No-22: Eagles Introduce 4-TE Package

After the Eagles drafted Zach Ertz with their second-round pick back in April, Chip Kelly was asked if he could play three tight ends on the field at once.

“Yeah. You go like that,” he said, holding three fingers in the air. “And three tight ends go in the game. We are going to go three tight ends in a game. Now, if they go three linebackers, we spread them out and if they go DBs, we smash you. So, pick your poison.”

The joke at the time was on the reporters. No one thought to ask Kelly if he had planned to go with four tight end looks.

But that’s what we saw in Thursday night’s preseason game against the Panthers.

Technically, Clay Harbor is now practicing with the wide receivers, but at 6-3, 255, he has the body type of a tight end.

The Eagles first showed the 4-TE package on their second drive of the first quarter. The look is one you should probably get used to. We saw it several times last week vs. New England, and the Eagles scored a pair of touchdowns off of it (full breakdown here).


You can see it’s a double-stack look. Ertz and James Casey to the top of the screen; Harbor and Brent Celek at the bottom.

The decision-making process for the quarterback here is simple. He has the option to hand the ball off or throw a screen to either side, depending on the numbers. In the box, Nick Foles is looking for a 5-on-5 matchup to run the ball. And that’s exactly what he gets.



On the perimeter, you can see the tight ends set up for the screen. But with two safeties deep, the Eagles were facing 3-on-2 matchups out there. So Foles made the right call handing it off, and LeSean McCoy picked up the first down.

Even though the ball didn’t go to the perimeter, you can see the Eagles could potentially get a nice mismatch with a tight end blocking a cornerback.

“This offense, it’s new to us, but it’s tough to stop,” Harbor said in the locker room afterwards. “And we’ve all really, really just bought in and know that on any given play, there’s gonna be a mismatch somewhere. We’re gonna out-number the defense somewhere. So any given play, we twist it and make it our own. If they leave two defenders on the two receivers on some play, we’re gonna throw the ball out there. …If they put three defenders on two, then we’re gonna run the ball.”

On the very next play, the Eagles kept the same personnel on the field and pushed tempo. About 25 seconds elapsed from the time McCoy went down to the time they snapped the ball on the next play. The Panthers were unable to change personnel, meaning they were still in nickel (five defensive backs).


The Eagles had Ertz and Harbor split out to the right, while Celek and Casey set up next to left tackle Allen Barbre.


With the read-option, they leave the left defensive end unblocked. And the red box shows a 4-on-4 matchup. In reality, this is 5-on-4 in the Eagles’ favor because Todd Herremans is pulling to that side.


You can see that even with Foles in the game, the left defensive end stays at home in case he keeps the ball and runs.


Again, here you see the middle linebacker and the left defensive end (yellow arrows) guarding against the possibility of a Foles run. The Eagles do a great job on the left side of the line, and Jason Kelce seals his man off, creating a nice running lane up the middle.

But Eagles offensive linemen will tell you they’re never sure where McCoy’s going to take the football, and they don’t particularly care since he’s so talented. Here, he bounces it outside, gets a nice block from Herremans and then just lets his natural ability take over for a 21-yard gain.

“If they want to put some extra linebackers on the field, then we can spread ‘em out and pass,” Ertz said. “If they want to go nickel or dime, whatever personnel they want to be, if they put more corners on the field, then we’ll have that ability to run the ball. So at the end of the day, I think it’s just kind of like a chess match.”

The Eagles showed the 4-TE look with Mike Vick in the game also. Here, you see Emil Igwenagu joining Harbor, Casey and Ertz.


Again, we see that Vick has multiple options. He can hand the ball off to Polk, but instead he pulls it and drops back. Vick then does a great job of manipulating middle linebacker Luke Kuechly by looking at Casey. Kuechly comes up, creating space for Igwenagu behind him.


Vick delivered a laser, and Igwenagu made a nice catch for a 15-yard gain.


