Eagles Add Nine Undrafted Free Agents

The Eagles made it official today, announcing that they’ve agreed to terms with nine undrafted free agents and released tight end Evan Moore.

Here’s some information on the players they added.

Miguel Maysonet, RB, Stony Brook – The 5-foot-9, 209-pounder ran for 1,964 yards and 21 touchdowns as a senior. In a game against Syracuse, he broke a 71-yard run and piled up 158 yards.

“He’s a solid back with some burst and explosion. He’s not on the national radar, but he’s a guy I get a kick out of,” said NFL Network’s Mike Mayock before the draft. “[I’m] not sure he’s going to get drafted, but he’s one of those guys that certainly has an opportunity to make a team.”

ESPN’s Todd McShay said Maysonet has a chance to be this year’s Alfred Morris. Morris, of course, ran for 1,613 yards and 13 touchdowns, while averaging 4.8 yards per carry as a rookie for the Redskins.

Here’s a YouTube cut-up from the Syracuse game:

Russell Shepard, WR, LSU – I probably shouldn’t list a position with him. Sheppard falls under the “athlete” category. He went to LSU as a dual-threat quarterback and saw time at multiple positions. He finished his career with 733 rushing yards and 565 receiving yards on 58 catches. Sheppard is 6-1, 195 and ran a 4.46 at his Pro Day, according to Gil Brandt of NFL.com. Brandt also reported that some teams are looking at him as a defensive back.

Brad Wing, P, LSU – The Eagles found everything in this class, including a controversial punter from Australia. According to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the LSU coaching staff basically told Wing (6-2, 205) not to come back to school even though he had two years of eligibility remaining.

“He’s a problem child,” one special-teams coach said. “I interviewed him at the combine. I think it was all con. I don’t think this guy is remorseful for any of it.”

“If it was me, only way I would take him is if we didn’t have anything invested in him. First time he (expletive) up he’d be out the door. There’s too many red flags on this guy.”

Wing’s transgressions reportedly include a fight and multiple failed drug tests. On the field, he was named first-team All-American by several publications in 2011.

Kyle Quinn, C, Arizona – There will be plenty of offensive line depth spots up for grabs with the Eagles. Quinn (6-3, 290) was a two-year starter at center for the Wildcats and snapped for Nick Foles in 2011.

Isaac Remington, DT, Oregon Chip Kelly was able to get his hands on at least one of his former players. Remington (6-6, 305) had 22 tackles, including four for loss last season. He was cited (but not charged) for a DUI and temporarily suspended by Kelly last season.

Damion Square, DL, Alabama – Kelly said he likes SEC defensive linemen. Square (6-2, 293) started 32 games for Nick Saban over the past three years. He looks to be a little small to play nose tackle, but we’ll see where Kelly thinks he fits.

Jake Knott, LB, Iowa State – The 6-2, 243-pounder was a first-team All-Big 12 selection as a senior despite missing the final four games with a shoulder injury. Will likely compete for a depth spot at inside linebacker.

Matt Tobin, OL, Iowa – The Eagles added the 6-6, 290-pound guard, according to multiple reports. Tobin was 6-feet as a junior in high school, but grew six inches in two years. He was a two-year starter with the Hawkeyes.

Matt Tucker, RB, TCU – At 6-0, 221, Tucker ran a 4.55 at the Combine. He was a rotational player in college, never rushing for more than 709 yards in a season.

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  • Mostel

    Why did we allow Kwame Geathers to sign with San Diego? That dude would be HUGE for us at NT!

    • Guest

      Geathers signed with SD??

      • Geagle

        yeah…his brother Clifton isnt a sure shot to make our roster, maybe he didnt want to potentially be stuck competing for a roster spot with his brother…You have to believe we called his agent and made him an offer atleast….no?

    • Richard Colton

      Guess he figured he had an uphill fight to make the team since we signed a NT in FA and drafted one in round #3. Would he have made our team if Logan is a NT and not a 3-4 DE?

    • eliagraphics

      i couldn’t agree more, but sense he’s gone, the other one i hope they bring in is TJ Barns, Georgia tech, NT 369lbs. He’s not ready to start but can possibly grow into a good run stuffer.

      • southy

        370 lbs!? jesus christ. kid won’t even have to move.

