It Happened Last Night: Cher, Cyndi, and Madame Patti LaBelle in Philadelphia

On Monday night, Cher brought her “Dressed to Kill” tour to Philadelphia with special (and I do mean special) guest Cyndi Lauper. Naturally, Philadelphia soul legend Patti LaBelle sat in the seat next to me, adding another level of fun to an already fun evening. Here, ten observations from the most entertaining Monday night I’ve seen in a while.

1. White Dude Dancing

No one had more fun than this white guy doing some pretty epic white guy dancing. You go with your bad khaki’d self.

2. Cher Can Still Fit Into Her “Turn Back Time” Costume
She told us so. Actually, what she said was, “I can still get into my ‘Turn Back Time’ costume, and I’m 100.’ She’s only 67, and she looks great, but the crowd appreciated her self-deprecation, which continued throughout the show.

3. I Took the Worst Selfie Ever
10246262_10152373468066224_7241341672874246717_n (1)
Ah, that moment when you realize that your concert companion for the evening is none other than Patti LaBelle, who is gracious enough to offer to take a photo with you. So instead of asking your friend to take a photo of you and Patti, or asking Philadelphia paparazzi extraordinaire Hugh E Dillon (who was nearby) to snap the photo, or asking our generous host Garrett Getlin Snider to snap the photo, you decide to take a selfie with Patti LaBelle. And it turns out like this. Patti looks as great as I look like a dork. Bravo, Fiorillo. Bravo.

It’s worth noting that Patti was so gracious that when we were sitting together in the front row of our box, she suggested that I try again. “I think your lens is smudgy,” she told me, so I tried to wipe off the lens. And about one tenth of a second before I snapped my next photo, the house lights went out and Cher took the stage. Sigh.

4. Cyndi Lauper Is, To Use a Word From the 80s, Awesome

Her opening set at the Cher show was far too short. She did all of her hits, from “Time After Time” to “Money Changes Everything,” and really brought the house to a standstill with her emotional performance of “Hat Full of Stars.” Cyndi, please come back to Philly. Play the Tower.

5. Cher Needs to Sing More
Here’s how a Cher show works: Cher sings a song or two, Cher leaves the stage while someone does a mediocre circus act on stage, Cher returns a few minutes later in a new costume, Cher sings another song. Repeat. The costumes are fun, but this gets a little old after a while. I think there were a dozen costume changes at the Philadelphia show. This might play better if the schmaltzy production level of the show was higher, like, say, a Madonna show. But it’s not, and we need more singing, less schmaltz. And I wasn’t the only one who thought so. Ahem.

6. But the Talking Is Good
Both Cher and Cyndi Lauper did a lot of talking during their sets, telling stories, going on rants. Lauper did a bit about the Flyers. This kind of audience interaction is great and makes you feel like the artist is having a good time and wants to be there, that this isn’t just some late-in-life money grab. In this video, Cher describes herself as a “transvestite pinata” and extolls the virtues of Dr. Pepper and then berates the company for not giving her free Dr. Pepper for life.

7. Leave the Flashback Duets to Natalie Cole

8. Public Restrooms Are For Suckers
“Are those skybox seats, is that what you call them?” asked Cher, looking up to the suite level, where we were sitting. “Those are the rich people seats. I don’t know why you guys wanna be up there. You can’t see shit! The party is down here!” Yes, Cher, but the private restrooms and Patti LaBelle and fully stocked beer fridge are up here. And something tells me that you have never waited in line at the Wells Fargo Center bathroom to pee during a show.

9. Patti Likes Cher and Cyndi Equally

Yeah, because when you’re a hard-hitting journalist like me, you lean over to Patti LaBelle and whisper in her ear, “So, uh, which one do you like better, Cher or Cyndi?” She explained that she and Cher “go way back” (see the above video), and that she is the godmother to Lauper’s son. It’s a little hard for me to imagine having Patti LaBelle as my godmother. But I guess when your mom is Cyndi Lauper…

10. It’s a Show Worth Seeing
There are just over 30 dates left on Cher’s “Dressed to Kill” tour. She has repeatedly said that this will be her farewell tour (meaning her final farewell tour), and so any true Cher fan will want to see this show. And with tickets as low as $25 in some cities, that’s just over $2 per costume. But, really, if you’re not 100% sold, know that the Cyndi Lauper set alone is worth the price of admission.

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  • UDWRocks

    Cher was fabulous! Do not hate.

    • vfiorillo

      How you read hate into that, I’ll never know.

      • NYChristophe .

        perhaps english is not ur first language, its my 4th n like most i found it negative! u may want to re-read what u wrote,, u dont mention her art, her voice, u pick on silly stupid things n talk about u n patti, madonna,, this was a CHER concert n with special amazing guest Cyndi. 90% who commented feel the same

      • NYChristophe .

        perhaps this will help u read the hate! your own words

        10. It’s a Show Worth Seeing
        There are just over 30 dates left on Cher’s “Dressed to Kill” tour. She has repeatedly said that this will be her farewell tour (meaning her final farewell tour), and so any true Cher fan will want to see this show. And with tickets as low as $25 in some cities, that’s just over $2 per costume. But, really, if you’re not 100% sold, know that the Cyndi Lauper set alone is worth the price of admission.

  • Denise Rambo

    She still looks great but that is NOT the ORIGINAL “Turn Back Time” costume – or – at the very least – they have let the seams out considerably. I LOVE Cher – but she is not the size she used to be.

  • NYChristophe .

