PW Reader Ring: Tracey & Mark!

Travey's ring!

Travey’s ring!

The couple: Tracey Desjadon and Mark Czajkowski, from Wayne.

The ring: My ring has a cushion-cut diamond surrounded by a diamond halo, set in platinum. It glistens so beautifully!

I never gave my fiancé any hints or went shopping with him; he picked and designed this ring completely on his own! He worked with Mr. Cook at Walter J. Cook Jeweler in Paoli to custom design it for me, and that makes it that much sweeter!

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Why Science Says You Should Take a Beach Honeymoon

Yes, this is what you want. | iStockphoto/Anna Omelchenko

Yes, this is what you want. | iStockphoto/Anna Omelchenko

I have long personally believed that a honeymoon should be taken at the beach. And, since I find myself with this handy little wedding soapbox here, it’s a belief I have declared more than once.

But I’ll reiterate: Planning a wedding is crazy stressful and time-consuming. Your wedding day, while indescribably wonderful, will be incredibly mentally and physically draining. Afterwards, you will feel a tired in your bones that you may not have felt before. (If I didn’t think it’d prematurely deglamorize the whole wedding thing for you, I’d share a picture of myself sound asleep on the floor, rolled halfway under my parents’ coffee table the afternoon after my wedding, brand new husband splayed out, snoring, next to me.)

Now, feeling that way, do you want to spend the next one-to-two weeks reading maps, planning itineraries, making reservations, navigating around, managing language barriers, and essentially planning and executing another little mini event?

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Late-May Bridal Trunk Shows

The Wilde gown by Elizabeth Dye

The Wilde gown by Elizabeth Dye

Lovely Bride, Old City

May 20-22: Elizabeth Dye Trunk Show

You’ll receive 10 percent savings if you order any of the featured designer’s dresses during the trunk show; call to make an appointment.

Claire’s Fashions, Wilmington

May 20-22: Allure Fall 2016 Sneak Peek

You’ll receive special incentives if you order any of the featured designer’s dresses during the trunk show; call to make an appointment.

May 20-22: Edward Berger Accessories Trunk Show

You’ll receive special incentives if you order any of the featured designer’s accessories during the trunk show; call to make an appointment.

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I Am Kind of Obsessed With This Badgley Mischka Two-Piece Crop-Top Wedding Dress

I’ve been seeing a lot of Morgan Stewart wedding-related headlines the past several weeks—though I have to say, until I actually clicked a bit today, I didn’t know who she was. (Answer: Reality-show main character, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. It occurs to me now that I’ve poked into it that I did see one episode of this show once, and decided not to add it to my DVR lineup.)

But anyway. She got married over the weekend—so the wedding-related headlines really kicked up the past few days—and I have to say, I keep staring at different pictures of her dress! I love it. Like, love it. Take a look:

A photo posted by Morgan (@boobsandloubs) on

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PW Reader Ring: Samantha & Dan!

Samantha's ring!

Samantha’s ring!

The couple: Samantha Wanner and Dan Gower from South Philadelphia

The ring: My ring has a round-cut diamond in the center with a cushion-shaped halo set in yellow gold. He picked it out all on his own with one note from me: It has to be yellow gold!

I’d been dropping hints since we started dating in college, but really started to send him some of my Pins last year. Dan got the Coast Engagement ring by the wonderful Sydney Rosen Jeweler right on Jewelers’ Row in Philadelphia.

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Bridal Nutrition: How Snap Kitchen Is Your New Pre-Wedding Best Friend

Snap Kitchen's Strawberry Chocolate Pistachio Parfait | Photo courtesy Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen’s Strawberry Chocolate Pistachio Parfait | Photo courtesy Snap Kitchen

It occurred to us recently, dear readers, that we have not yet taken a moment to make certain you are aware of a very handy, very awesome tool at your disposal in helping you keep on your get-fit-and-healthy-and-gown-ready goals for your wedding. We apologize, and plan to make it up to you right now: We’re going to give you the full rundown on Snap Kitchen.

When I was attempting to whip myself into shape for my wedding, I found it really difficult to take the time, what with an overwhelmingly overloaded schedule, to prepare healthy meals for myself to eat during the daytime while at work and running around. This often meant a) finding a few healthy lunches I could buy around my office and eating them over and over, or b) skipping the meal altogether and then eating anything that crossed my path for dinner.

So of course, Snap Kitchen opened on the corner by my office about a second after I returned from my honeymoon. The purveyor of healthy, pre-made snacks and meals made for grabbing on the go (or, you know, hoarding in your work fridge for you to pick at all week)—the “healthy eater’s Wawa,” as our buds over at Be Well Philly have deemed it— is your ticket to not struggling like I did before your last wedding-dress fitting. Haven’t inspected one of their now many Philly locations yet? Here’s the deal:

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You Can Try On BHLDN Gowns In Person at the Navy Yard Sample Sale This Weekend

BHLDN's sample sale is happening this Saturday, May 7th at the Navy Yard.

BHLDN’s sample sale is happening this Saturday, May 7th at the Navy Yard. Not in a field.

Normally when we speak of or present you with wedding gowns from BHLDN, before you can try any on, there is online perusing and ordering to be done. (Like with the new spring sale we mentioned earlier this week.) There (woefully!) isn’t a brick-and-mortar shop in Philly just yet, so you’ve got to wait until the mailman arrives at your door and then give ’em a twirl.

Except, ladies, when the Philly-based bridal brand holds a once-in-a-while sample sale here in town—and we’ve just been alerted that one of those very events will be taking place this Saturday. Here’s the lowdown:

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Study: After Husbands’ Death, Wives Tend To Be, Um, Less Stressed sippakorn/


There have been about a billion and a half studies that have shown just how good marriage is for various aspects of health (see: heart health, men’s health, cancer survival, longevity, etc., etc.)—but apparently, when it comes to wives’ emotional state, well, that is another story. (And, er, study.)

In a new study, researchers from the University of Padova in Italy followed nearly 2,000 people to find out what happens to the spouse left behind when the other one passes away, and they found a few eyebrow-raising (or maybe not-so-much) occurrences:

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