Department: Philly Teens Are Dancing Dirty … at School

Forget the gyrating pelvis and the Hustle and crowd-surfing and leaving room for the Holy Ghost. Suburban Philly kids today are getting way more physical at school dances — and administrators can’t stop them


I tried to chaperone a school dance, thinking I’d get to see what all the fuss is about. But chaperones really don’t get to see all that much. Students are too good at hiding stuff. But they’re not hiding their own misdeeds; they’re hiding the transgressions of others. They create “beehives” by raising their arms and encircling an erotic couple, forming a human wall between the chaperones and their friends who are having too much fun. The most tried-and-true device for repelling chaperones is “the mosh pit,” otherwise known as “the amoeba,” “the cluster” or “the cluster rub”: Students pack into a mass of bodies in the center of the dance floor, and chaperones would have to wade in there with the Jaws of Life to find out what’s doing.

And what is doing? Booty drops. Leg-straddling. Dresses hiked up to the hipbones. Guys grinding on girls who are bent over, with their hands on their knees or ankles, or the floor. Get-crazy stuff. Stuff that makes a parent think about moving the family to Morocco.

AT CHELTENHAM HIGH SCHOOL last fall, two school dances (including homecoming) were “postponed” — to use the administration’s euphemism — because students and administrators couldn’t agree on a dirty-dancing policy. A committee of student officers, teachers and administrators is trying to work out a compromise. “The tough part is being able to define what’s allowed and what’s not allowed,” says Ian Haines, a special education teacher and committee member. “It’s easy to come up with negative rules.” In response to the universal student outcry “What can we do?,” he once tried to get the Sixers Dancers to come to the school and demonstrate some appropriate moves. Like they’re not steamy.

Truth be told, popular dancing has been getting ever sexier for two decades now. (Remember the Lambada? That was what, 1990?) And this entire time, high-school principals across America have been canceling dances because of grinding. A decade ago, at Lower Merion High School, a chaperone reportedly watched two boys give a girl a lap dance as she lay on the floor. The fallout? The school principal cracked down and banned “inappropriate” behavior. Students stopped organizing dances.

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  • jill

    I am completely shocked after reading this article. Thirteen year old boys rubbing their junk on unsuspecting girls and calling it “dancing”? I am shocked you see, not because this is what kids “these days” are doing at middle school dances, but because of the lack of research and purpose in this article. “Dirty Dancing” is not quite the exposé it is positioned to be. Young teens have been grinding away for well over a decade. Ask anyone in their mid-twenties to write about their own experiences at middle school dances and you are bound to have the same article word for word. Hell, adults still grind in dance clubs, although with more aggression and different intentions. Rarely did a little innocent and exploratory grinding in middle school lead to anything worth blinking an eye at. I say we give attention to middle school dances in another decade or two when grinding finally becomes “passé” and Jamaican dancehall catches on as the new teen dance of choice.

  • Maureen

    There is a way to stop this with caring parents and chaperones. !st let gets things straight, St Kevin’s has these dances for 1 reason and 1 reason only, money! This is a major fund raiser for a small school. St Kevins kids parents will not allow them to attend but the parents have to be chaperones so they do not care what happens at the dances.Greed is the main obejcted. My children’s school has dances only for children who attend that school and the Main Line Mixers only allows schools by invitation and if you dont sign up by begingin of school year you can not attend any future dance. I have chaperoned many dances and I have made my way throught the chain circle. So it can be done if chaperones and parents care enough about their children and do their jobs right!

  • Linda

    I commend St. Kevin’s for allowing our hormonal teens to have an outlet in a chaperoned environment. Teenagers (milddle schoolers) have been bumping & grinding for YEARS!!! I know, because I use to do the same. The only difference was that it was located in someones basement with blue & red disco (1980’s) lighting (also known as house parties). . . and of course alcohol. I’m glad my son has a place to go & be social with his peers in a safe, non-alcoholic environment. Keep up the good work St. Kevin’s!!!!

  • Mike

    As a former St. Kevin’s Kid, I am not shocked by teens wanting to push the envelope. Every generation does it and explicit grinding is where we are at now. What causes dismay is the lack of concern of the adults at these dances. There is evidence of a disconnect between the chaperones and what is actually happening at the dances that wasn’t present decades ago. Claiming that nothing can be stopped to curb budding hormones is simply an elaboration on apathy. The prinipals of these schools should consider more intrusive ways to encourage teens to act civilized in public, or simply eliminate the venue for obscene exhibition. Sanctions may seem like “Footloose”, but without them it may be more like “Skins”.

  • Verdine

    I am a 36 year old DJ and I see this regularly. The simple fix is to hold the kids accountable and to get the parents truly involved. Have an area to seat the kids who are acting inappropriately. Make them sit for 15 minutes, then 30 and etc. The parents have to care enough to move through the crowd. It’s not all about the music. When we were kids, there were songs like “Do Me Baby”, “I Touch Myself”, and “I Wanna Sex You Up”. And for the older generation, “Tutti Fruitti” and “My Dingaling”. I’ve seen kids “grind” to Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. DJs can help to change things up, but it’s easy to blame them for what’s going on. The solution lies in the hands of the administration and parents. When you have to intervene, don’t yell. Just tell them to sit it out. Be firm, not mean. When you yell you exhibit a lack of control. This will breed a mutual respect. And most important, don’t get too worked up about it. Remember that you were kids once and wanted to explore. Guide and don’t dictate.

