5 Favorite Things With CinemaCake Wedding Filmmaker Dave Williams

CinemaCake's Dave Williams. Photo by Sarah DiCicco.

CinemaCake’s Dave Williams. Photo by Sarah DiCicco.

Cinematographer Dave Williams shot a colleague’s wedding back in 2001 when he was a pharma sales rep and videography was just a hobby (born from skills he developed while shooting with his dad’s Super8 while growing up)—and when that turned into 10 more weddings, he completely changed careers and ended up as we know him today: as the owner, along with his wife Sheryl, of Philly’s CinemaCake Filmmakers.

Known for putting together reels that are truly short films (as opposed to the sometimes cringe-worthy stereotype of a “wedding video” you might think of) and capture everything from a couple’s actual wedding day to their “Love Story,” as the Williams call it, Dave has certainly put his stamp on the Philly wedding industry. This week, we caught up with him to see what a few of his favorite things are right now.

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This Fun New Web Tool Creates Your Wedding Hashtag For You!

Let WeddingWire's hashtag generator figure out what your wedding hashtag should be.

Let WeddingWire’s hashtag generator figure out what your wedding hashtag should be.

We have many times here lauded the benefits of creating a wedding hashtag, so that if you are indeed encouraging your guests to post photos to social media (particularly Instagram) from your wedding and wedding events, you’re able to see them all in one little happy organized place.

It’s the easiest tool ever, yes—to use—but coming up with the right hashtag is another story. You want it to be clear and functional and never used before, but also cute, clever, and ideally, funny, and this can result in millions of brainstorm texts with friends, hours of throwing duds out there, and many glasses of wine. (Er, or, so I’ve heard. )

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It’s Almost Mother’s Day! Let’s All Weep At These Photos of Philly Brides & Their Beautiful Mamas

As you might imagine, I see a lot of wedding photos, basically—well, no, literally—five days a week every week, but despite that, I am happy to report that I can still get choked up at the loveliest of them. (Yay for not being desensitized!)

Among the ones that inevitably get me the most with each wedding I see are the parent ones. Pretty much any beautifully captured moment between a mom or dad and their about-to-get-hitched-kid, whether it’s joyful or touching, can bring a tear—and most of the time, I don’t even know these people!

So we figured with Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, today was as good a day as any to gaze upon some pics of mothers and daughters, if for no other reason than a wedding day is such a special day in the relationship between a girl and her mom. Enjoy this roundup from some talented local photogs—and look forward to the day when you’ll have some shots like these of you and your mama.

mom day Hoffer-Mother-Daughter-005

Jessie’s mother wishing her well before her wedding at the Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster. Photo by Hoffer Photography.

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This Is the Only Acceptable Way to Request a Song at a Wedding



I was at a wedding a few summers ago during peak “Call Me Maybe,” and towards the end of the night, one of my guy friends from college—more than one beer in, of course—who very much wanted to hear the chart-topping tune decided to go request that the DJ play it. He might have even done it a second time when out of my eyesight—but at least I stopped him before he went to “offer the DJ his phone,” lest the reason the professional music player hadn’t complied with my friend’s request was because he didn’t have it. (Bless his tipsy, pop-loving heart.)

Because the thing is, the DJ at any wedding has about a million really solid reasons for not complying with your request—not the least of which being that the wedding at which you are a guest has nothing to do with you, or your wants and needs for the dance floor.

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On the Evolution of Asking for Cash Wedding Gifts: Meet the New Envelope Registry



Feelings have changed on the whole requesting-cash-for-wedding-gifts thing even since I have been hanging out here at Philadelphia Wedding. I feel like way back when, it was still super gross to convey in any way that you’d prefer checks over blenders. Then, slowly, it was fine if people knew, via your mother or best friend, that the two of you were saving with all your might for a down payment on a house—though this was in addition to still having a full registry set up, from serving platters to guest towels. (I’ve always agreed with and referenced this Post-sanctioned philosophy on the subject.)

Today, couples registering on sites like Honeyfund, where guests can “buy” particular parts of a couple’s honeymoon are de rigeur, and it’s more widely accepted as reality, even among the great-aunt set, that many couples are marrying both later in life, and after having lived together, where they acquired all the toasters they feel they’ll ever need. However, out-and-out just asking for straight-up cash, with nary a requested linen or place setting in sight, has still been generally frowned upon.

Well, we feel that starting to change, too. Enter the newest addition to the online registry world: Envelope.

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PW Reader Ring: Lauren & Ben!

Lauren's ring!

Lauren’s ring!

The couple: Lauren Ellis and Ben Scott, Philadelphia

The ring: My ring features Ben’s 90-year-old grandmother’s diamond from her engagement ring. She gave it to Ben, and then one of their relatives who works in a jewelry shop where Ben is from in Maryland custom-made the ring in a Tiffany design from the 1920s. It has six diamonds altogether in an 18-karat-gold setting.

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Please Do Not Play Any of These Songs During Your Father-Daughter Dance



It was with great satisfaction a few months ago that I posted the absolute worst songs for your first dance, because it really truly boggles my mind when I hear of—or witness—a wedding-day soundtrack in which it would appear that the couple didn’t actually listen to the lyrics of the song they’ve chosen to play in the background during a pivotal wedding moment. (You can’t just like the chorus, people, and call it a day!)

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Join Us In Squealing at This 103-Year-Old Groom and His 91-Year-Old Bride (Video)

If you thought your guy waited too long to propose, please behold George Kirby, who waited nearly 30 years to ask his lady friend to be his wife. And not only that! Mr. Kirby here is 102—they’re going to tie the knot on his 103rd birthday—and his lovely fiance, Doreen Luckie, is 91.

Oh, and they’re British, which somehow makes this all even more charming {old-man emoji; old-lady emoji; British-flag emoji; double-heart emoji; engagement-ring emoji}:

The pair have been shacked up since 1988, so George figured, and rightly so, that it was about time. (I mean, can you even imagine what Doreen’s girlfriends have been saying to her?)

The couple will hold the Guinness Book record for oldest married couple as soon as their wedding day arrives—which we know because George posted it on Facebook, just to make this even more entertaining. To coo at more pics of them, look here.

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Bernie Robbins Is Having a Pretty Major Sale on Diamonds & Bridal Jewelry

Tacori engagement rings are included in the seriously fab Bernie Robbins sale starting this weekend.

Tacori engagement rings are included in the seriously fab Bernie Robbins sale starting this weekend.

You guys! You’re going to want to schedule this into your weekend plans: Bernie Robbins Fine Jewelers is having a pretty crazy sale at their flagship Somers Point location, and it’s kicking off on Saturday (well, following a pre-sale day on Friday during which you will receive an extra 10 percent off your purchase).

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