Eagles Wake-Up Call: QB Controversy Inevitable With Vick

One thing I have learned while covering Michael Vick for the last three-plus seasons is to not get carried away with any one thing he says, because he very well may have a different take the following week, day, or even in the next breath. There are a couple reasons for this.

First, he often responds to questions based on mood. If he is frustrated on Wednesday, chances are that will come through — especially if the question strikes a certain chord. But moods change and come Thursday he might be feeling better about a particular situation, and suddenly his latest take seems to contrast with the original.

Take this past week as an example. He made headlines and stirred debate by admitting that it was tough splitting reps with Nick Foles, and saying that he wanted Chip Kelly to name a starter before training camp so he didn’t have to answer questions about it every day.

That was the prideful and weary Michael Vick.

His comments the day before received far less attention, because they didn’t have an ounce of controversy in them. Asked where he stood in the quarterback race, Vick told the NFL Network: “That is up to Coach [Kelly] to decide what is best for this football team but as of right now, I am very pleased with my progress.”

That doesn’t sound like a restless quarterback intent on forcing his coach’s hand.

Second, Vick doesn’t like to be boring. Ask Foles the same question a thousand times and he will roll out the same yawn of a stock answer. Vick likes to give you a little something. Reporters are more than happy to take it, and will go back for more.

He is honest and he is an entertainer and when you combine those two, you have a show. That is why you cannot have a quarterback competition without controversy when Vick is involved.

As the summer days drag on the veteran star will be asked over and over again about the starting job. Sometimes he will be politically correct, sometimes not as much. When he gives up a juicy quote, it will be offered around to his teammates and coaches, someone will say something edgy in response, and up pops a brush fire.

Kelly will spend part of his first training camp stamping those fires out. It’s inevitable when a player like Vick ends up in a position like this.


Sheil projects the depth chart for the defensive side of  the ball.

How much read option will the Eagles run? Kelly addresses the subject.


RGIII will almost certainly be on the field Monday, September 9 against the Eagles, writes Peter King. 

After watching him run sprints around the practice field Thursday, I agree with what Griffin said post-practice: “Without a doubt” he thinks he’ll be practicing with the team when it begins training camp in Richmond in late July … and, of course, that he’ll be ready to go Sept. 9 against the Eagles. Here’s what Griffin did Thursday: He sprinted without a limp the 53-yard width of the end zone. Then, at nearly full speed, he planted his twice-surgically repaired right knee and pivoted left, up the sideline of the practice field. It wasn’t the planting and cutting he’ll have to do in games, of course. But it’s close. I get zero sense that the team thinks he won’t be ready to play Sept. 9.

Tommy Lawlor weighs in on the QB debate.

You can rip on a guy for his performance or something you don’t like about him. This doesn’t have to be pure scout talk. If you don’t like Vick’s attitude or Foles mannerisms, talk about it. Just stop with the extreme stuff. Rip a guy, but don’t insult him or his supporters. That’s when people get upset and lash out.

Barring something strange, either Vick or Foles will be the starter. Some fans are going to have to cheer for a guy they don’t care for all that much. My advice…get over it.


Kapadia projects the offensive depth chart.

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  • GEagle

    Foles wipes the floor with Vick at camp. been saying it since January, back when all the experts were convinced Foles would be traded…so why Change now?

    • nicksaenz1

      Heee’s baaaaaaaaacck!

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      Did ur mom take away ur computer until u paid the bill??

      • GEagle

        No but I have been busy in my dad’s Ferrari lol. Thanks for asking

  • knighn

    And Here… We… Go!

    • Andy124

      Is it too early to start drinking bud light now?

      • cliff henny

        ouch! love my beer, only stuff i will turn down. gives me the worst hangovers on top of tasting awful.
        and to answer your question…probably…but sometimes inappropriate drinking times are fun. nothing wrong with kegs and eggs once in awhile

        • Andy124

          Weird. BL never bothers me at all the next day. Even when overdoing it.

          My wife is in to the craft beers these days. They just make me very gassy.

        • eaglepete

          yup, for some reason I get terrible hangovers also from domestic beers like bud, coors, miller. I guess when I have enough of the micro brews its the same but with stronger beer I tend not to drink as many. Funny though when I was younger in my 20s into 30s all I drank were the stronger beers (minus keg parties etc) Now that Im older I prefer the easier drinking beers with the occasional tasty ones here or there. Its hard to find a decent light beer, not domestic. Sheil and Tim should post a beer (or liquor/wine) article, that will get the comments flowing in this off time.

