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Cecil Baker & Partners



Cecil Baker + Partners is dedicated to creating buildings and sites that bring people in touch with culture community and nature. Home is our place of shelter. Shelter in turn shapes us: an opportunity to instill lyrical meaning into our everyday life.Home is the sanctuary from a bewildering world of global choice. The splendor of order and luminous harmony the choreography of passage the persuasion of space: these are the architect\'s tools to make a clear statement ultimately adorned by no more than light and the owner\'s personal interventions. Cecil Baker + Partners believes in the power of simple shapes stitched together with poetic fluency. The choice is in what to leave out rather than what to put in. The firm\'s projects evolve through an interactive dialogue with the client that continually evaluates the project goals as new information materializes. The designs emerge from a careful process that adheres to the budget incorporates users\' desires and assists the owner in establishing clear priorities. The firm\'s designs have received regional and national accolades including awards from The American Institute of Architects Progressive Architecture Architectural Record and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The firm\'s designs have been published in the United States Europe Japan and South America and can be viewed at www.cecilbakerpartners.com.