    • Geathers probably signed because the weather in San Diego is nicer.

  • JofreyRice

    Ok, before hindsight focuses to 20/20, I’ll do my 20/200 hindsight Eagles redraft. Limiting myself to the same position groups the Eagles selected, 1 OL, 3 players for the front 7, 2 DBs, a QB, and a TE, here’s what I would have done, if selecting where they were, with players that were still available at the time they made their original picks.

    1st – Sheldon Richardson, DE/DT – 5Tech LE with passrush ability. Can be a dynamic difference maker in games.

    2nd – DJ Swearinger, SS – Hard hitter with multiple skill set that sets the tone of the Defense

    3rd – Terron Armstead, T – Actually had a better workout than Lane Johnson, and more experience at LT, albeit on a lower level.

    4th – Dion Sims, TE – Passcatcher with a better body for inline blocking, and the athletic ability to split out wide. Heavy version of the basketball TE that needs to refine route-running.

    5th – Jesse Williams, DT/NT – more beef for the front. Even if the knee is serious, can always IR him for a year. Worth the value at this point.

    7th – Mike Mauti – ILB, Again, may have to start the year on PUP, but has great long term upside for a 7th rounder.

    7th – Jordan Poyer, CB – This is a nice value, I could care less about his vertical jump problems. I’ll jump for joy if they can draft a corner that can cover someone.

    7th – Matt Scott, QB – Just like him better than Barkley, what can I say. If you’re a QB, you have to be able to throw the ball.

    • Geagle

      Sims is not explosive enough to play for us.
      Jesse was a very good player, I have serious concerns about his knee if he fell that far, I would have rather took a shot on Montari Hughe’s pot smoking in the same round instead of Jesse’s knee….
      Matt Scott is the franchise long shot that barkley is, yet he wont have the same trade value that Barkley brings.
      I love Terron, but I think Lane can play day 1, and Terron needs redshirting….If we werent going to take Logan in the 3rd, I would have liked to see us leap the raiders for Sio Moore.
      I love sheldon, but his lack of discaplie(gap responsibility) for a 24year old is worrisome to me…at his age, he should not be sooo Homerun or Bust still….
      Loved Swearinger, but he didnt have round 1 talent like Ertz…we couldnt take him at #35…would have had to trade back…
      I never really cared for the Mauti hype, but to each his own
      Jordan Poyer is such a steal..we just got a future NFL starter, at potentially 3 positions, iand a return man, in the 7th round… In terms of play making, he was my #1 corner

      • JofreyRice

        Ertz is explosive running a 4.8 40? Why does Barkley have more trade value? Because he’s a bigger name? That’s not going to matter if he’s floating ball all over the field to defenders. So when is a good age to have “gap responsibility”? 22? Does it come after the big “gap responsibility talk” every parent must have with their child?

        • Geagle

          With Ertz, its the route running…where do you think his value was? you can disagree and debate without being cocky you know?
          Barkley probably wont have much of an opportunity to put many balls floating over defenders on film…never underestimate how desperate a team can get for a Qb( and a semi BIG name is ALL the JETS are concerned with lol)…you can probably eventually get a 3rd for him, by simply not playing him and hiding his faults from the world lol..
          Lets me give you a scenario, and tell me if you agree or now:
          The 2014 Sexy QB draft comes, Jets and Bills who just invested in Geno and EJ, pass on a 2014 QB, after 2 years of looking at Sanchez/Tebow/Geno, and Kolb/EJ they are seriously disapointed…If Barkely doesnt put too much bad stuff on film, or actually shows some development(remember with an offense like ours, a game manager has a chance in succeeding)….The Jets and Bills cant take it any more, and give up a 3rd for him(I think Marty and his westcoast offense would like Barkley, no?)……..Is it that Unfathonable? Although I dont know how his arm would do in the elements of Buffalo.
          You dont throw Bombs in a hurry up offense. A 40yard incompletion kills the tempo and allows the defense to substitute…The Big Plays in this offense come from 15-30yard throws, followed by YAC….Is it that Unimaginable to think, that if we have a good Oline, a smart kid like Barkley can have some success, dinking and Dunking to Celek,Casey,Ertz,Desean,Maclin,Arrelious,Momah…especially with the pressure our running game will take off our QB? Is it really that unimaginable?