Kelly has made it clear from the get-go that he loves tight ends. His first offensive free-agent acquisition was Casey, and then there was the Ertz pick. Their versatility and the tempo allow the Eagles to create mismatches without subbing.

“The defense doesn’t know what to do,” Harbor explained. “If they’re gonna put all linebackers out there, they don’t know if we’re gonna go in tight and pound the ball or if we’re gonna spread out wide and throw the ball. If they bring in linebackers to guard us, we can all run like receivers. If they bring in defensive backs, we’re gonna get in tight, or we can still stay out wide and pound the ball. It’s really a chess match between the coaches there. And anything they do, we win.”

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  • G_WallyHunter

    This morning felt like Christmas morning…
    But I know, I know, we can’t get ahead of ourselves, it’s only PS

    Sept 8th holy crap, they are going to confuse the S**T out of the skins D, but then again, Haslett already came out and said they’re studying tape already, it definitely won’t look as easy as it did yesterday, but that’s a given

    • Always Hopeful

      It’ll be interesting to see how much tape study really prepares you to play this offense if you haven’t really played against it before. Eagles may start out really fast until division foes catch up. It might be like when a good hitter gets called up from triple A: tears the cover off of the ball until pitchers get more experience and tape on him.

      Not sure what Stanford did last year to “gum up the works” on the Duck offense, but I was impressed how Stanford’s D shut the Ducks down after getting blown out the water the year before.

      Chip is really good at the “chess” aspect of football. He’s a great in game adjuster. Should be fun.

      Also, I HATE having our first game on Monday night…don’t want to have to wait that long!

      • Anon

        The thing with the offense is as soon as the other team commits to a formation, nickel, dime, stack the box, then we go no huddle and we make you stick with that formation, which will have weaknesses. Then we exploit the weakness. Instead of trying to establish our game on offense we are just reacting to what the D gives.

        Oregon also didn’t have a duel threat QB last year. On any play we can run, bubble screen, throw long, QB run, throw intermediate crossing route. If the o-line steps protects the pocket you can’t stop all of that. We might not always get 10yds, but we’ll get 3-4 each down. Even Chris Polk was averaging 5yds per carry last night.

        Hopefully Billy Davis can take this defense from a 4 to a 7 in the first couple of games. We’ll show them how the Eagles rebuild.

      • Dr Rick


        The zone read spread is susceptible to being beat by a D line that’s better than the O line. That’s how Stanford won last year, took away much of the run, and it is how Auburn won 2 years ago. Makes even more clear the value of our O line.

        Grantland had a nice article a while back.

        • Dutch

          A Good Defensive Line plays in their opponents backfield, that cancels pretty much everybody’s game plan. He who controls the line of scrimmage generally is the victor. It doesn’t matter the Offensive formation or scheme.

          The Panthers has a pretty solid defensive line and this was a good test of the Eagles offensive Line. Loss in all of this was the play of the guy playing in place of Peters. He was as solid as a rock on his assignments last night. Although Lane gave up a sack, I felt he played better against better challenges than last week.

        • Always Hopeful

          Our line definitely will make a huge difference. I recently re-watched the Oregon / Auburn championship and your points ring true.

          If Chip had an SEC quality O-line he’d have one Championship…I think.

          Thanks for the Grantland link too!

      • G_WallyHunter

        Agreed, its such a simple and versatile offense that it almost doesn’t matter if they study tape, they will still get beat. My only guess is Haslett (and any other coach, for that matter) will really try and disguise their coverages and numbers to throw CK/the QB off and choose the wrong option, how they do it is the hard part.

        they’ve probably been studying the tape of that game, both teams probably will be, Eagles too. What Rick said below, Oline determines a lot of it, and good thing (when healthy) the Eagles Oline is top 5 in the league..

        • Always Hopeful

          The strategy of the game will be great to follow throughout this next season.

          I like that Chip’s philosophy is based on sound football principles coupled with creative thinking.

  • Daniel Norman Richwine

    I suspect Chippah is showing just his vanilla offfense right now. If his vanilla is pretty hard to defend, I’m looking forward to the whole panoramic spread.

