Eagles Wake-Up Call: Prepping For the 3-4

There is a good chance the Eagles switch over to a 3-4 under Chip Kelly — a sizable project in what will turn out to be a rather extensive remodeling effort this offseason.

Kelly hasn’t publicly committed to the transition, and perhaps it would be best to officially have a defensive coordinator in place before doing so. But there is a sense that he would like to make the move.

According to Howie Roseman, the team’s preparations for such a change predate Kelly coming on board.

“What we do when we have have our meetings is make sure we are talking about guys in different schemes,” said Roseman. “As you can see, Andy [Reid] went to a 3-4 in Kansas City and he’s always talking about versatility. In the last year or two we’ve been talking about getting versatile players. When we have our first meetings in December we’re making sure that we’re talking about them in both schemes on defense and what they can do in different schemes so that if we were to make a transition, we could do that more readily.”

Fletcher Cox is a perfect example of what Roseman is talking about. Most seem to believe he could move outside in a 3-4 and do very well. But not everyone comes off as a natural fit. How would Trent Cole and Brandon Graham fare, for example? Graham is on record as saying that he would welcome the chance to take his fist out of the dirt, but could he realistically cover well enough? How would Vinny Curry do?

There are questions to work through. It can be done, but it will take some tweaking to get it right. Some pieces will need to be added (tackle sticks out in particular), some subtracted.

And what of DeMeco Ryans? He was arguably the Eagles’ best defensive player last season, but part of the Texans’ reasoning for shipping him to Philadelphia had to do with him not fitting in a 3-4. Kelly needs to figure out how much truth there is in that.

“He’s a good player,” said Roseman of Ryans. “Good players play in any scheme — they are able to adjust — and DeMeco is a good player.”

Kelly says he hasn’t watched enough film to determine whether the team has what it take to make the change, and make it somewhat painlessly. It will be interesting to see just how deep the reshaping will go if and when he pulls the trigger.


Will Kelly alter his practices now that he’s in the bigs? Sheil takes a look.

Gus Bradley talked about the crazy stir he caused for a moment in Philly.

Oregon lineman Kyle Long takes us inside a Chip Kelly teaching moment.

Florida State quarterback EJ Manuel wants to play for Kelly.


Speaking of Manuel, a recent mock draft done by Peter Schrager of Fox Sports boldly has the Florida State QB going seventh overall.

By the time the Senior Bowl, the combine, and all the pre-draft second, third, and fourth guessing is done — EJ Manuel will leap over Matt Barkley, Tyler Bray, Geno Smith, Ryan Nassib and all the rest of the other quarterbacks ranked above him on other mock drafts. Bruce Arians is going to bring a new and innovative offense to Arizona, and though the offensive line needs to be addressed, Arians goes with a quarterback and a fresh new start in the desert. Manuel has the height, athleticism, experience, and  leadership to be a great quarterback in this league. Seeing all the new wrinkles, formations, and possibilities he used in Indianapolis and what other coordinators did in Seattle, Washington, and San Francisco this season — Manuel is the guy. I could be wrong — I’ve been wrong many times before — but I like the Florida State kid’s game in the pros more than Geno Smith or Matt Barkley’s.

Jim Washburn talked to the Detroit Free Press about landing a gig with the Lions, and his time in Philly.

Washburn, who’s not coaching with the Lions in the Senior Bowl, as he recovers from shoulder-replacement surgery, spent the last two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles but was fired in December, during their 4-12 season.

He said he was happy to be in a place where the focus is on football again.

“I enjoyed my time with the Eagles, but, wow, it’s different,” he said. “Just wasn’t a good fit. But this is a perfect fit.”


More Senior Bowl coverage live from Mobile.

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  • Juanita

    Fit THIS, Wash!

  • theycallmerob

    either defense still needs CB’s and safeties

    • The good news is that this draft is extremely deep at safety.

      Kenny Vaccaro, Texas
      Eric Reid, LSU
      Tony Jefferson, OU
      TJ McDonald, USC
      Philip Thomas, Fresno
      Baccari Rambo, Georgia
      Shawn Williams, Georgia
      Matt Elam, Florida

      Any of them could go as high as the early 2nd round (and a couple will go in the 1st). That means the Eagles don’t have to reach and can afford to wait unless one of those players jumps out at them.

