QB Stock Watch: Big Day For Barkley; Geno Update

The primary concern for NFL teams when it comes to Matt Barkley is arm strength. The 6-2, 230-pound signal-caller can help assuage some of those fears with a strong showing at USC’s pro day on Wednesday.

His trainer — IMG Academy Director Chris Weinke — believes Barkley is going to surprise some people.

“His arm strength is even better than I anticipated,” said the former Heisman winner, who is also working with Geno SmithTyler Wilson and Zac Dysert in front of the draft. “There will be a buzz about him after his pro day. On March 27 he is going to answer a lot of questions.”

Barkley separated his shoulder this past season. Still in the midst of the rehab process, he opted not to throw at the Combine last month. He was in attendance, though, and met with several teams, including the Eagles. Asked how Barkley came across in that sit-down, a team source who was part of the meeting responded: “Very smart. Impressive. Mature.”

Some project Barkley as a top-10 pick, others have him falling out of the first round. There should be more clarity after today.

“The race starts after March 27,” said Weinke.

Reid targeting the next McNabb?

‘Tis the season of misdirection, and the Chiefs seem to be in the spirit.

First, Andy Reid told us at the owners meetings that Geno Smith is still in play for the Chiefs at No. 1 overall despite the Alex Smith acquisition. And now, Smith is being linked to none other than Reid’s favorite QB, Donovan McNabb.

With plenty of teams in need of quarterback help, including the three picking directly behind them (Jaguars, Raiders, Eagles), the Chiefs are smart to create the impression that Smith could be the first player off the board. However, the following quote makes it tough to believe that their interest in Smith is real.

“There is no quarterback where personnel guys can definitely say, ‘He’s a first-round pick,’ ” said Chiefs general manager John Dorsey last month, per the Kansas City Star. “There were so many inconsistencies in the collective group. There was not one guy that stood up and said, ‘I’m the guy in the position this year.’ There really wasn’t one clear-cut guy.

“There are too many technical flaws, scheme flaws. There are so many different variables that there are a lot of people all over the place on naming the top four or five guys and who those guys would be.”

Kansas City went out and traded for Alex Smith less than two weeks after Dorsey went on record with his opinion of the QB crop.

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  • Pretty obvious Geno to KC is an absolute ruse. Especially with the Donovan comparison. “fascinated by”? What does that even mean?

    • Richard Colton

      part of it is CYA, not just a ruse. If Geno Smith turns out to be Joe Montana next year, the KC fans are going to be furious (well whatever passes for furious in the Midwest). The franchise has to at least be able to say that he was under serious consideration or else they’ll look clueless.

      • I agree that they absolutely have to do their due diligence. But because of the money they gave Alex Smith and Chase Daniels, and the fact that they are shopping their current LT, I don’t think they’re fooling anyone with this talk. I fully believe they have no intentions to take Geno, but are stirring up just enough buzz to make Jacksonville, Philly, or any other team that may want Geno that they have to get to #1 to take him and that they will be looking to grab their LT of the future, be it Joeckel, Fisher or Johnson.

        • Richard Colton

          Ohh yea. Remember what the Redskins had to pay to move up a few picks. How brilliant will Andy look if he gets a 2nd round pick from Oakland to move up two spots?

          Of course, then he’ll look mortal when he uses that 2nd rounder on a safety from Temple.

        • The Chiefs don’t have a financial investment in Alex Smith beyond his contract terms, and that’s for $8 Million next year. If Alex Smith doesn’t work out he can be cut with no financial sacrifice to the Chiefs.

          Smith’s contract gave the Chiefs the ability to pay Daniels excessive as a back up $5 Million guarantee 10 Million over 3 years. Bottom line, drafting Geno Smith is doable and insurance if Alex Smith doesn’t work out. At the worst this gives Andy a year to fine tune Geno if the need arises. Any Quarterback drafted or traded for is going to be a weight around the coaches throat, There’s no way around not having a quarterback you feel comfortable with, their job and career depends on their choice, Kelly included.

          • Are you forgetting the 2nd round pick, not to mention another conditional 3rd round pick next year? And you draft a QB 1st overall, with no 2nd rounder.. to sit on the bench..

