““Cosby Threw Me on the Bed”

In a follow-up to our June profile of Bill Cosby, another woman steps forward with allegations against him.

In 2005, a young Canadian woman who’d met Bill Cosby in Philadelphia through Temple University accused him of drugging her and then, when she was in a near-comatose state, molesting her. (See “Dr. Huxtable & Mr. Hyde,” June 2006.) It went nowhere legally — the woman, Andrea Constand, waited a year before going to police, and it boiled down to a he said/she said (Cosby claimed the sex was consensual, according to ABC News); the police dropped the case for lack of evidence. But Constand filed a civil complaint in federal court in Philly last year. The suit, in which she asks for an unspecified amount of money over $150,000, is currently awaiting trial. It is still Cosby’s no against her yes, with one difference: 13 women came forward to be deposed in the suit as witnesses. In a court filing, Constand’s lawyer says that all of them — with nothing to gain, with no payouts waiting, with their own statutes of limitations run out — have stories about Bill Cosby as well, and some of them claim a similar drug-and-fondling M.O. Two of those 13 — Tamara Green, now a lawyer in California, and Beth Ferrier, a former model in Colorado — have told their stories to the press.

Now a third witness in the Constand suit, Barbara Bowman, of Arizona, has come forward to tell us her story. Through his lawyer, Bill Cosby says what Bowman claims is “absolutely untrue.”

I was 17 or 18, an aspiring actress, when I was introduced to Bill Cosby by my agent in Denver, in late 1985 or early ’86. My agent was planning to get me to New York to further my career; I had been with her since I was about 14 — I’d taken a lot of acting classes and modeling classes and had started booking jobs doing commercials and TV appearances, all local Denver stuff at that point. Evidently she and Cosby were good friends. She was introducing him to her actresses she felt had promise — I was stunned that my agent thought enough of me to introduce me to Bill Cosby. He was going to groom me and mentor me. I was going to New York.

I met him during the day in a conference room, just me and Cosby. It was scary — he’s very forward and verbose and a very strong presence. I felt that I was with someone who was very powerful. I performed some monologue for him — it was a business meeting. That’s all I really remember about that.

So I went to New York — my agent had set up an apartment for me — and I took classes, and that’s all I did. I studied as diligently as possible. I was only there a couple of months, and there were two incidents with Bill Cosby — then I was out of there. I came back to Denver. I had to regroup and start over.

The first incident with Cosby, I was invited over to his brownstone in New York for dinner. An assistant was there. I wasn’t uncomfortable or anything. But then the assistant left — I didn’t know that he had gone. I had one glass of wine, and the next thing I knew I was dizzy and felt sick as we were talking in the living room. And then I was lying on the couch.

The next thing I knew, I was throwing up, and Cosby was holding my hair out of the toilet bowl. He was wearing a robe, and I was wearing a T-shirt that wasn’t mine. It was very strange, I was very confused — one glass of wine shouldn’t have made me pass out. But at the time, I just thought, “Wow, I got sick.” And then I went home, in a cab.

Then I was invited to Atlantic City, where he was doing a show. I was driven down in a car and met by a Cosby assistant. I had my own room, on a separate floor from Cosby’s. But when I got to my room, late, my luggage was missing. The assistant was sort of escorting me around — I was never alone — and I started calling the concierge to find my luggage. Cosby started getting mad because I was making it known that I was there. I went to my room and went to bed.

The next morning, I was called up to his room because my luggage had been found, and it was there. When I got to his room, we talked for a few minutes. And then Cosby threw me on the bed and braced his forearm against my neck and attempted to disrobe me and himself — I can still remember him messing with his belt. And I was screaming and crying and yelling and begging him to stop.

Cosby was angry but got tired of the fight, and said that I was embarrassing him, that I was making too much noise and making a scene. He threw me out. I grabbed my bags and out the door I went. I got myself to New York.

It was my agent who was sponsoring me, and she pulled the plug on me after that incident, though we never talked about it. I was forced to go home to Denver as soon as I could get my stuff together. Cosby called me. He told me that he better never, ever see my face, or hear my name, again.

Back in Denver, I saved up some money and made it back to New York. I got a job as a waitress and ended up moving in with a girlfriend I met at the restaurant where I worked. I ended up in lots of commercials and doing TV stuff — walk-on soap parts and different things.

The incidents with Cosby made me feel completely violated, and that I couldn’t trust someone who told me that I could. I was so frightened of him that I did exactly what he told me to do, and that was … disappear. A few years after it happened, I told a friend what happened, and she took me to a lawyer. He laughed at me. I never told another authority figure about it again.

After seven years in New York, I went to L.A. and continued acting. Then I went to college to study psychology, and met my husband and eventually started a family.

