plenty of QBs can rise to middle of the pack status. Thats a feat in itself but getting towards the top is what matter in this league. I think Kap and Wilson are on their way, not so sure about TP and Geno. Then there is that whole “team” thing again that helps.

          • Yeah only the “mobile” ones too. I’m convinced that if Philly gets a QB and as long as he’s not “mobile” the “fanbase” will be happy regardless of how he plays. lol

        • Michael Jorden

          The Eagles have proven over and over – there are no gimmee games. I don’t fall for all that “they’ve sucked against everyone else”, “facing a rookie QB should get plenty of TO’s”, “their OL is a shambles, so watch out for our Pass Rush!” and “this kicker has never made one beyond 50 before” stuff. Never seems to exactly work out that way. Any win we get is golden imo.

          • Brian

            Yeah, and Tampa doesn’t win when the temperature is below 40.

        • Vick Must Go

          Big Butt, a whopping 10 “down” votes and no “up” votes. I love that the people of this forum see your garbage posts for what they are.

          Vick is 1-3 this year and is 0-2 in “shootout” games against the Broncos and Chargers.

          Vick was 3-7 last year. How many “shootout” games were there last year?

          Vick, while a professional, does NOT win games by himself. He may have when he was in Atlanta, but not at 33 (nor at 32, nor at 31).

          • I speak and it’s a down vote, regardless of what I actually say. Thanks for commenting about M. Vick when I was commenting about Foles. I clearly wasn’t talking about him at all or making any comparison to M. Vick.

            2nd time this week I made a comment about another player and someone responds to me with a “Vick” comment. Yet I’m the one obsessed.

          • Brian

            Yeah, maybe because everyone sees through the race baiting in your comment. Lets see “mobile” = Black. While “fanbase” = White. Maybe the “fanbase” is unhappy because the “mobile” quarterback only completes “half” of his passes. You simply don’t get it. Philadelphia wants to win. Plain and simple. Recent Philadelphia Eagles “fanbase” Icons: Brian Dawkins, Reggie White, Mike Quick, to name but a few. lol, right?

      • Loke1988

        Speak for yourself about the longing part. The thing about Foles is that he too can make adjustments so it’s like the blueprint that’s out there to stop Vick to which he cannot escape.

      • Broadcasting Wisdom

        Way to go out on a limb there Auntie girl that Nick Foles will not continue the same playing level he has for the past 6 quarters – because if he did, he would make the pro bowl! For one thing, he’s bound to have an interception or two just by bad breaks, tipped balls, etc. For another, he’s had so many perfectly executed plays where the line blocks well, the receivers run great routes and make a catch (granted, it has been right in their hands).

        As for taking away the underneath stuff, good luck with that. As Kelly acknowledges, you can’t stop everything. Our D tries to limit the big play. If you move your safeties up to try to take away the 5-10 yard patterns, you’re begging for Jackson to beet you deep.

      • Johnny_P

        I disagree with this point. For the record, I am not pro vick or foles. Both have done an admirable job QB’ing this team. The more I watch Foles tho, the more I’m impressed. He just seems to have a confidence about himself in the pocket and seems to be crafty as well. (i.e. him throwing the ball at the WR’s feet when he knew he was getting sack, saved the Eagles a potential 10 yard loss.) People also talk about how he has no escapability, but it’s unfair to compare him to MV7, naturally people do. He had no problem rushing for a 6 yard TD right into the teeth of a Tampa Bay defense, did he? His footwork is decent. He is not this statue that everybody purports him to be.

        • anon

          It’s not like he’s never played QB before, he did start at AZ and started last year while Vick was hurt – tossing the ball instead of taking the sack is a smart move — a QB draw is a good play, especially since no one expects him to run the ball — however you don’t have to be Tom Brady to execute either of those plays. I would expect any starter to be able to do that.

          • HowboutdemIggles

            Well with the way people talk about Vick and needing him because he can get out of the pocket you would think Nick is Kerry Collins out there, although not a bad comparison, Nick doesn’t look like he has cement shoes in quicksand. Brady has been very successful with his “mobility” so has Big Ben.