          • cliff henny

            try guinness light lager. really good, fuller taste, and still closer to light beer filling and boy do they flow down, trust me!

      • knighn

        It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

      • DunedinEagle

        Light Lager is the way to go. Don’t forget your beer do dad.

  • Brian

    I would have to travel today. This should be a good discussion day. Have fun Dutch!

    • JamesDDl

      Please don’t encourage them.

    • knighn

      Hasn’t anyone watched the movie Beetlejuice? Don’t you know if you say the ghoul’s name too many times, he automatically shows up?

      • Chris

        pure gold

  • knighn

    *** I have deleted my own nonsensical post ****

    Carry on.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    just trade him and get rid of the nonsense. I don’t want a qb controversy to be the story for training camp 2013. qb competition yeah. roster battles yeah. but there is no place for his whining. he needs to shiut up and win or lose the job and be a good teammate. somewhere Matt Schaub is shaking his head reading this. you cant be handed everything Mike. its clear in 2011 you needed to resurrect your career and listen to your coaches. and you surprised yourself and them. then in 2012 you thought you had it all figured out again and went back to your old habits. to quote Mike Singletary “It is more about them than it is about the team. Cannot play with them, cannot win with them, cannot coach with them. Can’t do it. I want winners. I want people that want to win.” …Amen Mike

    • GEagle

      I just don’t understand how a guy who has literally played 7 good games in the last 5 years, who just had his 100million dollar deal slashed to 3.5million one year deal could feel so entitled that he shouldn’t have to compete for a new coach that has never even seen him practice with pads on?
      Chip clearly said early in the offseason, If a Qb can’t compete and win a job in practice, how am I supposed to play him in front of 60,000 people at the linc…I think Vicks public meltdown is something Chip will take notice of, and I’m not really seeing how you could put a positive spin on it.

      wonder how much Vicks meltdown had to do with the Monster day Foles had?
      I’m sorry, but what does it say about Vick if he can’t beat out a 3rd round pick who only has 6 games experience under his belt, with significantly less Physical talent then Vick?

      Vick wants to know who the starter is, because if it’s not him he will ask for his release with enough time to latch onto another team and compete for their job. and from a human natur standpoint I understand him. but as a fan who knows he isn’t going to get a parade in broad street in 2013, I don’t want these fake ass eagles on our team. If Vick wins the job, Foles will be heartbroken, but you can bet Foles will help out Vick in any way he can, and Foles will be on the bench cheering on his teammates. Conversly, If Vick doesn’t win the job, he won’t even want to be an eagle. I want a committed roster willing to sacrifice for the good of the team. Vick doesn’t want to compete, Vick is entitled, Vick only wants to be here if it serves him…and since he won’t bring us a Sh in 2013, I do not want to see guys who don’t bleed green on this team. I want a bunch of Vinny curry’s!!!!

      • Brent E. Sulecki

        you are so right. I can see that happening if Foles is named the starter. Vick talks to his agent and wants to be a starter elsewhere. like you said I get that competitive standpoint. but Vick isn’t leading a team to the playoffs. id be shocked. his turnovers will still be high. he is what he is. 33yrs old is not the time to remake a career. not to say Foles wont be without his struggles. but Foles has barely 1 yr experience and is 23. lets please move on from Vick. he will whine and cry if he doesn’t get the #1 job.

      • DunedinEagle

        Agreed. clone Vinny. Cut VickPick.

      • eaglepete

        I also agree and said same thing a week ago when these quotes came out. You just know he wants to start and will not be happy on the bench as 2nd string. However, the only exception to that is if there really is no interest for him anymore league wide. I have a hard time believing that but it also could be why he stayed here to begin with. Maybe the 3.5 is the best he can get right now. He seems headed for career backup status but I do think he can easily win this starting job still or elsewhere. On another team however, I think an injury will have to lead to his taking over as the #1 (as a more likely scenario anyway, hes still better than some starters out there, but age becomes a factor also)

        • GEagle

          Yeah I agree..sitting on the bench and making 3.5mil might very well end up being his best option…what’s interesting is I know for a FACT that he would be in denial about it, so I could see him doing something stupid, like forcing his release, then signing on with another team to be their backup at a cheaper price, when no team is ready to hand over the keys to their offense….Gonna be an interesting summer that’s for sure. I want 53 team guys who will make whatever sacrafice for the good of the team..basically I want a bunch of Vinny Curry’s and Rudy’s lol

      • Maggie

        Vick’s meltdown day had to do with every single reporter asking the same question every single day over and over and over again. At OTA’s. Did anybody bother to catch the second half of his comment? You know, where he said “so that reporters would shut the heck up about the situation”. I’m paraphrasing, but every one of the reporters has ignored that bit. At OTA’s.