    • All In Eagles

      Agree, this has to be vanilla, let’s bring the season on and see what we got!!

      I’m thinking also about cuts being made soon. Any thoughts on other teams snagging some of our cuts and looking to gain some insight into our O from a released player?

      • Dutch

        that may be why we didn’t go for a lot of Vets in Free Agency. There seems to be a lot of PS eligible players in camp on the offensive side of the ball. shepard, a couple of the tight ends, and offensive linemen get stashed.

    • DaBigO

      Daniel, As a long time Ducks fan don’t plan on the regular season to many diffrent plays. Chip belives in the priciple of a few plays with a lot of options run over and over and over to perfection. There are always wrinkles be brings to every game for those special moments but the vanilla offense you are seening you will probable be seeing all season long just executed to perfection and killing the other teams with it.

    • Fly High

      Have watched Chip at Oregon. The basics of his game plan are simple and similar from game-to-game but he adds in one or two twists per game specially designed for the opponent, and they are a good part of the success. As referenced later in this discussion, is a great place to see how Chip thinks.

  • Kevin

    Definitely Agree! The more I learn about this offense and the concept of ‘package plays’ the more I keep thinking of Chip standing in the meeting room and doing his best Mr. Miyagi impersonation… “Michealson, called package play technique. If done right, no can defense.”

    • A Big Butt and a Smile


      You had me spit our my coffee….

      • Dutch

        Kelly plays the percentages. His method is quite simple. I wish he’d stop discussing it in the news. He’s been saying the same thing since he’s come to Philly now he’s demonstrating the mechanics of his theory which are quite simple. The Defense formation determines how they in turn are strangled.

        If you line up 11 men on defense, and the Eagles line up 11 men on offense, you don’t have enough people to cover our 11

        • A Big Butt and a Smile

          Yeah. It’s like winning at craps. If you understand the probability of rolling a specific number you can bet accordingly and win often.

        • Moru

          There are ways, through creative blitzing and coverage packages. Too bad you don’t play the Jets or the Bills with the Ryan/Pettine aggressive Multiple D. I’d be interested to see how 4 TE versitility-based offense matches up against a pure versitility defense.

        • hokieduck

          Actually, Dutch, Chip has no problem whatsoever telegraphing information to the defense. At Oregon he would run the exact same formation 3-5 plays in a row. He does it at an unbelievable pace and the defenders cannot sub. If one of them makes even the slightest mistake it is gone for a big gain. The issue is not what the defense knows but the execution over and over at a furious pace. Each of these same plays can go usually three different ways depending on how the defense aligns and reacts (especially the defensive ends although at times the key defender who the QB must isolate in space thereby making him effectively neutralized without blocking him will a linebacker or even a corner).

    • Eagles4Life


  • Richard Colton

    liked the double stack look last night. could easily see it being effective with a tailback split wide or three TE and a WR. I dont see Harbor making this team.

    • cliff henny

      kelly must see something in harbor, he’s trying everything and anything to get him on the field. least know we know, we’re keeping at least 4 TEs, probably all active gameday too. 3 RBs seems enough. especially our 3, each looks like they can carry a good workload if need be.

    • djack10

      I think Harbor makes the team if for no other reason Kelly wants to have versatile players that are already up to speed on the scheme. He’s going to want a min of 3 healthy TE’s at every game, so keeping a fourth seems reasonable. Totally agree you flex out an RB in those formations for an added dimension.

    • Dutch

      That is what makes it so nice. Chip kept saying he needed receivers knowing every other receiver’s route and responsibilities in the formations. On the stack play Vick ran, Igwenagu ,one of the Tight Ends and actually the receiver who caught the 15 yd pass, was last year’s full back. So chances are a tailback could line up at that position, likely Brown and we wouldn’t miss a beat.

      • Richard Colton

        yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a FB or even 4 tailbacks over 4 TE.

      • Dr Rick

        Maybe we’ll see Shady as WR, and D Jax and Ertz as RBs. Anything’s possible.