          • Vick Must Go

            Clearly you haven’t seen Vick play. How many times did he run out of bounds behind the line of scrimmge (taking a sack) when he could have flipped the ball 5 yards downfield (not even near a receiver, just past the line of scrimmage) for an incomplete pass.

            One of Vick’s best passes of the year was one that was a throw away in the red zone. No kidding, I stood up and clapped because he never does that… ever.

            Any QB will have cases where they take an ill advised sack, but Vick takes them all the time even when he is out of the pocket (and can legally throw it away).

      • Joe from Easton

        You’re very right in the sense that as film gets out on players; teams learn different ways to stop them. At the same time though, I believe it’s a lot easier to stop a “one trick pony” (for lack of a better term) than a player who utilizes what’s given to him. In other words, Vick’s long ball is easier to take away (safety help, bracket coverage) and Foles’ ability to pass to any of his 4 or 5 receivers in a given instant. I’m not saying he is or ever will be Manning or Brady, but he looks like a QB who stays a step ahead of what defenses want to do to him and I like that.

      • Vick Must Go

        How do you know Foles isn’t Peyton? I don’t think he is, but until he plays… you don’t know. Warner was stocking shelves in a supermarket. Until Foles plays, you don’t know.

        We already know what Vick is. A terrible terrible terrible QB that can run and not much else. If you think somehow Chip Kelly’s system will make it otherwise, when 2 coaches in Atl and Reid couldn’t make it so… then you are mistaken.

  • EaglePete

    So I assume hammys can always go again fairly soon? He was grabbing the upper part of his thigh on the sidelines. Then in practice he was barely moving to not aggravate it so it must be worse up high like that. Thats crazy esp with his incentives. Then again, maybe its smarter (if Foles plays well enough to remain the starter) to go into FA with the current stats he has. Selling point being hes looked really good for the most part and still has some years left. He needs money, even if it were as a backup per just getting out of bankruptcy. Not likely this early in the season, I get that, but also not totally out of the question. Im sure as a player he will want to play once hes healthy. Also more time for Foles to have a bad game or two. So it really is a good thing to have 2 decent QBs for this season esp if playoffs are a possibility. I think most fans just want to know if Foles can be the guy, or do we still need to find that guy. Either way I think they have to hedge their bets and draft a QB in this next draft since its stocked with potential at the position.

    • B

      If you have ever hurt a hammy, you would know it can take a long time if you dont let it heal right.

      Im also curious as to why everyone thinks this qb class is the second coming? Theres always talent, but tim couch, akili smith, cade mcnown, and jim drunkenmiller can easily remind you that college talent is not nfl talent.

      • #7

        I say this all the time. I’m just always skeptical about young QBs coming in and when it works, it’s great. When it fails, it’s the worse hit you can take as an organization.

        The names you just mentioned the majority of them were touted as can’t miss prospects as they are pretty much every single year…until we see them play in the NFL.

        If Vick or Nick does not keep this job I would rather we keep one of them and build elsewhere

        • EaglePete

          ya but at some point for most franchises you have to take those gambles. Only way to find a Sanchize, errr i mean franchise guy. Rare to do in FA like the donkeys. I think you do both, build and keep one and also draft. Can never be too sure and always need to develop a guy unless you have one on lockdown for a decade.

        • Basscase

          To be fair, nowadays more pro offenses are integrating more college stuff, so the transition isn’t as bad as it was when McNabb was drafted, AFAIK.

          But I agree with you – picking the wrong QB can set you and the organization back a lot. Almost all the bad teams now can be traced back to putting their faith behind the wrong guy under center.

          • Vick Must Go

            Its not as bad an impact as it was prior to the draft salary guidelines. If Luck, or RGIII were a bust, it would not be as big a deal as when Leaf, Couch, Russell, Bradford bust. Those QBs demanded so much gauranteed money that signing a QB to replace them was almost impossible. It crippled organizations for the duration of the 5-6 year contract.

