Matt Barkley Looking To Make Immediate Impact

How will Chip Kelly make it work with Matt Barkley? The former USC quarterback is curious about that himself.

“I don’t exactly know what type of system it is going to be. I probably have similar questions that you do,” said Barkley in an interview with Jon Marks and Sean Brace on 97.5 The Fanatic. “Once we get into rookie camp next week I’ll have a better idea. But in terms of what style of quarterback he needs, I have heard him say multiple times both to the public and to me personally that he is going to make the personnel he has fit in the system. So without a doubt I have confidence that I can come in right away and make an impact, or just help the team in whatever way I can.

“I don’t think it matters what people say about me and what type of quarterback I am, I think Coach Kelly will make it work.”

Some other highlights:

Barkley on his shoulder injury: “It feels great. It won’t bother me for the rest of my career,” he said. “It was something that took a little while just to get back to normal, but I am good to go. It should not affect the way I throw. It hasn’t hurt at all since I’ve been throwing recently. It feels strong.”

On jersey number. Did he want No. 5, his old high school number? “No. I think that was too soon after Donovan [McNabb]. That would be a disrespectful to him and the quarterback play he had. I did want a single-digit number and 2 was really one of the only numbers that was available. The organization asked David Akers for permission, he complied and that was that.”

On playing in Philly: “It’s a football city with a long heritage and great fans. I can’t wait to be a part of it. I cannot wait to embrace the fans and the city of Philadelphia.”

On losing out on millions by returning for senior season and slipping to fourth round: “Really now with the new CBA it’s all about that second contract and reaching that point. And while that’s not the goal — my goal isn’t to make money, it’s to establish myself as a quarterback — and if that all happens, then money shouldn’t be an issue.”

On his critics: “Let ’em keep talking. I’m not going to talk a whole lot, I’m just going to come in and do work, and the way that I play this year I think will speak for itself. They can say what they want but I’m not listening.”

Good interview. You can listen to it here.

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  • GEAgle

    “There was a play in the 2nd half of the Utah game where Barkley threw the ball from his 9-yard line to Marqise Lee and Lee caught it at the Utes 32-yard line. That ball traveled 59 yards in the air.” -Tom Lawlor, IgglesBlitz
    Barkley has never competed for a job in his life. Its going to be very interesting to see how he answers the bell of a tough QB competition. Vick is allegedly in the best shape of his life(although I have heard that before), and has already responded well to fighting for his NFL life(2010)..Foles was baptized by Fire last year, and showed the Moxy not to get rattled…How is Barkley going to react to the competition? Does he get discouraged and fold? Does the pressure bring out his best ball?…Its going to be very interesting dynamic.
    Kelly said,” If a guy cant overcome the pressure of a QB battle n training camp, then how am I supposed to throw him out in the Linc in front of 40,000 of our fans”…tough to argue with that Logic
    Im all about the intangibles, charecter, and QB intelligence…so there is no way, I can count out Barkley, but thats more so for the future. I dont see how he can beat out Vick and Foles this year…but he certainly has a chance in the future………Interesting today, in the interview this article is elluding to, they asked Matt what his strengths were, and he said “inspight of what people say, I think my arm strength is one of my strengths”…found that interesting

  • birds are back baby

    my dream scenario is that he impresses at camp and starts from day 1….chip kelly is not a dolt like Reid and will play Barkley if he impresses…then we have gotten a steal and someone who maybe, just maybe can take us somewhere…..GO BIRDS!!!

  • Ebrano

    These are all the correct answers… the fact that he knows who Donovan McNabb is and what number he wore is almost surprising… considering how dense some of these athletes can be.

    • GEAgle

      I dont want any young QB, wearing a close but no cigar QB’s number!!!
      what would have happened if Akers said NO, Barkley cant wear my number? hahahah Calling David Akers for Permission…give me a break lol…

      • Jason N.

        I see nothing wrong with that. He didn’t need to ask Akers for his permission but he did it out of respect. And that is great in my book.

        • GEAgle

          nooooooooooo. the eagles asked Akers for permission. I could see Barkley asking akers, and agree that it would be cool, and respectful…but wtf do we owe Akers? why would the Eagles, call akers and ask for permission?…Honestly, what was going to happen, if akers said absolutely not?