        • Dutch

          These concepts are going to be difficult to defend. It’s going to be impossible without corners who are capable of defending any receiver in the league, a great cover safety and an extraordinary linebacker that can run with a gazelle all on the same defense.

          Kelly spreads your defense across the field, than exploits the area where you are one on one with his personnel. So long as we separate Ertz, DJax and Shady and I like Avant one on one to find a soft spot in any zone the defense has trouble. Riley Cooper has a chance for a breakout season in this offense……. RILEY COOPER!!!

          I really sucks Maclin suffered an injury……..this could have been the traveling fireworks display

  • Mr. Wu

    Man how exciting is this offense? You have to consider also that chip isn’t showing much now. Seems like he has taken a really complex system and simplified it’s execution. Trapping defenses in packages then running plays they can’t cover, brillance.

    Charles Bukowski once said, “An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.” Looks like Chippah is an artist.

    Can’t wait for game 1….GO BIRDS!!!

    • Dr Rick

      I’ve never seen Charles Bukowski quoted on a football site!
      Way to go Mr. Wu!!

      Go Birds!

  • Explorer51

    For the first time in thirteen years, if there’s a match of coaching strategies, we’ll have a great chance of winning…how cool is that? There will definitely be some rough patches ahead because of talent depth on the D side but I’ll be glad to not have to scream “run the ball” or “but that’s our last time-out!”

    • cliff henny

      CK did not look happy Foles used that early TO. he was looking around back at the bench, wonder if wrong play was called in.
      i just cant get over our special teams. feel like they might win us a couple games, instead of giving away at least 1 game, and allowing another 2 or 3 teams hang around that we otherwise dominated

      • A Big Butt and a Smile

        That’s how I feel re: special teams. The D is gonna drop a few, but I think ST will win a few so it might even out a bit. This is a good year to be an Ealges fan.

    • All In Eagles

      Haha, all 3 TO’s gone by the 3rd minute of the 3rd quarter.

    • Scott J610

      The days of throwing the ball on a defense that can’t stop the run are over!

  • Media Mike

    I enjoy the formation, but calling any of our TEs a “mismatch” when asking them to block is kind of funny.

    • Richard Colton

      Ertz has a lot of work to do on his blocking

    • Adam

      They’re blocking corners. It’s not exactly like asking them to stop Demarcus Ware. Any NFL TE vs CB would be considered a mismatch.

      • Dutch

        That 4 TE combination works for the Eagles like a broken slot machine in a Casino. the defense so far has only had two options. 1. Bullet 2. Poison.

  • GayleSaunders

    One thing I like is players probably feel more involved than ever. Some players dog it when they aren’t getting the ball and they’re not a main option. In this offense there are so many options guys see the greater good and sell out on their routes,movements, play fakes, cause they never know who might get the ball. Which leaves everyone hustling 24/7. LOVE IT!

    • G_WallyHunter

      Great point, encourages them to buy in more too.

    • hokieduck

      Absolutely the case. Also, the WRs *have* to block or they will not play. Doesn’t matter who they are. And by block, I mean block twenty yards down the field, keeping on their man all the way until the whistle blows. This is what Chip is looking and building for. 53 guys willing to go 100% on every play, offense and defense, and relying on the fact that there will be such a continuous rotation that, in effect, everyone will be getting good minutes.

      My biggest worry going from Oregon to Philly is not whether the scheme is sound but whether a 53 man roster can weather the defensive demands put upon it by an offense that moves at hyper-speed.

  • djack10

    Last night was the best end-of-first-half game management we’ve seen in a long time. The suspect holding penalty killed the drive, but you had to like how the Eagles put themselves into a position to get more points instead of just letting the clock run down to halftime.

