Video: Gruden QB Camp With Matt Barkley

Jon Gruden’s QB Camp series on ESPN has become must-watch pre-draft viewing for NFL fans.

Below is a three-minute clip of his session with Matt Barkley. If you want to watch the full episode, it’s scheduled to air this Thursday at 1:30 p.m. (EST) on ESPNU.

Gruden also offered his thoughts on Barkley in an ESPN Insider article:

I’ve seen Barkley up close. I’ve watched tape. He hasn’t hit his ceiling. In fact, they haven’t even tapped into his ability to run an offense like he’d be able to at the NFL level. Now, some people talk about “ceiling” in the sense that it’s when a guy can make every throw, carves up defenses deep and isn’t just throwing dink-and-dunk stuff. But that’s not true, and with Barkley the ceiling is higher because he can become less aggressive.

He completed a hair under 64 percent of his passes last season — again, a drop from 2011 — but I think that number could have been a lot higher. With the talent and the experience that he has, he should be a 70 percent passer. But he pressed. He was aggressive. If he had simply checked the ball down a little more and used a few more audibles here and there, I think he’s a 70 percent passer. But the circumstances made it tough.

Gruden compares Barkley to someone like Houston’s Matt Schaub. And while he is not considered the most mobile prospect, according to ESPN Stats & Info., Barkley completed 69.2 percent of his attempts with 16 touchdowns and no interceptions on designed roll-outs.

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  • Joseph Kaye

    I’m thrilled with the Barkley pick. Worst case scenario, he’s a fourth rounder that didn’t pan out. It’s not like we haven’t see that before.

    • southy

      CK 4th round pick: Matt Barkley
      Andy Reid 4th round pick: Casey Matthews

      This is all I need to know at this point.

      • Joseph Kaye

        Well put.

      • GoBirds1

        The questions is why is Matthews still on the roster? He is a liability where ever he plays, including STs..

  • DirtyWaters

    So crazy we drafted him. Freaked out when it happened yet I feel better and better about it now.

    • Dutch

      The Eagles selecting Barkley was as big a surprise as Miami trading with Oakland and drafting Jordan. Neither of those selections could have been anticipated.

      I firmly believe the Eagles and Kelly found their franchise QB, and found him sitting on the fence in the 4th round.

  • Dutch

    Barkley’s coming into the perfect situation, a new system implemented by a new coach with the perfect coordinator. He has exceptional foot work, and moves gracefully in the pocket and when rolling out floats like a ballerina. He’s a pretty accurate passer on the move or set in the pocket with decent anticipation and good mechanics. It’s idea that Johnson will be at RT.

    Pat Shumur is the perfect coordinator for Barkley who I assume will package a modified WCO similar to the Oregon spread passing game and he’ll have a bonus of dual Tight Ends in the route working the seams.

    This kid’s primary intangible is being a winner and, he’s familiar with and knows how to manage a winning team. Barkley’s been running a pro Style offense for 4 years and has a consistent history of coming up big in big games.

    If Barkley’s100% healthy I expect by mid way thru the season Barkley will be at the helm of the Eagles offense.

    • Bite Mee

      admit it, you are really Matt Barkley’s mom hiding behind “Dutch”

  • BostonianGuest

    Good players who were projected in the first or second round don’t drop in the draft for no reason. He was well-scouted, and even in the third round where there were plenty of teams who could have drafted him passed on the opportunity.

    Sorry to say, but he’s damaged goods. He is a Brady Quinn. He is a Matt Leinhart. Good players in college, but in the end not that good in the NFL.

    • Dutch

      I’m sure the shoulder separation he suffered at mid season against UCLA, had some kind of impact on his projection and draft status.
      You’re right, he’s damaged goods.

      • CJ

        I’m sure Matt Kalil going pro and that offensive line never being the same didn’t help either. He’s probably one of the few big school college QBs who couldn’t stood behind that patchwork line the Eagles had by the end of last year and called it an improvement from college.

  • Token

    I still think Barkley wont succeed. Ive always said, I dont need a rocket arm. I just want a smart QB who makes quick reads and can make the throws. They must also have a clutch gene. Im just not sure Barkley can make the throws needed to be made.