    • Eagles4Life

      “Asked where he stood in the quarterback race, Vick told the NFL Network: “That is up to Coach [Kelly] to decide what is best for this football team but as of right now, I am very pleased with my progress.”’

      People see what they wish to see. Reading is fundamental as well.

      • Brent E. Sulecki

        I don’t care what he tells NFLN. he told the local beat guy that sees him everyday that CK needs to make a decision by training camp. same old Vick. and Moesh asked Vick again are you sure you want to say that, and he said yes. so not only does he make a ridiculous comment based on OTA’s of all things. but he does it on the last day of practice so he knows he wont see CK or any other coaches till training camp. actions of a coward.

        • Eagles4Life

          Lol so you are going to one set of comments, discount any other comments made, and make a character judgement based upon that particular set, despite the fact there was a stark difference in the line of questioning for them. Well, that makes perfect sense.

          • Brent E. Sulecki

            read between the lines. its pretty clear one comment is damage control. most can figure out which comment is from the real Vick

          • Eagles4Life

            LOL the NFL Network comments were prior to the beat writer reports, unless Sheil made an error: “His comments the day before received far less attention, because they didn’t have an ounce of controversy in them.” So, are you suggesting this was “preemptive damage control” by Vick?

          • Brent E. Sulecki

            I just weed through the BS. and the company line comments. Vicks real feelings were told to the beat reporter. if he said that to NFLN. he knows it would blow up and be talked about on AM and the other shows. telling it to Moesh is more personal and sends a direct message and stays pretty much in the city. hes pretty calculated in his responses. just wait till and if someone else is named the starter over him.

          • Eagles4Life

            You’re bouncing all over the place on me, pal lol. So, now the NFL Network comments are company BS since they occurred prior to your original understood timeline? I think you are having trouble discerning general sarcasm and annoyance with repetitive media questioning and are naming it a bunch of other things.

          • Brent E. Sulecki

            that must be it

          • GEagle

            My biggest beef with what he said was admitting their could be animosity between him and Foles…wtf does that even mean? Did he think he was the only QB on the roster? it’s Nicks dream to be a starting QB to…so if Vick wins the job, Foles should be ok with it, but if Foles wins the job, Vick will have animosity towards him?…I understand that it’s every players dream to play. Bu if you wouldn’t be willing to sit on the bench and cheer on your teammates, then as a fan, I reserve the right to not want you here…Every single player is capable of working hard and being a good teammate…That is attainable for every single guy in our Locker room.. hard working, good teammate should be a prerequisite for being a new era Eagle!

          • What everyone is missing is that Vick was asked:

            Would you like for Kelly to name a QB before training camp?

            That was the question. He answered it. Honestly.

            There is no there there.

    • MAC

      To be fair I am far from a Vick supporter. I like him as a person, but as a QB no thanks. However he didn’t say anything at all here. This is just the writer talking about what could happen. Vick didn’t say anything that to me causes a controversy.
      I like a more honest answer form players. It’s better than the company boring line always. I do think though that Mike should know that this competition is going to be a focus of the media and that he is going to have to deal with it bc the media is waiting for the emotional response for a good story. In that sense he has to be aware of the baiting questions & repeating questions. Vick wears his emotions on his sleeve and there is nothing wrong with that. In this particular case though this article is about what may happen not actually what has happened. So getting on Mike for this one is not fair.
      If you read or know any of my posts I am definitely a fan who thinks the Eagles need to turn the page from the Vick experience, but in this particular case I think Vick did nothing wrong. I will say though in my opinion Vick should not be upset by the competition. He was told when he resigned this was the deal. Also his play the last 2 yrs has put him in this position. He has not played well enough to just be given the job. I don’t think Mike will cause any problems for the most part though and I do not see his recent comments as an issue at all in my opinion.

  • aub32

    Fans are so fickcle by nature. If we had a guy who only gives the stock answer, there re those who would complain that he doesn’t have passion and is boring. When a guy is honest and you can see his emotions displayed in his answers, then he’s a problem and not a team guy.

    • Andy124

      Yup. Grass is always greener.
      I immediately thought of counterexamples when I read this, but I still agree.

    • Maggie

      And most reporters are even more fickle. They will say or write anything to get some impulsive comment to write about. Makes their day.

  • Must be a slow news day. Don’t think it escapes Tim/Sheil that these Vick posts regularly get up past 200+ comments. I’m sitting this one out.