          • G

            I like ur thinking here

        • Jason N.

          I heard Ertz isn’t a flashy speed TE. He’s a great route running TE that can find the weak spot.

          Like Jason Witten.

          • Geagle

            Between Mayock and Cossel, one called him Jimmy Graham, the other Witten….How can I not be excited. If I had my choice, I would have probably traded back 10-15 spots and took Kelce or Esco, while aquiring another valuable pick(but in hindsight it doesnt matter because had we gotten an extra midround pick, we would have used it on Poyer and Kruger anyway)…I despise Stanford, so before being an Eagle I didnt like giving him his props…But Im very excited. I like him playing with Celek, and more importantly PUSHING celek

          • Explorer51

            Great article about 49ers TE great Brent Jones mentoring Ertz by Rueben Frank on csnphilly; the kid is both physically talented and Stanford smart (your Stanford bias notwithstanding). BTW, I think you’re one of the better posters here; though I don’t always agree, you’re reasoned and courteous which is cool.

          • GEagle

            Thanks man…..this wouldn’t be fun if we always agreed. Fly eagle fly

          • southy

            Straight line speed may just the most overrated stat in football. It has its place, sure. But how many HOF guys have been unremarkable in the flat out speed department?

        • GoBirds1

          When you are 6’5″ 250, know how to run routes, great hands and present a huge target to your QB, you don’t have to be fast. The guy is not flashy, all he does is catch everything thrown his way. Unlike Brent ‘I’ll start the tip drill in the redzone’ Celek!!!! BTW, Celek is done, he has lost not just one step, but more like three.

    • Richard Colton

      really interesting concept. I’ll admit – the way you’ve talked up Richardson the last few weeks made me go back and take a second look. I think a D-line of Richardson/Logan/Cox would have been amazing and disruptive. Can’t run read-option if the DE is three yards in your backfield.

      That said – I wouldn’t have taken him at 4. So if we’re doing this, take Sheldon at 12 and give yourself another #2

      • JofreyRice

        Sweet, if that’s the case, I’ll take Kelce with that second 2nd, and take Sanders Commings in the 4th instead of Sims. I’ll admit, there is some bad mojo with that name.

        • Richard Colton

          nope, name is fine. shark in the water

    • Tom W

      I will take eagles draft every day and again on Sunday even hindsight. Not really close

      • chief

        Agree , that’s why Chip’s a coach and readers such as Mr Rice are not

      • JofreyRice

        well, lucky for you, that’s just what you’re going to get!

    • Some good picks. Personally, I don’t feel the need to invest 2 first round picks back to back on 3-4 DE’s, just not a good value for me. I feel it’s a position where you can get away with 1 JAG (just a guy). I think we got more value out of the Johnson pick as we were able to upgrade 2 positions with 1 pick.

      Wasn’t a huge fan of Armstead.. which was solidified when the Saints took him, haha. I think he’ll end up looking half decent, but having Drew Brees as your QB helps your LT look better… just ask Bushrod, haha. I have a feeling he’s going to flop in Chicago.

      I think there was still too many good players on the board for the Eagles to take a flier on Williams in the 5th if they had any legitimate knee concerns.

      • JofreyRice

        Fair enough, I think Richardson’s going to be a very good defender, that in a few years time, will have people wondering why he didn’t go earlier. Like I said, figured if I’m going to criticize them, I should at least offer my preferences.

      • southy

        people will realize the value of Johnson when they realize they have two tackles on the field that can blow up a DE and get to the 2nd (and sometimes 3rd) level. put them out front of McCoy or Djax on a screen and watch the mayhem…

    • Jason N.

      Swearinger would be nice but to get Richardson at 4th overall is kinda crazy. We need to trade down first.

    • Jeff I appreciate your enthusiasm sir, but let the people who get paid to do so, analyze….. Cause one does not take Shelton Richardson with the 4th pick of the 2013 NFL draft.

      • JofreyRice

        If the dude becomes an all-pro DT, you don’t think he’s worth it? I see that kind of ceiling for Richardson. Revis went #14 overall. If they did a redraft would you still say that he’s only worth the 14th pick overall? Of course not.

  • meh1988

    That Maysonet guy might be a great goal-line threat. Dude can break some tackles!

