• Lacretia

    such a wonderful kid. He definetly deserves to be in this magazine.

  • jdsa

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  • julius

    Susan Finkelstein looks hot

  • julius

    Susan Finkelstein looks hot

  • Brian

    She may be hot, if you definition of hot is a desperate cougar. I find her sad and pathetic that she portrays herself as such the slut.

  • Valerie

    Although I can agree that Susan is a big fan of the Phillies I find the picture in this issue inappropriately placed. Your Philly Fan section would be something that I would like my nephew to have as a keepsake, however I would not purchase this issue because of the near pornographic picture. It seems uncomfortable to be having a small child fan gracing the pages of your magazine just short of the one of Susan.

  • Mark

    I feel that her picture and honor as a fan is disgusting and I an insult to the Phillies.

  • HR

    To the person concerned about his nephew. Give the boy a couple years and I am sure Susan will happily de-virgin him.

  • C

    I think Susan is a true Phillies fan, unlike many bandwagon jumpers, and was brave to pose for this shoot after being bad mouthed. If it were a guy there wouldn’t be a debate.

  • Valerie

    I’d agree with you on the last comment but than we would both be wrong.