    But my new theory, and maybe its wishful thinking, is that initially CK thought Vick may be able to run his offense. But at the mini camp he was encouraged by Foles and discouraged by Vick.

    I think thats where the Barkley pick comes in. A former Eagles scout says Howie LOVED Barkley last year. So this is probably a Howie pick. But im sure CK must feel the same since this is his QB we are talking about.

    But I think this means Foles is the guy. I think hes in the lead right now in CKs mind anyway. Because if he didnt like Foles or Vick, he probably takes a QB higher. If he likes Vick, he probably takes a QB with similar skills.

    Hes not going to have his starter and backup be polar opposites of each other and be asked to run the same offense. I think the thought is for Barkley to back up Foles this season. And reassess the situation as the year unfolds. They can then determine if they need to trade up for a QB next year after this season.

    • Dutch

      That’s plausible, being impressed in a mini camp. Most Quarterbacks are impressive in camp, but it’s standing in the pocket and facing the teeth of an NFL Rush when Quarterbacks become unglued and discombobulated.

      Barkley, he’s a big time performer in big games at USC under the brightest of lights. You can’t take away the kid is a proven winner who’s over and over come through with big plays in clutch performances against stellar competition. Well that’s a credible entry on any resume. Foles hasn’t had that kind of exposure and it’s not evident in his body of work in the NFL he has what it takes. He’s not been impressive in the NFL nor the Pac 12, so he leaves you with air in one hand and hope in the other.

      Those are intangibles that doesn’t come when you’re in shorts or wearing the red jersey in practice. That experience only picked up in the heat of the contest.

      • Token

        I get it. You hate Foles, Love Barkley.

        But im still trying to figure out what Barkley ever won. You call him a winner over and over but what did he win? Are we not allowed to bring up last season?

        In fact, he has almost always lost the big games under the brightest lights. Im just not sure where that argument is coming from.

        And while Foles may end up being a nothing… his stats over his first starts of his career are comparable with other recent rookies who people consider good players. We have already been over this before.

        • Geagle

          lost cause man…..I have seen Foles battle hard, and perservere thru some realy bad times leading back since College..I havent seen that same grittyness out of Barkley yet…regardless, the fact of the matter is both can become nothing but backups, or franchise QBs…Its all about the development, and the intagables…any player drafted in the first 5 rounds, has a skill set that has been successful at some point in the NFL…Its how you are wired, how bad you want it, How hard are you working for it, how good you are coached, how good is your supporting cast…that will determine how great or how big of a bust you will become……and since we dont know any of these kids, there is really no way to tell at this point. We need alot more intel before we can have an idea….best we can do, is leave them alone, show support and see how much they develope from one season to the next…..these two, could be really bad for two seasons, and then end up breaking out….you just cant know, unless you give them the proper time

        • laeagle

          Can’t we all just get along? :) After all, some like Foles (i do) and some like Barkley (I just don’t know yet in the NFL). Either way, one or both of them has the chance to be a solid starter, hopefully better. No sense in arguing about which one is better, because we will know soon enough. The nice thing about Chip is that I believe him when he says “competition”. If Foles is better than Barkley, he’ll start. And vice versa. If the guy you like is so great, but the other one is starting, then the team is better off with a guy better than your favorite, right? I think the key is being able to trust that the better player will get the start. Maybe that didn’t happen in the Reid era, but let’s give Chip the benefit of the doubt in that respect until he proves otherwise.

          • Token

            Honestly as long as either of them are starting and not Vick im happy.

            I went and watched Barkley vs oregon from this past year. Man, a bunch of bonehead plays. Throws into heavy coverage a lot. I thought his best attribute was his on field smarts?