            Or if he wins the job (which you’d expect from a 1st overall pick, right?), and you sit Alex Smith on the bench. The guy you just spent $8 mill on and 2 very good picks. Not to mention the 3rd string QB in Daniels you now have making decent guaranteed money too.

            Or Andy could trade try and trade Brandon Albert. Apparently he’s asking for a 2nd and a conditional 3rd next year (Same as he paid for Alex Smith, go figure). Maybe he get its, maybe he gets less. But still it would help recoup some of the loss from the Smith trade. And maybe take a fine replacement in Joeckel, Fisher, or whoever, and have that coveted franchise LT that Andy loves so much.

          • McNabb sat and he was the second pick in the 99 Draft.
            The combined salaries for Daniels, and Alex Smith is $13 Million, that’s not a lot of money at the QB position. Neither is guaranteed anything beyond this season.

            Relative to the price of a franchise QB, the draft picks for Alex Smith is reasonable, if he’s not the guy the conditional pick would be a wash. The Chiefs aren’t put of pocket any money on this trade to this point. Where is this $8 Million coming from if it’s not referring to Alex Smith 2013 Salary?

            Alex Smith has proven he’s not a sure thing, I would’t think Andy would be wrong for hedging his bet and taking Geno with the first pick, under the new rookie wage scale it’s a pretty solid gamble similar to the Redskins gamble with taking Griffin and coming back and taking Cousins

  • Richard Colton

    I’m not 100% sold that the Geno Smith to the Chiefs at #1 is a smokescreen. Andy’s club has a lot of talented players on offense and defense. There isn’t an absolute pressing need to take a LT at #1. He can pick up a RT that’s as good or better than Eric Winston in the later rounds. Heck, he can still have Eric Winston back at a friendly number if he wants.

    If I’m handicapping this I’d say Geno to Chiefs is a 25% chance. 50% that he goes to either the Raiders or Jags. Part of that is based on the interest those teams have shown along with the fact that they have no talent at QB. The other part is wishful thinking that we don’t draft Geno and that a top guy lands to us at #4.

    • I don’t discount the idea Andy takes Geno Smith. Andy took McNabb over Smith, and immediately after Cleveland took Couch in 99, Andy and McNabb ended up together 10 years. Smith and Couch were combined the largest bust in NFL Quarterback Draft History. It only seems logical Andy follows the same path to success as he followed in his first few years there in Philly. Secure a capable Quarterback to develop in the event Smith fails to give him what he gave Harbaugh. Alex Smith by no means is a sure thing. Andy has the pieces on offense and defense to compete. He just needs a half decent Quarterback. Hell, Andy took Kolb in the Second Round, so taking Geno with the first pick is not out of the question by any means.

      • GGeagle21

        I’m not really sure what the point would be of a Geno smokescreen by the chiefs. if the Chiefs really like him, they won’t trade back and pass him up. if the chiefs find a trade partner it won’t be because of what they think of Geno..a team that trades up won
        D do so if they think that the Seahawks will take him…so I don’t really see the point of the chiefs talking up Geno for no reason

        • There is a lot of buzz that Jacksonville likes Geno at number 2. Any team that wants him would have to go through Andy and KC to get him for certain.

          • GGeagle21

            exactly, which Is why I’m not sure I see what KC has to gain by lying about liking Geno. If they really like him, they wouldn’t trade the pick to someone else who wants him. If someone is moving up to number one to get Geno, it’s because of what the Jags, raiders, or eagles(which I don’t believe ate all) think of Geno. Trading to one, is to get ahead of another team that wants him…don’t see where KC’s oppinion on the matter factors in

          • It keeps everyone guessing. If you have the number 1 pick that you’re open to trading, you don’t really want anyone to know what you’re going to do. The less they know the better.

      • Tom W

        When did Andy take McNabb over Smith???????? Smith went first in the draft an entirely different year than McNabb was drafted …1 pick after Couch. And the major difference is that Andy just spent millions on a qb in guaranteed money that he wanted for the last 2 yrs …. There is absolutely no chance the Chiefs take Geno … not after the money they have Smith and heck even the back Chase Daniels got millions as well.

