PW Reader Ring: Lauren & Jeffrey!

Lauren's ring! Photo by Tara Beth Photography.

Lauren’s ring! Photo by Tara Beth Photography.

The couple: Lauren Schott and Jeffrey Sheehan, from Philadelphia

The ring: My ring is white gold with an oval diamond center stone, and six diamond side stones coming to points on the right and left.

I knew I wanted an oval or emerald cut, but it was ultimately Jeff’s choice! I had tried on some rings while we were in Las Vegas the summer before our engagement, but I could never have imagined such a beautiful choice! Jeff actually got it while on vacation in the Cayman Islands with some of his friends. He chose the center stone first, and paired it with this setting to make it a one-of-a-kind ring.

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5 Favorite Things With Whipped Bakeshop Owner Zoë Lukas

Whipped Bakeshop's Zoe Lukas

Whipped Bakeshop’s Zoë Lukas

For the past five years, Fishtown’s Whipped Bakeshop has been turning out buttery cupcakes, cookies, cakes and other sweet treats that we wouldn’t be surprised to hear you have scarfed down yourself, popular as the shop has grown in its few years on the scene. Owner Zoë Lukas has a degree in painting (which certainly explains why her cake designs are so gorg), but opened the shop in 2009 with her husband Brennen when she decided that her lifetime love of baking was the path she wanted to follow.

You’ll frequently see Lukas’s beautiful (and so good—trust us) work in the pages of PW, but we thought we’d check in with her to find out about a few of her favorite things.

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And Here We Have It: Disney & Alfred Angelo’s Frozen-Inspired Elsa Wedding Gown, In the Flesh

It’s no longer just a sketch or a vision in your dreams anymore, brides: It’s Bridal Market in New York, which means that the Elsa wedding gown you were promised has finally come to life!

The lovely folks at Alfred Angelo, with whom the lovely folks at Disney have collaborated to create the magical Elsa gown, stopped by Good Morning America today to unveil the ice-blue version of the dress before it even went down the runway. And so, at long last, here it is:

More ABC news videos | ABC Entertainment News

The dress will be a part of the designer’s collection of gowns that are each inspired by various Disney princesses, so if you’re really more of a Belle or Ariel, don’t sweat it. Just head over to Jersey, take a twirl, and figure out who you are.

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You Can Now Wear a Bridal Headpiece By Downton Abbey’s Tiara Designer

You, too, can now wear an Andrew Prince headpiece on your wedding day. Photo/

You, too, can now wear an Andrew Prince headpiece on your wedding day. Photo/

Well, in case you’re not sure you can/want to swing the $2,000 per day it costs to rent the actual headpiece that Lady Mary wore for her wedding to Matthew (sob) in Downton Abbey, you should know that there’s another option for donning glam-1920s-British-nobility/authentically Downton jewels on your wedding day: Andrew Prince, the designer who created the bejeweled tiaras and headpieces worn by the lovely ladies on the show now has a collection available for purchase for, um, non-noble brides.

{Side note: He also designs for Miss Piggy. End side note.}

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W Hotels Now Offers a Million-Dollar Wedding Package Because Why Not 



Well folks, from the same people who brought you the concept of the $3,000 social media concierge for your wedding, we now have another tempting offer on the table: a million dollar wedding package!

The W South Beach has put together a deal that covers it all. (Seriously—you have to give them that. Sign up for this and you pretty much don’t have to think about your wedding again until you set sail on your pre-wedding sunset cocktails (more on that later).) For a cool mill you’ll get:

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Why the Most Newlyweds Change Their Names In October, and Tips for Getting It Done 



According to the peeps at—the super smart and helpful website that will make changing your post-nuptial name not a nightmare, no matter what state you live in—October is the month in which most newlyweds finally get around to changing their last names to whatever new version they’re going with, whether you’re a recent bride planning to take your new husband’s last name, or a same-sex couple looking to combine and hyphenate, or what have you.

The reasons why the oh-crap-I-still-haven’t-changed-my-name moment comes crashing down on so many this month are pretty interesting—and will actually serve as a pretty great kick in the butt if you have been meaning to complete this task, yourself:

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Here’s a Florist Incorporating Marijuana Into Brides’ Bouquets and Grooms’ Boutonnieres



Soon after the state became the first in the nation to legalize marijuana for recreational use, Colorado resident Bec Koop, who is both a florist and a “bud tendress” at a local dispensary, decided to combine both of her passions, and launch a new wedding service through her shop, Bec’s Blossoms: Buds & Blossoms.

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PW Reader Ring: Alex & Josh!

Alex's ring!

Alex’s ring!

The couple: Alex Dalgliesh and Josh Pardue from Newtown Square.

The ring: My ring is a round, brilliant-cut diamond set in four prongs with a pave 14-karat white-gold band. My fiance, Josh, picked it entirely on his own. He won’t make any big purchase without becoming an expert on what he’s buying, and this was no exception! He learned everything there was to know about diamonds (including which “C” was most important to him!) before selecting the center stone, and then he picked out a matching band. His attention to detail was spot on —it’s exactly what I had always wanted: elegant and classic, with a lot of sparkle!

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