A Note On Commenting

We are now nearly seven months into this whole Birds 24/7 experiment, and well, things are going great.

You stuck with us through training camp, the ups-and-downs (OK, mostly downs) of a 4-12 season, a coaching change and now what promises to be a busy offseason. We’ll be at the combine, the owners’ meetings and will also have free agency (March 12) covered.

As the site grows, we’re attracting more readers, and many of you are stopping by multiple times a day to see what’s happening, or to discuss the latest news in our comments section. We encourage that.

But we want to make sure that the discussion is thoughtful and respectful. That means no name-calling, personal attacks or individuals trying to dominate the conversation.

Whether the topic is Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson or Chip Kelly, we realize there are going to be disagreements and strong opinions. That’s part of being a sports fan. But the back-and-forth here should remain civil and respectful at all times. The point is to further the conversation, not just win an argument.

Hope that makes sense to everyone. Thanks again for all the support. We look forward to being one of your go-to spots during an exciting offseason.

-Sheil and Tim

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Be respectful of our online community and contribute to an engaging conversation. We reserve the right to ban impersonators and remove comments that contain personal attacks, threats, or profanity, or are flat-out offensive. By posting here, you are permitting Philadelphia magazine and Metro Corp. to edit and republish your comment in all media.

  • UKEagle99

    I for one appreciate all the effort that goes in to producing this. I am a good few thousand miles over the pond but it is my first port of call for all things Eagles. For the most part I thoroughly enjoy engaging with my fellow fans, it is a shame to see the occasional comment(s) take a turn for the worse. Hopefully people can step back, reflect and we can all enjoy this forum in the way it was intended.

    Keep up the outstanding work and I will continue to be one of the members that checks back many times a day to see what both you guys and my peers have to say.

    Go Eagles!

  • Joe Jones

    Thanks guys. I love the site. I actually enjoy the comments too. We can learn from others, even when we don’t share their opinion or views. I read most of the comments and respond to some. Unfortunately, it often turns into a pissing match rather than a conversation about the Eagles.
    I hope that you will enforce the rules you have regarding respectful comments. Thanks again for all of your hard work. Go Birds!!

    • Joe Thomas

      Well said, ain’t nothing better then an intelligent sports debate, nothing worse the pointless arguing to get a rouse

  • Jimbo

    Thanks, Sheil and Tim. This has become the best Eagles site on the Web and your commitment to top-notch content and to keeping the comments civil and constructive is evidence of that. Keep up the great work.

  • Justin

    I hope this site remains around for a good, long while. It’s become my first stop for Eagles news, and any Eagles fans I encounter on other sites, I recommend them to this site. Keep up the good work!

  • Atvcar

    Meh… I prefer free speech… Can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen… They are only words… No one can make anyone “feel” anything with words… Everyone decides for themselves how they react… Don’t give someone power over yourself… Remember they are only words!

    • Atvcar

      That said if you have lower yourself to the lowest common denominater then you probably lost the argument

    • Tom McAllister

      Respectfully asking someone to not act like an asshole has nothing to do with limiting free speech.

      • Atvcar

        But being an asshole is exactly every Americans right… Like it or not it is a free speech issue if anyone starts getting banned for a post… Not sure how it hurts anyone?

        • limodriver2750

          …and you’re insuring that the right is maintained which can be accomplished without being rude about it.

        • ICDogg

          I don’t remember “being an asshole” being enumerated in the Bill of Rights… this is Philly Mag’s platform, they can set whatever rules they like. If you don’t like the rules they set or the way they enforce them, start your own forum somewhere.

        • PaoliBulldog

          Actually, it’s only a First Amendment issue if Congress decides to arrest people who post stupid ideas. Otherwise, what Sheil and Tim do with the comments is their business, not yours.

    • xlGmanlx

      For as long as I have been reading this blog which started during this past season, they might have said something twice….They aren’t exactly “drunk on power” making no one want to view their blog.

    • PaoliBulldog

      Ellipses, so many ellipses! And the cliches, they are coming from either direction! Warning, warning! Danger, danger! Watch out for “words” constrained by “”quotation marks!!!!!!”” Meh! Don’t give up “the” ship”!” Dot dot dot and other meaningless admonitions “” shouldn’t there be a comma somewhere????? POSTING GANGNAM STYLE

  • You guys do an amazing job. Keep it up.

  • D3Keith

    Is there any oomph behind it, or are we on the honor system?

    I agree that the goals should be to advance the conversation, and lack of insight drives me away from sites, while good commenters draw me to others. In a way this is about feeling part of a community, and you guys are doing the right thing by trying to encourage comments that match the level of conversation in the initial blog posts.