        • Safety1st

          I think he means Akili Smith.

        • Andy traded for Alex Smith there was no money exchanged or revisions to ‘Smith’s Contract… Kansas City absorbs Smith’s 49er Contract. Smith resigned two years ago, on a $33 Million, incentive clad contract with $16.5 Guaranteed, $8 of that guarantee was paid last Season, Kansas City is on the hook for $8 Million to be paid this year and any incentives Alex Smith hits. Alex Smith is expendable So actually Smith has a $8 Million one year Guarantee and Kansas City can cut him and be done if this doesn’t work out.

          Kansas City is paying Alex Smith and his back up combined, less than Denver and Baltimore are paying Manning or Flacco. .

          in 99 McNabb draft stock rose after playing in the all-star games. McNabb was considered just another option quarterback and not highly touted for the NFL. Akili Smith and Tim Couch as pocket passers were the cream of the crop,

  • GGeagle21

    I think that the parity at the top of this draft is fascinating, which could result in 4 drastically different top 12 scenario’s:
    1) The QB reach draft, with guys OVERDRAFTING the ever so valuable position as usual, with Geno,Barkley and maybe even a 3rd QB going in the top 12, which would push 3 pretty darn good football players back.

    2)The Oline draft with Joekel,Fisher,Lane,Cooper, Warmack in the top 10. These are all safe prospects, and ATleast 7 of the teams drafting in the top 10 have pressing needs on their line. if this happens their will be some defensive BALLERS falling in the teens.

    3)Defensive top 10 with teams not wanting to pass on: ASharrif,Star,Ziggy,Dion,Milner,Vaccaro(buffalo), Jarvis, Bjoern,Trufant,Mingo, and even Sheldon Richardson sneaking into the top 10, just imagine the types of offensive players that will fall to the teens if 7 of these 11 Densive prospects get taken in the top 10.

    4)A combination of all the above, with additional skill players like Tavon or the TE sneaking into the top 10.

    basically all 4 of these scenario’s ensure that their will be a pretty good chance of landing a prospect that you are strongly considering at 4 if you trade back from the 4th spot. I think Dion is a unique prospect, so I wouldn’t mess around if he is available at 4, I would snatch him up right away…if he is off the board, I would trade back as far and as many times as the other 31 teams allow us to, because I really believe in the depth of this class, and we can probably get a stud that can also fill a need, no matter where we end up drafting

    • Richard Colton

      The only way Tavon Austin is a top ten pick is if the ghost of Al Davis buys the Buffalo Bills.

      • GGeagle21

        Never be shocked by the dumb ish, dumb teams do..J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS, come on down to the Price is WRONG!!!! Lol

      • CJ

        Some team will do it. Maybe not that high, but like CB and QB, teams will reach for a WR even if value isn’t there. Maybe it’s not Austin but another guy a team falls in love with, but it happens every year.

        • Richard Colton

          Agreed. But Austin isn’t even the first WR off the board, is he?

          • CJ

            I’d have to think Patterson is the first WR off the board. But still half the teams in the first dozen or so picks are desperate for playmakers. Could Cleveland want Austin to replace Cribbs? The Jets? Bills? Carolina cuold use him to replace an aging burner in Smith. Arizona, Detroit and Cincinatti could use a burner across from their big physical WRs. Maybe not top 10, but someone will take him in the top half of the 1st.

          • GGeagle21

            Man, tough to project the skill positions in this draft. I keep hearing recent rumblings of the Bills taking the TE 8th overall, which is crazy if you think about it…For the Bills, I see them going with Warmack or Cooper. Levitre was very important to them, and they let him walk, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see them try and replace him with a top guard..Vaccaro is also mocked to them pretty often, which is odd to me, because I don’t believe in that kid at all. too much Nate Allen-ish for my taste.

            trying to figure out which recievers come off the board first and where, we will drive ourselves crazy lol…I can’t even offer a guess lol, that’s how confused I am. I guess it’s between Cordarelle and Austin…although if the Eagles decide that they won’t want to extend Maclin and tie up big money ini two recievers, trading him on draft day…I would probably hope to replace him with Justin Hunter. I don’t think a draft pick for Maclin would get us a pick in the Tavon Austin range…so I would set my sights on Hunter or maybe Da’rick

          • Austin isn’t even the first receiver at West Virginia. Bailey was the ace receiver in that spread offense. Bailey caught 25 tds in 2012 to go with 1600 yds. However, Austin is a tailored fit for the screens in the spread offense. That’s where he did most of his damage, a threat to go all the way when it catches the ball in space.