  • Kelly

    this article totally rewing kevs dance because now parents are going to think gw kids and grinding and sandwitching happens at kevs dances… this is ubserd and not true.
    R.I.P st. kevs dances youll always be in are hearts<3

  • Bob

    None of this is true! I chaperone many of the dances and this explicit stuff dosent go on. I agree, there are some girls that show up in short shorts, but whats going to happen? Mostly, they hang around with their friends, and meet the boys. Its okay if a few of them kiss, didn’t you in seventh and eight grade? I think it’s just a fun socail gathering thats great for our communtity.

  • john

    This is so stupid. I chaperone at the St.Kevins dance every week and nothing ever happens. They say that these things do but I am always in the “mosh pit” and NOTHING goes on. It’s really just teenagers trying to have fun, and most of the time just talking. When they are not talking they are slow dancing, and I have never seen anything dirty go on. I promise. This is a calling out to all parents out there, let your kids go. Nothing happens.

  • John

    this article broke my heart! what are you doing?! I am not aloud to attend Kevs dances any more all because your daughter was ranting about lies! lies! lies! i am appalled and dissapionted in this work! the stuff you messioned like “grinding” “sandwiching” and “getting” is not true

  • john

    This is so stupid. I chaperone at the St.Kevins dance every week and nothing ever happens. They say that these things do but I am always in the “mosh pit” and NOTHING goes on. It’s really just teenagers trying to have fun, and most of the time just talking. When they are not talking they are slow dancing, and I have never seen anything dirty go on. I promise. This is a calling out to all parents out there, let your kids go. Nothing happens.

  • mandy

    some of this is true. but alot isnt true at all. what is beehive? never even heard of thaat… and there making a big deal.. and most kids arnt doing anything dirty .. theres like 2 and all the usdden

  • henry

    lies. This article is shutting down a fun social event that teens love to go and have fun. You are taking this away from them because one girl got asked to dance. I always thought it was a honor to be asked to dance, not a go home and tell your mom and have your mom whine about it and call Philly news. You are making this a bigger deal then it needs to be. And you may be taking happiness away from your child…so just think about it..

  • Sally

    I am an 8th grader who attends these dances..i myself have “grinded” but only with my friends as a joke. The things in this article are true. For most girls, they “get with” (meaning french kissing) at least 1 guy at that dance. I have been asked myself but know i have a reputation to uphold. I go to kevs often & i think cancelling these dances is wrong! It is a place were teenagers can let loose & be themselves..they meet new people & have a good time!

  • neve

    you even said it yourself. “I tried to be a chaporone and i didnt see anything. They had their friends circle around them.” Really? How do you know what they were doing in there? Oh thats right. YOU dont. Honestly, if you really have a problem with these dances then DONT send your children to them. Let other parents deal with it. Dont go posting stuff you dont even know if its true. especially an article?! Honest to god. These dances have been going on for YEARS. If somethign bad was truely happening, dont you think everyone would have already been informed by now? NO. Let us have our fun.

  • gfdgf

    yeah there is ‘grinding’, but didn’t you do that 20 years ago? nothings changed. you’re taking this too far, writing an article about it is stupid. you took friday night outings and lots of memories away from a good amount of teens. you played these dances out to be some place where prostitutes and sluts go and the guys are pimps, when really it’s just a teen mixer. nothing of which you said really happens. there is grinding and kissing, but we are 14, 15 i think we can handle that.

  • JIm

    I’m in high school now and recently went to the high school kevs dance. We didn’t really go to the dance for any other reason than the memories. We have good times at those dances, and sorry parents but if your kids are doing it at kevs dance with adults around, imagine what they would do by themselves at some park or other hangout spot. I know that it is way worse than what happensat kevs. So parents, calm down, and let the kids have fun just like you know you would

  • kelly

    this is completely rediculous. young teens have been dancing like this for as long as i can remember. it’s their way of having fun, and who do you think you are being responsible for every kid there? are you a chap there? no. if you dont want your kid going there, then dont let her. dont ruin it for everyone else ass hole. weren’t you ever a teenager once? get a life fuck tard.

  • JIm

    I’m in high school now and recently went to the high school kevs dance. We didn’t really go to the dance for any other reason than the memories. We have good times at those dances, and sorry parents but if your kids are doing it at kevs dance with adults around, imagine what they would do by themselves at some park or other hangout spot. I know that it is way worse than what happensat kevs. So parents, calm down, and let the kids have fun just like you know you would

  • Bob

    this article basically ruined the 7th and 8th graders’ friday night fun. i mean really, when you were a kid didn’t you look forward to the dances? and don’t act like you haven’t grinded on somebody. look just cause you guys are old doesn’t mean you have to go and ruin all of the kids’ fun.

  • Marissa

    I go to Kevs a lot with my friends. Half of this is lies! I never once saw a “bee-hive” and the chaperones do stop people! R.I.P Kevs, you were loved.