    And while it’s nice that you haven’t had to make threats, this is at least the second time you’ve made the plea. Is there any enforcement being considered? With any luck, it won’t have to come to that, but I’m curious.

    • UKEagle99

      I think the problem here is that the odd negative/derogative comment stands out a mile. Can’t blame the guys for wanting the best site around for debate. I get as much from the comments as I do from the articles and would be very disappointed to see this site go the way of others where I do not go near the comments section.

      With regards to oomph, I think once you start banning accounts then those individuals kind of get a purpose in life.

      Soooo.. What are the chances we trade Foles to KC, Vick to the Jets, Edwards back to Buffalo and enter the 2013 season with Dixon as the starting QB? Stranger things have happened…

      • D3Keith

        Have stranger things happened? Because that’d be odd. We’d need at least two more QBs just to fill out the roster.

        Good way to spin the convo forward though.

      • poetx99

        lol. now i’m going to flag you as a vick-hater for trying to trade him back to MM. that would be like somebody trying to trade marc bulger to chicago when martz was there getting cutler cutlered.

        i think the next CBA needs to allow players to sue their OC’s and DC’s for malpractice.

    • xlGmanlx

      The down arrow next to every post allows on the right hand side lets you to flag as inappropriate for admin/mods to check out. The reality is, Tim/Sheil don’t have time to be reporters and full time forum moderators, you see something you don’t wish to see, flag it.

      • limodriver2750

        gotta “sign in” (?) to use *down* arrow but *up* arrow is always available. How do I stay signed in?

        • limodriver27

          Found my answer but thnx anyway. Go Birds.

      • D3Keith

        Trust, not many people know better than I that it’s time-consuming to curate and come up with content for a blog, as well as police it. I wasn’t requesting the writers’ participation so much as asking what the direction was.

        Looks to me like just a vote up/vote down feature, not a way to flag the moderators/editors. Correct me if I’m wrong there. Flagging can be helpful, but I don’t think that’s needed here yet. Looks like they’re trying to nip it in the bud before it really becomes a problem.

        Letting comments devolve does drive people away, and including people and raising the bar does bring them back.

        There is more than one way to do the comments, and I’m not sure one is more right than the other. When I posted a lot in the semi-early years of BGN, I liked that the community was self-policing. You had to earn your stripes before anyone would even reply to you, and it encouraged people to put thought into their comments.

        I’m a big fan of vote up/down — I think it helps people realize what works and what doesn’t. The guys here that get a rise out of people seem to enjoy it, but also are appreciated for their content, not just their tone.

        In a sense, it’s incumbent upon all of us to use our best instincts. I’ve found over the years that ignoring the posts you don’t like works a lot better than trying to argue with those posters. Silence stings a lot more than anything you could say back. In short, don’t feed the trolls.

        • xlGmanlx

          Not saying you were asking etc, just wanted to point out since some folks might not know. The far right part of the comment has a tiny down triangle. When you click it, it allows you to flag as inappropriate, which should get their attention.

      • Bob A

        The down arrow is not a flag, it means you disagree. I might down arrow a comment that says that there is no way Nick Files could function in a Chip Kelly offense. That means I don’t agree, not that the comment was inappropriate.They would have to add a flag for those.I’d like to think now that they’ve asked twice that people who are abusive will see themselves and knock it off.Tim and Sheil shouldn’t have to be hall monitors.

        • xlGmanlx

          Bob – Common misconception and why i pointed it out, if you notice, I said top right, the up/down is located in the bottom left. On the same line as the name, all the way to the right you see a “-” | down arrow. The down arrow allows you to flag as inappropriate. This will be pretty much the same for all discus based commenting sections, which this and igglesblitz both are, hope that helps.

          • Bob A

            I see the place you’re referring to now. Thanks.

    • >Is there any oomph behind it, or are we on the honor system?

      I think our favorite orange friend was asked to take a little vacation last week.

  • Joe thomas

    You call this a good site for eagles need then you are right. Love it, can we get some info on Dee Miliner from Alabama, I think the secondary could use him, and maybe Mathis I believe from LSU as a 3Rd round addition
    With jarious bryd what ya think

    • Joe Thomas


      • Joe Jones

        I hope Mathieu has his head together and I too would take a chance on him. When our defense was great, we excelled at taking the ball away. We need to get good at that again. Mathieu is very good at taking the ball away.

        • PaoliBulldog

          Mathieu is the same height as Boykin and Kelly has expressed a love for height at most positions. I’m not sure there’s room on the roster for another Smurf CB.