      • theycallmerob

        Could not agree with you more…plus a ton of other “small college” DB’s who have looked OK too (and whoever shines at the combine).
        I would much rather have a sensible draft, where it seems deep at many of our needs, than risk something crazy with that #4 and #35 pick (i.e., any QB).

        I’m curious if Kelly’s knowledge with some of these players, particularly those in the PAC-12, will give us a leg up on some deep sleeper/late round picks.

      • JofreyRice

        You can probably add small schooler Jonathan Cyprien to that list. From what I’ve read, he’s having a great week in Mobile, and is rising amongst scouting circles. Physical guy, that’s been very talkative–the defense could use someone like that. I’m not enamored with Reid or McDonald, but their physical talents are undeniable.

        I’d love to see the Eagles draft two safeties. Maybe they go CF/in the box type with a combo like Thomas/Elam, or maybe they go for 2 “well rounded” skill types like Jefferson/Rambo. I wouldn’t be against them even trading back and taking Vaccaro in the 1st, and someone who’s a little out of favor, like Amerson in the third.

        • Just took a look at Cyprien and he is definitely not the well-rounded type. He is a featherweight who can get run over and struggles to tackle but he is a very rangy ballhawk and can really cover.


    • Amen

  • 1972

    I find it ironic that a team historically bad at drafting linebackers wants an additional one on the field every down.
    IF we were a 3-4 last year or backers would have been ryans kendricks matthews and chaney..YIKES!!! time for a major upgrade.. Jarvis jones maybe?

    • johngiam

      LOKI! LOKI! LOKI!…. Wouldnt mind trading back and snbagging Dion Jordon either!

      I would trade back in the 1st round as many times as possibly and pick up a bunch of extra top 100 picks…even if you trade all the way back to 23, there will still be a player that can really help us: vaccaro,ogletree,okafor,barret jones, jonathon Cooper, xavier rhodes, jesse williams,

      • 1972

        i’ll take quality over quantity. Loki it is…U cant deny superstar talent

    • FMWarner

      That’s true, but you also have to factor in that the regime that was bad at drafting linebackers is gone.

    • someone

      Ummm actually Its more like you’re adding one less linebacker and one more lineman because we would be dropping our current starting ends to be outside linebackers Graham and Cole who both were projected to be pass rushing outside linebackers anyway which means our two middle linebackers would be Ryans and Kendrick who both played very well at linebacker so I have no doubt that we would actually have great starting linebackers. I would be very surprised if we took a linebacker early I’m expecting us to take Star sense he is a very talented NT and could help with the switching to a 3-4 defense and I don’t expect us to take a CB because I’ pretty sure they’ll give Asomugha one more chance and They’ll resign DRC.

      • 1972

        coles not a linebacker , period. id take jarvis jones or star in a 3-4 scheme.And if they keep both corners the the eagles will be as soft as they were in 2012. U CANNOT KEEP NNAMDI ON THIS ROSTER.I hear he’s not a team guy in the locker room and on top of that he cant cover anymore.

        The guy eats his lunch in his car instead of the team cafeteria. U want that loser on your team??

        • “someone” is right. The 3-4 actually reduces the number of linebackers who have to play behind the D-line in their base defense from 3 to 2. Those are the players the Eagles have previously had trouble acquiring.

        • someone

          No team has enough pick to replace every veteran player and they need veterans especially with an offensively minded head coach and more then likely a college defensive coordinator they need people that actually Know the NFL. Patterson is a great player great leader and the best run stopper on the whole team so he should still be on the team. DRC was the best CB we had so I would be shocked if he isn’t back and I have never heard that Asomugha was not a team player all I’ve ever heard is that everyone loves him and he is a great leader so he should be given another chance in a new scheme and especially sense he is willing to cut his salary. And Just so you know Cole has been dropping into coverage the same amount of times as Ware or Clay Matthews so if you call them Linebackers then it shouldn’t be too hard to call Cole a linebacker (Cole is one of the best players on Defense and It make no sense that you start hating him after one bad season when he has been one of the most consistently good players sense he became a starter and he’s definitely not passed his prime) Oh and Graham is NOT a 3-4 D lineman period.

          • 1972

            U said great way too many times in ur post. U my friend are delusional. Patterson and nnamdi are great players ? and great leaders? im all for hyperbole but come on man. u cant serious!?