  • Luke

    I grew up with Kev’s dances, and to this day still am proud to say I went to them. I met plenty of my good friends there, and often had danced with girls and got with them as well. For you to go on h

  • Bob

    i am a 7th grader and i attend these dances. now look dude this is stupid. some of this stuff is true. but whats up with the beehive thing? that doesn’t happen. if these dances are such a big deal then have more chaperones. does it make any sense that you are cancelling our fun? no. because i was at the last 7th and 8th grade dance and one of the chaperones was showing my friends naked pictures of Megan Fox. that doesn’t sound very responsible does it? let us have our dances, and get over yourself , i mean really dude?

  • Luke

    God bless St. Kevin’s dances. I always went in 8th grade and loved every minute. I always got with girls and my boys did always help me out. I never made a bee-hive or even saw one. Kids these days a

  • Luke

    This is a joke. I loved Kevs. I went 4 years ago and loved getting girls there. These kids deserve a break. I hope every kid that reads these tries to get with your daughter. What a joke article.

  • amanda

    this is crazy. would you rather have your kids out on the streets where they are exposed to alcohol and drugs and whatever goes on? no. you wouldnt. St kevins is a safe environment. and personally, from a highschooler that has gone there; THE CHAPERONES DO AN AMAZING JOB AT MAKING SURE NOTHING HAPPENS! they follow you around..i would know. so what if kids are grinding? its not hurting anyone. so now ban these dances..and see where your kids end up… their going to be hanging around in neighborhoods getting into things they shouldnt be. i think this is an outrage.


    whoever wrote this article can go fuck themselves becuase this is such bull shit. can’t you let kids have fun? were 13 years old obviously were gonna dance and get with other people. atleast this was a safe friday night for everyone now kids will just have to go find some other trouble to get in. RIP KEVS. we <3 you.

  • Monique

    Well I go to some St.Kevs dances…and yeahh honestly we do that stuff. All my friends and I go together and we usually come home with hickies all over our necks ;). A teens definition of Kev dances are ” A place to hookup with anybody u wanna “. That’s pretty much all u do there. The chaperones don’t even care. Idk how many times I grinded or madeout with guys right in front of them. Its actually pretty funny….u know wats funnier st.kevs is suppose to be a holy place cuz its a church but its the dirties place ik in Pa. No offence but they whould be shut down in my honest opinion. I’m only 13 and I only go there cuz my friends go there. But yeahh this article descibes it pretty well…nahh it doesn’t its more DIRTIER. Trust me…shhh if any teens knew I wrote the truth they’ll hate me. Hahaha kay soo umm bye

  • Jake

    Honestly were just having fun. how else do you expect to. times have changed and just because you can’t grasp that concept isn’t our fault

  • Not


  • bob

    This is exactly what happens at these dances. Ive seen it ALL. Thank you for writing such a true article. I am an eighth grader and i feel so uncomfortable and scared at these dances. Hopefully they will cancel these horrible, trashy, semen filled, whore houses soon. SAINT kevs? i think not.

  • anon

    i’ve been to many of these dances and i agree, there are some people who do dirty dance. but the way this article portrays the dance itself makes it sound like a brothel. the occasions where kids are getting with each other is harmless, i see no problem in letting us do it. we’re just here to let off some steam and let loose for a few hours, we arn’t there to cause problems or make a big fuss. i understand many parents shrivel at the hearing of their children being in this environment, but i say this: if you weren’t aware that your child was doing this and his/her actions went unnoticed, then why are you causing a commotion. but i doubt any more dances being held under this administration for this year. but the year after that their expenditors will grow thin and they will need the extra money. as for me, well, i’ll go another place if this is such an issue. there is more then one place in the local area that offer the same thing.

  • melanie

    are you kidding. you are punishing these children for dancing the way they want to? “grinding” isnt half as bad as what us parents do. how do you think our children that attend these dances were made? exactly. so before you go on ranting about dirty dancing. think about the dancing you do for your “loved one” or maybe “anyone” for that matter. these kids arnt having sex on the dancefloor. give it a break, the partys were much worse when i was 14 in the 80s, there was sex, drugs, and alcohol..

  • natalie

    i go to kevs dance! i went all last year and mostly this year . i admit we do ‘hook up’ and ‘grind’ but the parents do correct us . once , twice , and usally the third time you eaither call your parents to come pick you up or you just stop! you cant cancel kevs, kevs gives us teens somthing to do every friday , and its fun! like this is shit how there goin to cancel it , yeah its 10 bucks , but the school needs it , and we give it ! but you cant cancel it. and to be honest it will just make us teens go somewhere else and have sex and such!

  • Elena

    yo you guys need to calm down this guy was not ranting about grinding or saying ANYTHING thats not true
    if uve been to one of these dances u have seen at least 10 people grinding and at least one couple hooking up
    but thats not bad, and this guy is not saying that its bad
    he is just reporting wats happening ok? so calm down, your kids are safe, just let them b however frikkin horny they want cuz if they dont do it here, theyll find somewhere else to
    this is just teenagers.

  • kathryn

    this place turns you into something you’re not. girls do stuff just to get guys attention , i would know cause i used to go, i’m 13 and i can’t believe i did some of that. it’s so wrong

  • julie

    this is fucking retarded. go fuck yourself this is so stupid . u r over exaggerating this. this is the shittiest thing i hav ever read and whoever wrote this, is a fucking cunt that needs a life instead of trying to end the social lives of teenagers. kthank you love ya bitchh. jk i hate you

  • Ryo

    This is effin ridiculous. U dont got a fuckin clue wat we do at kevs. This is a bunch of bull shit. Have fun being hated for the rest of ur fuckin life. Bc of you kevs dances will be canceled all ur fault. and to the post from “wow u nailed it!!” go F ur self.