    Hey VICTOR
    NOT THE BEST WRITE-up/review thus so far and theres been plenty, ALL reviews have been VERY POSITIVE!! for CHER’S DRESSED TO KILL TOUR! YOU
    MILLION TIMES, and if she didnt the press n fans would give her hell!! The act of changing was started by NO OTHER THEN THE ONE AND ONLY CHER!! , NOW MADONNA, GAGA ETC HAVE ALL
    WHO HER FAV WAS???!!!
    With u it gets worse!! WTF Leave
    the Flashback Duets to Natalie Cole!!, U R ONE SAD DUDE, TIS IS A TRIBUTE TO THE MAN
    THAT HELPED CHER’S CAREER,,to a couple that changed a generation n had many hits!! love my Natalie n her father but they werent a dual!! where is your respect for this one of a kind singer/entertainer that we may never see one of its kind for many generations to come,, 50 years in the making my FRIEND!! !!! CHER is legend, diva,
    icon, oscar winner etc.. and where is ur respect for SONNY,, TIS REVIEW IS MORE ABOUT U AND LESS ON THE ART OF 2 amazing

  • Carlos

    What a pathetic review, Victor Fiorillo your comments about the show sounds like a jealous grinch madonna fan talking about Cher in Madonna.Nation Forum, because shows hate and ignorance about Cher’s concerts, all the reviews and every date is amaizing but this is terrible and so evil. I think one of two, you are a disgusting republican Team Palin or a ignorant Madonna fan :)

    • NYChristophe .

      U NAILED IT carlos,
      Victor is a wanna be journalist,, FOR CHER started it all for female singers or so called singers like madonna, Janet jackson, gaga etc,,

  • cherfan4life

    Cher was AMAZING and absolutely wonderful!!! I have seen her several times and she CAN STILL ROCK IT AND LOOK GREAT!! Love you Cher!!

  • Vicki Lynn Mullica

    I wanted to cry when she did I got you babe and Sonny was on the big screen

  • Vicki Lynn Mullica

    Cher was amazing as always I love her , she can still pack the house, and look fabulous

  • MarselleBlue

    What a shady review – you’re clearly a hater and not a Cher fan… The show was amazing and you can stay ignorant and depressed about it :)!

  • kevin

    that was a pitiful self indulgent interview. who cares about you sitting next to miss patti. i was at the show in buffalo. cyndi lauper’s voice was flawless.. cher gave what her audience wanted, a cher show with all the glitz and costumes. this review reeked of some wanna be social climbed to a club box and bragging about it. cher was right the show was on the floor.

    • kevin

      sorry meant to say.. self indulgent review of a show.

  • Dan Arminavage

    hi victor. i completely agree with you on your comments about the cher show 4/28. dan

  • Márcio Marques

    Victor, I think this criticism is pathetic and without any credibility. You think you’re a great critic, but you give only opinions that interest no one. I’m from Portugal and I and a few million Europeans want to see Cher live. Next time, you choose the best words before speaking of Cher.
    Cher is better than ever.
    Have a nice life, Victor.

  • Vitoria

    Victor, you are a complete idiot.

    • Scott

      The comment that stands out most to me here is the one about the Turn Back Time costume not being the original one! Well, of course it’s not! Turn Back Time was released 25 years ago! The woman is very nearly 68 for goodness sake! 43 when Cher first wore it! Cher puts on a little weight on purpose when she tours, who doesn’t know that!!! She still looks and sounds better than ever! As for Madonna putting on a better show than Cher, just nah! The scrawny carcass that is Madonna can’t sing! I think she has a very weak voice, lets here her sing You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me! We never will, cos she can’t! Love you Cher.

      • NYChristophe .

        NICE bro
        madonna cant ever hum

  • Guest

    Cher and a perfect woman presisa not an opinion of this mediocre envious and disrespectful she is excelling each ves more and you guys temtam the derubar not only how many guys when it comes renacendo a titan dies of envy but compare Cher and Cher and single knock it idiots.

  • Daniel

    Cher and a perfect woman does not need an opinion of envy, that she has been disrespectful and overcoming each ves more and you guys temtam the derubar not only how many guys when it comes renacendo a titan dies of envy but compare Cher and Cher and single knock idotas it. Madonna MJ n are not all that they know to treat them as gods because the gods are real Cher and veterans.

  • DeeMD215

    I thought Cher amazing, my first time seeing her..i think she looks awesome sings still awesome-do think she had slowed down a bit all of us..i agree with the fact that it became more cirque with a lots of wait time as she changes outfits..but hey it’s Cher..half the fun is what getup she is in.. I thought the last song..with her on some pedestal looking half .like the virgin mary and half milkmaid hair and outfit was too tacky and over the top w/ her circling around in that contraption..i couldn’t believe i was watching this w/ a serious face..but again.. its Cher..anything goes. I totally disagree about cindi lauper ..for me my fiance and the few ppl around was too long and pure torture sitting thru that..she look absolutely idiotic for her age in ugly wacky outfit and hair..all of what a 18 yr old would wear.. i love true colors and girls but honestly i thought in seeing her in recent years..she was more funky trendy than looking like some teen vampria..she came off pathetic trying to be 80s young again..but that’s our opinion around me…everyones has their opinion.

    • NYChristophe .


  • Sonfondya Kock

    Victor you look and sound like a weasel! Pointy headed bald bi*tch

  • jeb79

    Cher and Cyndi were great but the audience was rather lame with few people standing or singing. I try to sing or stand at the concert and get yelled at by the seniors behind me.