Report: Bradley Will Interview With Jaguars

The Eagles are letting Gus Bradley get out of town today.

The Seahawks defensive coordinator will travel to Jacksonville to interview for the Jaguars head-coaching position, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Bradley spent several hours yesterday interviewing with Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman and Don Smolenski at Lurie’s home. The logical guess was that if the Eagles viewed Bradley as their No. 1 target, they would have worked hard on getting a deal done today, without letting him leave Philadelphia. But that apparently is not happening, which would indicate other candidates are in the mix.

So, where does this leave the Eagles? Bradley shouldn’t be ruled out completely, although the chances of him landing here take a big hit with him leaving town.

Ken Whisenhunt vaulted past Brian Billick in the Eagles’ eyes, sources told McManus. The team has also interviewed Lovie Smith, Mike Nolan and Jay Gruden. But Smith left town to interview with other teams. Nolan has said that he’ll only leave Atlanta for the perfect opportunity. And there’s been little indication that the team considers Jay Gruden a serious candidate.

There’s also the possibility that the search goes on. The Eagles probably would have liked to have a coach in place by the end of the week so that the staff could travel to the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. this weekend. But it’s clear that they are going to continue to be thorough. Perhaps a surprise candidate pops up at the last second? Someone who isn’t on anybody’s radar?

There are currently three head-coaching positions available: Philadelphia, Jacksonville and Arizona. The Bears will hire Montreal Alouettes (CFL) coach Marc Trestman, the team announced.

As for the other two openings, Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell will interview with the Cardinals and the Jaguars, per Albert Breer of NFL Network. Arizona has requested permission to talk to Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians as well. And 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman is also thought to be on Jacksonville’s radar.

We’ll have updates throughout the day so check back early and often.

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  • fig

    Let the panic begin

    • UKEagle99

      Not quite yet, I’m saving panic for when they announce they have stolen a coach from another team! Wow, who have you stolen Mr Lurie? Well we have promoted Marty Mornhinweg to HC and we managed to aquire Juan Castillo from the Chiefs to be DC in return for a bag of footballs.

      Then I’ll panic, laugh and start following cricket.

  • docboy75

    Lurie you dumb-a$$…

    • docboy75

      I had a feeling that he might let Gus go, cuz thats the popular and trendy pick..and he said that he isnt going to do what everybody wants him to do…his reasoning is, well… it worked last time…

    • Jay Grace

      no1 wants to work for Howie & Jeff. What a joke they let Gus out of town

  • This is starting to resemble the golden 5 year plan…that produced zero Super Bowls in 14 years……
    Lurie does realize that even if he didn’t want any of the coaches that were hired already that the coaching staff pool continues to get smaller right?

  • TXEaglesFan

    So of the 4 teams still in the playoffs, which coordinators haven’t been mentioned on the eagles radar? Maybe it’s one of them. And, ok, conspiracy theory: what if they are secretly targeting John Harbaugh? Nobody has traded for a head coach in a long while, but just the kind of shock value the eagles seem to go for lately.

    • Andy

      I live in Baltimore and there is no way the Ravens organization willingly lets him go.

  • daggolden

    Its no coincidence that the 3 starting jobs in the NFL that are left are the 3 teams in the NFL with the worst QB situation. Arizona, Jacksonville and Philly. Only Andy Reid went to another team with “hope” at the QB position but has #1 pick in draft. But saying all that I cant believe Bradley feels Jax is a better situation then Philly. They have no QB, a RB who probably has 2 years max left no fan base in a tiny market and thier best player this year was a punter.

    • The Guru

      It’s a better situation if Bradley has a say in personnel. I can almost guarantee that is the hurdle with all these coaches.

      • jabostick

        Agreed. And I wouldn’t underestimate the lengths that a new owner might go to get the guy they want.

    • UKEagle99

      Well said.

    • It all comes down to control.

  • Corry

    I’m only upset because I really wanted this nonsense to be over with.

  • pkeagle

    Just because Bradley has left town doesn’t mean he won’t end up being our next HC.
    I respect someone who has made a promise to meet with another owner and it’s natural for him to test the market – it may well be his only shot at getting this job.

    • Johngiam

      Respect? Give me a break dude..If Gus ends up as our Coach, the only reason he went to Jax was for leverage in the contract negotiation… So YOU SHOULD. E PISSED RIGHT NOW!! There is nothing to respect at this moment. TE damn sky is falling!!

  • The Guru

    I am not surprised or disappointed by this. But, maybe this forces them to interview Jon Gruden or Greg Roman….which, in my opinion, would be a much better hire than Gus. Now if Whisenhunt gets the job, this franchise is in serious trouble.

    • Brian

      If they were to interview gruden it would have happened already.

      • The Guru

        You’re probably right, but maybe this forces their hand? It’s a reach, but with this trainwreck of a search, it’s a glimmer of hope.

  • Johngiam

    What a joke of a franchise. the Copper standard! I’m done with this crap. Gus Bradley won’t be our coach! These idiots make me sick.

  • Logan

    What a mess of a situation. Let the fan base get excited and mess it up. There’s going to be a real panic and the fans are going to be left with a mess.