            It would hurt if Luck/RGIII/Bridgewater? were busts, but teams could adjust in 1-2 years. See how teams are already prepared to cut bait on Ponder, Gabbert, etc.

          • Basscase

            Very true, although it’ll hurt the Redskins more if RG3 isn’t the guy, since they gave up so much for him. And isn’t watching the Redskins crash and burn fun by itself?

          • Mike Calabrese

            I love watching skins crash and burn just as much as next Eagles fan, but RG3 will be fine. He is still recovering from the hamstring. Unfortunately he has a long franchise caliber QB ahead of him.

      • Bdawk20

        I bet that McNabb would have been a bust in the wrong system. Say what you will, but Andy Reid was a great QB groomer, for his system

        • Vick Must Go

          McNabb was not as good as his numbers suggest. Feeley destroyed everyone in Reid’s offense, and did nothing elsewhere. Kolb destroyed everyone in Reid’s offense and did nothing elsewhere. Garcia destroyed everyone in Reid’s offense, but had success elsewhere. Koy Detmer destroyed everyone in Reid’s offense (though I think he only started 1 game) and then was out of the league.

          The only QB that didn’t do well in Reid’s offense was Mike McMahon.

          • Brian

            None of the qb’s you noted, played as long, or as well, as McNabb did. Donovan McNabb was the most talented qb in the history of the Eagles. He just worried too much about failure. Hence, the worm burners when he saw a defender nearby.

  • knighn

    Regardless of how Foles plays this Sunday, I don’t think Chip Kelly or the Eagles should make any change in status until Vick is 100%.

    You never know what will happen with Foles: his play might drop off. He might get hurt. If you name Foles the #1 only to have to go right back to Vick as soon as he’s healthy, it just won’t look that good. On the other hand, if Chip names Vick the “forever starter” and he’s out for another 5 games, it also won’t look that good.

    Wait to see how it plays out. Wait for Vick to get healthy, or at least until Foles has proven more. Then make your announcements. Unfortunately, at this rate, and due to the apparent severity of the injury, and how much mobility is part of Vick’s game: it might not be until November (against the Raiders or the Packers) that Vick is back to 100%.

    Until that time: Get well, Vick! Play well, Nick!

    • Bdawk20

      I hear ya. Vick’s play drops off with each game too. Maybe we just don’t have real QB’s and will have to have each one start every other week??

      • anon

        I hear you — but that was a stretch against playing the 2 best teams in the league.

        • Brian

          Denver’s defense is almost as bad as our defense, and he played a bad game. Against the Giants, he was just plain awful.

          • You can’t be up two scores and play a “bad” game. He played a game you didn’t like…but 184 yards of total offense in less than a half and a TD isn’t “bad.”

            Denver also wasn’t a bad game. Sorry.

          • Brian

            How do you evaluate the quarterback position? It starts with completion percentage, turnovers, and touchdowns versus field goals. Vick is around 50% completion pct. with respectable turnovers, and mediocre td vs fg production. In Denver he was 14 of 27 with no td passes. How is that not a bad game? In NY he was 6 of 14 with no td passes. 79 of that total offense was from him running the ball. If those were Foles’ s numbers, you would be screaming for Vick. Stop defending your favorite player. This is about our Football Team. We need a quarterback that can avoid self destruction, and perform at a high level, week after week. I don’t care if he’s mobile, stationary, or somewhere in between. I JUST WANT TO WIN A FRIGGIN SUPERBOWL! Michael Vick has proven that he is not the qb to do it for the Eagles. Nick Foles has the opportunity to show the team, the coaches, and the city, if He can do it. If he can’t, I’ll be asking for someone else to do it. Go find a site dedicated to Michael Vick if you choose to ignore facts, and take #7 and aub32 with you. I don’t hate Michael Vick, I just don’t think he is capable of playing within himself for an entire season. GO BIRDS!