    • Joe Jones

      We need an infusion of talent in every area with the exception of RB. I really want to see our early picks on difference makers on defense. Switching to a 3-4 or 4-3 under requires a rush LB who can really get there. I dont know if either Mingo or Dion Jordan is the answer, but Chip should….he had Jordan for 3 yrs, so he knows him better than anyone in the league. Oregon played LSU 2 yrs ago I think, so he’s seen Mingo up close as well.
      I dont know what we’re gonna do at 4. I really dont know Joeckel well enough to stump for him, but yes, we need to get younger on the O line. I just dont know if spending a premium pick like the 4th pick on an OT unless he is dominant is a good use of resources. I hope we grab Jake Long or Sebastian Vollmer in FA, then we can use our 1st rounder on a defender.
      Like many, I really hope we can trade down, pick up an extra 2nd and still get Mingo or Jordan or Sheldon Richardson from Missouri. After the combine, we should have a clearer picture of the top 10.
      With free agency in March and the draft in April, this is an exciting time to be an Eagles fan.

  • A Roy

    Like the site. Read it regularly. Usually twice a day…once for wake up call and once late in the day to see if anything happened. I rarely read the comments and hardly ever comment because you have two individuals who try to dominate the board. If I had to give a grade, it would be a solid B or a B+ so far.

  • limodriver2750

    Sheil and Tim: I’ve been with you guys since you kicked off and can’t tell you how much I enjoy the insight you both offer, as well as by the comments of the readers since it gives me a feel of what the locals are thinking.
    What turns me off and keying away from the site is the name-calling and lack of respect of fellow readers, simply because of a different viewpoint. I can only imagine what first-time readers think when they see that nonsense.
    Those that offend know who they are, and I certainly wouldn’t mind some reaction from the Mods (1st amendment rights be damned) when they go over the edge. If you don’t agree with an opinion, fine, but there’s no reason to be rude with your verbal behavior.
    Let’s all try to be kind to each other. It really takes no effort at all.

  • xlGmanlx

    There are truly one or two dopes on this site, they know who they are.

    • ICDogg


  • I’m all for this sentiment. The first amendment doesn’t mean you can come into someone else’s shop and start talking however you feel. It means you can set up your own shop and say whatever you feel like there.

    • Atvcar

      Not true… Not even close.

      • hairpants

        Actually, that’s pretty close to true. The first amendment prevents the government from placing certain limits on speech. It generally doesn’t prevent private citizens from limiting what other people say in their homes, in their businesses or on their websites.

      • PaoliBulldog

        Not even intelligent. Dot dot dot.

    • knighn

      I’m agreeing with Joseph Kaye here. The first amendment does grant you the right to free speech. It also grants you the right to accept the consequences for saying something that is just inappropriate. Go ahead and say something particularly insulting about your boss or your employer and it is well within THEIR rights to fire you. Heck, if what you have said is considered damaging enough, your boss or employer even have the right to sue you. “Freedom of speech” doesn’t mean that you get to say whatever you want, however you want, whenever you damn well please without having to face the consequences for doing so.

  • laeagle

    Thanks again guys for everything you do. Love the insight, reportage, and analysis. And as I’ve always said, we come here for something a cut above the average tripe; it would be nice if the debates captured that spirit as well. You can disagree with someone without acting like a child, and you can criticize the team like an intelligent human instead of a poo-flinging monkey. I’m hoping your words and your example lead to more humans and less feces monkeys.

  • dave v

    My only comment is slightly negative. .. if the name is Eagles 24/7… Then it needs more frequent updates

    • limodriver27

      With all due respect, these guys are on top of anything that happens, ANYtime, but your comment comes at the absolute slowest time of the year. Yes, there are things happening within the team, but it appears that we’re dealing with another Big Red when it comes time to reveal team-related news. Kelly tells us only what we need to know, only when he feels it’s time to reveal it.

    • D3Keith

      I think they’re doing a nice job with the frequency. Helps to have a two-man crew. There’s always stuff to review and go over, but at the same time, I don’t want to them to post just to post. I like that most of the posts are meaningful, not just regurgitated fluff.

      We get way more quality Eagles chatter than ever before. Let’s not push our luck.

    • PaoliBulldog

      Well then, maybe they should call it “Eagles whenever slightly negative dave v gets impatient.” Or how about “Eagles 168/365?”

    • xlGmanlx

      Not much to talk about right now

    • Johnny Domino

      If they didn’t have to worry about meeting the needs of troglodytes and constitutional scholars there might be more time.