  • Carrie

    Hello, I am parent of a child in seventh grade and I have let him go to St. Kevin’s Dance every Friday night since the beginning of the year. I am a strict parent and keep a close watch over my children and what they are doing. I even came to my child’s first kevs just to observe the scene. There was none of this “grinding” or “getting” of anyone there. It also really nice for me to know that my child is in a safe, fun, dance instead of roaming the streets with god knows who. Me and many other parents would prefer if you didn’t cancel St. Kevin’s dances just because this information is false. I am also positive that my son and his friends would never “rub their junk” on any girl.

  • Carly

    If your boy has never rubbed his junk against a girl’s backside… well, all the more he’s rubbing it into your monogrammed hand towels :)

  • B

    The foul-mouthed kids commenting here are really doing themselves no justice. This stuff may not be going on but your reputation isn’t getting any better with your disgusting comments. Have fun getting your dances back now.

  • joe

    The chaperones at St Kevin’s work hard to provide a safe environment for the kids. Sounds like notes for this article were taken by a 13 yr old, not by an adult who spent the night at the dance. Please note picture (bra on floor)as not taken at St Kevin’s…tacky, very tacky….just to sell a few magazines?

  • amber

    alright, so i am an 8th grade student. and really this guy over exadurated this way too much. Sure teens “grind” and hookup, but what do you expect us to do. Were going to do that anyways like anywere we go. This is a big mistake if you close kevs. It raised alot of money every week, and it gave kids some freedom somewere to let go somewere to make some memories with friends. This is rediculous like kevs chaperones knew about grinding since like way long ago. Listen you have a gym, music, and girls and boys all mixed together somethins bond to happen. Well R.I.P kevs <3 you will be missed. and also this sucks for younger generations there never going to experience kevs.

  • juju

    this is a little ridiculous. and the ‘getting with’ and ‘grinding’ only happen if both of the people involved are willing. when people ask me to get/grind with them, it’s not hard to say no. beehive/sandwiching/whatever is something i’ve never heard of before, when i attend almost all of these dances. now they’re getting canceled, good job. for some people, st.kevin’s dances are the highlights of their week! some few go a little too far, but for most of us it’s just having fun. some people might dance with boys for fun, we’re not getting married!

  • bob

    i got to theese dances all the time in in eighth grade and the girls come in all bundles up and take it all of in the dance because it gets really get humid in there and yes getting with and grinding happens but chaperones usually catch it so whos ever bitchy ass daughter said this BS shouldt go if she doesnt know wht the hell shes talkin about.

  • ghkl.

    woww , i think adult need to get lives like no offence but wouldnt you rather your teen be having fun in a save environment then being forced to maybe have sex or such somewhere you dont know about ? like im pretty sure back in the 80’s the adults were sdmoking weed even more and stuff so instead of taking away our kevss why do u go out and try to have fun like get outta here dont be hatin cuz they aint got one for 40 year olds.

  • Maddi

    Why would you try to ruin so many kids’ fun. This article made too many kids upset. Parents shouldn’t be exposed to this. Teenagers need time to have fun. It is so rude to ruin kevs like that. Now, it’s closing down and it’s your fault. Don’t be proud because so many kids are sad because of this; including me..

  • fdfnsf


  • alicia

    this is dumb. just leaves the kids alone let us do us nd u do u. its not harming anyone. why u care i dont know but lik seriously no one cares so byee

  • ricky

    y would kevs dances be cancelled just because of this? u dont need to hate on this guy he was just doing his job
    he even spoke to their principal..
    and its not like the people at st kevins didnt no this was all going on at their dances so they arent jsut gonna stop having them

  • sara

    I am an 8th grader and for the past two years I have been attending st. kevs dances and this article is nothing like the actual dance! First of all, no one goes to kevs without knowing whats going to happen there. Yeah there is a shit load of stuff that goes on, but it’s not like the adults in the room don’t see it. this article makes st. kevs dances seem like they are the worst possible thing anyone could go to. their not! High school dances and dances else where through out the country are way worse. there isn’t any drinking or shit like that. it’s just a bunch of kids having fun.

  • zach

    Why…. thats what i say.The children their are having fun and there is no threat. no alchohol and no drugs. its good for the kids to socialize and grind. its nothing new. we have all touched a pair of tits and grinded… dont hide it. embrace it. bull shit…RIP KEVs.

  • pop

    I have been to these dances and is as though i walked into some sort of adult networking station. It is disgraceful to see my peers sweaty and pressed up against eachother. It literally gives me a desire to take an hour long bath. I feel as though i should bring a basket of condoms with me and hand them out!! I was doing the electric slide when one of my disgusting peers started grinding on me. Never have i been so horrified. it was like i had been ripped from my innocent childhood and throw into i pit of dirty semen coated people who dont enjoy wearing clothing that covers your body. thank you so much.

  • tyler

    you said that the kids are acting other then there age, we can do what we want for a dance for us. you may have more authority than us (so u think) but that doesn’t give you people to “hate” on us and tell us what to do. everyone at this dance are friends and we all just want to have a good time. so to all you adults that think you better than us, you don’t control our lives we want to live the live we want to live so let us live it

  • lindsay

    WOW u ruined kevs. i am likke really mad because now im not alowed o go to kevs because of u like who tells their mom what goes on at dances! NOW US TEEENS WONT HAVE FUN! thell be watching us now even more and nothing fun willl happen so forget this ish because it ruined teens lives!