    • ohitsdom

      Great job not commenting!

    • Maggie

      Hi, Adam. I use loonies, too. On the Best West Coast.

  • cliff henny

    RG3/shanarat perplexe me here. while on one hand, do enjoy watchng him play and dont have hatred of ‘skins like i do other 2, simply cause Wash has stunk for so long. on other, yeah, roll this kid out, aint no way in heck this kid will a, be 100% and b, sharp after missing live action for all of off-season. we’ve seen it 1st hand with Vick, while pre-season games arent much, they do serve a purpose. someone needs to step in, pump the breaks for this kid, show him his birth cert so he can see he has 10-12 yrs left. cousins can play .500 ball for 4 or 6 games. shanarat is going to run this guy right into ground, if he hasnt already

    • JofreyRice

      I think the simplest explanation is the most accurate; Shanarat’s overrated. Developing and employing the ZBS with Alex Gibbs & Kubiak revoloutionized the NFL–for that he has to be credited. But as a long term head coach & steward of an NFL franchise? I think he leaves a lot to be desired. Any coach that would design runs for RG3 in that playoff game (or let his son design them) should be criticized.

      • GEagle

        Yeah, I also don’t get the Shannahan hype. It was well deserved back in the bronco days when every RB he touched turned to gold, and he had Elway and Davis running one of the most well oiled machine offenses I have ever seen…but his Washington stint has been over rated IMO. Put it to you this way, back when we fired Andy Reid, would anyone have been that THRILLED to read a headline that said the Eagles hired Mike Shannahan? Lol then again, we were so desperate for change, that we probably would have been happy with anything..

  • DunedinEagle

    @Tommy Lawlor. Not cheering for Vick and never getting “over it”. And by the way you were all wrong about the Kolb pick just saying…

    • JofreyRice

      Hey, anybody can be wrong. I think Jimmy Kempski had some article where he was trying to project Kolb as a quality starter off of like 10-15 throws from the 2009 season, in relief of Donovan. I doubt any of us thought Vick would even have the kind of success he enjoyed–for a little stretch, there, anyway.

      I think Lawlor’s opinion on that matter is pretty predictable. From what I’ve read of his blog, he walks it like he talks it, he’s going to be 100% behind whomever the organization chooses. I respect his knowledge of football–he’s clearly a fanatic–and the work he puts in, but he’s pretty unabashedly optimistic and positive about any outcome, once the die has been cast. I think it’s a good perspective to have for people who like that kind of thing.

      He’s also probably trying to control his comments section without banning people. I’m sure he wants to focus on creating content for his blog, not playing whack-a-mole with abusive and antagonistic posters.

      The last issue is that I think he writes for the team website. He’d be in a pretty awkward position if he were to really come out for one guy or another, and possibly expose himself to the idea that he’s biased against someone the team chose. I don’t see them changing much from the organization that fired a guy because of a critical facebook post when the Eagles let Dawkins go.

      • knighn

        That’s painting Tommy Lawlor with too broad of a brush. Go back to his November and December articles. He was openly stating that the Eagles would fire Reid. He was openly stating his preference for Chip Kelly (yes, already in December). There is a big difference between his FAN-DEMONIUM work and what he posts on IgglesBlitz. He is a little more unfiltered on his own site.
        The is also big difference between Lawlor and the random guy that got fired: he is still respectful in his criticism. However: that’s just who Tommy is. You can go to his site and post something that is competely ridiculous (“GJ Kinne will be the starter this year”) and he will just respectfully disagree with you. He doesn’t get into name-calling and personal attacks.
        Yeah, the guy makes mistakes. He did have Kevin Kolb as one of his top rated QBs in the 2007 draft. Whoops! However, he doesn’t make excuses for why he was wrong. He just owns up to it. He has strange taste in food and beer, but otherwise he’s a pretty decent read.
        I have three main sources for Eagles reading:
        1) Phillymag.com/Eagles/ – for News / details
        2) IgglesBlitz – for insight / historical perspective
        3) Everthing else

        • JofreyRice

          Had to think about the “random guy that got fired”, then I realized you were referring to the developmentally disabled employee that made the facebook post.

          I can respect your point of view. During the times when I’ve browsed the blog, particularly before the season, there always seems to be a player that is obviously not cutting it, but Tommy is offering support and optimism for. I feel like there were a lot of hopeful posts about the strides Jaiquwan Jarrett was making, long after it seemed clear he was a bust. His writing isn’t as over the top as Dave Spadaro, but I do think it shares some of that same DNA. Like I said, I respect his historical knowledge of the game, and I think he offers great content for people who like that kind of style.