    • EaglePete

      yup, the clock mgmt and so few penalties because of the scheme. There will be some growing pains there with alignments etc but I feel like that stuff can get ironed out as they play more. Ididnt even see that hold on that play, it seems like the refs are as baffled by the pace as the defense is at times. Last week they threw a meaningless flag also, its like they want in on the action. Gotta love that part, less penalties, good ST and you are bound to win more games when the margin between teams is so small already. As and Eagles fan that is sooooo refreshing. No more long snap count, false starts we saw every qtr it seemed like.

      • cliff henny

        reg season i would have thrown something…no way was that a hold.

  • jmkrav

    Didn’t te patriots keep 4 TE’s last season? Gronk, Hernandez, Fells, Houmanawaoi, and Ballard stashed on IR. I think chip keeps Igenwanu on the practice squad and definitely keeps the other 4 TE.

  • Dr Rick

    Another great article by Sheil!

    I haven’t been by Fishduck for awhile, there is a nice article on the double stack, also one on air raid passing principles.

  • JBShakes

    I love love LOVE this option double-stack formation. Mark my words, sooner or later you’ll see them line up in it with D-Jax in the upfield position behind a TE, and when the DB’s on that side of the field creep up to defend the screen, they’ll go play action and let the little guy take off. So many options from this look. And a coach who’s willing to find ways to take advantage of his players’ abilities, rather than pounding square pegs into round holes. I…I think I might actually be HAPPY as an Eagles fan. I’m not sure what to do with that.

    • A Big Butt and a Smile

      “I…I think I might actually be HAPPY as an Eagles fan. I’m not sure what to do with that.”


      • All In Eagles

        It’s so easy for us to change our tune after seeing this game and seeing whats possible. Although we shouldn’t be jumping for joy yet, it’s hard not to!!

        • Dutch

          I think it’s that Chip has been repeating the same simple statements over and over. Now fans are seeing them play out. So individuals now have a basic understanding of the concept. Chip coming to Phila raised the average Eagles Fan Football IQ 10 pt.

          If run right, 11 defenders can’t stop some of those formations. some of you.

      • cliff henny

        dont get ahead of yourself. been eagle fan as long as i can rememeber, late 70’s. was raised in lancaster, so were just as many steelers, skins and colts fans. asked for an eagles jersey for 7th bday…and my father said ‘are you sure…there’s nothing easy about being an eagle fan’…no truer words were ever spoken

        • hillbillybirdsfan

          I was living in the south when my son was born and I was fully prepared to let him pick his local team. We’ve since moved back to the area though, so I’m sorta looking forward to taking him to games.

    • JofreyRice

      It’s hard to be pessimistic about Kelly. He seems like the real deal. It looks like a really good hire.

  • Anon

    What amazes me is that Chip is killing Ds running plays that you can find on FishDuck. The blueprint to his offense is basically online — and he doesn’t care. We’ll tell you what we’re going to do, but you can’t stop it. Stack the box, then we throw, go nickel, then we run. Really makes me wonder why other coaches make the game so hard for themselves.

    • poetx99

      because it’s all mathematics. the defensive coaches were saying that they were light years ahead in defending the zone spread b/c of input from chip and the offense. but it is ultimately going to come down to individual execution.

      chip’s schemes pretty much guarantee 1 on 1 anywhere on the field. on the run plays, shady has always been the type to make at least one guy miss. well, now, more often than not, that one guy will be encountered at the second level instead of in the backfield.

      and the threat of leaving one guy unblocked means we can often get a +1 in the running game. shady is going to be unreal this year.

      and the passing game is going to be bananas, too, because we’ll no longer let all that stuff teams do to shut down djax go. double or triple him and you will pay somewhere else. make a slight adjustment to stop the bleeding in the run game (as the Pats did in the first game), and leave desean one on one, or with the safety help in the middle of the field, and we will burn you there.

      it’s really pick your poison. i love it.

      • hillbillybirdsfan

        Spreading em out and leaving 5 OL on 5 defenders in the box gives us a +1, which is fantastic. If Vick is in the game it almost makes it a +2 in there, even better! I’d like to see more than 14 points when you’re moving up and down the field like that, though. Clean it up, boys!