  • ben

    they arnt doe trus me this is how they maintain a school and get money everyone jus chill.

  • lassy

    u fuckin fag. how could u even do something like this? i am a very shy girl and always doing homework and kevs is the one way that i can go party and let loose AND BE MY EFFING SELF. ISNT THT WAT U ADULTS WANT US TO DO? IS TO BE OURSELVES? well thanks just so much for making me an insecure awkward kid who can’t fit in any where. do u really have nothing else better to do then to publisize this and probably bitch to your daughter every night? i hope that u burn in hell.

  • joe

    ok cool, some kids kiss & dance with eachother . BIG DEAL! & yeah cooool they put on transorm ya , thats cause its a POPULAR SONG. have you ever heard my humps? no hands? just about every song teens listen to? god dude , gimmme a break…also not all kids kiss and do stuff there , they just go to have fun with their friends?! & you RUINED it. how do you feel? nice teenage gathering to get away from the streets & into a catholic gym with friends , music , *soda* , water & CHAPERONES. c’mon really ? this dance has been goiong on for years , you think if it was too bad they would have said something before you go & open your mouth , you ruined our fun , thanks , thanks alot. there goes another safe & yet still fun place to be on a friday , hope your happy dude.

  • sfg

    fuck this shit. to all teh overprotectiong parents im sorry but ties have changed sitting as a family and listening to the radio. and having sex when your married. kids are more mature and do older stuff now adays and if parents cant exept that then that fuking sucks for them

  • Joe

    If “dirty dancing” and grinding at st kevins dances is in the news on, r world and city must be a hell of place.

  • BOB

    Kudo’s to St. Kevin’s and other places that are willing to run a properly chaperoned dance for teens. I agree, the parents need to play their roll and make sure they remind their children that acting like a fool (fighting,touching ETC) is not acceptable and they better be ready to face the consequences. Unfortunatly there is more fights and inappropriate touching in school then any other public place..Gee should we close down the schools?

  • Natalie

    As a senior at O’Hara, some of my best memories are still the times I spent at Kev’s dances with my friends. It was a weekly tradition, and it gave us something to look forward to from Sunday to Thursday, an event to shop and get ready endlessly for, and a guaranteed good time. To be honest, it was some of the most innocent fun I’ve ever had, especially in comparison to how other seventh and eighth graders filled their weekends at the time and parties on the weekends now. I was the first in my graduating class and had plenty of respect for myself, but those three hours were the perfect opportunity to just let loose and be carefree while hanging out with friends, dancing, and listening to our favorite music. You had to show up at least an hour ahead of time just to get a ticket, and you could count on a long wait just to get through the door. The chaperones kept a good eye on us, but there is only so much control you can keep on kids. Let them make their own mistakes, because I’m sure every parent has made their own. It’s all…

  • Marcy

    Listen every parent must face the fact that your “young teen” is going to be exposed to things they won’t like in their early teenage years. It’s totally unavoidable. You cannot shelter you children from this dance because your so called “innocent little girl” has shaken her behind and a boy found it attractive. Coming from a now senior in a near by Catholic high school, who attended these dances, my life was not negatively impacted by regularly attending Saint Kevin’s dances. What parents should be more concerned about is what their child are now going to do on the weekends with out these dances. I know they definitely kept me out of trouble, and from hanging around places where the choices I could have made were not appropriate for a 7th or 8th grader. Seriously, people lets try to realize it’s not 1911 and it’s the 21st century. A little social interaction between boys and girls will do your child good in the end.

  • frank

    i need investers I’m gonna start selling chasty belts for all the uptight parents and the ahole who wrote this crap. I realize none of you remember your teen years. o i know we didn’t have this music such as “paradise by the dashboard lights, in the bush, push it, it takes 2. we dont have to take our clothes off, i wanna sex you up, need i go on…..also there are 2 police officers at every dance…………….always looking for parents to chapperone….

  • Maddy

    Saint Kevs is a time for 7th and 8th graders to have a break from their week and have fun. Yea, some of that stuff is true, but no matter what we are going to do that stuff somewhere. Its better then having it in a park where there is NO adults. we are just trying to have fun for one night and meet some new people. who ever wrote this artcle can go write more sex books. You seem to know alot about it. RIP kevs <3

  • Milo

    To all of the 7th and 8th graders who go onto this article just to show their displeasure and cursing and saying the writer is this terrible person. Just stop. Really what you are doing is just showing parents how out of control you are. This article is not only centered around the st. kevs dance. Its simply recognizing how the style of dancing is for kids of this generation. Do you see anyone from conestoga coming on to this article and complaining about it. I don’t think so. So to all of the kids coming on here and cursing the writer. Stop it

  • bchfd

    Some of my best times were at Kevs. I got to meet sooo many people. And yes some of this article is true but u cant denie that you didnt all of that too. We have fun and thats all what everyone is there for. You made it sound worse then it really is. There is nothing wrong with any of that at all. sorry 13-15 yr olds wanna have fun, thats why we all go. Oh and yes there are occasional hook ups and that it. nothing, can we not handle our selves, your just gonna make us more reblious at the next dances.