          • “It starts with completion percentage,”

            No it doesn’t. It’s all about MOVING THE CHAINS. YOU have a problem with HOW the chains are moved. I do not. The guy who’s completion percentage you’re complaining about is averaging 9 yards per attempt. NINE YARDS PER ATTEMPT – you know who’s #1 – Peyton Manning with his 71% completion percentage.

            You know how many yards he’s averaging per rush on the ground…9.3 yards per rush. You get that. DO YOU GET THAT.

            Redzone efficiency isn’t simply a QB stat it’s a team stat. And you know as well as I do that have been SEVERAL drive killing penalties and HUGE drops in the end zone red zone and IF the team cleans up those NON-QB related penalties we’d score more TDs. Guess what in the Tampa game the oline managed not to kill drives with penalties and receivers held on to the ball.

            If you want to make that a Foles issue – ask Kelce how well he was doing with Foles in the second half of the Giants game.
            So spare me and your cherry picking information. It’s a TEAM sport…and if your QB is averaging 9 yards every time he’s touching the d@mn ball he isn’t your first, scond or third problem.

          • Brian

            Really? All you care about is Michael Vick. Do fans accept a 54% completion rate from any other quarterback in the NFL? NO! Guess who’s 32nd in passing percentage in the NFL. Michael Vick. It’s indefensible! Yet, somehow you manage to defiantly defend him, when there’s no good reason to. I understand having a favorite player, a favorite team, or a favorite city. My favorite player on the team is LeSean McCoy. The difference between you and I is: I don’t pretend that LeSean McCoy is perfect. Cherry picking? There are 11 seasons to pick from, when evaluating Michael Vick, and I don’t see any cherries…

          • “Do fans accept a 54% completion rate from any other quarterback in the NFL”

            And he is:
            10th in QBR
            12th in QB rating
            2nd in YPA

            And the team was:
            2nd in offfense
            5th in 3rd down conversions
            8th in points

            Your obsession with completion percentage stays missing the point – passing is HALF of Vick’s game..HALF.

            The Giants game you keep bringing up:

            M. VIck – 184 yards and 1 TD (yes I’m counting Shady 1 yd for Vick)
            Nick Foles – 197 and 2 TD

            SO basically Vick with his 42.9% completion percentage was responsible for roughly the same amount of offensive production as Foles with his 64% completion percentage in slightly less time.


          • HowboutdemIggles

            This argument is all fine and dandy, but now it’s less about Vick vs Foles and if Foles is the quarterback for this team, this year he may show he’s not, or he may show how great he can be, Vick I think is done as an Eagle no matter what he does this season.

          • Vick is a one year rental. Period. Barring a playoff run – some say a deep playoff run, he’s HIGHLY likely to be here next year.

            I know I’ve never suggested otherwise.

          • Brian

            Yep, and the Eagles lost three straight. But that’s okay because our quarterback was rated in the top 12 for meaningless statistics. Phew. Now I feel better about Vick. I’m totally cool with the Eagles winning 25% of their games, as long as their quarterback has a (almost) mediocre QBR and QB rating. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought points won games. Apparently the quarterback’s BS stats are what I should be focused on. Who cares how many passes he completes?

          • lol.

            The comment of a man who has nothing left meaningful to say. Thanks for proving my point.

          • Brian

            Sometimes I get so caught up in how many passes a quarterback completes. Obviously, I need some time to reflect on my misguided opinions. Oh well. I’ll be back when this senseless debate is over. #blueintheface

          • Richard Colton

            Amazing. I’m seeing statistics in a whole new light now. Just went back and credited every TD scored in the ’91 season to Randall Cunningham. Take that Bryce Paup!

          • “How is that not a bad game? In NY he was 6 of 14 with no td passes. 79 of that total offense was from him running the ball. If those were Foles’ s numbers, you would be screaming for Vick.”

            No YOU’D be screaming for Vick. I’d be screaming “F*ck Yeah we’re winning the football game”

          • Vick Must Go

            Not sure who voted you down on this one… but I’m guessing they either had poor hand/eye coordination and missed the “up” button or they were simply emotionally disturbed.