    • BT

      Based on draft position values…there could be a fair and straightforward trade with St. Louis for their two number 1’s. Eagles #4 (1800 value) for St. Louis’s #16 (1000 value) and #22 (780 value). How would that work for you? Not sure if St. Louis has their eye on anyone in particular at #4…but if so, I would make the trade in a heart beat.

      • CJ

        I think that’s the range you want to be in in this draft. I’d do that in a second. There are so many options there. If they have their eye on a guy like Jordan (who I think, if he makes it past 4 may fall all the way to 10), Warmack, Vaccaro, Richardson, Jones, Cooper, they could easily move up with a 2 or 3 to get one of them. Who knows, one or even might fall all the way to them if they stay put depending on how things go. They could take the 22 pick and move back for a couple of 2s or a 2 and a 1 next year (i.e. plan ahead and stock up on ammo to get that QB next year). Those St Louis #1s, or the Jets first two picks if you have your heart set on Jordan, are really what I would be looking for.

        • GGeagle21

          I would do that trade in a heart beat, but I doubt the rams would. they passed up RG3 to be in the position they are now. I’m sure they know they have what everyone wants.

          • CJ

            Just because I’m morbidly curious, and since you’re the biggest Jordan fan here. If the Rams called and told you they’d give you 16 and 22 but they wanted the 4th pick for Jordan. Would you still do it?

          • I just don’t see where it is plausible that Dion Jordan is selected in the top 15 picks of this draft. That’s a reach by passing obvious play makers of the few available.

          • GGeagle21

            with all due respect, thats a crazy statement

          • Richard Colton

            NFL Post’s mock draft that came out today has him falling to 17. Ask yourself this – of the three players likely to be there when the Eagles draft: Fisher, Milliner, Jordan – which one could fall to 17 and which two will have a 100% chance of being gone by pick 7?

          • GGeagle21

            Millner is a BUM!! I’m not even sure that he is the first CB taken. I have always said I think Trufant not only will be the better corner, but I think he can be taken ahead of Millner…and then Florio put out his mock this week and had Trufant at 5 to the lions(I am not proud of this cause Florio is an idiot lol)…You bring up Mocks, but I also saw plenty of Mocks that have Dion as the first or second pick in the draft. I’m not saying I’m right and your wrong, because it’s a crap shoot for even the experts…but In my head, I can’t see us passing on Dion Jordan…it takes a heckuva understanding for the game, to line up all over formations, and do so many different things to help your team win,..to be Able to do that without having much experience on the defensive side of the ball is just so impressive. And to do all that while playing half a season with a torn labrum? That’s so impressive. We are so fortunate that we have the inside track on him and know his Charecter so well…we know he is a hard worker, so given experience I have to imagine that he will turn into a freak playmaker…I think it’s going to be one of those situations where we say, remember when we thought Dion didn’t make plays?…Just learning a new position is difficult, but to switch from offense to defense on the fly, playng against that type of competition…this kid will be a stud. When you have the physical tools, good coaching, and high Charecter with the desire to be great…what’s to stop you from achieving it? he isn’t some lazy underachiever who doesn’t care…This kid is going to work his butt off to be great, I would bet on that Charecter all day…and with that body, bendability/control…who is going to stop that kid? I think he will be elite in 3 years, and when he does I hope he is wearing an eagles jersey. he is just my guy..I understand that it’s nt a consensus, and that I could end up being completely wrong…but that’s just how I see him

          • BrickSquadMonopoly

            mel kiper jr dont think he a bum.