  • Ria

    Okay , i go to St. Kevins dances almost every friday , and yeah theres people kissing and grinding but its not likepeople are pulling out there junk ! shut up , your cancelling our fun ! i grinded with many guys there , and if you ont like the dances dont let your kids go ! your ruining everyones fun with this article ! stupid people .

  • emily

    tats ridicouloyse dont ruin other kids fun. your sending your kid there knowing its a dance thats what you do at dances Honesley i feel bad for your daughter my mom would be proud of me for dancing with boys . your a joke dude

  • MaryAnne

    I hope you understand your completey trashed middle school and high school kids. Why not let them have a little fun everyone in a while? It’s not like anyone is on the dance floor getting pregnant. The whole concept of “grinding” and “hookingup” never really effected anyone… Why’s it such a big deal to you? I also feel bad for your daughter. How is she going to become mature (and responsible at that) is she never has the chance to go out and experience it herself. Also, you’re the one who got kevs canceled and ruined so much fun. Good job buddy, you’re officially hated by alot of people.

  • connie

    the fact that anyone could be “Shocked” as some people put it is insane. You know what happens. You just don’t want to believe it. Would you rather kids lie and tell you they were going out studying when they were really going to someones house to drink? A lot more could happen in private. At least at a dance, kids are being careful and not going too far.

  • Chung

    For all of those he says that this isnt true stop trying to deny the fact. I am a student that has gone to a St.Kevins dance and whats on this article is 100% true. All of these things happen and it took you a while to figure this out.

  • alexis

    this is stupid, I’m a 7th grader who goes to these dances and half this crap is lies, and Kevs is a place where teens can go and have fun with adults around who DO stop people and would you rather us be grinding or having sex somewhere else this is idiotic. Are they going to shut them down?

  • jen

    I have an daughter who is going on 16 years old, and trust me if you think your daughter is not doing the same things you think you saw at the dance, than you really dont know your daughter. I hate to say it but yes i do not need to see my daughter at a dance, to know they ALL are doing it. Plus if st. kevins did not have a dance where would these kids go, i rather see my daughter dancing dirty at a school dance, than to see my daughter hanging out on the streets on a corner. Where would you like to see your child in a school dance, dancing dirty or a street corner?

  • Cornelius

    I have wrestling practice every day except when we have matches. It’s hard work. Kevs is my chance at the end of a week of hard excercise and sucking weight to just be able to let loose. As for the writer what gives you the right to trash on Kevs? Its just Kids being Kids ya D bag.

  • Drama

    i feel bad for your daughter the most. All her friends will know what you did just to write an article!I think this really back fired on u. As far as st.kev. Dances they are trying to keep a float like you and everyone else, wer’nt u ever told not to judge. Kids will be kids do we like it no , but it’s better then hanging on the streets yes I’m sure some of this goes on and I hope that I taught my son well enOugh not to do those things kissing that’s what 8 th graders do!I still think you should go again and see it for yourself inside of writing about it make it better!that’s what posses me off about Philly mag. It’s always about the next dollar!!!!!!!!!!

  • seemorebutt

    Dear Mister.. um i mean Mrs,
    What does this mean… im so confused.. could you please define packaging and grinding thing because i would like to know… this all sounds like food…. i would like a sandwich and i love grinding… grinding salt.. does getting with someone mean kissing, because that is gross.. YUCK!!! im not allowed to kiss boy til i am 40 and out of my parens house

  • kristy

    honeslty yeah there is ‘grinding’ but what the hell is a bee hive thats so not true and if your gonna ruin kids friday nights atleast get your facts right, k hunn. k well bye

  • Meghan

    I am a 13 year old girl. I have attended two saint kevin’s dances. Yes, their is girls who dress like sluts..I’m not one of them, so why should I lose the fun of a st. kev’s dance. I go to st.kevin’s to have fun, and yes.. maybe kiss a boy. Is it that bad? Really? My mom doesn’t care, as long as I’m not giving it out like it’s extra change. Sluts will be sluts. Let it go. If you don’t want your daughter (who is really dramatic about this all btw)to go, then keep her home, and make her watch Disney Channel all night.

  • Sienna

    aww. your daughter and “laurel” are never gonna hear the end of this one.. you should probably move to morocco.

  • Maura

    I go to a St. Kevs dance and sure some of this goes on but most of its just an overreaction. Kevs dances are a fun place to go and see kids form around !

  • amelia

    Are you kidding me? What father would ever have the guts to publish this. Number 1 half this stuff isnt even true…wtf is a beehive? I go these dances all the time and I dont even know what a beehive is? look “Dad” stop worrying about the lives of teens and worry about yourself! thanks to you no more kevs for me….! R.I.P. kevs<3 you are amazingg!

  • Alicia

    First of all the St Kevins dance is a place for kids to go on a friday night and keeps them out of trouble. They are not drinking, causing trouble, doing drugs, or causing mischeif. This dad needs to get a life and so do some of these parents. You better hope this is the only thing they do in life is “grind”. Second of all knowing right from wrong comes from home not at “school dances or anywhere else for that matter. I guess this dad never got invited anywhere. It has been the same at every dance forever times havent changed u are have. It was just done in a different way. You just forget I guess. Get over it. And stop trying to ruin the entertainment for our kids!!!!!!