          • Capt. Undapants

            What do we owe Akers? Show respect man.

          • theycallmerob

            I’ve never come across an individual, in all my years, so adept at digging oneself into a deep, deep hole. He blows my mind.

          • Adam

            It’s painful some times.

          • birds are back baby

            they knew he wasn’t going to say no…its just out of respect for former players…eagles have a great rep that way …..I have no problem with them doing that…one day Akers may be asked by a free agent what he thinks of the eagles…..

          • GEAgle

            I can respect your argument…good stuff

          • Tom

            The Eagles would respect his request? The dude was a solid kicker for years here. Use your head, dimwit

          • GEAgle

            in the words of the great Peyton Manning….”Drunken idiot Kicker” lol
            Ok, so if Kickers numbers cant be worn, where does it stop? I see people wearing Trotters number you dimwit,was he ever asked? How about Hugh Douglas? wtf is Vick wearing Jaw’s number? dimwit? Lito? Sheldon? Troy Vincent? Bobby Taylor..did they all have to give their permission? maybe we should just start having our players wear numbers in the 100’s so we dont have to worry about hurting former players feelingss..Who’s numbers can be worn without asking? Im just curious? Lets reward CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR….Im sure you probably have your 13th place kindergarden trophies diplayed on your fireplace lol
            Hall of Fame players numbers shouldnt be worn like Reggie.., I can understand Jaws,Dawk,Trott,Donovan, Randall….but akers? How about Shawn Barber? do we need to ask him for permission? Freddie Mitchell, and one of the greatest catches in Eagles history, did that jackass get a phone call?
            Never forgive Akers for that blown chip shot against the giants…Laces out Marino…Akers and his Ray Finkle moment

          • G

            Did you find info anywhere that all those players you named weren’t asked? They wouldn’t have made the media, this only made the media because Barkley happened to say it on the radio and this wonderful site that extensively covers the greatest team in the world decided to report wonderfully on it. lol. Do you think it would make the news if they called Trotter to ask for Brandon Graham? Calling Troy Vincent to ask for DRC? Called Hugh Douglas to ask for Emmanuel Acho? Get my point?
            In the words (and voice) of the great chris berman, C’MON MAN!!!

          • GEagleE

            Actually Trotter said yesterday he was never asked…and I have much more love n respect for Trot, than Akers..sorry

          • G

            link that lol, I agree with you not trying to argue but I mean who really cares if they called Akers

          • GEagle

            I don’t give a shit…I made a joke, and a million people jumped down my throat…like, really? All this about a phone call. DUdes are sooooo serious….Don’t know how to link what I hear on the radio..I can take the heat all day with a smile on my face…but geez, you can’t even joke around here.. You think my intention was to get into a senseless debate about who’s number can and can’t be worn? Lol…I would like the retiring of numbers to be special, And to mean something…It should be a very rare occasion!!

          • Brent E. Sulecki

            graham wearing 55 now…better keep up kid.

          • G

            my point still applies for the last 3 seasons, so what if he changed to 55 for the season that hasn’t happened

          • Brent E. Sulecki


          • James Skip Carl

            I agree the hell with Akers

          • PhillyALLDay

            i think it was more so about how soon akers left and out of respect. this comes from barkley, not the organization. the organization can care less, it shows how much of a professional you are. Donovan did a lot for philly and goes down as the best ever for the organ, akers was great also but out of respect one person would ask him knowing they would not say no.

          • James Skip Carl

            And always folded up when it matters, who cares about Akers

          • Jason N.

            I think you’re looking at this the wrong way.

            We don’t necessarily owe Akers anything. But the guy was amazing when he played with us. He made 4 pro bowls and broke or tied many records.

            The Eagles and him been on good term ever since he stopped playing.

            Unlike most people seem to think that the Eagles and their fan base are full of assholes. We have a very nice organization. The fact that they asked Akers is a sign is respect for what he did for us.

            I don’t know what would happen if Akers say no. But I guess we’ll never know. Akers is a nice guy.

            Who care if they should or shouldn’t have ask him. The fact that they did it, is a very nice thing.

            I don’t see any problem with this story. But it seem like you kinda do.