    • Geagle

      if Kirk Cousin can be a decent pick under Shannahan, than Barkley will be a good pick under Chip. Worse case scenario he can be Foles capable backup, or get a better pick in return via trade……………I think the odds of it becoming a bad pick are really low….To have two young kids like Foles and Barkley, battling it out, pushing and competing with each other is just a great dynamic

  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    This kid is an unbelievable prospect and hes a winner. Hes already a better QB than Foles question is whether he can make a bigger impact on offense than Mike. Its Mikes job to lose at this point and hes the only born leader of the 3

    • cliff henny

      vick’s needs to learn the playbook too. kelly isnt stopping practice when vick’s reading defenses wrong and air-maling rec’rs, while foles/barkley probably have playbook down in first read thru and are completing passes at 10-15% better clip. i’m not counting vick out, but what seemed like 50/50 competition just got whole lot tougher. plus, vick cant make it thru 5 games. barkley got pummelled over only missed couple games. he’s as tough as foles. kelly values toughness over athleticism. vick has to win the job, just like everyone else (except shady, cox and peters)

      • BrickSquadMonopoly

        This overwhelming assumption that Mike cant learn a playbook is absolutely rediculous. Foles/Barkley aint smarter and most certainly aint tougher (thats laughable). Chip wanted Mike and knew it was gonna cost something. The offensive playmakers on the team want mike for a reason, hes dynamic

        • cliff henny

          a guy vouching for another’s knowledge level misspelling words and using ‘aint’, classic. Vick is Glass Joe, and he’s admitted he hasn’t put enough time into learning playbooks and watching tapes in past, relying on incredible athletic ability. that won’t serve him well under kelly.

          • Richard Colton

            Glass Joe? nice. speaking of, know who would look great at NT? King Hippo

          • Geagle

            nah…he is sweet in the gut!

          • Richard Colton

            are you out of your mind? A 3-4 defensive line with Bald Bull and Soda Popinski at DE and Hippo at NT? We would go 15-1 every year, and that’s only because Bill Belechek has cheat codes.

          • NickS1

            Soda Popinski was JJ Watts before JJ Watts.

          • Geagle

            I always thought the Flamingo guy could have been a heckuva wide out

          • Geagle

            hahahah so true

      • Dutch

        How many games did Foles make it through before he proved to be fragile and carted off to the mash unit?

        Tough, are you exaggerating just a little?

        • cliff henny

          watch his college tape…foles is pretty tough. even kelly has said as much. no, it’s not an exaggeration. it’s one of his strength. i like foles, he’s fine, think his arm is little weak and will throw up poor passes under pressure. he got away with alot of bad decisions last year. his playbook knowledge is also strength. i thought vick was 60/70% odds on fav, but barkley’s pick has changed my mind, vick’s in a fight. vick’s job to lose means kelly is lying about winning job on field. when will people start believing the guy?

          • Geagle

            I would give anything to have everyone go back and watch his college career….this board would look alot different

    • krizman

      Barkley started as a freshman at both a top high school and a big time college program. That means he had to convince older, more experienced players to follow him, and he did so convincingly. He was the face of USC during some of its worst times, none of which was of his making, even while they had no coach. He didn’t take the money and run when he could have either.

      Pounding your chest, strutting around like George Jefferson, taking absurd risks with your body when your team needs you to stay healthy, and taking zero accountability for your failures doesn’t mean you’re a born leader. It means you’re a transparent punk.

  • addicted2mula

    Chip Kelly is goin to mold him. Wont start so thats more time to heal hid arm if thats a issue to ppl. Vicc starts week one. If the mobile qb scheme don’t work he well change it like wen he was in new Hampshire

    • Geagle

      the kid who had good rookie numbers historically, doesnt even cross your mind? Interesting….cause young kids dont improve.The game wont slow down for him…Its not like he would be transitioning from horrendous supporting cast, to a pretty solid Oline, and all types of fire power in terms of skill position surrounding him……..
      why is Foles on our Roster? lets just cut him….no? If you cant cut it in 6 games, with a terrible coach, no defense, and sorrounded by 3rd stringers….then you will Never make it!!!!///thats it! From now on, rookies get 6 games to prove their worth…dont live up to the potential, and you get cut…..that will get us back to the superbowl…Brilliant, wish I realized it sooner. screw the Human Element. Lets just treat it like Madden, why overcomplicate things?….thanks for showing me the light

  • ICDogg

    Watching Barkley the guy he most reminds me of is Chad Pennington. And I mean that in a good way.

    • Phils Goodman

      His arm is not THAT bad, though.