        • Always Hopeful

          I know the past two seasons turnovers have been traumatizing. I hope Chip can get them to “shake off” those bad habits and play cleaner and crisper. This team should score a ton of points.

          I’ve said it elsewhere, but I wish we were playing the Steelers for our 3rd game. I like Gus Bradley, but the Jaguars will not give us the best test before the real games begin.

  • A Big Butt and a Smile

    I like how Kelly has turned the whole game into one big math equation. And how it forces everyone to really understand defensive formations AND offensive rolls as well. All that talk about Vick not being able to read defense may change after this year.

  • Anon

    I also see why this was the perfect job for Kelly to take. His system relies on a strong o-line, TEs and running backs. The QB is valuable but less important. The Eagles had exactly what he needed to be successful.

    • All In Eagles

      Agree on the O side but the D is still a work in progress and definitely need that to compete week in week out.

      • Chippah

        Definitely. But you can see why he picked the eagles over Cleveland. That and he doesn’t have to live in Cleveland.

        • All In Eagles

          Haha, Cleveland. Attached is still my favorite Cleveland video.

          • Richard Colton

            and Dion Lewis broke his leg, so there’s that

          • Chippah

            Thanks for the laugh. I haven’t seen that video in years.

          • EaglePete

            that is awesome, thanks

    • Adam

      I don’t think there was any way Chip and Joe Banner could have coexisted peacefully.

  • The R

    Ok with seeing this set and being at the game and seeing how off guard the defense was WE NEED TO PICK UP ANOTHER TIGHT END BECAUSE WE ARE KEEPING ALL FOUR we need to place a tight end on the practice squad for when someone gets hurt GO Birds

    • Dutch

      I don’t see a legitimate way to release Clay Harbor after this camp.

      • distantfires

        Has DC tried Clay H. at safety?

        • Dutch

          That’s about the only position he’s not been asked to play…….

    • Richard Colton

      there are 7 on the roster. carrier doesn’t look lost, if youre just looking for a PS guy. What’s Harbor ever done to justify keeping him? Three years, and his signature “play” is still his 40 time at the combine. shake any tree and six clay harbors will fall out. If he’s on the team week one – he can thank the injuries to Benn & Maclin.

      • Dutch

        Richard, how do you justify releasing Harbor after this camp and these preSeason Games? There are a number of guys from the old regime who were misused under Andy’s system. Harbor I think is a benefactor of the coaching change. Curry also looks to fit into that category.

        • Richard Colton

          he’s got, what, 45 catches in three years? 50? and it’s not like he hasn’t had an opportunity. Did Andy misuse him? not sure that’s fair to say, unless you mean by not moving him to WR, which smacks of desperation. Could he make it as the 4th TE over a 4th RB, 6th WR, or a FB? Maybe. If im his financial advisor, I’m telling him to rent, not buy.

          • CJ

            *Vomits* might have to side with Dutch here. You spouted off the #s for Harbors first few years. They’re no different than Cooper’s, really. I think Benn and Maclin did them both favors. This team kinda has to carry 4 TE + 1 on the PS if they’re going to use them 4 at a time lol.

          • Richard Colton

            and if it hadn’t been for Maclin & Benn’s injury, we would be talking about Cooper on the bubble too. Actually, it’s a really good comparison you made – both guys had great measurables out of college, both have had a shot to show what they can do, both have come up small. I’m not rooting for Harbor to get cut – I just think its a coin-flip at this point.

            Kapadia left him off his 53 man projection too, btw.

          • Dutch

            I said after this camp? Chip wasn’t his coach for the last three years. How do you justify canceling out his work this camp cause he’s pretty much out performing the stable of Tight Ends in the 2013 Eagles Training Camp, all the way up to playing linebacker and wide receiver when asked.

          • Richard Colton

            none of the TEs have really stood out for me. like I said, CK wants to keep 4 TEs then I guess Harbor’s the guy. But he’s never shown me anythig to suggest he’s anything other than a JAG.