    • Geagle

      Man…I dunno WTF is going to happen with the RBs…
      i know we like Polk, Tucker is very similar to Bryce(beast on the goaline)
      and Maysonet(I havent gotten around to watching yet, but what I read about him excited me)…..
      RB camp battle is going to be intense. Im sure we can trade one of the RBs that we will end up cutting, for a late round pick next year..
      I cant believe the niners got Lattimore

      • Dominik

        They won’t cut McCoy (although that would be a way to slow the enthusiasm down :D) or Brown. No one drafted Tucker or Maysonet this year, so why would anybody give up anything for them, especially if they know that the Eagles will cut them? Just because Kelly says they had a great training camp? I don’t think so.

        The only RB with a little trade value should be Polk.

        • GEagle

          We didn’t trade a single player away on draft night….someone has t be traded between now and the end of camp…..no? Not necessarily a RB, but ATleast one current Eagle has to be traded

          • Dominik

            That’s right. I was replying to the ‘RB trade’ comment. Altough we could just cut a player. Don’t know if someone is willing to give something up for a guy like Coleman.

  • Geagle

    Bryce and Tucker, practically have Identical numbers(that has to be exciting). Tuckers coach says he would rather run over you, than run out of bounds.
    You have to believe that Gamble saw alot of young RJF in King/Squares…They could possibly be developed into versatile rotation players..Kruger, has LEGIT NFL starter potential. I think his frame can get up to 295lbs, without losing his athleticism, at only 20years old, he has a world of potential(I know some teams concern about his charecter, he is 20years old unpolished, and his family does not need money, why didnt he go back to school?), I love him, its basically like getting a 6years younger Margus Hunt in the 7th round…thats insane value…I do think Logan has some serious potential(reminds me alot of Datone Jones who I think will be one of the best players from this draft class). Logan is a high charecter guy who is going to put in the work, so I think, worse case scenario, he will atleast be that versatile rotation guy that Squares and King have “potential” to become…Logan is a selfless grunt, he will do whatever is asked of him. I believe 4-3under, and not the 3-4 will be our base defense..and I think Logan has a shot to be the NT in that scheme, while Sopo slides over to 5tec…Logan is sneaky enough to shoot gaps….Curious to see if all this Dline help, moves Curry back to OLB. Im also shocked the Eagles didnt trade a single player away during draft night….Kruger and Poyer are the keys to this draft…If we Struck GOLD with them, then this will end up being a spectacular draft….
    Earl Wolff was going to fly under the radar in this class because he isnt a sexy player. He is more interested in making the tackle, than getting that spectacular hit. The only thing he really needs to work on is tweeking his angular pusuit which forces him to leave his feet at times to try and make the play. Wolff came HIGHLY recommended by Dana Bible, who is not a guy that will blow smoke up our Booty, he can be trusted, and he ranted and raved to chip about him, telling chip the kid is a natural leader, people will follow him, and that we needed to go and get him. Wolff can be that interchangable safety that chip talks about who can do damage both in coverage and in the box..If we can find another player like that to pair him with, then its an advantage because it wont tip to the opposing QB who will be in the box, and who will be in coverage…(Holding out hope that we can pair Wolff with Jarius Byrd in the Future)….
    Some very trustworthy “experts” had Poyer and Wolff as two of the most instinctual football players in this entire class. Im still in disbelief that Poyer is an Eagle. I always mocked brandon McGee to us because I figured Poyer needed to be taken in the 3rd, and McGee had a good chance of lasting til the 4th…But he adds a tremendous amount of depth to out secondary in that he can be a Nickle/dime/inside guy, he can certainly develope onto an outside guy(but the NFL strength program will be crucial with him), as well as a nate allen type cover safety… Dave Spadaro asked him, would you also be comfortable returning kicks if Chip asked him to. Poyer responded, with an enthusiastic, “I will Play Defensive Line if chip asks me to” lol…believes he brings alot in terms of ST return man, Gunner, coverage…..The thing that really makes me Gaga over Poyer is his Charecter. He plays with so much Swagger, that when you hear him talk, you just get blown away that he is so humble. I think in terms of playmaking, and turnovers he is literally as good as anyone in this draft…The physical attributes are alarming, but Im pretty certain that its something that he didnt take serious, because his football instincts were enough to rely on. I would rather draft a kid who hasnt put in the work yet in the strength room, than a guy Like Tebow, who inspite of all the hardwork, will always be too limited. So while his physical attributes leave much to be desired at this point, I think he has alot of untapped athletic growth potential, and he is just a darn good football player, who doesnt need to measure out freakishly athletically…He is close with Assante, who was similar in that, he was questioned athletically, but was a freak playmaker…Poyer however is much much more Physical. Poyer will make his presence felt in 2013 in one way or another…whether as our dime corner, or ST, he will contribute to this team from day one. I cant stress how excited I am about the kid….
    DONT UNDERSTAND THE WING SIGNING. He is a maniac, I dont see how you could ever trust him enough to keep him over your probowler. Makes no sense to me. if you want to stash him on the practice squad for 2 years to give him a trial period to see if he can be counted on as a person, maybe I can see it…but we are talking about a punter. I would have rather used this signing on a long snapper.
    The T/G from Iowa is very athletic, so no surprise that chip n howie went after him.
    The center, I dont remember, but Foles Oline was horrific at Arizona, so I dont see how I coulud get excited about him.
    The LB is a nice playmaker..gets INTs, and fumbles, but shedding blocks is the concern with him at the next level. If the coaches look at him, and think he can improve in that regard, I could see them keeping him around.
    Isaac Remington is just a derick Landri type of BadA$$, like ride up on his Harley type of maniac. Im sure he is like, a violent, maniac son to azzinaro, and I mean that in the best way possible. Go check out a pic of Remmington lol.. I can see a camp fight already between Lane and Remmington.
    To get a RB that measures as a Bryce Clone is always exciting..Tuckers coach says he would much rathre run you over than run out of bounds. A north-south runner who can do some serious damage on the goal line(where have we seen that before?)…Havent watched any maysonet yet, but what I read is certainly exciting…..
    I cant give the signings an A, because there were some guys available that I think had some NFL starter potential in the undrafted pool… But I do like alot of these guys from what little I know. Then again, when talking about your Undrafted free agents, all you need to do is hit on one, to be considered a success…and if 2-3 more can develope over time, well thats the best you can probabvly ask for