          • GGeagle21

            Millner is soooo over rated its not funny. I would take Trufant ahead of him without even bllinking

          • GGeagle21

            Mel Kiper is always right!! Lol
            -Name one pro bowl NFL corner that Saban has produced since he has been at Alabama, having the pick of the recruiting litter every year???
            -Do you really want to see another CB who can’t tackle for the next 5seasons? When they signed B-Fletch and C-Dub that pretty much told me that they will no longer accept sissy CB’s who can’t tackle at all
            -What’s the prerequisite for playing CB in the NFL? BACKPEDDLING!! Do you really want to draft a CB who hasn’t back peddled in years if ever(since I don’t know if he crab walked or back peddled in high school)? playing CB backpeddling as opposed to grab walking, is so different! And so far, I haven’t seen Alabama corners make that transition and become elite NFL corners.
            -How much better is Millner than Kirkpatrick? I gotta keep it real, so admit that Millner is a much better prospect, but soo much better than Kirkpatrick(who had zero impact last year on a ood defense) that Millner should go in the top 5? hell NO! I didn’t think Claiborne was worth that high of a draft pick, and I don’t even think Millner is better than him.

            Trufant ran with the same blazing speed as Milner did at the combine. he has been playing like a pro style CB for years..His pedigree is off the hook, and he is said to be the most talented of the Trufant brothers. I think, the Seahawks are praying he falls to them, or are able to trade up and go get him..that’s why it seems that they are waiting, and haven’t re-signed his older brother Marcus yet. I used to think their was a glimmer of hope that Trufant could fall to us at 35( which would be a grandson no BRAINER for us), but now I think there is a better chance that Trufant sneaks into the top 10, then falling to 35

          • GGeagle21

            Correction, grand slam no brainer

          • Richard Colton

            The answer was Jordan. Jordan has the greatest chance of dropping of those three. I won’t be screaming at the TV if we draft him, it’s just that there are questions about him that don’t surround the other elite prospects. Someone at the top could fall in love with him – but I’d say he’s firmly in the same category as Star and Ziggy – could go anywhere in the top 20.

            But hey – I just need Chip & Howie to be smarter than me and get a pro-bowl player at #4. They can’t afford to miss.

          • GGeagle21

            Honestly, I’m not just trying to argue, but I really think there is a better chance that MIlnner drops to 11, than Jordan dropping it of the top 10….When you have the potential to be the best pass rusher in the aft, you don’t make it out the top 10

          • Richard Colton

            You made Ziggy the #2 pick in your mock. Don’t you think he has a higher ceiling than Dion? Again – I prefer an OT, but Im ok with Jordan.

          • GGeagle21

            see, that mock wasn’t about the way I think the draft should unfold…it’s me trying to project what teams want to do. if Ziggy and Dion were both on the board at 4, I would want Dion(we have enough OLB that are questionable in coverage)….but I keep that gut feeling that if the Jags go defense, they go Ziggy. They aren’t set at the predator spot the way we are. A guy that will rush the passer on every play, is probably more important that a SAM who will only rush the passer 70% of the time. Ziggy is a question mark, but I think he is a lot less of a question mark, if you are just going to use him as a predator, and have him pin his ears back every play and rush similarly to a DE in a wide9. I don’t see how their is much bust potential in just asking a freak like Ziggy to Tee Off all day long. now if you want to draft Ziggy and turn him into a 5tec, or a SAM, than his bust potential increases exponentially…..

            I would be curious to hear everyone’s gut picks…the players that for some inexplicable reason your gut tells you are going to a certain team. mine would probably be:
            Ziggy to the Jags
            EJ Manuel to the niners
            Nassib to the Bills
            CYprien to the niners
            Jarvis and the browns

          • You’re entitled to your beliefs, but those beliefs about Jordan are not constructed by your actual witnessing any of what you hope Jordan can bring into the NFL. And there has been no analysis with credibility who eye witnessed Jordan perform to those expectations.

            I’m stating now Jordan will NOT touch a NFL Quarterback or beat a quality Tackles in the league.

            At Oregon over the last two years he constantly got hung up on blocks to often.

            I’ve watched Oregon, and recently made an effort to review Oregon’s games against top opponents this kid is not first round quality.