    • poetx99

      *exercises FREEDOMS to file a false advertising lawsuit against Eagles 24/7 for being, in fact, only 21.6/6.8.*

      *uses proceeds to open up Eagles 7/11*

      *gets sued for carcinogens found in green slurpee dye*

  • Smokey

    I like your site. I visit almost every day. I’ve been an Eagles fan since the times of Joe Kuharick (not sure about the spelling). I was just a kid. I remember Joe pacing the sidelines in his dark suit and white socks. I thought he was a bad dresser.I tried to understand what kind of man would wear white socks with a dark suit. I half expected to see him with a lunch bag in one hand. I had no idea what football was had no idea what was going on in the game but I liked watching Joe. There were plenty of “Joe Must Go” signs in the stadium too. The fans even chanted “Joe must go.” It took me a while to connect the dots but I remember considering and finally understanding that Joe was the guy in white socks and he must not be very good because so many people wanted him to go. And that was the beginnng of my interest in the Eagles. Over the years I began to understand that something was wrong with the Eagles. They sucked year after years. They weren’t just bad, they were really, really bad. Yet I rooted for the Eagles and followed everything that they did. It’s like a relationship with a woman where not much works well but the sex is great. You know it doesn’t make sense but somehow if feel so good that you just can’t stop.

    I’m still here, looking everyday for news on what the team is doing. I don’t understand it. I see it as my personal jones, sort of like having a an uncontrollable porn habit. I’m a grown man. I should know better. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • PaoliBulldog

      Kuharich, for what it’s worth.

  • Absecon

    Best Eagles info site on the web! Thanks for all you guys do!

  • AlaskaFan

    Just wanted to say that I am one of those guys who checks in at least once a day to get your latest – even when crossing the Atlantic in December! Thanks much for a great job. (For what its worth I rarely even read the comments, it is your reports, opinions and analysis that keeps bringing me back.)

  • Shane Brown

    The site is great and is one of my regular blog reads now. Thanks for all the great posts guys

  • PaoliBulldog

    If I could make a suggestion to the IT department — instead of asking TM/SK to “ban” posters, could we just be able to mark other posters as “invisible” so that we can be spared on an individual basis rather than en bloc?

    • limodriver27

      quite a good suggestion altho the IT dept doesn’t always respond.

      • PaoliBulldog

        I presume this message board is driven by third party technology licensed by PhillyMag. If so, such a feature ought to be available without further customization. Rule of thumb: if I have an idea, then someone else thought of it long before I did and implemented it way better than I could have.

  • Atvcar

    Well as stimulating as this clever bunch of posts has been — (did I use that right?) That’s all I can stands I can’t stand no mo!

  • gruvi

    I see that the requests from the authors, asking those commenting to not dominate the conversation, is too difficult a request afterall.

    • gruvi

      I’m just going to write it. I believe they had atvcar in mind regarding the domination of conversation point. Please, atvcar, get away from the internet or just make a comment and walk away.

  • mrparabolic

    Shove it up yer… er, I mean…

    I wholeheartedly agree. Birds 24/7 is my favorite Eagles news site and the tone of the commentary is a huge part of that. Thanks for maintaining the decorum guys.

  • Loke2112

    There are a few Trolls that have appeared recently no doubt. About the site I will say it’s very informative but not nearly as critical as I feel it should be. This organization should be held more accountable by the local media for the lack of Championships and poor decisions made over the last 6-8 years and I personally don’t feel you guys are doing your fair share. That said I still read some of what you have to say but would enjoy it much more if you could hold the Eagles feet to the fire so to speak..

    • Bob A

      I think they do a good job of simply reporting the things most Eagles fans will see as mistakes and let others comment on the implications. I have heard them enough on 97.5 where I can tell when they can’t believe that the Eagles made a certain move.Even in their posts,you can read it between the lines, they just don’t beat you over the head with it like some journalists.

  • Explorer51

    Sheil and Tim, first, thanks for creating such an interesting, well written, and well researched site. And second, kudos to you for requesting that the comments be constructive and thoughtful; I always find it humorous when someone thinks that the First Amendment means that they have a protected right to be an a**hole! Here’s to a fascinating Eagles off-season…

  • limodriver27

    I trust this discussion has made its point.

  • I should get a pass for being one of the First, but I don’t blow anyone up on the inet anyways so fair is fair lol

  • poetx99

    commenting on your comments about commenting is just a wee bit ‘meta’, but i agree with your comments about commenting, and would like to compliment you on the both your commenting comments as well as the overall site.

    i was very excited when this was launched and tim and sheil (as well as the folks behind the scenes who’ve provided the clean design and the pretty seamless upkeep) have exceeded my expectations. great job. we appreciate the quality and the care that goes into it and are glad that you are being proactive about improving the experience for everyone.

    and even MORE appreciative that i don’t have to give you my FB id or credit card to post. because i’d be ghost.

  • Brett “the Manfe” Banfe

    Feeling this post. It is only natural that it needs to be said at all. Not trying to hate today but sincerely want us to take this request to heart! Then let’s win a friggin Super Bowl so we can all chill out a bit!