Eagles Wake-Up Call: On Matt Barkley’s Future

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Today’s question comes from Mike in the Northeast:


What have you heard about Matt Barkley?

What does he not do well that makes him a complete afterthought and constant cut rumor?

The only time Chip has said anything publicly, he gave him the highest praise after his rookie season, saying he did everything they asked him to do. Have you seen or heard anything concrete?

I would think with his pedigree and former top-10 pick status before his senior year injury that he would at the least be a viable candidate to compete vs. Sanchez for the #2 job.


This is one of those “actions speak louder than words” situations, Mike. Read more »

Wake-Up Call: The Eagles And SPARQ

Brendan Maloney / USA TODAY Sports

Brendan Maloney / USA TODAY Sports

Today’s question comes from reader Jeremy:

For those unfamiliar, SPARQ is a metric used to measure speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness. In other words, a prospect’s athleticism. Zach Whitman has more background on his Web site.

Long story short, SPARQ was created by Nike, and the Seahawks were involved in its development. The details of the formula are no longer public, but Whitman used existing data and information to approximate it. It’s not exact, but he calls his version pSPARQ. Read more »

Depth Chart Projection: Eagles Offense

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

The Eagles begin OTAs a week from today at the NovaCare Complex, so now seems like a good time to take a look at their depth chart.

We’ll do the offense today and the defense tomorrow. Before the big unveil, a few notes:

  • This is a beginning depth chart, not necessarily what I expect it to look like in early September.
  • Having said that, for the purpose of this exercise, we’ll assume that every player is healthy and in attendance.
  • Below the actual depth chart are position-by-position breakdowns. More than anything, this is meant to provide an overall look at where the roster stands, but there’s no harm in guessing where things might be headed in the coming months.

Without further ado… Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Kiko Alonso’s Role

Kiko Alonso. Melina Vastola / USA Today

Kiko Alonso. Melina Vastola / USA Today

Today’s question comes from Nick, via Twitter:

Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Chip’s 2-Point Proposal

Photo Credit: Troy Taormina - USA Today

Photo Credit: Troy Taormina – USA Today

Next week when the NFL owners meet in San Francisco, they will vote on three new proposals to change how extra points and two-point conversions are handled.

One of the proposals has been submitted by Chip Kelly and the Eagles.

The current rule is simple: After touchdowns, the ball is placed on the 2 yard line. From there, the offense can kick it for one point or attempt a two-point conversion.

The proposal submitted by the Eagles (you can read the whole thing here) would place the ball at the 15 yard line for extra point kicks. But for offenses that wanted to go for two, the ball would be placed at the 1 yard line. Read more »

Bailey: ‘I’m Preparing Myself For a Fight’

Rasheed Bailey / Photo By Jeff Fusco

Rasheed Bailey / Photo By Jeff Fusco

Rasheed Bailey had already agreed to terms with the Eagles, but it wasn’t until he received a message from Jordan Matthews that everything finally sank in.

Observers may have thought that the two had an existing relationship, but that wasn’t the case. Matthews went out of his way to reach out to Bailey, the Delaware Valley University wide receiver who signed with the Eagles as an undrafted free agent.

“I actually don’t know him too well,” Bailey explained last week. “But once I saw it, that’s when it seeped in, and I knew it was real. I was so ecstatic at the time. I was happy, but I’m still trying to pinch myself like, ‘Is it real?’ And once I opened my phone and saw that he Tweeted ‘Welcome to the family’ I said, ‘Alright, let’s go. It’s time.’ It definitely made me happy and made me feel a part of the team and part of the family.” Read more »

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