    • Richard Colton

      I, for one, am opposed to playing Poyer on the defensive line, especially since we switched to a 3-4.

      • Geagle

        you could still get him on a 4man line in our nickle package…..no? lol

    • southy

      hell, if one makes the roster you’ve done well. Polk was a great signing even sitting at RB3.

  • Jay Grace

    The punter sounds like a good time

  • EaglesinTX

    So….we have the kicker from the movie The Replacements, basically lol

    • Richard Colton

      in Australia, the word for “problem child” is “child”

      • Geagle

        If he is anything like the gambling, drunk, cigarette smoking, deparevd British Kicker from the replacements, then I want his Eagles Jersey! lol

    • Jason N.

      Still have to watch that movie.

      • Johnny Domino

        Guilty pleasure, for sure.

    • Amduat

      Given the top to bottom changes in the Eagles roster, including the addition of a host of journeyman free agents and a flock of undrafted works in progress, they could aptly be nicknamed “The Replacements.” Fly, Replacements, Fly!

  • Ooftah

    With these signings, the Birds will be at 91 players. Which of the veterans has to find a new home?

  • Nick M

    I think Tobin and Quinn have a real shot to make this team. There is no proven depth on the line. You have Kelly and Watkins (blah) and a whole bunch of guys they signed but never played. Should be interesting. I’d like to see them add a veteran lineman for some experienced depth otherwise it will be like last year if there are injuries.

    I like the running back from Stony Brook. Probably eats out Polk.

    Shapard competes with Demaris Johnson.

    The punter has no shot.

    I also think Knott has a real chance to make this team as well. Aside from Acho, who else can play middle linebacker? Casey Mathews?

    Don’t think Square or Tucker have a shot unless there are a bunch of injuries

    The Oregon guy I think Kelly signed as a favor to him so he can get in an NFL camp. He has no shot either.

    I was hoping for OLB Chase Thomas, safeties Lester or Jefferson late in the first round.

    I liked the draft. I honestly think ever draft choice (except for King) can be a starter in 3 years (if not sooner).

