Did You Love Rayna James’ Wedding Dress on “Nashville”? Here’s the Designer and Where You Can Get It In Philly

Rayna James' wedding dress, as seen on ABC's Nashville, and on the runway.

Rayna James’ wedding dress, as seen on ABC’s Nashville, and on the runway.

We may not—spoiler!—have seen Rayna James’ wedding dress last night on Nashville for all that long, but I’m guessing it was just long enough for engaged fans of the show to wonder who made the beautiful gown worn by actress Connie Britton’s superstar character.

I had an inkling myself, while watching it (it’s one of those shows that I don’t particularly follow or DVR, but frequently have on in the background while doing something like addressing five and a half million holiday cards), but today, I set out to investigate.

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Check Out CinemaCake’s Video Recap of Philadelphia Wedding’s Brides, Bubbly & Brunch!

Did you attend Philadelphia Wedding‘s Brides, Bubbly & Brunch this year? If so, you might find yourself below, cupcake-eating, line-dancing and vendor-chatting. And if you didn’t, well—we think you’ll see why, if you haven’t yet tied the knot by the time one of our favorite events rolls around next year, you should come hang out with us!

CinemaCake put together this delightful recap of the morning we spent last month with a few hundred of Philly’s very fabulous brides. We think it captures the party just about perfectly. Enjoy:

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6 Smart Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer



Whenever I’m talking with a bride about her wedding vendors, and her search for a photographer comes up, I always make the point that with this vendor, perhaps more than any others, you’ve got to actually like the person.

If you and your baker aren’t scheduling to meet up again for happy hour after your tasting or you don’t become insta-besties with the manager at the shop where you ordered your invites, life will go on. But your photographer is the person who will be by your side from the time you slip into your wedding dress until the lights come on at your reception—they will see a lot, for starters, but it is also through their eyes that your wedding day will be captured in photos. You guys need to have a great rapport in order to get on the same page so that those photos also represent the way you want your day to be remembered.

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VIDEO: What Happens At a Wedding When the Groom & Groomsmen Are Professional Dancers 

We’ve seen surprise dances at weddings quite a bit around these parts, but we’re going to go ahead and say that this one wins.

The video below is from professional dancer Teddy Forance‘s wedding—and when we tell you that his groomsmen included dudes like Travis Wall (!) and Nick Lazzarini from So You Think You Can Dance, along with a few others who were in movies like Step Up Revolution and the remake of Footloose, well, you can see how we say this wins.

The boys surprised bride Victoria Rivera with this little number below. Enjoy this little squeal on us:

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Study: Snuggle Up Tonight Because Couples Who Cuddle While Sleeping Are Happier Than Those Who Don’t 



Out of 1,000 couples recently surveyed about their sleeping positions and general satisfaction in their relationship, the results were quite clear: whether you’re the big spoon or the little spoon, if you’re part of a couple who are cuddly sleepers, chances are that the two of you are happier than most couples who sleep with a football field of space between them.

Researchers conducting this study in the UK found that:

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Warning: This Tricky Christmas Card Proposal Will Make You Weep 

The irony is that the comedic relief you will experience while crying over this adorable proposal is how much the bride-to-be herself starts crying when she realizes what’s going on. It’s really sweet: She loses it!

And we can’t blame her. Her very clever boyfriend arranged for them to sit in the front of a family Christmas card picture, with family members wearing shirts that spelled out “Merry X-Mas”—at least for one shot—behind them. That way, she didn’t notice when they all switched around for the second shot until she saw the photo.

This is good. Enjoy:

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PW Reader Ring: Chiara & Alex!

Chiara's ring!

Chiara’s ring!

The couple: Chiara Brunori and Alex Mandel

The ring: My ring is an emerald-cut diamond on a channel-set round diamond band in white gold. It even has a beautiful fleur-de-lis in the setting underneath the center stone, which makes it even more special because of the detail.

Alex picked the ring out own his own, but did get some suggestions from a good friend who works at Golden Nugget Jewelers,where the ring was purchased. We did go once to look at rings, which is when I decided I really loved the classic elegance of an emerald cut; something that will never go over of style! (And then from the time we looked at rings to the time that Alex proposed I definitely dropped more than subtle hints about my dream ring.)

I couldn’t be happier with my engagement ring, and it fits my personality perfectly!

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