            Vick was terrible in both of those games, and was terrible against KC. He played well in Washington, and Chip lost the SD game (not Vick). Vick did play reasonably well in SD.

  • AR_Eagle

    If you haven’t watched it go to and check out the joint interview. Say what you want about Vick, but he is a professional and although I have never thought he was a great QB, his class in handling this whole situation is why we are lucky he is an Eagle. His actions will keep this locker room from dividing regardless of what happens next.

    Vick took a lot of pressure off Kelly today, if he is indeed leaning towards sticking with Nick. Loving the unity on this team and I believe we are building towards something special!

    Much respect to Vick and good luck Nick. Now let’s kill the Cowboys!

    • Michael Jorden

      Vick has been nothing but a pro with the Birds. Class.

    • hillbillybirdsfan

      I don’t know if he will be an Eagle next year, but I have a feeling that the way he has handled this season will buy him a few extra years in the league. It was always very hard to envision him finishing his career as a backup/veteran presence. The way he carries himself now, that door will be open to him if he wants it when his starting days are over.

      • Vick Must Go

        Interesting observation, and this would be a good article/debate. Its pretty rare to see QBs that are primarily known for being runners but not terrific passers becoming back-ups. See Cunningham, McNabb, etc. It is also pretty rare to see previous probowl QBs becoming backups. See pretty much every probowl QB that was a starter for multiple years.

        What makes Vick unique is his athletic ability… and athletic ability is not something you can teach to a budding QB. What you can teach/mentor is reads, progressions, etc. I would rather see a student of the game with minimal athletic ability as a mentor than an athletic QB known as a poor reader of defenses (see pretty much any blitz play against Vick).

        Ego can be a roadblock to becoming a backup. And it doesn’t look like Vick is letting ego get in the way, which is admirable. But I don’t know if he has the skills that teams would want to groom a young QB. Maybe he would work well as a backup on an established team with superbowl aspirations? Like Green Bay or San Francisco?

        • hillbillybirdsfan

          That’s the exact type of situation I was envisioning. If he would be willing to back up an established starter on a contender he could definitely contribute if the starter goes down for a few games. I agree that he wouldn’t be a good mentor to a younger QB.

    • BleedGreenJames

      You couldn’t have said it better, man. I have never been in love with Vick as a winning QB outside of 2010, but my goodness, this guy is the epitome of class and professionalism, especially when you consider what the man has come back from. It’s borderline miraculous and this organization is lucky to have his leadership.

  • #7

    Ah man that sucks. It’s a long season so I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of Vick. Next man up, right? Looking for Nick to step up.

    • Justin

      For what it’s worth, I don’t think people should have down voted you for this.

  • UKEagle99

    I just want a win at the Linc. If we can’t win there, in our own house then our Superbowl aspirations are going to depend heavily on Goodell sending them to London for home games!

    • anon

      haha we won’t have homefield for our SB run

  • DirtyWaters

    Man, I was waiting for a Foles vs Vick article all day. I was a little disappointed this one did not have conjecture, controversy, speculation or hyperbole. Oh well, guess I’ll go see what Florio has to say.

    • G_WallyHunter


      • DirtyWaters

        Where else can I find “news” and “insight” into the world of football.

        • G_WallyHunter

          Don’t like him at all, even if he starts kissing ass to the Eagles

          • DirtyWaters

            His work is highly regarded by bulimics and those who have mistakenly swallowed drain cleaner.

    • #7

      It’s a waste of time

  • knighn

    Will Fall Foles-iage turn into Winter with Saint Nick?

    Get well, Vick! Play well, Nick!

    • G_WallyHunter

      That’s a great effin pun, or I’m just excited about how these two are getting along, either way, GO EAGLES

      • knighn

        Major props to Mike Vick. The man may not be the QB of the future for the Eagles, but he is a big-time leader. Many QBs just wouldn’t handle this as maturely.

        • G_WallyHunter

          Yup, gotta love him, I will be really sad to see him go regardless of what he does from now until then.