    I also think this offense will look closer to New England than it will to Oregon…which is a good thing. Brady isn’t mobile but they run a lot of plays. That is what I see Kelly doing more and not so much pistol.

    • Richard Colton

      I’m not sure how Polk would feel about that

      • nicksaenz1

        You don’t think Polk wants to be eaten out….?

        • Richard Colton

          Just don’t tell me what they put in the smoothies at Stony Brook

        • Nick M

          haha, my bad. funny typo

    • Oregoneaglefan

      The Oregon guy he grabbed no shot I agree. However the Oregon state guy power was a very good pick up for our defense

  • Nick M

    and by the way, this website is awesome. Great covereage!

  • nicksaenz1

    Sounds like this Brad Wing kid could give lessons to our safeties from last year in to how to not be a bunch of pansies

    • GoBirds1

      I love this Wing guy and Chip Kelly too. He is all about getting football players. I am so sick of the Lurie, Andy, Howie high character BS. Get me football players that show up on Sundays ready to kill someone. There is no NCAA in the NFL. I could care less how many pot piss test these guys fail, as long as they show up and play on Sunday.

      • Yeah,they said “High Character”. I can’t wrap my mind around how Vick fit into that philosophy.

  • Geagle

    I think Chip is clearly going to be an NFL draft QB hoarder like Andy was. I dont know much in terms of how good chip is at developing QBs(can anyone speak on it?)…But, no matter how many QBs we ever have, if he see’s an opportunity to get a name at a crazy value like Barkley, I think Chip and Howie will always pull the trigger. Its such a valuable trade chip……Just look the seahawks and then raiders gave up for for Matt Flynn, who basically has become valuable off of 1 game in Greenbays insane offense..look what KC paid for average Alex, just to try and compete now…Remember the Kevin Kolb EMBEZZLEMENT lol?
    Like Flynn, worst case scenario…Foles proves to be a starter, and chip who see’s Barkley every day thinks there is no shot this kid can ever be an NFL starter…Foles gets hurt for 1 game..Lets pretend we have a good Oline, tell me chip cant devise a gameplan, to make matt Barkley look pretty good, in 1 game, dinking and dunking to the skill position players that we have(making them do the Yac work)…Foles comes back…No one ever gets to see Barkleys faults, and a dumb QB desperate team gives up a probowl caliber corner and a 2nd round pick for him lol(remember that?), yes Im exaggerating, but you catch my drift…no?……Im not very excited about Matt Barkley the player…but Barkley the ASSET in our back pocket, is very intruiging in my humbelest of oppinions lol…and I believe that this will be a recorring thing with chip…no matter what we have, a QB falling to a position that makes him of great value, will always get drafted by the Chip/Howie Regime….atleast I think

    • Jason N.

      I think I rather have Matt Barkley working out for us than just a trade chip.

      If any GM or Head coach draft a players with the intent of using him just as a trade chip then they should be fired.

      You draft a guy to help your franchise, not draft him and hope he’ll get good enough and then trade him away.

      We could have picked a different prospect and develop him instead.

      Personally, I hope both Foles or Barkley become out franchise QB and the other one become a good backup.

      Our own version of Joe Montana and Steve Young. A good QB and a good backup.

      • Geagle

        I was Speaking in terms of a worst case scenario…but hey, If Foles develops into Big Ben, and Barkley turns into Drew Brees….there are worse problems we could have

      • chief

        I agree I think Barkley will be a starter for years to come

    • Oregoneaglefan

      I know chip can coach anyone. I am from Oregon so I know what he can do. I followed him here with the ducks. Even tho I am a Oregon state fan and hate the ducks, I was excited to hear chip would be coaching my eagles… The man is a great coach. As long as his up tempo no huddle offense works in the nfl.

  • Johnny Domino

    So Quinn signing makes Foles the guy, right?

  • James Skip Carl

    Russell Shepherd has me excited, his high school highlights are better than Bryce Browns

    • GEagle

      Very exciting talent

  • NK

    Interesting, no CB or S in this bunch…

  • Wade

    Dakari Rambo would’ve been a beast in our system him instead of the nc state safety also Jordan poyer was a straight steal in 7th

  • AJ King

    Knott might be the toughest player on the eagles roster since Bednarik. Hope he can make the roster and help the eagles defense play downhill.