Metro Corp. Announces Restructuring

PHILADELPHIA – January 5, 2016 — Metro Corp., publisher of Philadelphia and Boston magazines, today announced a restructuring designed to address the changing media environment and position the company for future growth.

David Lipson, chairman and CEO of Metro Corp., said the changes include new roles for several members of the company and the creation of a new content studio. “Metro Corp. has responded boldly to the changing media landscape in the last few years, particularly with the growth of our digital and events businesses,” he said. “As the world evolves, it is essential that we evolve with it. I strongly believe the changes we’re making will allow us to thrive going forward.” Read more »

Michael Nutter and Tom Wolf Are Coming to ThinkFest. Are You?


Quick show of hands: Is Philadelphia moving in the right direction? In the wrong direction? In circles?

Broadly speaking, that’s the question we’ll be asking this Friday as Philly Mag presents ThinkFest 2015, our fourth annual ideas conference. This is a one-day event featuring some of the most powerful, intriguing and entertaining people in Philly and beyond — from politicos like Governor Tom Wolf and Mayor Michael Nutter to creative forces like Jennifer Weiner, Buzz Bissinger and Abbi Jacobson.

Actually, that’s just scratching the surface on this year’s stellar lineup. Among the other people who’ll appear: Read more »

11 Easy Family Trips From Philadelphia


So much of parenthood is about negotiation, and some things — like where you’re going to spend your precious free weekends — are worth standing your ground on. Thanks to Philly’s proximity to mountains, lakes, cities and surf, a quick family getaway can truly have a little something that works for everyone. (Rejoice! You don’t have to suffer through another weekend of waterparks and bad buffets.) Here, 11 vacations where you’ll get to slow down, the littlest members of your family will be entertained, and everyone will be happy to break out of the daily grind.

Edited by Ashley Primis

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Six Best Frozen Sweets to Eat Right Now

MO-Big-Gay-Ice-Cream-Courtney-AppleBest Soft-Serve in Philly

Big Gay Ice Cream
It’s all delicious, though the Salty Pimp, with dulce de leche and sea salt, is the one people talk about — as they should. 521 South Broad Street, Bella Vista, 267-886-8024.

Best Ice Cream Sundae in Philadelphia

Franklin Fountain’s Mt. Vesuvius
Chocolate or vanilla ice cream studded with brownie “boulders,” hot fudge, malt powder and whipped cream. Michelle Obama can wait only so long before declaring war on this caloric eruption. 116 Market Street, Old City, 215-627-1899.

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Jersey Shore Pizza Face-Off: Final Round

There’s no point in getting between a Jersey shore-goer and their favorite pizza place: they’ll travel extra miles just for one slice, they’ll defend the cheese-to-sauce ration vehemently, and they’ll dream about a hot pie in the dead of winter. So which Jersey Shore pizza shop is the best? It’s time to have your say. Last week we listed the top picks in each South Jersey shore town and 10,000 votes came flooding in. Now we’ve taken the top vote-getters in each town and are asking you to weigh in once again, to crown the ultimate winner. The victor will be announced online and be featured in next year’s shore guide in the magazine. A few housekeeping notes: Voting ends on Sunday, August 2nd; you don’t have to vote for a place in every town to have your say; you are invited to vote once a day; and if you decide to try every spot and wind up gaining five pounds, don’t blame us.
Make your vote count

Jersey Shore Pizza Face-Off

There’s a reason you’ll walk past 15 Boardwalk pizza places in the hot sun to get to your favorite: A good slice is worth the extra effort. So which Shore joint is truly the King of all Pizza? That’s for you to decide. We’ve picked the top places in each South Jersey Shore town, and are asking for you to vote for your favorite (once a day, every day) from now until July 26th. (No, you don’t have to vote for a spot in every town to have your say.) Then we’ll take the top vote-getter in each town and have a final face-off, to name the absolute best pizza place down the Shore. The winner will be announced online and featured in next summer’s annual shore guide in the magazine.

Make your vote count

How Philly is Trying to Fix Water Main-ia



Editor’s Note: Citified has retracted this story, which was based on a flawed assumption about water management infrastructure. Thanks to commenters William H Ross III and tsarstruck for pointing out the error.

Introducing the Philly Selfie Contest

This classic Philly Selfie was captured at the Independence Visitor Center.

Hey Philly! Get pumped for Selfies Week! We need your best selfies for an upcoming photo feature. Starting Monday, May 4th, we’re collecting your submissions online, via Instagram, or Twitter or email us at Make sure you use the hashtag #PhillySelfieContest. Here’s what we need:

1. Selfies with you and a celebrity with Philly ties.

2. Selfies that show you in an iconic Philadelphia setting. The more creative, the better — do you have a killer selfie from the observation deck of City Hall at sunset? On the 50-yard line at halftime of an Eagles game?

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New York City: A Travel Guide for Savvy Philadelphians

Photo by Susanne Kremer

Photo by Susanne Kremer

We’ve got the Pope. We’ve got the millennials. We’ve got Top Chefs. You know what all that means? We don’t need to be frenemies with the Big Apple anymore; we can truly enjoy it for what it is — one of the best cities in the world that also happens to be Philly’s most convenient urban getaway. Read more »

Great First Dates in Philadelphia

Photograph by Jauhien Sasnou

Photograph by Jauhien Sasnou

If You Want to Say: “I’m Sporty”

Make a Date For: Biking the Schuylkill River Trail. Set a slow pace so you can talk. (No need to prove you’re a Weekend Warrior just yet.)

If It’s Going Well: Pedal to the Conshohocken Brewing Co. (it’s past Manayunk if you’re coming from the city) and have suds and snacks—the bar is located along the banks and has plenty of bike parking. Conshohocken, 610-897-8962.

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