  • Andy124

    Couldn’t they have lied about it? Make it sound like Vick has a real shot to start. You can pull that crap for at least this week just to eff with Dallas.

    I don’t generally advocate dishonesty, but this is a game where deception is a key tactic at every turn.

    • anon

      If Foles wants to be the starter he should be treated like a starter — can evaluate him when teams aren’t game-planning for him. Plus it’s better if there’s not the QB controversy articles every single day. Make the journalist earn their money.

      • Andy124

        It’s the Cowgirls. If you can eff with them, you eff with them, QB situation be damned.

    • Vick Must Go

      With NFL regulations regarding reporting who is practicing (largely for Vegas/betting reasons), there is very little to be gained by pretending Vick is still in the game. Foles is still known to the world to be taking the 1st team reps, so with limited practice time… Dallas has to focus on Foles as the target regardless of Vick being doubtful or questionable.

      Tom Lawlor also had a good article on this below, basically saying that pretending you aren’t that hurt and then missing multiple weeks can make you look like a pussy. Poll fans opinions of Gronkowski in NE or fan opinion of Steven Jackson in Atl.

      • Andy124

        I was actually indirectly addressing Tom’s article with my post. I don’t think playing it off one more week would do the harm Tom warns of. I agree with his point about doing that for too long though.

        As for the NFL regulations, he can be legitimately listed as a partial participant, game-time decision. Quotes could be given saying he’s doing everything in his power to be ready to play.

        I don’t mean to make a big stink out of it. It’s not like I’m up-in-arms about it. I just think it was still a valid option and against the Cowpokers, I would love for us to do anything possible to mess with them.

        • Vick Must Go

          We could have Bradley take a snap with the 1st team and then “leak” that he was taking reps with the 1st team. Vick could do the same on a handoff. Thoughts?

          • Andy124

            Thoughts? I think you mean Barkley.

  • cliff henny

    wow, some real buddy/buddy being shoveled here. all we need is some smores, sleepbags, a campfire with that creepy counselor signing kumbaya on his guitar in the background. little forced/planned by Eagles, has the conspiracy theorist in me stirring…for absolutely no reason.

  • theycallmerob

    Best article on this situation to date

  • EaglePete

    anyone hear mike n mike this morning. Stink and Golic think Foles is the better option per timing. Also, not nearly enough Foles vs Vick yet today. Okay okay, everyone hates mike n mike, everyone hates ESPN, I get it. But still, thought they made some interesting points…..that Ive heard a million different ways. Vick breaks the pocket too soon, Foles makes better reads…for now. I think the knock on Vick is the decade of evidence. Can he get better? I guess its possible but I think hes decent between the 20s and not so much when it breaks down and in the red zone. All about consistency really and it remains to be seen with Foles but he shows flashes which translates to hoping he can turn into something special. Also proved he can make the big play.

    • EaglePete

      darn, nobody bit, maybe this debate really is over. nooooo it will be back, just need a few more weeks.

      • anon

        I think it’s moot for the moment. I think Vick is a big play guy. Yes i think he’s not as good anticipating, maybe accuracy isn’t his best suit, he isn’t great with checkdowns. I think instead of checkdowns he runs. But i think he’s getting to old to do that.

        But you can’t find a more consummate professional.

    • Vick Must Go

      Foles > Vick

  • Rick H

    Vick is an awesome pro and rebuilt man/ individual. I always attempted to clarify my statements about Vick as a person and as a QB. I truly believe Mike Vick has done so much good since his troubled times. He is the real deal and leader as a person!
    You just do not see that in sports or anything anymore. That is inspirational!

  • damrvrhunter

    Vick calls it, quits: Foles to start vs. Dallas!

    Fyp Sheil. Yw.

  • Will

    Fired up to see Foles go out there and lead the Offense against Dallas. A Division home game for all the Marbles! When preparation meets opportunity you have success! Foles the stage is set to shine! Deliver that win Dude against Dallas!

  • Justin

    Is there a classier player in the NFL than Vick?