    • Those would not have been the Eagles linebackers in a 3-4. Ryans and Kendricks would have been the two ILB and our defensive ends would have to convert to buck linebacker (or they look for them in the draft). Freeney and Mathis converted pretty easily last year. That’s really not the hard part of the switch. It’s finding 3 defensive linemen who can do the work of 4 men. Fletcher Cox is a beast, so I know we already have one of those types. Cullen Jenkins can probably get it done for one more year. The question is NT (and what kind of NT).

      • 1972

        i dont like the freeney mathis comparisons.we dont have any 3-4 lineman currently on the roster( maybe graham) cullen jenkins is shot. i cant stand that guy

        • Freeney and Mathis went from 4-3 DE (playing a lot of 9 technique) to 3-4 OLB. How is that not comprable to what the Eagles would be asking Cole and Graham to do?

          The guys currently on the roster who the Eagles would ask to play on the line are Cox (fits any scheme), Jenkins (already did it in GB), Thornton (very enticing prospect to me), plus Patterson/Dixon, possibly Curry (looks like a possible tweener in this scheme right now) and whoever they draft.

          • 1972

            Maybe because i dont like cole is why i dont like the comparison. lol

            u put jarvis jones at that spot and cox next to him, then im in…Jenkins is old, time for him to go, i like dixon at the nose if we dont get star, and patterson’s no longer on the team.

            2013 front 7 IMO

            jarvis jones, fletcher cox, antonio dixon, thornton,brandon graham,ryans, kendricks,
            Thats not bad, only problem i have is if you were thinking about changing schemes why draft curry in the 2nd round??? wasted pick

          • Patterson is still under contract.

            Curry was considered a fit for the 3-4 at the draft. It’s impossible to say that certain players can’t fit the defense before they even get a shot.

          • 1972

            sorry about that, your right. another veteran mistake by reid. i wont kill mike too much because of his condition but damn why did every veteran player play like trash this season????

          • 1. Desean Jackson is the only contract I am aware of that was directly handled by Reid.

            2. Mike Patterson signed his last contract in 2007 at age 24 only a couple years after being drafted. That was a Joe Banner Special.

            3. Mike Patterson’s dead money if cut is $0.

            4. I don’t want Mike Patterson to be cut and I’m glad he’s under contract. He has been an underrated player in his time here.

  • jon h

    Peter schraeger was also the guy saying kapernick should be the qb in sf (that was when alex smith was the starter)

  • JofreyRice

    Yeah, I think the idea that DeMeco was traded because of “not fitting in a 3-4” has been thoroughly debunked by people who watched the Texans defense in 2011, and how Wade Phillips runs it. Check out any games on NFL Rewind from DeMeco last year, and you’ll see that for the 60% of the snaps he’s in on for their base defense, he’s a good defender.

    IMO, 3-4 vs. 4-3 is really more semantics than anything else–it’s all about gaps. The eagles are running a 1 gap 4-3. From the sounds of it, they’d be transitioning to a 1 gap 3-4. Hardly anybody runs a 2 gap 3-4 anymore–Crennel was trying to do it in Cleveland, and it kind of hurt their defense. Atlanta running a “4-3” had John Abraham in a two point stance alongside 3 down linemen, for a large portion of the NFCCG. Honestly, I don’t know enough about the specifics of Oregon’s defense, but if it’s in the mold of attacking 1 gap 3-4’s, and that’s what Kelly’s going to attempt to duplicate in Philly, I don’t see a problem.

    Another thing to bear in mind when thinking about Cole or Graham in a 3-4 is that when you say they’ll have to be in coverage sometimes, it’s not like they’ll regularly have to cover Julio Jones or Calvin Johnson. They’ll be covering the flat, or short zones. They aren’t going to be manning up on Rob Gronkowski down the seam. Guys like Demarcus Ware & Clay Matthews drop out about 10-15% of the time, tops–that’s around what the D-Ends dropped out in Jim Johnson’s zone-blitz 4-3 scheme. They’re both very good at flowing down the line on perimeter run plays, so I could actually see them doing OK in that role. I don’t know that I’d necessarily draft a guy like Vinny Curry or Brandon Graham to drop in coverage 20% of the time, but I think they can make it work for now.

    It would probably help to have a better penetrating Nose Tackle. Dixon has the size, but his failure to adapt to the Wide 9 makes me think he’s a block eater more than penetrator. Maybe Patterson could do it, maybe they get a guy like Star or Jesse Williams to do that.

