Coaching Buzz: Reid, O’Brien And Lovie Smith

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy ReidAndy Reid continues to make the rounds.

Two days after reports surfaced that Reid was a virtual lock to be the next coach of the Arizona Cardinals, he spent nine hours (!) interviewing with the Kansas City Chiefs, according to Reuben Frank of

A league source tells Tim that Reid’s interview went well, but he still plans on meeting with the Cardinals and the Chargers. As always, nothing’s done until it’s done. And it sounds like Reid has plenty of leverage to negotiate a deal.

Meanwhile, the Eagles continue to be mentioned as a possible suitor for Penn State’s Bill O’Brien:

As for other names, be sure to check our coaching tracker. Former Bears coach Lovie Smith is getting a look from the Bills. Ex-Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt has drawn interest from the Bills and the Browns. And Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael is getting a look from the Bears.

And finally, one deep sleeper that has been mentioned: Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly.

Kelly is in his third season with the Fighting Irish and is looking for his first BCS title in the national championship game against Alabama. He spent three seasons at Cincinnati (2007-2009) and coached Central Michigan (2004-2006) before that. Kelly also coached Grand Valley State (Division II) for 13 years. He has no NFL experience, but was mentioned as a possibility by’s Peter King back in November.

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  • Wilbert M.

    Any college coach with no NFL experience is a scary proposition. Why take the risk with so many talented NFL coaches on the market?

    • johngiam

      yeah, I dont understand it either. If you are goiing to go after a college coach, I feel much more comfortable it being a guy Like Obrien who has atleast spent time with NFL franchises in the past…If you hire a guy with NO PRO experience like chip Kelly, who also isnt known for defense…you better A) Bring in a highly respected, PROVEN NFL Dcoordinator! THat is an absolute MUST! but it also might be a good idea, to bring an old NFL lifer like Norv Turner (or someone of the sort), as your offensive coordinator to help you transition early on.

      Reid had gotten so stale that Im just exhausted..Any change, will dO! REALLY! There were some years that REID was one of the very best coaches in football. Last year was one of the worst coaching jobs I can remember, after that…I will gladly give a chance to anyone we hire at this point! just hurry it up, so we can start getting an idea of where we are going, instead of wandering clueless with empty oppinions in no mans land like we all are!

      Only thing that kind of makes me want Chip, is stealing him away from Banner lol

      • Beavis

        Grab Chip Kelly or McCoy and then go hard after Horton, Lovie, Zimmer, etc.

        • Johngiam

          why would Zimmer leave playoffbound Cinncy, to take the same position with a 4-12 team? Doubt Horton would leave arizon unless he is getting a promotion. He is well respected their, and if he sticks around he could eventually become their coach, if he doesnt already become their next HC

    • xlGmanlx

      There is also plenty of NFL coaches with NFL experience that STINK, head coaches too. This would just add to the list. Plus the list of those who haven’t is way way way larger than the list of haves, so there are plenty of people who on paper should have won a championship and didn’t. Plus every owner is willing to try and find the next Jimmy Johnson.

  • southy

    I wouldn’t hate the idea of bringing Lovie Smith to Philly for an interview.

    • 1972

      wish we could get lovie as a D-cordinator but he probably will look at that as a step back after being a head coach for so long.He’s defenses emphasize turnovers so much they re always tops in the league i love his system

      • JohnGiam

        yeah me too man! would love him as our Dcoordinator, but I dont know that he would be OK with that…If he doesnt find the headcoaching job, Im sure a well respected, well spoken man such as himself can easily get a cushy job in some tv studio, while he waits for his name to become an attractive HC name again, instead of just accepting the demotion and becoming someones assistant

        • 1972

          crennell did it once before. but he’s not as established of course.

  • JohnGiam

    i would absolutely LOVE LOVIE lol as our DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR!!!! Especially, if they bring in an unproven nfl coach like chip Kelly. As for our HC, HELL NO to Lovie! Of course their is a chance that some other franchise will take a chance on him as their HC…I would get him in here for an interview..both him and Ray Horton! If in 2013 race is still an issue and you are forced to meet a shameful race quota, having to meet with people that you really dont have any real interest in…atleast dont make it a complete waste..bring guys in to pick their brains, and feel out in case down the line, you have a shot at getting them as some sort of assistant…

    I mean, I think from whats been reported, our expectations are that the eagles REAL Targets from the pool of coaches are available AT THIS GIVEN TIME are Chip Kelly, Obrien, McCoy and Maybe one of the Grudens…If that is the TRUTH and not just a smoke screen, then interviewing ANYONE besides those guys is at best a courtesy to their agents, or at worse, a complete waste for time, when we should be busy competing with other franchise for the next man that we want to lead our team. So if there is a dumb rule out there forcing you to interview guys that at this point in time you have no interest in, atleast get something out of it and try to get the inside track with them, in case they dont find the HC job that they desire and are forced to go back to being coordinators.,Of course a guy LIke Lovie might go work in a studio and wait for a HC job then go back to being an assistant…we will Only hire 1 man! what I am trying to say is that doesnt mean we cant get something out of every man that we interview, even if we will only hire 1 HC..Picking brains, getting to know guys for the future, networking, all things that can be useful. For a young guy like Howie who just came into alot of power, this process can be much more useful and insightful, then just finding the next HC

    • laeagle

      It is 2013, and race still is an issue, but the Rooney Rule isn’t what you think it is. It only requires that interviews be held and has no impact on actual hiring. It is very helpful for getting young candidates the chance to interview, which helps them even if they don’t get the job. Same thing from their side as what you’re saying about how interviewing can be helpful for us.

      I certainly don’t think that race was the issue that it was, say, 20 years ago, and things have improved. And I would love to say that we are completely past all that, but I don’t necessarily think that’s the case. The question is, when do we know we’ve reached that point?

      My point is that the Rooney rule isn’t as some believe, some sort of quota system of who to hire. It’s all about giving opportunity to interview, and I think it has certainly helped.

      • joHNgIAM

        I know, its just about interviews not hiring, and you pose a great question, how are we supposed to know when the rooney rule is no longer needed? I dont believe that any franchise today would let Race get in the way of success. I just dont believe it! this rule MAKES RACE more of an issue that it is today. lets talk honetsly, the rule was made so that white owners would atleast consider black candidates…it was created at a time were an african american HC was very rare to see…I dont see how its still an issue..there are more then just 1 or 2 african american hc around the league…and its such a competitive league, that Owners would hire ALIENS if it gave them the best chance to win. I think its a joke, that should be terminated today. It brings racism, more then eliminates it…why? because it implies that african americans need a silly rule like this to be considered…That in itself, TODAY is more racist, then any white owner in the league today! Lets rise above this race crap, instead of empowering it with crap like this stupid rule,that was probably neccessary when it was put in place, but completely uneccessary today!

  • laeagle

    The irony in Eagles fans moaning about Joe “Nickels” Banner outbidding us for Kelly is beyond staggering.

  • pennguino

    Was looking at the top ranked college coaches. Brian Kelly jumped off the charts. He has only had one, yes 1 losing season with three different organizations. Two of which he coachef to a perfect season. He has a Lou Holtz, Nic Saban, Bilicheck background also. Pretty good company. I would like to see him interviewed. Romeo, Lovie a as DC and Pat Sherman at OC