Week 6: Eagles Snap Count Analysis


TAMPA, Fla. — Here’s a look at how the Eagles divvied up playing time Sunday afternoon against the Bucs.

Overall Snaps
Snap %
LeSean McCoy5074%
Bryce Brown1928%

LeSean McCoy was a workhorse, carrying 25 times for 116 yards (4.6 YPC). He also caught two balls for 55 yards. Overall, 171 combined rushing and receiving yards. It says something about McCoy’s production that numbers like that are almost taken for granted at this point.

Bryce Brown played 28 percent of the snaps and totaled 20 yards on five carries.

Chris Polk suffered an injury in the first half and did not play any offensive snaps.

Overall Snaps
Snap %
DeSean Jackson5784%
Riley Cooper5682%
Brent Celek4871%
Jason Avant4871%
Zach Ertz4262%
Jeff Maehl1218%
Damaris Johnson812%

Riley Cooper had easily his best game of the year with four catches for 120 yards and a touchdown. DeSean Jackson’s career year continues with 64 yards on six catches and a pair of touchdowns.

Zach Ertz has seen his snap count increase in four consecutive weeks. He played 62 percent of the snaps (42 overall). Brent Celek, meanwhile, saw a season-low 48 snaps against Tampa. He was targeted just once for 10 yards. Ertz had three catches for 13 yards and was targeted six times.

We’ll find out if the dip in Celek’s playing time was injury-related or just a coaching decision.

James Casey was inactive because of a groin injury.

Overall Snaps
Snap %
Fletcher Cox5374%
Cedric Thornton4664%
Isaac Sopoaga2738%
Vinny Curry2535%
Bennie Logan1825%
Clifton Geathers1014%

Vinny Curry played a season-high 25 snaps. Not much else to note with the defensive linemen.

Overall Snaps
Snap %
DeMeco Ryans72100%
Mychal Kendricks72100%
Connor Barwin6996%
Trent Cole5171%
Brandon Graham2332%
Casey Matthews11%

DeMeco Ryans and Mychal Kendricks have been on the field for every defensive snap the past two weeks. They’ve played 98 percent and 97 percent of the snaps, respectively, on the season. Ryans led the team with 12 solo tackles.

Connor Barwin played all but three snaps and had one of the team’s two sacks. He’s been on the field for 92 percent of the snaps this season.

Trent Cole played a season-low 51 snaps; Brandon Graham played a season-high 23.

Overall Snaps
Snap %
Bradley Fletcher72100%
Nate Allen72100%
Cary Williams6793%
Earl Wolff6083%
Brandon Boykin4056%
Patrick Chung1217%
Roc Carmichael23%

Patrick Chung started the game and played for the first time in three weeks, but left with an injury and only played 12 snaps.

Nate Allen played 100 percent of the snaps, and Earl Wolff rotated in before eventually replacing Chung, playing 83 percent.

Cary Williams left the game in the second half because he was cramping up. Roc Carmichael replaced him for two snaps and was called for a pass interference penalty.

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  • Eagledelphia

    Didn’t get to watch the game but how did Curry look this week?

    • Token

      When I noticed he was in, didnt seem to do anything this week.

      • Damien

        Well then, you’re blind. He had some nice hurries and almost got a sack. Double teamed a lot too.

        • Token

          You know his number right?

          His best play of the day was where he drew lineman to let Barwin free for a sack.

          I want Curry playing more. Hes been disruptive when given the chance. But im not gonna lie and say he was great yesterday just because I want the guy to play.

          • Jernst

            I noticed Curry getting great push on a number of occasions…are you sure you know his number?

    • Adam

      He got some push, but there was at least one play where he completely abandoned his gap responsibility to shoot into the backfield. They ran right by him.

      I’m assuming it’s stuff like this that limits his snaps. He’s still playing 4-3 wide nine mentality where it’s get up field and push the pocket back at all costs. As much as we hate it’s a 2 gap system and he needs to do his job, otherwise he’s going to continue to be limited to being a situational pass rusher.