          • GEAgle

            dont like rewarding close but no cigar!….Retire the numbers of hall of famers, let not wearing a certain number MEAN SOMETHING…every other number is fair game…I actually half jokingly made a comment in passing, why the fock would I care if they call David Akers or not? I would just be curious, what would have happened had he said no?

          • James Skip Carl

            You forget about those two missed field goals against green bay

          • GoBirds1

            If you think nice and arrogant are the same thing, then we have a nice organization. There is nothing nice about being arrogant. Just because Reid left and we all like CK, the organization is still arrogant. Ask Jeffery and Howie.

        • PhillyALLDay

          exactly. i still cant believe we got this kid in the 4th rd. So excited to see what he can bring. we need a pocket passer with some mobility, make smart decisions, make calls at the line, etc. please don’t think i am calling a savior by any means, just excited to have him fall into our laps. i really like this kid and i think he will do very well. a true football fan respects how this kid is handling himself. it really is refreshing to bring in a smart coach who can alter a game plan around a player’s strength and not try to turn a runner into a pocket passer. exciting time to be an eagle’s fan and bring in some refreshment.

      • Justin

        Then they either tell Akers to stuff it and give Barkley #2 anyway, or they’d give him a different number. Simple as that.

    • Richard Colton

      Good point. He took the time to do some research, sat down with his agent, talked about what the media would ask him, then developed answers to those questions. Shows me he cares. Compare that to, say, Andrew Bynum’s first day in Philadelphia. It says “no matter what else, I’m a pro”

      • GEagle

        Yeah, gotta love how he carries himself. I don’t know how good of a pro QB he can be, but it’s nice to feel comfortable knowing that he will carry himself the right way, and put in all the work needed to give himself a chance to succeed…It’s very very exciting to have two young kids with strong intangibles and the roster, playing for a coach who isn’t stubborn, and who will try and maximize the strengths of each kid, while hiding their weaknesses….

  • cjd152

    I’m not sure if he’ll ever be a franchise QB, let alone play a snap in the NFL, but I like what he has to say.

  • Joseph Kaye

    I like this kid.

  • Jason N.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I hope one day when David Akers retired. I hope he retired as an Eagles.

    I’d love to retire his number too. But seeing how some fans… Might have a problem with that and the fact that Barkley has his number now will make it difficult.

    Lol maybe when Vick is off the team Chip Kelly can give Barkley his college number back.

    I’ll be okay if his jersey wasn’t retired but I hope he’ll retire with us like Dawkins did.

    The guy did went to 4 pro bowls when he was with us.

    Alex Henery got nothing on David Akers.

    • cliff henny

      can see guys wearing 5 and 36 someday, but it better be one bad mamma-jamma that puts on 20!

      • Jason N.

        Honestly idk about you guys. But I hope one day the Eagles retire #5. McNabb might never have win us the big trophy. But the guy was the best QB we ever had. I think that deserve it.

        Barkley should get Vick’s number. Bedside 2010 and the Miracle of Meadowlands. Vick haven’t given us much.

        I rather Barkley have #7.

        Can’t see any QB wear the number 39 though lol. It’s an unusual number for a QB.

        • GEagle

          So Barkley can wear Jaws number 7?

          • G

            Jaws has likely given permission to the Eagles to give anyone #7…. again… they just don’t report on it

          • Jason N.

            If he wanted to and it’s available then I don’t see why not?

          • GEagle

            This is a joke. Retiring numbers should mean something. it should be special

        • cliff henny

          personally, mcnabb is tied with dawk as my all-time fav, but i get that mcnabb’s off-field personality holds him back. guy was little goofy and aloof, all i know is he won a boat-load of games.

          • GEagle

            mcNabb is gonna mess around and get himself inducted to the hallof fame, with all this nfl media analysis he is doin…he is becoming one of the nfl boys

      • Richard Colton

        I never want to see another #20 in the Eagles defensive backfield. There’s only one Wolverine, ever. I’m borderline upset there’s even a Logan.

        • James Skip Carl

          There is only one Andre Waters

    • GEagle

      so Vick and Barkey can wear Ron Jaworksi’s number 7, but our rookie QB can’t wear David Akers? Am I understanding correctly?

      retiring numbers should mean something…not for every good Eagles that we liked

      • Jason N.

        No one ever said that Barkley can’t wear #2.

