Bridal Fitness: 14 Effective Get-Wedding-Ready Butt Exercises You Can Do at Home

All you need is your body weight and a resistance band.

Our buds over at Be Well Philly are always chatting about it when they find a fab workout to share with their readers—and sometimes, when they find one that seems like it would be particularly effect and/or convenient for brides, well, we’ve got to go ahead and share it with ours, too.

This was definitely the case with their find this morning: Self‘s 14 butt exercises you can do anywhere, including in front of your television with back-to-back reruns of Say Yes to the Dress on in the background while your fiance cooks you a lovely dinner. (Each of them has a super helpful little GIF so you can actually see how they’re done.)

You can do all of them with just your body weight, or use (as they show in some) a resistance band or a dumbbell. Do a few of ’em a night or every other night, and then reap the rewards at your next fitting.

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