      • Geagle

        yeah, but people like to pretend its that bad…He certainly doesnt have a Cannon, but its not exactly a limp noodle in need of viagra either…shame, I always liked Pennington to

        • ICDogg

          Who knows what he could have done if he had managed to stay healthy.

      • ICDogg

        I wasn’t so much referring to arm strength as the look of his passes, thrown very consistently on an arc, very good location allowing receivers to easily catch and pick up more yards.

  • pennguino

    I admit this came from left field, but I like the pick. Chip knew Vick’s skillset would not be able to push Foles so he went out and got a QB that is more similar to Nick. He specifically ran the option during the mini-camp to let that word leak out knowing that the Barkley type would not be tied to the Eagles. What better way to sell a smoke screen than by using your players.

    He might have sat with Foles and Vick at different times and discussed X’s and O’s and just let the QB’s talk. I am sure Foles came off better at schemes and protections and pre/post snap reads. Vick probably did the same thing but not as detailed or with as much passion. When it came to read-option I am sure Vick’s eyes all lit up and a smile came over his face and he was very detailed about it.

    That was all Chippa needed to hear. A QB is a passer first and a runner only out of necessity or a planned call. He could tell right there that Vick still had that Superman ego where he would run for glory. The I can do it all. Everyone look at me.

    He knew Foles would be the starter but he is hedging his bet with Barkley. Two similar QB’s that can push each other. One is his and the other was here. Let the best man win the job. Both are young and offer a future.

    OR…….He really wanted EJ in the second and now his offense is dictated by Nick/Matt. Vick was only an option if Chippa was able to get a young understudy.

    • Dutch

      What in the total body of work Foles has, and that includes those loosing seasons at Arizona and the 5 losses in the NFL has convinced you Foles has a understanding of complex NFL defenses and schemes?

      The Eagles are adequately outfitted to be contenders in the NFC East, but at any time Vick is not the starting QB in Philly, that’s clearly throwing in the towel on the season.

      There’s no reason to throw in the towel on the season before it begins. Best chance we have is Vick starting the season and, depending on Barkley maturing, turning over the key to Barkley. The Eagles offense should be able to compete with anyone now that the offensive line is at full strength, we’ve long time learned we can not count on our defense. There lies the problem.

      But throwing Foles in is clearly giving up on the season before it begins and the players on this team know it fully well.

      • Wilbert M.

        Dutch, I respectfully disagree with your assessment of Foles. I know it was basically 50/50 with him making good plays and bad plays, but he showed a better ability to read and react and better pocket presence than we’ve seen out of an Eagles QB since Donnie LowThrow. Foles may not have been NFL ready, but I believe he can build on those six games and be a quality QB.

        • Geagle

          I remember Foles first start…it was a very rocky affair, just like the first NFL start of 90% of the greatest QBs of all time….but somewhere in the 2nd quarter. I saw Foles get to the line of scrimage, read the defense, call an audible, take the snap, throw a simple WR screen, and caught the defense completely off balance for a first down gain….At that very moment, after seeing something so simple as a WR screen, followed by a 10yard gain, right then and there I realized, THATS EXACTLY WHY WE CANT move forward with Vick….and that moment was one of the first things I thought of when Chip Kelly was hired and all the idiots were claiming Foles was getting traded

          • Cork

            I watched the same game and had the same feeling, but on a different play. The first play that Foles stepped up into the pocket to avoid the DE and made a completion was it for me. His pocket presence was so much better than Vicks, he kept his eyes downfield, stepped into the pocket to avoid the DE and made the completion. When has Vick ever stepped up into the pocket?

          • Geagle

            sooo true…His pocket presence for a rookie in his first 6 starts, under the most pressure a QB will ever see from defenses, was spectacular..such a great feel for the pocket,knowing when to step up, and knowing when to get out of it(Exactly what Geno smith doesnt have).. To see him manuever like that so early in his developement is very impressive…I would have paid anything to be privy to that 3 day mini camp just to see how much better and more comfortable he must look, 1 year older, having experienced the fire….Peter King says Chip Kelly LOVES Foles

  • Bob Brewer

    If I’m seeing comparisons between Barkley and Schaub/Pennington/Dalton the Eagles wasted a pick. A second round grade as a quarterback simply isn’t good enough to cut it in today’s NFL. It may be good “value”, but for the most part, lower than first round QBs aren’t good enough.