        I’m just saying. If he like 5 or 7 better. Then maybe in time, he can get one of those numbers.

        Idk about you but if I have 1 number that I wear for all 4 years of college or high school. I’d like to wear it again, if possible.

        Last I check, David Akers did some pretty meaningful stuff with the Eagles.

  • Jason N.

    Good job Matt Barkley. You already start off your rookie year right by saying all the right things and not being in a negative light with the media.

    Unlike Geno Smith. Now that I think about it. Geno Smith and the Jets are like a match in heaven. The media love to dissect both of them.

    Thank god we didn’t get Geno. We don’t need anymore bad press.

  • ridusofreid

    Question about the draft that I have never heard answered. Can teams involved in trading draft picks ever make the trade contingent about which player can or cannot be drafted. Example, the Lions (picking at 5) want to move up to eagles spot (picking at 4) because they want a guy that they feel another team wants and is talking to the eagles about. Would the eagles be able to demand that the Lions tell them which player they want at 4 so that the eagles could move back to 5 knowing that the player that the eagles want will still be there?

    • southy

      I don’t think it really works that way. They may talk about it beforehand, but the trade isn’t agreed/executed until the first team is on the clock. That way, the team trading up knows the player they want is there, and the team trading down likely is trading down because they still have a number of guys they feel good about and are confident one of them will fall to them. Just my $.02

    • Fink

      Interesting question.. My guess is that, using your example, if the Eagles could demand the Lions tell which player they want, but the Lions could just lie and take someone else. Probably has happened before.

    • PhillyALLDay

      umm good question man. no there is not. my logic is that just because you traded picks and wanted a certain player doesn’t mean they have to pass on that player BUT a smart owner and organization would not do that because that shows bad business and thats how you burn bridges. if you do things like that you must think about the consequences of teams not wanting to do business with you in the future so in the end it comes back to haunt you and your organization. this is a gentleman’s game and although there is nothing in stone that says you have to agree to it, it only comes back to hurt your organization in the future. you must approach things like that with precaution and think about your future.

    • PhillyALLDay

      whoops misunderstood the question lol. but yes there is nothing wrong with that. all of that stuff stays in-house with the team you are trading picks with. don’t ask, don’t tell. trust me NO team follows the rules like they should. there are always ways around every decision if you’re smart. sorry took it the wrong way! lol

  • JofreyRice

    He’s good because he went to Maitre d’ highschool

    • GoBirds1

      Did you intentionally butcher the name of his high school?

    • Rob H.

      That’s a stunning shot you have of of Howie there, Jofrey.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    the future. right there in front of you. kid was made to be a qb. get em Matt. no one has his pedigree. most talented qb on roster. i dont care if vick beats shady in a 40 dash everyday this summer. he will still turn the ball over and not smart enough to process things quickly and accurately. #2 all day….

    • G

      Ya it’d be nice to see Barkley running the system on monday night in Washington… we’ll see. At least we know that CK will be making the right choice no matter what because he will be putting them through intense competition, so we can rely on that, I hope CK really tests their quick decision making abilities under pressure in competition, that’s something that will probably set MB apart from Vick

      • Brent E. Sulecki

        agreed. and i still have faith in Nick as well with that 7 game stretch under his belt and a hopefully better line in front of him this year. whoever it is. we better get W’s.

  • Dr Muon Funk

    Seems like a smart kid. I wish him luck.

  • KevinSoCal

    Few things about Barkley. 4 year starter in high school. Not just any high school. Mater Dei. They have had the same head coach and OC for a long time. Not your typical high school offense.

    4 year starter at USC. Came in there and blew everyone away. Smart and hard worker. He is used to the spot light. USC is the NFL in Los Angeles. Matt was the face of that program. Through all the NCAA issues and Pete Carroll leaving Matt was the one that kept that team together. He was on the phone with the recruits and kept everyone on board.

    He will represent your football team and city with class. He will out work and out study the other QB’s. He will earn that starting job like he has in the past.

    Chip Kelly knew what was there with that pick. I think he is expecting Matt to step up and make his job easier to select him as the starting QB.

  • Justin

    Ya know, I heard Barkley say his jersey won’t say “Barkley 4th Round, it’ll just say Barkley” and I kinda hoped he would wear #4. It would have been amusing, anyway.