    • Great analysis.. I’d add only that Antonio Dixon could be an excellent 3-4 nose tackle, because most of them ARE space-eaters and not penetrators; their job is to take on a double-team, and I think he’d do well in that role (as would Patterson, and they could rotate to keep them fresh).

    • I agree with you that differences tend to be overblown and the Eagles have a number of players who fit both schemes, but there is more than semantics to the difference between the 3-4 and the 4-3. Because there are fewer down linemen, the 3-4 gives the offense (especially the linemen) a lot more to think about before and during the play, because there are many more possible plays pressure could come from and many different ways that combo blocks could unfold. An offensive line generally needs more complicated protection rules against an aggressive 3-4.

      For instance, in a 3-4, the Eagles would typically bring their three down linemen plus any combination of Graham, Cole and Kendricks. This invites a lot more opportunities to overload one side of the protection and get the coveted free blitzer. It’s also easier to bait a blocker into committing to someone who doesn’t even rush at all, effectively wasting him.

      4-3 defenses can show different looks too (like when we had the “Joker” look), but it is harder to disguise blitzers and not leave yourself vulnerable to smart QBs when you show four down linemen.

      Also NT doesn’t have to be a gap-shooting player like Jay Ratliff used to be. One-gappers and two-gappers can be employed on the same line (the Patriots do this a lot with Wilfork).

      There’s a behemoth at Tennessee named Daniel McCullers who could turn into that kind of player:


      • JofreyRice

        Yep, adds intrigue to the pre-snap look you can give the QB. That being said, I still pretty much maintain most of the league is running a 1 gap system, whether it’s 3-4 or 4-3; I don’t think the defenses are nearly as different as they used to be. Guys like Isaac Sopoaga and Shaun Cody have been able to play NT for high-level 3-4 defenses precisely because it’s become more about penetration than gap control. Wilfork may have been a bad example since the Patriots are truly a hybrid defense, and move Wilfork around to get matchups, weekly, since he’s such a special player.

        Yeah, McCullers is an interesting prospect. He’s so huge, he could probably play 1 gap and 2 gap simultaneously. You almost wonder if he’s too big–keeping his pad level low and maintaining his conditioning is going to be a big key in his continued development.

      • The Guru

        No one cares about your college scouting reports. You have no credibility whatsoever.

  • The Guru

    Does anyone really care if Trent Cole is a fit for the 3-4? He may not be a fit for the 4-3 after his performance last year. If they are going the 3-4 route, draft Star at your NT, move Cox and Jenkins to your DEs, Ryans/Kendricks are your ILBs, Graham is one OLB, I guess you’d have to find another….maybe Trent Cole until Nov. 1st (until he disappears like he does every year).

    And stop with this Ryan got traded because he couldn’t play in the 3-4. He got traded for one simple reason…..Money.

    • JofreyRice

      Agreed. I don’t have the same view of Cole that you do–that he’s always been a fraud–but clearly, he’s not the guy you commit to a scheme for anymore. They can always use him for 3rd down rush packages if he’s still got gas left in the tank as a passrusher.

      I’ve never seen Vinny Curry stand up, but I’m pretty sure he’d have to try and adapt, considering they just spent a 2nd rounder on him last year. Maybe Curry plays the Aldon Smith role (mostly just a standup passrusher) and Graham plays the Ahmad Brooks role (more coverage responsibilities, but still playing close to the line and rushing a lot).

      • 1972

        cole makes too much money to be a specialist. goodbye!!!!!!! reid over valued and reuped his veteran players and they sucked this year!!!

        • JofreyRice

          Hopefully he shows something in TC. I don’t think he was absolutely horrible this year, but he did have a major falloff. I think if they cut him this year, it costs 6.5 million.

          I’m not sure it was Reid that re-upped these guys, but it’s possible. It’s pretty clear that Joe Banner was the guy who had the never re-sign near 30 years old philosophy, because they’ve been extending and signing guys near that age for the past 2 years. My personal opinion is that Roseman is behind it, because since he’s been aboard, the way the franchise does business is way different, but maybe Andy won the powerplay between he & Banner, and finally started re-signing guys that were older.

          • aub32

            I think it’s 8.5 to cut him. It’s actually cheaper to keep him, 6.5.

      • borntosuffer

        I thought Cole was known for playing the run very well. Maybe he can rotate between the “Ahmad Brooks” role you mention and rotate to the line on passing downs.