  • MAC

    I thought he was the leading candidate? Who is he going to hire Wisenhunt? It really does nothing to excite me and more makes me worried. If Bradley does not come here I hope he goes somewhere and turns into a top flight coach. then Lurie can explain how he has the guy here and speaks to him for upwards of 8 hours and decides to see candidate # 13 instead. I have been patient, but this is starting to get to be to much. To many interviews will make the decision confusing. Got to go with a guy that you just love during the interview. How can Bradley be called a great teacher and a special coach and Lurie lets him leave this late into the game. Only other guy I would be ok with that we have not interviewed is the 49ers offensive coordinator. Lurie give the fans what they want in Bradley and do not let Jacksonville beat you to him.

    • Johngiam

      Mac any idea how disgusted I Am right now? This is a joke! 90% of the coaches that are hired this offseason will FAIL! Gus will be one of the few from this crop to succeed, and we let him sail away. the COPPER STANDARD!! had I known that they wouldn’t hire Gus, I would be starting up a David Toub Bus, but Andy snatched him up and added to him to is staff. Toub is another of the hidden gems that will be future good HCs…McCoy and Tressle are both Gone. this is ridiculous..I’m disgusted! I swear if Gus chooses Jax over Us, I will just become a Jags fan! Lol

      After all the BS this franchise put us thru, all the dumb decisions they made, when we were begging them not to, in the end we turned out to be right! God forbid they threw us a bOne and hired Gus. you know how rare it is for a Philadelphia Eagles fanbase to be united on a topic. this city wants Gus, god forbid they gave him to us

      • Do you have a crystal ball the rest of us is missing? U don’t know if Gus is gonna be a success anymore than you know Mike McCoy is gonna be a failure. It’s all a crapshoot. An educated crapshoot, but a crapshoot nonetheless.

        • FMWarner

          Your sanity and reason is appreciated.

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    There must still be some unturned stones out there…it does seem strange to meet with the guy for that long if you didn’t intend on hiring him right then and there. At this point you go beyond being afraid that they want the wrong guy and wondering if they know what they want at all.

  • EaglesfaninChicago

    Chill out people. Perhaps they are waiting for an assistant from New England, Atlanta, Baltimore, or the Niners who are unavailable to talk with until eliminated. There really is no rush. Lets get it right, not fast.

    • JofreyRice

      That could be right, but I’d guess the only team would be the 9ers, in either Roman or Fangio; and they already had the bye week to try and interview them, but didn’t. They already looked at the 2 Falcons guys, who don’t seem to be willing to leave ATL. Baltimore’s got a 1st year DC in Dean Pees, and fired their O-Coordinator in season, to be replaced w/Jim Caldwell. Belichick’s got a coaching tree like a broom handle; if they are waiting on Josh McDaniels, I might just turn off the television forever.

  • HowieDontKnow

    The 3 stooges have no plan. They are going to apply the “pornography” test to the coaching decision: they’ll know the right guy “when they see him.” Moreover, this entire approach shows how badly Lurie misapprehends his organization and their problems. The emphasis on the coach suggests that he believes we have the talent and just need the right cook. We have some areas of talent (WR, RB, OL when healthy and a sprinking of good linebackers and d-line) but our overall talent is dreadful. The best DB in the organization in 2012 was Todd Bowles who was unfortunately too old to play. Our special teams stunk because we did not have the right athletes on the roster to make plays when we needed them. DBell was a joke and it took the eagles 8 games to sign Jake Scott and upgrade their line. Our search should have started with an SOS on the talent intake side coupled with an intelligent approach to choosing a coach. The $14 million below the salary cap status in 2012 demonstrates Lurie’s priorities. Birds’ fans need to wake up and realize that our owner is more like Braman than we had understood before. He is never going to win the SB because he is clueless and fundamentally cheap.

  • allenjones

    He won’t leave Jacksonville.

    • Brian

      Considering its known jax wants roman from San Fran and they can’t interview him till they lose he will almost certainly leave jax.

      • allenjones

        Yeah, because as we seen with the Eagles HC search, everything always goes exactly to plan.

      • allenjones

        Oh, Bradley is not leaving Jax. Hmmm. Apology accepted.

        Totally JK, I have an infected ear and am on painkillers and excited by Kelly so, feeling good, and just pulling your leg.

  • JofreyRice

    Though I’m no fan of Howie, this doesn’t strike me as a situation like the one with the college coaches, where he could be the source of their hesitance. Bradley’s a young guy who has a fantastic opportunity to be the head man for the first time. I really doubt that he’s not going to join the Eagles because of Mr. Roseman. I think this is a case where they might like Bradley, but don’t love him, and are willing to risk Jacksonville signing him while they explore other avenues; now, what the hell those avenues *are*, I’ve got no idea.

    And though unlikely, it’s possible Bradley really just wants to stay in Seattle. They have a fantastic young team, and will challenge for a Superbowl sometime in the next few seasons. Carroll & Schneider have a great working relationship, ownership stays out of the way, and Bradley’s working with a stacked defense. It’s a pretty good situation, and I think he’ll have opportunities in the future.

  • 1972

    If he signs with jacksonville over the eagles. The eagles didnt really want him. Say what u will about this franchise but i know for a fact that we’re better than the jags