          As far as the Kolb thing, I honestly don’t hold that against him. He’s not a football scout, so he’s got no professional obligation to be “right” about players–and even guys that are professional scouts still miss every year; it’s part of what makes the draft fun–the lotto aspect. I remember him being a big fan of Luke Keuchly, and that seems to have been a homerun.

          • knighn

            Spadaro has a special level of homeristic DNA – this is made worse because he pays NO attention to the college game (and very little to the rest of the league). Lawlor is a fan and optimist, but he’s not a blind optimist. He also pays a lot of attention to the collge game and the rest of the NFL. He has spoken about things that Spadaro wouldn’t think about talking about, especially when he talked about them:
            – He spoke openly that Reid needed to go in the beginning of December 2012.
            – He began talking about Chip Kelly as head coach shortly thereafter.
            – He is aware that the infallible Chip Kelly will actually make mistakes – http://igglesblitz.com/2013/05/where-will-chip-err/

            Those are just three examples off of the top of my head. You may not like his style, but please for the love of all that is Holy, don’t lump him in with Spadaro!

            EDIT: and then there’s this, just from today: “You either have a franchise QB or you don’t. Right now it sure looks a lot more like the Eagles don’t.”

            Tell me that Spadaro would ever say something that direct before the start of the season.

      • DunedinEagle

        Totally agree with your assessment about Tom. I used to be a die hard and it all started going south with the arrogant Kolb pick. Tom and I went back and forth about it. He was/is always careful to toe the company line yet he is treated like some type of football god on the official Eagles Mesage Board of which I once roamed. I just get irritated when people who have the fans attention don’t just tell it like it is.

    • Andy124

      Not cheering for Vick and never getting “over it”.
      Nothing wrong with that.

  • Rick

    Tim, could you imagine if Foles had a different personality type? I could not imagine the media frensy if Foles said after Vick’s statement something to this effect. ” Honestly based on how I am playing and what the coaches are telling me I am The starter and it be a shock if I don’t start”. Mike Vick would lose his mind and media would go beyond insane with constant stories. That would TERRELL OWENS LEVEL THEATRE. Ha ha!!!

    • Andy124

      That would be freaking hilarious.

      • GEagle

        I would love to see a New Nick Foles show up at camp. A cross between a Jamie Kennedy in (Oscar award nominee) “Malibu’s most wanted”, and David Chapelle’s Rick James ” I’m RICH BITCH!!”

  • Broadcasting Wisdom

    Vick is having illiterate Leonard Weaver do his dirty work on Twitter. While an upgrade from his brother Marcus, I find it surprising that Vick couldn’t find someone more comfortable with the English language to mouth off to the world. If Weaver is trying to get into the sports media world, he needs to hire a proofreader/speller asap.

  • FMWarner

    There’s no such thing as a “true Eagle”. If you have 53 Vinny Currys, you’re going to have a 3-13 team that’s really happy to be there. I want the best players, even if they have bad days and aren’t “bleeding green”.

    • aub32

      Many fans are delusional thinking that players should value the above all else. However, how many people posting on this board would be ok with taking a pay cut or loyal to their company even those there is a chance to extend their career and make millions over the next few years with another company. Even Dawkins left when he felt he wasn’t getting a fair shake, but fans pick and choose when they want to apply these rules.

  • Phils Goodman

    Nailed it, Tim.

  • Oh lord not you too. I come to this site for better. SMH.

  • Maggie

    All of you people going on and on about Vick not being a team player seem to be conveniently blind and deaf. I see and hear that Vick is liked and respected in the locker room. Grow up.

  • Scott J

    The reason why Vick and a lot of players change their tune is because they say something innocuous and the media blows it out of proportion to make a controversy out of it. I’m mostly referring to WIP and Comcast Sportsnet.

  • Token

    Vick has been a poison to this franchise since he came here.

    And now he may kill Kellys chances before he even gets started. Vick poisons the youth. There is too much of the inmates running the asylum. Now DeSean is speaking out about the team wanting a QB picked before camp.


    I cant take much more of either one of these guys. If this goes south Kelly is the only one to blame. He kept Vick around when it was time for complete change. He kept the cancer in.

  • Jim Mason

    I’ve been praying for this POS to be off this team for three years. It’s looking mighty close to happening this season. It will be interesting to see what team rolls the dice on him. If he could accept back-up QB money he’d be good to go…probably a lot of teams interested in having him as a back-up. Problem is Vick would always be angling to start and cause drama on and off the field, just like T.O. had issues with.