  • Max Lightfoot

    Easy, folks. These are still fairly meaningless practice games. My main concern is that Jason Peters is healthy this season. If so, we can probably score tons of points. Defense? We shall see.

  • Scott J610

    This is just a small sampling. Can’t wait for the full reveal against Washington.

  • Dan0 the Barbarian

    Anyone still think Chip only keeps 3 tight ends on the 46? Anyone still think he needs 6 receivers?

  • KobraKai7474

    I will admit that it is all very interesting. I just can’t help but think it looks like a bunch of gimmicks…. almost high school caliber gimmicks no less… that work great when you surprise the other team with them. Unfortunately, surprises are invariably very short-lived in the NFL and teams quickly catch on to what you might have gotten away with last week. Remember the Dolphins unveiling the Wildcat against the Patriots a few years back? The Pats were rocked back on their heels by it, but within a few weeks every team not only had a few wildcat plays of their own but they had made the necessary defensive adjustments to stop it.

    • OregonEagle

      The offense is no surprise to anyone. DC’s in the PAC-12 have known what’s coming for the past 3 years and not had much success in stopping it. The way the defense stops it is to defeat the blocking assignments but the blocking situations that matter are set up to be 5-4 or 2-1 in favor of the offense. And you have to defeat those odds for 4 quarters. There will not be many teams with the personnel to do that.

    • Kleptolia

      This is nothing like the wildcat. Nothing. I have only seen Chip line his quarterback out wide once or twice. The wildcat is stupid because it puts The quarterback in a position where he is LEAST likely to make a play. In Chip’s offense, everybody is in the best position possible to make plays. This is not gimmick football. This is pure, hard math being run at an alarming rate.
      Chip is much more of a football traditionalist than you would think. He said big people beat up little people. That’s why you see the tight ends being used like this.
      If you remember, Roseman said in an interview that he hired Chip because he not only had ideas for the present state of the NFL, but he also had already anticipated the responses that would come from defensive coordinators and he spoke of how they could be overcome.
      All that Chip does is football. He’s not married for that very reason. If you think that making the defense account for the quarterback on a running play isn’t a good idea, I worry that maybe you have difficulties handling money. Who wouldn’t want a tight end lined up against a corner? Run a couple of straight ahead running plays. After that, run play action and watch the corner flinch as he prepares to get blocked AGAIN by a 250 pound monster, only to have that monster run right by him on a pass route. Do it again every 13-15 seconds.
      That’s the kind of strain and mental stress Chip’s offense puts on a defense.
      It’s no gimmick. It’s football.
      Too often people equate football with a street fight, when it’s actually a numbers game.

      • livingonapear

        I think it’s interesting that people keep comparing it to a gimmick offense like the Wildcat when it’s more like a hyper version of the West Coast offense. It doesn’t rely on the timing quite like the WCO, but rhythm, option routes (in this case option lanes with running), and a QB who can make split second decisions are all a part of both systems. If anything, this is taking the lessons of the WCO and distilling them.

  • Mike Sacto

    The problem I see is when a defense starts to blitz , stunt etc and its not just mono e’ mono. Might cause some problems.

  • Clarence Whorley

    Non-Eagles fan here, this offense will work as long as the QB makes good decisions. The Patriots (my team) have used these concepts for years. Brady is tasked with making the right decision. Pressure from defense is what stops this and all offenses.

    Its why you need bigger receivers and tight ends because its hitting them consistently and hard that stops it. Just like the Ravens did to the Patriots receivers, hit them regardless of flags and their arms get short

  • kstagg

    oh crap. this is going to be a freaking barn-burner. can’t wait to see the Eagles light up the Cowboys down here in Dallas. GO EAGLES!

    • Max Lightfoot

      Wow – an Eagles fan in Dallas! It’s bad enough up here in NW New Mexico, let alone in the heart of the Evil Empire. Good luck to you! I agree – stomp them Cowgirls!

  • Duck357

    wait until you see what maehl can do out of this formation. He can block your ass off.