    • Wilbert M.

      Tom Brady? Russell Wilson? Drew Brees? What’s wrong with Andy Dalton?

      • Bob Brewer

        Andy Dalton is not winning a Super Bowl. We’ll see about Russell Wilson and Brady is an anomaly. The QBs that are winning are by and large first round picks.

        • southy

          You can certainly generalize about where the QB talent comes from in the draft, but it’s not like there’s some 1st round booster shot that the Day 1 guys get that no one else does.

          If Barkley had come out last year, he’d have likely been a first rounder, and we’d have expected him to beat someone like Foles for the job. Now drafted in the 4th, has his talent level changed? I don’t think so. Either 2011 was a good year or 2012 was a bad one, but we don’t know yet.

    • GoBirds1

      Bob, that is a completely ignorant premise and conclusion. Who is more likely to get to the superbowl, Vick or Russel Wilson? What grade did Brady have on him, 1st round, but the entire league passed him over 5 times…And what if Barkley came out last year, 1st round grade right? Where a player or QB gets drafted is all about perception and does not necessarily correlate with success or failure, often it is merely getting the opportunity to play in the right situation. Contrast Aikman and Kurt Warner and see how well your ridiculous statement holds up.

      • Bob Brewer

        We’re talking about percentages. The last several Superbowl winners (in no particular order) are Flacco (round 1), Eli (Round 1), Rodgers (Round 1), Brees (very, very early round 2), Peyton (Round 1), Ben (Round 1), Brady (round 6). That’s the trend. Nothing is absolute but the probabilities are undeniable.

    • EaglesTom

      You are right, non first round pick quarterbacks are awful. Tom Brady better stop playing football.

      • Bob Brewer

        Reading comprehension is not your forte. “…but for the most part, lower than first round QBs aren’t good enough.”

    • CJ

      I’m always curious what this argument would look like if that call is made in the endzone at the end of the superbowl and Colin Kaepernick wins the super bowl.

      • CJ

        or would you just add another QB to the list that doesn’t count?

  • Phils Goodman

    Some guy told me Matt Barkley is a cross between Drew Brees and Colt McCoy.

  • Geagle

    Out of all the QBs fighting for there life at this camp….Foles WONT BREAK, and the pressure will not get to him…Just watch 3 arizona tapes to know…I cant automatically say that about the other two….Its literally 90% mental. How are you wired? How Intelligent of a QB are you?…I would not count out the kid….I think he will rise to the pressure

  • Geagle

    Im a defensive guy first and foremost…But I have to admit, Im all kinds of Giddy about our Offense. We have so much fire power its crazy. Stinkin Trent Dilfer could be stud with these weapons. Im so happy we got one of the premier TE’s in the draft. Celek can either step his game up and compliment Ertz or he can get left behind….Celek played like an absolute Chump for Foles…Foles has Never had a weapon like Ertz…Casey is all type of Money in terms of being reliable….Im still shocked at how we ended up with Arrelius Benn….and If Ifyani Momah is a legit nfl player, our offense is going to be a nightmare….I would almost trade Maclin now. Whats the point? I dont want him on the field when we have 3 TE Monster, Benn and Desean…..I mean I like Maclin, but is there really room for him?? Enough room to justify giving him a big extension? Im not so sure….what I am sure about is Maclin is going to have to elevate his game this year to have a shot at remaining an Eagle

  • Rick Lindquist

    I wonder how much this offense will look more like Patriots version of a spread offense broken rhythm tempo rather than the Oregon spread offense read option version even more so now after another pocket passer. The Pats do an up tempo (actually they vary tempo), but keep the passer in a movable pocket.

    I have been a long time Duck’s fan and am now an Eagles fan. Looking forward to some fun fast and furious football.

  • kevin

    Start Barkley. Most likely scenario is he gets knocked out of a game at some point by a shoulder or head injury. Mike comes back in and dominates just as he did when Kolb went down.

  • thefadd

    that’s a nice ball he threw. you haven’t seen that in Philly since you watched Sonny Jurgensen on NFL films

  • Blaise

    Franchise QB