          • GGeagle21

            wow man….Tough question. I dont think I can pass on 2 number 1 picks for any player…But I will say, if Dion is their at 4, I actually have to stop and think about it…If the Jags take Dion, I would trade as far back and as many times in rd 1 as the other 31 teams allow us, without even thinking about it…because any other player you covet, you can get something comparable to him later in the draft…There is nothing close to as versatile as Jordan who could end up being BOTH the best pass rusher and cover guy. If we arent able to land Dion for one reason or another, Im setting my targets on Jamie Collins later in the draft

  • My reasoning as to why I think the Chiefs will not take Geno:

    *Alex Smith: 2 years and $16 million remaining on his contract. Gave up this years 2nd round pick and a conditional 2014 3rd round pick.

    *Chase Daniels: 3 years $10 mill with around 5 mil guaranteed.

    You just don’t invest this much resources into a position if you plan to take another guy 1st overall. There is no way either of these guys are “back up plans” if they couldn’t get Geno. They have the 1st overall pick, they get whoever they want.

    With the Chiefs openly shopping Albert, a tackle is my guess as to who they are going to take but who really knows. But I’d be willing to bet a large sum of my non-existent fortune that Geno is not their guy. It makes zero sense.

    • That 2 year guarantee was signed in 2011 when Smith was a Free Agent, so there is only one year and $8 Million left under that agreement which the Chiefs absorbed in the trade.

      Basically Alex Smith has a one year guarantee contract for $8 Million.

    • GoBirds1

      Since when does anything Reid does make sense when it comes to player personnel and the draft. The only thing that really made sense was when he drafted McNabb. Same thing this year he takes Geno. Why do you think he went to KC, good talent base, #1 pick to take ‘his’ QB and total control. In case you have not noticed, Reid is a control freak. I am not so sure about Geno, but if I am wrong about the Chiefs, and Geno is on the board, the Birds take him, like it or not.

      • No one has yet to offer a good explanation as to why Andy would give up so many resources on 2 guys if he wanted Geno. “Since when does anything Reid does make sense” is not a practical reason.

        • GGeagle21

          Andy Reid isn’t trying to rebuild with young players. he inherited like 8 probowlers. that team is a lot closer to being a competitor than their record suggest…They already had a good team, with atrocious QB play. In his mind, I’m sure he thinks he is just a QB away. AQUIRING aLex isn’t exactly the same as AQUIRING a Peyton manning. It wouldn’t shock me the least bit seeing Andy take another QB early…It’s not like the Cheifs have a ton of holes to plug. slightly above average Qb play would have them competing for the playoffs

          • Slightly above average QB play is why they traded for Alex Smith. To think Geno is any more of any upgrade is a complete shot in the dark.

            It’s hilarious how everyone all of a sudden thinks Geno is the next great thing and KC is in love with him because of one tweet where they said he was an interesting prospect. That’s exactly what they’re trying to accomplish and it seems to be working on you guys, but I’m sure actual FO minds will see right through it.

  • Damien

    Would love this. We could get Joeckel.

  • CJ

    I trust Kelly, but the more I think about it, the less I think he goes QB in the first round, for a few reasons:

    1) This team has bigger holes, and there seem to be better scheme fits coming out next year.
    2) More importantly, how many regimes survive a miss at QB with a top 5 pick and keep their job? Can he really make that bet this early? Are they that desperate for a QB where they literally cannot use Vick as a one year stop gap and wait for that right player, either to develop with a later pick this year, or to bring in next year?

    Kelly’s smart. If he’s not 1000% sure on Geno, he can afford to wait. This team is such that he can justify the critical need to rebuild a defense, that he still doesn’t have his franchise QB, and that Geno just wasn’t that guy. No need to rush it here, this team isn’t a QB away from a championship by any means.

    • GGeagle21

      I don’t see us taking a QB in the first two rounds..and I wouldn’t be mad if we didn’t touch a QB in this entire draft. The niners built a strong team, and when they finally got ood QB play, they were ready to take off. Missing on top picks is the worst thing that can possibly happen to us. we Need to draft to future probowlers this year, and ATleast 3 other contributors to our future

  • Daniel Jeremiah ‏@MoveTheSticks

    Here are the QB matches I hear most often from NFL sources: Bills-Geno, AZ-Glennon, JAX-Nassib, PHI-Manuel…for what it’s worth.