The Good Life: 5 Things to Love This Month: Teen Spirit

Denim capris with heart-shaped back pockets. Breezy babydoll dresses. Terry-cloth tracksuits for you … and your Chihuahua. Your inner teen will squeal with glee at the arrival of Juicy Couture to KOP.

The Plaza at King of Prussia, 610-337-0310;

  • Jen

    Great Article I have been thinking about this dynamic for a while!

  • Keith from glenside

    Castillo is a dope and doesn’t know what he is doing. Good thing we have someone with some experience. I ‘thought’ that we got rid of mcdermott because of his inexperience???

  • FMWarner

    It’s gotta be rough for Castillo with two coaches under him that are arguably more established than he is. But I think the fact that Castillo hadn’t coached defense at the NFL level before last year is wildly overblown. To an extent, coaching is coaching. Look at John Harbaugh. He went from special teams coordinator to defensive backs coach to head coach. It’s more about the guy than the job.