3 Reasons Mayor Nutter Shouldn’t Build That New Prison



At first glance, you can’t blame Mayor Michael Nutter for wanting to build a new prison. The House of Correction — which has an awesome name — is super old and doesn’t even have air conditioning. Both the inmates and the staffers deserve better conditions than the facility can provide.

Still: Nutter should hold off. Let the next mayor deal with it, if necessary, but not this year.

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Jailed for Gay Play?

In Uganda, authorities would like to see gay people not only jailed, but also put to death. So in a way, British producer David Cecil got off easy. Because he produced a play about the challenges that gay people face in the African country – in the African country – he could spend upwards of two years in jail.

According to reports from CNN, Cecil has already spent a few days in detention, but has been released on bail. This is because after being ordered to not stage the play, he did it anyway, not only bringing attention to LGBT issues in Uganda, but also pointing out the disparities of even talking about these issues in public.

Uganda has some of the more harsh laws governing gay issues in the world – people are not allowed to do it or talk about it. In recent years, the government has even tried to establish laws calling for the death penalty for those found to be gay or having participated in gay sex. But the law didn’t pass when world leaders threatened to boycott the country. This isn’t to say they won’t re-introduce it. Many supporters say they will do so in the next year or two.

Interestingly, Cecil’s play, “The River and the Mountain,” features an all-Ugandan cast, and tells the story of a gay businessman killed by his employees.