Mayor Nutter Tours France

CBS Philly reports: “Mayor Nutter is in France for the next six days for a trip that officials say is aimed at promoting French investment in Philadelphia. Joining him are his wife, Lisa, and six members of the local business community.”

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It Happened: A Good Guy With a Gun Stopped a Bad Guy With a Gun

A hospital worker embraces a woman near the scene of a shooting at the Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby, Pa. on Thursday, July 24, 2014. A prosecutor said a gunman opened fire inside the psychiatric unit leaving one hospital employee dead and a second injured before being critically wounded himself. (AP Photo)

A hospital worker embraces a woman near the scene of a shooting at the Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby, Pa. on Thursday, July 24, 2014. A prosecutor said a gunman opened fire inside the psychiatric unit leaving one hospital employee dead and a second injured before being critically wounded himself. (AP Photo)

Everytime a gun massacre occurs, gun enthusiasts have suggested that what the world needs is … more guns. “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” they say. The problem? Good guys with guns so rarely seem to make the scene — and bad guys with guns end up doing quite a bit of damage.

Until Thursday at least. A “gun-toting doctor” at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby shot and injured his assailant, effectively ending the attack — and there’s a good chance as a result this story is going to get some front-and-center attention in the national gun debate. 

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5 Reasons to Vote (No Really!) For Tom Corbett

Barring some disastrous circumstances, I can’t really see myself voting for Tom Corbett’s re-election in November.

Then again, you probably can’t either.  Polls consistently show the Republican governor down about 20 points or more to Tom Wolf, his Democratic challenger, and while there’s plenty of time to narrow the gap, it’s hard to imagine that Corbett has any news up his sleeve that will suddenly make him attractive to an electorate that’s found him so unattractive for so long.

Understanding Corbett’s predicament is easy: He didn’t prioritize education the way he should’ve — in Philly, he seemed more interested in breaking the teachers union than in educating kids.The state economy is anemic, even by the anemic standards of post-recession America. His fracking policy seems designed to serve energy companies instead of the people of his state. It’s not a great record.

And then there’s this:

Still, it’s easy to imagine scenarios under which the last four years could’ve been worse. My home state of Kansas, for example, has been getting an example of what happens when the GOP id is unleashed — and it’s left almost nobody happy.

So in the interest of fairness — and just to see if I could — I’ve scrounged up five reasons Tom Corbett might deserve re-election. Maybe.

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State Approves Plan to Place Cameras in Philly Taxis

A state review body on Thursday approved a city plan to install cameras in every single taxi cab operating in Philadelphia.

The plan, proposed by the Philadelphia Parking Authority, would affect 5,000 workers, medallion owners, and dispatchers. The system would let drivers hit a “panic” button to transmit live video to dispatchers and the PPA — a safety measure intended to deter a wave of violence against drivers.

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Interview: Why Philly Students Can’t Win on Standardized Tests

Broussard-Medrez0002Meredith Broussard, an assistant professor of journalism at Temple University’s school of media and communication, examines the performance of Philadelphia public school students in a new piece at, “Why Poor Schools Can’t Win at Standardized Testing.

The answer, it turns out, is somewhat simple: The same companies make textbooks and the standardized tests. But Philadelphia students largely don’t have access to the textbooks that form the basis of their tests. Shockingly, she reports, the district’s textbook budget for the recent school year was … zero dollars per student.

“I think that this project can help give us a way forward,” Broussard told Philly Mag this week.  “It can help us figure out exactly what kind of funding do we need, in order to achieve the goals of the system we put in place. And, if we can’t afford this system, then, well, we need to rethink how we’re implementing education.”

Some excerpts from the conversation:

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Christine O’Donnell Not a Witch, Nor a Fact-Checker

You remember Christine O’Donnell don’t you? She was the Tea Party candidate in Delaware, endorsed by Sarah Palin as she ran for Senate in 2010, but whose odd past forced her to start a campaign ad with the immortal words: “I’m not a witch. I’m you.”

She’s still around and kicking — most prominently, it seems, with a column in the conservative Washington Times newspaper. This week’s entry is fantastic — she opens it by disagreeing with Albert Einstein — then moves on to a familiar litany of complaints about the president. She includes this gem:

“We even let it go when our president held a campaign fundraiser in France on the Fourth of July. It’s an insignificant holiday for the international community. So wouldn’t it be more prudent to skip the ceremonies in order to strengthen his presidential campaign’s European outreach? (It physically hurts me to say that even sarcastically!)”

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Ryan Howard’s Run With the Phillies Might Soon Be Over


2008, when the Phillies won the World Series, now feels like a long time ago. 2006, when Ryan Howard won an MVP award, feels even longer. Certainly, Howard no longer seems to be the player he was then. He sat out Wednesday’s game, and team officials are now apparently considering eating his hefty contract and releasing the once-feared slugger. Read more »

Philly Nazi Suspect Is Dead

Nazi Investigation

A Philadelphia man accused of being an SS guard at Auschwitz in World War II has died, just as he was on the verge of being extradited on charges of “aiding and abetting murder in Germany.”

AP reports: “Johann Breyer died Tuesday night at a Philadelphia hospital, attorney Dennis Boyle said Wednesday, the same day that U.S. Magistrate Timothy Rice approved the extradition request.”

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