The reason I’m speaking is to support Andrea Constand. I was scared a long time ago, but I’m not now. I’m not suing — I’m simply a witness. I’m not speaking for publicity or attention. Enough is enough — I can’t sit in silence anymore.

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  • Turdly Jones


    • $1572163

      exactly…this monster has been doing this for so long I am sure there are hundreds of women that he has assaulted…I hope 2015 is the year he is brought to justice…real justice.

      • jinarvada

        And what do you think that justice would be?

        • jackie freitas

          Anally raped by a bunch of black dudes…..PORN black dudes.

  • Razerzpeed

    Well…this is all just talk from these women. Produce some evidence..something tangible perhaps

    • Jill Springer Forrest

      I’d say 35+ women with the same story is evidence enough. Plus he’s already admitted to drugging women. How much more evidence do you need?

      • Razerzpeed

        He admitted to no such thing…. The women consumed the drugs willingly….. They tell you that…but you want to make it seem that they have no responsibility for their own actions

        • A Bert

          Exactly…how convenient…”I was drugged” therefore I didn’t consent. Now how can we prove that she did not consent? Oh I guess she is a woman so we must automatically believe her.

          • pearl

            Said the rape apologist.

        • pearl

          No, they did not all accept drugs willingly. Can you read? He slipped them drugs in coffee sometimes. No one expects to drink coffee and be knocked out for hours and hours. He admits he got drugs so that he could give them to women. He didn’t take the drugs. Wonder why? He wanted them knocked out so he could do whatever he wanted with their lifeless bodies. That is rape.

          • Razerzpeed

            Can you reason? Just because someone says something does not mean its true. The woman may regret her consent so she must now claim rape.

            Why was she with him. What did she want? If not sex

          • pearl

            Yes, I can reason, and I don’t assume most or all of rape victims are liars. Read the stats. It is a very low number. Why does every other crime victim who reports a crime have a presumption of being truthful? I’ve read all of their stories and using my reason I could easily make sense of them and I find them highly believable. Constand did not go with him for sex. She did not see him in a sexual way. He is 37 years older than her and, get this, SHE IS A LESBIAN. She was in a relationship with a woman at the time. She was there for career advice. She thought he was a trustworthy person. She probably thought he had connections for her. He betrayed all of that and he victimized her. Luckily, her mom pushed her to speak up. And now, in her name, all the other victims have a small shot at a little justice over this gigantic mess that is on Cosby’s head.

          • Razerzpeed

            Ok ms “reason” ….
            1. What does a 30something, Female, teacher need mentoring from a 67 year old male comedian for?

            2. How do you translate asking for evidence to assuming that someone is lying?

            3. No. All other crimes reported do NOT just assume that an accuser is telling the truth. When a man says his house was broken into and his wife murdered….the man is the PRIMARY suspect . Should males not report murder and cry that they won’t be believed?!? Robbery victims are not automatically believed either. Esp when insurance is involved. Whenever someone has something to gain they are not “just believed”. These accusers stand to gain cash from a very rich man.

            4. If constand wanted something from Cosby…. And she surely did and she had no reason to feel that Cosbys interest in her was innocent (because she stated that he had made two previous sexual advances on her) then she is suspect for going to be alone with him at his house and drinking wine (lol) with her “mentor” Now she wants to use being a lesbo as a defense. Lesbians like money too and will barter for it just as any other woman will.
            The woman was 30! But she is actin as if she was innocent as a 6 year old.

            Give me a break

          • pearl

            1. Perhaps he had contacts that could help her transition into another field of work. Who knows what he told her. He certainly had connections at the University she was at, and probably in other educational circles. He is also rich, who knows what he might be willing to financially invest in. There are lots of legitimate reasons.

            2. Huh? Explain.

            3. Actually they do. I/we have reported theft and it is shocking how much they DO believe you! You could probably lie and get away with a lot. We of course did not.

            4. She didn’t drink a bunch of wine. He offered her wine to gulp down the pills he pushed on her. Drinking wine isn’t a big deal unless you drink a whole lot of it, and drinking wine does not mean you are asking to be raped. Read up on consent, read the case against him. You don’t have your facts straight at all. He lied to her and to her mother about what the pills were. What “herbal remedy” knocks you out from 9 pm til 4 am? None. Zero. Nada. Also, you are a homophobic jerk and will go to any lengths to defend the guy. I wish he was squeaky clean too, and the guy we all watched on t.v., but he simply isn’t that guy.

          • Razerzpeed

            What was she offering in EXCHANGE for all his help???????????

          • pearl

            She didn’t have to offer anything. What the heck? When you are mentored it’s not like the mentor gets as much out of it as you necessarily. Have you ever mentored anyone? Been mentored?