        • JofreyRice

          It could shake out like that. Obviously, they’ll have to sort of judge the way the guys respond to the change in responsibilities and alignment, and figure out which role suits them best. I was really just shooting from the hip about the possibilities, in terms of roles. Ahmad Brooks actually rushes from a 3 point stance a significant amount of the time, so it’s not like whoever filled his role (if they used the 49ers archetype) wouldn’t get a chance to pin their ears back and rush the passer.

    • UKEagle99

      Agree re the money. They deemed Cushing the better option and traded Meco. Meco is our better option, it’s not that he can’t play in 3-4 it’s more to do with he only played about 45% of snaps and was coming back from the achilles.

    • borntosuffer

      Have to side with @JR in that I don’t feel Cole has always been a fraud. He obviously dropped off last year. But, the D was a mess in general. Ryans/Kendricks as ILB sounds good to me.

  • Sensei

    Please not the 3-4

  • aub32

    I think a switch to the 3-4 is more difficult than some realize.

    DE- We have Cox, and I no doubt that he would succeed. However, I don’t know if Jenkins is what he used to be. Also, C. Thorton may not be suitable for the switch either. Not to mention, outside of these 3 no one else fits the bill. Therefore we need depth at DE.

    NT- The argument can be made for Dixon here, however I am not sure he has the mental toughness to be double teamed constantly. Add to the fact he may need to play more with Kelly’s up tempo offense, and my concern greatly increases. He may not fit the bill, and there is no one on this team currently that can fill that position.

    ILB- No argument here. Wade Phillips clearly needs faster LBs with his scheme, evident when Cushing went down. I think Meco should be okay if he is asked to do things within his physical abilities.

    OLB- This is my biggest concern. I am not as down on Cole as some of you. The guy had a bad year. However, he is still the most proven player on this D. he had double digit sacks the past three years and has been touted as one of the better run stuffing DEs in the league. He was on a bad defense in a poor scheme that got both his DC and position coach fired. Switching to a 3-4 would make our best pass rusher obsolete. Also, Curry, who we spent a 2nd round pick on just last season, is not very well suited for a 3-4, per the draft reports I read on him. Once again we face the problem with depth even if we draft a stud OLB.

    • Graham

      Good analysis. I think we should be staying at a 4-3 as well… suits personnel better and if CK is going to do what he says, then he will stay with 4-3 because IT SUITS THE PERSONNEL THE BEST…. Hopefully he realizes that when he does analysis and 24/7 tape analysis

    • Cox fits any scheme and Thornton looks like the prototype for a 3-4 DE. That’s actually one aspect of the move I would be most excited about. Jenkins is a DE fit too, and it’s something he did very well before in Green Bay. I wouldn’t be worried about our new DEs with this switch.

      As for our old DEs, did the 3-4 make Freeney and Mathis obsolete? Their technique is going to have to change, but their job responsibilities really don’t. The hard part of this switch is finding the right NT.

      • The Guru

        The fact you keep comparing Graham/Cole to Freeney/Mathis is making me have to shit. In their wildest dreams, Graham and Cole couldn’t be those two.

        • Unfortunately, the point I am making is slightly more nuanced than FREENEY GOOD, COLE BAD.

          It’s about pigeon-holing players because you are used to seeing them in a particular scheme and not giving their versatility the benefit of the doubt. Freeney and Mathis were considered the prototypical 4-3 DE pass-rushing tandem, but the Colts had enough courage to buck the conventional wisdom with those two and had faith in their ability to adapt. Veteran players need not be written off as “obsolete” simply because they are being put in a situation that the fan is not used to seeing.

          • The Guru

            You’re also ignoring the point that the two Indy DEs are so talented that they can make the switch. Cole is not talented enough in either a 3-4 or a 4-3 so your point is absolutely ridiculous (as usual).

          • Trent Cole sucks and you hate him. That’s great and all but it has nothing to do with scheme. Thanks for your input.

          • The Guru

            Do us a favor and bring up some more YouTube videos of the San Jose St punt returner. Your moronic comparison again proves you’re a freaking dope who doesn’t know football

  • pressleyj

    No problem with Cole staying. He may not have had a lot of sacks this year but he did do well against the run most downs. I believe sack numbers for this team was compromised by the line coach Wash. and his disconnect from the defense as a whole. Patterson is not a space eater at nose, he’s a penetrating tackle. Like him for his consistency but if we go 3-4 he will most likely be out. Dixon is big but he also is a penetrating tackle as well. I just don’t see him just taking up blockers in the middle. About Ryans, remember he was just a year removed from major surgery so that may have played into how he played the 3-4 also.