      And just for the record, I have no doubts that Curry can be effective. It’s just the mental stuff. He’s almost always been disruptive on limited snaps.

    • brza

      Curry didn’t register a tackle on the stat sheet but he was regularly double-teamed and still generated push up the middle. He had a couple hurries and missed a sack by a shoestring.
      I think it says something when a team constantly doubled him and left guys like Cox, Cole, Sopoaga and Barwin in 1-on-1 situations whenever Curry was on the field.

      • Dutch

        Curry took out the Guard and Tackle on Tampa’s left side which allowed Barwin to cross behind Curry untouched for his sack of Gannon on that crucial 3rd down play.

        • kellyspringles

          gannon? he retired years ago…

          • Richard Colton

            he’s yeasting up the Blue Hens

      • Richard Colton

        Still amazed everytime the camera lingers on Sopoaga. Like, wasn’t he cut in training camp? feels that way. Curry/Cox/Thornton/Logan makes me think we have something up front to build with.

        • Eagledelphia

          I agree think how good they could be in a 4-3 with Graham at End but I digress

          • Richard Colton

            Graham and Cole are two outstanding players (one at the end of his career, one at the beginning) that we’re going to lose because they don’t fit the system. Some 4-3 team is going to get a great situational passer next year in Graham for next to nothing.

          • EagleFromBrazil

            Yeah, i agree. I think the Eagles FO chose an awfully wrong time to bring aboard a 3-4 DC. Much of the defensive struggles rely on our players not being a good fit for this. Cox had 5.5 sacks as a rookie. We could be playing with Cole – Cox – Thornton/Logan (Thornton is a run-killer, at least in this scheme) and Graham. This is a really good and promising front-four that we are wasting for a scheme that is not being fruitful. A 43 would give us a much better chance to succeed.

  • Token

    Boykin 40 snaps. Shame. At one point when Cary went out they threw ROC CARMICHAEL outside instead of Boykin. They hate the guy.

    Trent Cole is just giving you nothing out there. 4.8 mil of dead money to cut him next year. Money well spent.

    • Brandon Boykin, OLB

      Trent Cole hustles on EVERY play. He is around the ball on EVERY play. He’s been a defensive end his whole career, yet he still gives the most effort while learning a completely new position. Believe it or not, these guys set an example for the rest of the team. You keep them as long as they’re giving effort. Plus, it’s not like anyone has taken his position.

      Stop acting like you know anything about managing a football team.

      • Token

        Hey, you can hustle all you like but at the end of the day hes just running in place. Hustle means nothing if you cant do your job. Clueless as usual.

        • Damien

          You’re clueless. He hasn’t been great, but he’s done fine. Not the usual Trent, but it’s his first year at a NEW position in a NEW scheme. That’s a tough change for a 30 year old. Also cutting Cole would be AWFUL for this team. It ruins chemistry, disrupts the locker room, etc. Remember when we let Dawkins go? It’s like that.

          • Token

            Cole is far from Dawk. No teammate would care. I cant argue with fanatics that live in fantasy land. Theres a reason Coles snaps are falling off.

          • evanphilly

            Nothing wrong with Cole still being on the team. Dude has been through the grinder with this team and Kelly knows it. He easily could have cut him or traded him but instead he gave him a well deserved chance to see if he can play a 3-4 OLB. He seems to be on a Mamula-pace this year, if he gets there, its a split-second too late. His playing time will decrease as the year goes on and he probably won’t be on the team next year.

      • Token

        Shocked by the amount of people still sentimental about Trent Cole.

    • Jim

      It’s not that they hate Boykin. He is just so good in the slot that it would actually hurt them to put him outside. Well that and he isn’t as effective on the outside.

      • brza

        I agree with you that Boykin is most valuable at the nickel position. But the situation was that Boykin was on the bench while Cary got hurt and they put Roc in over Boykin. Thats wrong in my opinion.

