Comcast Bill Changes Customer Name to “A–hole”


Comcast prides itself on innovation, but figuring out new and exciting ways to insult customers probably isn’t what the company had in mind.

Nonetheless: The Brown family in Washington State recently received its first bill since trying to cancel the cable portion of their Comcast account — the bill was addressed to “Asshole Brown.”
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Penn State President Criticizes Freeh Report


Penn State’s president has criticized the Freeh Report that found broad university culpability in the Jerry Sandusky scandal, saying it was overly “prosecutorial” and arrived at “absurd” conclusion.

An association of sexual abuse survivors reacted angrily to the news, issuing a statement urging university officials to “man up” to their responsibilities in the matter.
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Fire Kills Two, Injures Officer

Two people were killed and a police officer injured overnight in a fire at a South Philly rowhome.

“The blaze broke out just before 1:30 a.m. in the first floor of a two-story rowhome on the 400 block of Daly Street,” CBS Philly reports.
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Meet “Little Pete,” the Man Who Could Lose His Diner for a Butt-Ugly Hotel

Photos: sign by Arthur Etchells; portrait by Claudia Gavin

Photos: sign by Arthur Etchells; portrait by Claudia Gavin

What did you think when you heard that developers want to put a fancy hotel on 17th Street where the original Little Pete’s is located?
I was upset. I don’t want to leave, but that’s the way life works.

There was an outpouring of love and grief from fans of Little Pete’s when they heard the news.
Everybody loves us. We’ve been there 37 years. People grew up there, bring their kids there.

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Is Comcast Too Good to Merge?

comcast-today-400x400Is Comcast too good for its own good?

Yes, we’re aware that the company routinely shows up on lists of America’s most-hated corporations. Yes, we’re aware of its reputation for customer service — a reputation that dogs the company so fiercely it has gone into full mea culpa mode for much of the last few months.

But Comcast didn’t get to be one of America’s biggest companies by selling consumers stuff they don’t want, either. One of the things they want: Access to high-speed Internet.

In fact, there aren’t many other companies providing high-speed access to the Internet to American consumers. (Try getting such access if you live in rural areas, for example.) And Comcast’s advantage in this area could actually spoil its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable.

Here’s how it breaks down, according to a new story from the Los Angeles Times:

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DNC Takes One Last Look at Philly

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is visiting Philadelphia today, part of a trip to give a last look to the three finalists to host the party’s 2016 presidential nominating commission. Mayor Nutter and former Gov. Ed Rendell were expected to host her team.

“Nutter was expected to help lead a tour of the city’s convention venues and historical highlights, such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, to remind DNC officials why Philadelphia is the best choice in terms of logistics, hotel rooms, security and convention space, according to the person familiar with the plans,” AP reported.

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Kane to Defend Wolf in Open Records Case

Kathleen Kane may be in a fight for her political life, but there’s still business to be done.

Her office said Tuesday it will defend new Gov. Tom Wolf from a lawsuit filed by Pennsylvania Senate Republicans after Wolf fired Erik Arneson, the state’s new open records chief who was given a last-second appointment by then-Gov. Tom Corbett as he left office.

“Our office is representing the Governor’s Office,” Kane spokesman Aaron Sadler told PennLive.

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Report: Pa. Gas Taxes Highest in the Nation

The good news? Gas is pretty cheap these days — as low as $2.02 a gallon in the Philadelphia area, according to one website.

The not-quite-as-thrilling news? The gas isn’t quite as cheap as it could be: Pennsylvania now has the highest gas taxes in the country.

“Pennsylvania has passed New York and California by earning the dubious distinction of having the highest gasoline taxes in the nation, ” Greg Laskoski writes at “Combined with the federal gas tax of 18.4 cents per gallon, Pennsylvania’s state tax of 50.5 cpg. brings the combined tax to 68.9 cents per gallon.  Californians pay 63.7 cents per gal., New Yorkers pay 63.4 cents per gal., according to the American Petroleum Institute.”

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Medical Marijuana Back in Play in Pennsylvania?

State Sens. Daylin Leach and Mike Folmer are try, trying again.

The bipartisan duo — Leach is a Democrat, Folmer a Republican — have reintroduced a bill (below) that would legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. A similar bill passed the State Senate last year, but stalled when sent to the House.

“This bill needs to get done,” Folmer said in a statement. “There are so many ill and suffering in Pennsylvania that could benefit from medical cannabis – reducing prescriptions of narcotic cocktails of highly addictive and dangerous drugs. Medical cannabis is a much safer and more effective solution.”

“Medical cannabis is a safe and effective alternative to the powerful, addictive, and often ineffective narcotics that doctors already prescribe to cancer patients, children with seizure disorders, veterans suffering from PTSD, and others Pennsylvanians who suffer from terminal health problems,” Leach said in a separate statement emailed to reporters. “It is cruel to continue denying these people the medicine they need.”
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