  • Sensei

    I don’t understand what good switching would do the team at this point the front 7 was not the problem no matter what front the defense plays safeties and corner backs have to do their job

    • Everything on a defense is connected. The problems with the front 4 rippled throughout the entire defense last year.

      For instance, the whole idea of the wide-9 as a base defense is that it’s a passing league, so the Eagles were going to sell out against the pass. But when the front 4 couldn’t adjust to extra attention, that wide front actually started killing the Eagles pass defense. That’s because the Eagles asked their safeties to take on a lot more run responsibilities to compensate for the wide gaps underneath the offensive tackles. Opponents exploited that with play action that sucked the Eagles safeties into the box. Suddenly you had 6+ players (including at least one of your safeties) committed to the run when the other team is looking to pass the ball. That spells disaster in a passing league. The result was Eagles safeties and corners glaring at each other busted play after busted play.

      My point is not to exonerate the Eagles safeties, but to show how a flaw in your scheme up front can wind up exposing the greatest weakness in your entire defense, even if it is with a completely different part of the unit.

      • Sensei

        That is true and a good point as there is no way the safeties are that bad that quickly (they were average before) my problem is I don’t think switching to the 3-4 will be the solution I believe the personnel currently on the team fit the 4-3 better specifically Cox who can play in any scheme but I believe he will have a bigger impact in the 4-3

  • ClydeSide

    It’s possible the Eagles will play both 3-4 and 4-3 depending on the opponent and the situation–as the Patriots and Jets do.

  • We need to worry about the DB’s and the QB’s right now….to me that’s the first order business if you ask me. We started the season with two of our starting O-lineman hurt….that’s ridiculous. Nnamdii……is a mess. I not gonna say he’s overrated, but he is definitely not on Darrell Revis’s level……I think letting Asante go was the right move….to me he’s softer than Nnamdi…the only thing Asante does good is read the QB’s eyes and jump in for a pic here and now…..he can’t tackle to save his life.

    I want physical DB’s like when Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent played…..B-Dawk was back at safety…..everyone was physical……shoot even Michael Lewis could tackle……now it seems like no one wants contact. Everyone just lowers their helmet hoping to trip someone up.

    I love the speed of DRC and Nnamdi, but there coverage needs work…..we have to be able to play solid man defense in order to allow our Linebackers to blitz like we use to…….now it just seem like we run zone blitzes and get gashed up the seem for 20+ yards……woooh….so many problems………I hope we get it done.

  • Here’s something that was written pre-draft about Curry in the 3-4:

    “While other players like Coples, Ingram and Upshaw were the superstar defensive ends of the Senior Bowl, Curry put together an impressive week that really helped his draft stock. He had success going against highly-touted offensive tackle Mike Adams. The week started extremely well when Curry checked in at 6-foot-3, 265-pounds. For the majority of the past couple of seasons, he was viewed as a 3-4 outside linebacker.

    Curry still could play that position because of his raw speed and athleticism, but he showed the strength and size to be a 4-3 defensive end in the NFL. Curry was a base end in a 4-3 defense in college, so he already has a lot of experience lining up with his hand in the ground. Everybody knew that Curry was a quality pass rusher, but he performed well against the run also. It was an impressive week that really should open some doors for him to 4-3 defenses.”

    — WalterFootball

  • CydeSide

    I keep hearing the buzzword “VERSATILITY”: With the right NT (like Wilfork) you can play a blend of 3-4 and 4-3 like the Patriots. Wilfork 2 gaps and so does one of the DEs. So on one side they use a 3-4 alignment. On the other side a tackle and an end 1-gap, as in a 4-3 alignment. By having the NT and one DE 2 gap, the outside linebackers can blitz, drop into coverage and attack running backs all over the field. This is VERSATILITY. Remember that word–I think that’s where they are going with this. The problem with Belichick’s scheme right now is that he doesn’t have great talent to play it. But the scheme is smart as hell. You think Kelly knows this? VERSATILITY. Coming to a team near you.

    Watch for Jenkins GA. The war daddy of all war daddies. Two gap warrior. Our NT?

    • Check out Jonathan Hankins from tOSU. He is the real dancing bear that Jenkins is not:


      The Eagles could move back slightly to get him and pick up a good pick.