        If they are in base personnel then Boykin should be the first replacement if someone outside is hurt (you could even argue that he should take Cary’s starting spot in base situations but thats another topic). If they use Nickel then Boykin could just flip back inside.
        After Roc’s PI though they put Boykin at outside corner in the base.

        • h

          i agree. i think boykin should be in the slot when they are in the nickel/dime. but he deserves to be on the outside when theyre in the 3-4.

    • aub32

      Was Boykin on the sideline too or covering the slot? I don’t think it’s a problem if he was on the field covering the slot. He did cover Jackson some this past game, and I don’t think he did all that well when doing so.

      • brza

        They were in base personnel so Boykin was on the sideline when they put Roc in.

        • aub32

          Ok I didn’t know. Then I really don’t get that decision as Roc is only 5’10”. I thought they wanted to avoid that type of matchup which is why I didn’t mind so much with Boykin only playing inside. I guess this goes to show how Kelly wants everyone to get reps.

    • levdog

      i would say the biggest play of the Giants game was the Kendrick’s interception which was forced by Trent Cole. That play turned the game from a 1 point game and switched the momentum.

    • JofreyRice

      Trent Cole is probably my favorite Eagle since Dawk…but…I tend to agree. He offers you some intangibles in terms of work ethic, dedication, etc., but I think he’s kind of toast on the field; which is really what we thought before the season. I think there was one play, where he attempted to get a jam on the TE, missed it, stumbled, and let the guy free release for something like a 31 yard gain. I think it was that Undrafted TE from Rutgers that went for like 100 yards. He smoked Kendricks in coverage, too.

      Cole’s still a solid run defender, but when you are using Boykin to generate passrush from OLB something’s not quite right with your OLB’s. Maybe he’d be OK in a system where he played a Jarrett Johnson type role, at OLB, but as the ROLB, you need more passrush.

      • Token

        Maybe he could go to a 4-3 team next year and come off the bench and still produce a bit. But I think his starting days are numbered.

        I like the guy always have. He was a underrated player for a long time IMO. But the time comes for every player.

        BTW, what is with Kendricks making it part of his job description to get toasted by every TE he faces? Its frustrating. Looked like on two plays yesterday Wolff had real good coverage on the TE but went for the ball swat and missed.

        • JofreyRice

          Yeah, Wolff has rated out really poorly, but I actually am encouraged. He starts moving towards plays before they happen. I think that’s what you want in a safety.

          No clue on Kendricks. I think he just sucks sh!t.

          • Token

            You may know I have zero faith in Wolff. He looks like crap on his college tape.

            But yesterday he seemed to do some nice things. Maybe could have had a INT on the one pass if he was more aggressive and sure of himself. Think he had a nice TD saving tackle on a Martin run, which I think they ended up scoring anyway.

            But our safety play is just so dreadful that any small positive looks like a bigger deal than it probably is.

  • Scott J

    There was video on Postgame of DeMeco Ryans walking back to the locker room after the game and he looked like he left everything on the field.

  • Adam

    Demarco Murray not playing this weekend. Demarcus Ware probably not either. That’s big news.

    • Token

      Certainly a leg up.

    • Richard Colton

      Huge. Watching the Romo/Manning shootout last week, I figured Dallas would outscore us by at least 70. Feeling better about it now. Dez Bryant still scary though

      • Token

        Cant say I know much about the offense Dallas runs, but I do know Dez was shut down by the Redskins, Rams and Giants. Which is weird. So it can be done.

        Im pretty worried about our ace filled ST unit getting roasted.

    • anon

      Less worried about Dez, have a feeling their slot guy will go for 150 and 2 tds

      • Corey Dawson

        Also gotta remembr that Austin is back now. He wasn’t 100% last week, but should be closer now that some of the rust is knocked off and the injury is healed a bit more. Scary recieving core when healthy and firing. Safeties are gonna need to be on their game. Hopefully Wolfe continues to improve and takes another step this week. I think he looked pretty good in coverage against TB, barely missed getting a hand on a few balls by mis-timing his swat.

  • JofreyRice

    Monster game for Ertz (for him).