          • Razerzpeed

            The accusers claim he was a mentor. No one else. In other words they want stuff for free.

          • pearl

            Try this on for size:

            What is consent?

            Sexual activity requires consent, which is defined as voluntary,
            positive agreement between the participants to engage in specific sexual

            Communicating consent:

            Consent to sexual activity can be communicated in a variety of ways,
            but one should presume that consent has not been given in the absence
            of clear, positive agreement.

            While verbal consent is not an absolute requirement for consensual
            sexual activity, verbal communication prior to engaging in sex helps to
            clarify consent. Communicating verbally before engaging in sexual
            activity is imperative. However potentially awkward it may seem, talking
            about your own and your partner’s sexual desires, needs, and
            limitations provide a basis for a positive experience.

            Consent must be clear and unambiguous for each participant at every
            stage of a sexual encounter. The absence of “no” should not be
            understood to mean there is consent.

            A prior relationship does not indicate consent to future activity.

            Alcohol and drugs:

            A person who is asleep or mentally or physically incapacitated,
            either through the effect of drugs or alcohol or for any other reason,
            is not capable of giving valid consent.

            The use of alcohol or drugs may seriously interfere with the
            participants’ judgment about whether consent has been sought and given.

          • Razerzpeed

            That’s some new age bee ess. Women consent by participating….not saying no, not screaming , not hitting you or not leaving.

            And ANOTHER THING. If she didn’t tell Cosby she was a lesbian then she didn’t try very hard to “shake” him. That’s bee ess using it as a “shock defense” now.

            And you answered NONE of what I asked

            Why did a 30 yr old go be with a 67-68yr old?? Alone? Drink wine? Knowing he was after her? At his home?

            She may not have REALLY been interested in him but she WAS holding sex out as bait to try to get. Whatever she wanted from him. Now she wanna claim rape

          • pearl

            He had made two passes at her in the past. I get it. You aren’t a woman. You have to shoot men down left and right in life. Some of them turn violent, some of them say mean things, some of them shrug it off with a bit of dignity. If you didn’t talk to anyone who had hit on you previously you’d run out of people to talk to. Sometimes when men hit on women they don’t take it seriously, they try to push it away mentally, block it out, wish it away. It doesn’t matter what her age though man, get it through your head, she did not consent to sex with this guy. Just because a guy gets dinner or offer drinks you don’t have to have sex with him. In fact, at any point you can stop. But she wasn’t into him. At all. Period. You can’t prove, at all, she wanted to have sex with him. In fact, the most plausible theory is he knew damn well she didn’t want to have sex with him and he drugged her. Besides, that’s apparently how he gets his kicks. He even drugged women who did want to have sex with him. But guess what, once you are drugged or drunk you CAN’T GIVE CONSENT. HE DID NOT HAVE HER CONSENT.

          • Razerzpeed

            I say she kept trying to work his desire and convert it to cash. You say she was a 30 year old toddler who didn’t know enough about men. Good luck with that

          • pearl

            B.S. She was not holding out sex to him. You live in a fantasy world. He probably offered to mentor her. That was part of his grooming strategy. Who knows if she was the one who initiated the “mentor’ relationship. I’m sure we’ll hear all the details in court though.

          • Razerzpeed

            I can’t wait for court so you can get reamed with the truth

          • pearl

            She may not have been 100% out to people in her professional life about her sexuality. But let me tell you, he did pick up on her lack of sexual interest, hence the drugging/rape.

          • Razerzpeed

            She drugged herself. He didn’t force her

          • pearl
        • pearl

          And by the way, knowingly taking a drug does not give ANYONE the right to violate your body. These women did NOT give consent. In fact, here’s here messed up he was, he drugged people who he was having consensual sexual relationships with. These drugs are so powerful they can erase your memory – that’s why rapists use them.

  • Cindy

    when she was in a near-comatose state, molesting her. HOW WOULD SHE KNOW if she were ? Sounds exaggerated to me!!

    • pearl

      Due to the drugs he slipped her she was in and out of consciousness. She didn’t wake up completely til 4 a.m. Read the charges, they are available online, it’s all in there.

      • Cindy

        Yes do read all the media garbage, every word of the past and present available READ Court Documents and do not add anything from your imagination, a claim is not evidence land the fact prove her story was altered at least twice. Happy Reading

        • pearl

          Actually, I have read all the legal stuff about this because I am interested in this aspect of the legal system. I trust this prosecutor has a strong case or he would not have gone forward at this time. It’s risky, but I hope it works out. There are a lot of victims in Cosby’s wake.

          • Cindy

            Guess you got the news update on Chloe Goins? Guess you are aware Chloe gave to complete different stories and her alleged witnesses were a sham. There will be NO CHARGES