Is Mayor Nutter Making Nice on Pot Decriminalization?

It looks as though Mayor Nutter is charting a new course on pot decriminalization.

Newsworks reports that the mayor — who still has several weeks to veto or approve City Council’s decriminalization bill — is now working on his own plan to deal with small-time possession.

What’s more, he’s dropped the sneering tone that accompanied his previous statements on the topic — and seems surprised that anybody thought there was a conflict on the topic.

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Report: Probe Discovered Explicit Emails in AG’s Office

Kathleen Kane never did find evidence that Tom Corbett slowed his Jerry Sandusky probe for political gain. But her investigators, it turns out, found something else: A number of sexually explicit emails by “top staffers” in the attorney general’s office while Corbett was in charge.

For the moment, however, those emails — and who sent them — are being kept from public view.

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Kane’s Office the Target of Leak Probe

AP Photo | Bradley C. Bower

AP Photo | Bradley C. Bower

Kathleen Kane has more trouble on her hands.

It’s been a quiet few months for the controversial Pennsylvania attorney general, but an old scandal is coming back to haunt her anew. The Inquirer reports a special prosecutor is investigating whether her office leaked secret grand jury material to a newspaper — and did so  to make at least one of Kane’s high-profile critics look bad.

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Needed: Better Philadelphia Republicans

Chaka Fattah

Chaka Fattah hasn’t been convicted of anything. He hasn’t been charged with anything. And let’s not forget: He hasn’t even been officially named as a suspect by the federal prosecutors who are nonetheless clearly targeting his inner circle.

Still, there’s been quite a hubub surrounding Fattah in the days since since former aide, Gregory Naylor, pleaded guilty to campaign finance shenanigans. And the fuss makes me wish one thing: That Philadelphia had a competent Republican Party.

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