  • C

    If it doesn’t happen at St. Kev’s, St. Dennis, or Sacred Heart – it’s going to happen in your basement, with alcohol. Or in the local park, with no chaperones.

    Pick your battles, it’s a harmless dance under adult supervision that’s over at 10:30pm. RELAX.

  • B. Hive

    omg….everyone is gonna be “beehiving” tonight ahahahaha

  • Bob

    Fuck the person who wrote this. You are a complete asshole and a stuck up little bitch. Tell your loser of a daughter to prepare to not have any friends because thhat’s what you just did for her. Kevs is the shit. Without it, we would be doing bad stuff other places. Fuck this.

  • Bob

    OMG. I went to one of these and I was partyin in the middle with my friends and a guy came up to me, put his hands on my hips, and his junk in my box, if you know what I mean.I loved it. It was like a vibrator giving me pleasure. Kevs was awesome. OMG

  • Emily

    Listen, oyu have ruined most of the 7th graders life. you have written about much is true, but the beehive, mosh pit to keep peopleout is very untrue we have absolutely no idea what that is so please get it staright! i AM NO LONGER ALOWED TO GO TO SAINT KEVINS. I HAVE NO SOCIAL GATHERINGS BECAUSE OF YOU. I dont not gget to mingle with the opposite sex. i have no longer been allowed to go to socil gatherings i hope that your duaghter is very unhappy with you.

  • BARB

    ok listen mister. not nice. not nice at all. i am not allowed to go to kevs anymore becuase of this stuid article…..not too happy about this…grrrr :(

  • cara

    hi so me and like 13 of my friends all went together and it was AMAZING. best dance ever. seriosuly theres grinding and stuff. but what school dance dosent have that. seriosuly this is so dumb that your daughter said this. who cares if they kiss a boy seriously its no big deal. everyone knows you all did when you were younger. it keeps your kids away from drugs and alcohol. dosent that make you happy?

  • ano

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA like come on nothing like that really happens at it for teens to have a good time whats so bad about that?

  • Lorriane

    ok listen this is all fake. I have attended this dance 15 times and have never seen a beehive. never seen a mosh pit. this mother obviously is out to get someone bc were all just friends having fun! gosh you people have to stop acting so wrong!

  • Grace

    Sorry to say this, but this is the only way that me and my friends can cut lose and not care about parents or school.Parents were once a child, okay so what if the dances were not that bad and but THINGS CANGE ITS LIFE. Everyone gets their first kiss it has to be somewhere, why not get it at a dance?

  • Philip

    I think that this is the way that kids interact these days and that we should not try to stop them. Did out parents try to stop us from doing the hokey pokey? The U.S. has changed since we were kids and I think we shouldn’t alter it.

  • hello

    1st thanks for ease dropping on ur daughter and saying her friends name now everybody will hate her. and thanks for ruining a great social thing. and all of that was crap

  • j

    Being a chaperone I just wanted to mention there are many chaperones at each dance, plus a police officer plus we take all bags at the door, all to ensure the safety of the children since there is a large attendance. Out of 500 kids there are always a small % of kids that act like idiots but I truley will say that the majority of the kids are very well behaved. The chaperones address anything they see and I take offense to the statement that we don’t care about the kids and don’t let our own children go. Kids have been asked to leave if they were caught doing anything inappropriate. What is that statment based on. It is a shame that there really isn’t anything for the kids to do on weekends. These dances were to give the kids something to do and yes we do make money on the dances and the money goes toward many activities and academic programs that the school offers. If you as a parent are concerned I would ask you reach out to the school and maybe help chaperone a dance.

  • Kate

    Based off some of the horrendous grammar coming from middle and high school students posting here, I’d say parents should worry about their children’s basic knowledge of the English language more than their dances.

  • Bridget

    You were once a child just lets us have fun, this is the only time at a dance we get to express who we really are. I am a 7th Grader and loves going to dances! calmm down and stop getting in teens lives!!

  • Bridget

    You were once a child just lets us have fun, this is the only time at a dance we get to express who we really are. I am a 7th Grader and loves going to dances! calmm down and stop getting in teens lives!!

  • Bridget

    You were once a child just lets us have fun, this is the only time at a dance we get to express who we really are. I am a 7th Grader and loves going to dances! calmm down and stop getting in teens lives!!

  • Bridget

    These dancers are the only time we can be ourselfs with out any parent telling us what to do! Just stay out of teens life when they go to dances cause it is our lives just let us express ourselfs

  • Bridget

    These dancers are the only time we can be ourselfs with out any parent telling us what to do! Just stay out of teens life when they go to dances cause it is our lives just let us express ourselfs

  • Val

    Forget the fact that this kind of behavior is taking places at many different schools around the country. Forget the fact that these kids have no respect for adults, eachother or themselves. The fact of the matter is this….this kind of “dance” should not even be an option at a Catholic School. Whatever happened to catholics practicing chastity? St Kevins is 100% doing this for the money, but they are completely wrong and should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of thing to go on in a catholic building.

  • John

    Teens do far more than “grind”. Penncrest implemented its contract when the custodians found bodily fluids after the dance. And my girls don’t go to Kevs dances because they don’t want to walk past the girls giving BJs in the bathroom.

  • kustin

    yea i really wanna go to one whens the 9th nd 10th grade one is there sched right someone plezzz helllp

  • chase

    i am a student at conestoga and i use to attend the kevs dances. the lack of knowledge that is put into this article and in all the minds of upset parents that are commenting is embarrasing. what were you doing as a teenager? probebly a lot worse than what your reading above. kevs dances are the equivalent to your teenage years minus the alcohol and drugs. so i believe that it is extremely hypocritical to be invading teenagers lives and trying to control what they do. these are the prime years of their lives so why not live it up before going off into the real world. at conestoga, our homecoming dance was terrible because of all the lights being on and the ladders. it completley ruined the purpose of the dance. also, it barely helped with the dirty dancing “problem”. for about 10 straight minutes a girl was bent over with her hands on the floor while a guy spanked her butt and humped her all while the women on the ladder just watched contently without doing a thing. so please parents, find some hobbies to occupy your time instead of frantically trying to monitor every move…

  • bobby

    ur a piece of trash

  • justin

    not true at all. i go to a lot of the dances and every where you look theres a chaperone. people need to calm dowwn. parents YOU MAD? STAY MAD.

  • Bridget

    Hust leave kids alone! Let us have our freedom and express our feelings! I went to one of those dances and though it was so fun! Just stop!!!!!:)thanks

  • Bridget

    Hust leave kids alone! Let us have our freedom and express our feelings! I went to one of those dances and though it was so fun! Just stop!!!!!:)thanks

  • Sam

    My parents read this article, and now I’m not allowed to go kevs with my friends anymore. At what point did they think this was news material? Is there nothing else Philly Mag could write about? Look, I’ve been to kevs and I can honestly say it’s not as bad as this article makes it. Girls and guys kiss, big deal, it happens. Boys like girls, and girls like boys, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So what if two teens go around and kiss each other? A friend of mine met a girl at a kevs dance and they have been dating ever since, in fact they are in love at this point, all because of kevs.

  • Hailey

    Thank you and your daughter for making up complete bullshit about these dances and trying to ruin it for us. This dance is what I look forward to every week to get rid of the stress from school and parents and just let loose and have a good time. Face it, there’s nothing else for us to do around here. Don’t try to take it away from us.

    • jusavier

      I couldn’t of said that better!!!

  • Resta

    Even though kevs may be ruined cause of this asshole… There is still one place to go is the Rec. On friday nights for 6th graders mostly. But 7th and 8th graders does it matter where you go? Why dont you just coem to the rec? Theres so many peopel there soemtimes just make a circle chaps wont see you if you in a corner or soemthing. Come on over to the rec well keep the dirty stuff our little secret. Okay?

  • HiImChloe(:

    Okay,this istrue. I’ve seen it all. But it’s what kevs is? It’s not hurting anyone really. But it did change me, I remember my first kevs,I was prude. Blah by the end of the night I was a expert(;

  • William

    luv the kevs dance

  • Rob

    Look, the dances may be alittle inoproperate for 13 year olds. I thought the same thing before I first went. As parents I understand that this looks so bad, but most of you probably did these things in your life too. If you want my opinion, yes it’s bad, but you can hangout with your friends,and chill. You can also do the bad things like the “grind” and you can “get with people”, which for thoese of you who don’t know is like makeing out with a girl but you put your tounges in each others mouth. So in conclusion yes it’s bad but you should let your kid try it then make a desion

  • Maddie

    I use to go to these dances, but all these little kids go now, so it ruins the fun. But yeah I’ll admit all of that stuff does happen, if you haven’t heard thats the point of the kev dances; to grind and get with someone. I’ve heard worst stuff that happened there, lets just say the chaperones are so clueless. The whole article is actually an understatement. You guys actually don’t know what goes on.

  • Unidentified

    I’m afraid this article is partially mistaken. The st. Kevin’s dance is not full of kids grinding. It all comes down to choices. Many kids there choose not to grind or do the other things in the article. The kissin part, well that can’t be stoppedmost adults had their first kiss at around 13 anyway.

  • Unidentified

    This article is based on something that this woman’s’ daughter said. One girl. One view. Chances are she was over exaggerating. I have been to the kevs dances and they are not like the way described in this article.

  • lol

    You should really take this off the internet because none of this crap happens now and there are tons of adults there who to tell the boys to back of the girl or stop kissing but kissing for goodness sakes they are 12 13 14 they cant be your little boy or girl forever this is horrible that you would keep this article up when none of this stuff is true any more

  • Truth

    I’m in 8th grade and I am perfectly content with my after school life as it is. Saying there is nothing else to do is bs. Why not take up an activity or sport. Maybe even try to actually do well in school. Going to kev’s is just messing up your future. You may think it’s fun now, but it won’t be fun to not graduate highschool. I do acting at a theatre class on the weekends and only Fridays I hang out with my friends. Our parents and other young adults survived with the ‘nothing to do’. It’s time middle schoolers start acting like middle schoolers.

  • Truth

    I meant on Fridays not only Fridays

  • sophia

    you should rlly take this of the internet i go and its perfectly fine if anyone’s reading this this was posted in 2011 and now its 3 years past… things have changed so dont let ur kids not go cause of one article cuz its rlly not true at all… bullshit

  • angelo

    This dance is where we go to have fun so thanks for screwing it up

  • Ur So Old

    #nolife whoever wrote this