Mugshot Diner Opening Thursday


The Mugshot Diner in Fishtown is opening for business this Thursday. The 150-seat diner will be serving classic diner favorites in a fresh looking space. Omelets, fritattas, pancakes, waffles, and the rest of the breakfast items will be served all day long. The lunch and dinner menu includes salads, burgers, sandwiches and some fancier, less diner like entree dishes.

Hopefully the Mugshot will become a great neighborhood diner, something that Fishtown could certainly use. The diner will be open 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday, 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. on Thursday, and 24 hours on Friday and Saturday.

Check out the full Mugshot Diner menu.

Mugshot Diner [Official Site]

165-Seat Restaurant Sneaking into Center City

Eimer Design recently sent us a note that they are designing the forthcoming Good Stuff Eatery by Spike Mendelsohn. And that’s cool and all but what really struck our fancy was the Center City restaurant drawing they have on their site. It’s a 163-seat restaurant that is inspired by a classic 1920’s Americana diner.

What’s bothering us though is we don’t know where it is going or who is running it. And it is hard to sneak a 165-seat restaurant into town. Could it be the rumored PJ Clarke’s at Broad and Spruce? Perhaps a hotel-related project?

Have any guesses or inside information? Leave a note in the comments or annotate the image above.

Mugshot Diner Getting Close in Fishtown


Mugshot Diner (not to be confused with Mugshots Coffeehouse) is getting very close to opening at 2424 York Street in the 2424 Studios building. Mugshot Diner is an offshoot of the Mount Holly, New Jersey diner of the same name.

The awnings have been hung, the counter is ready and even the product photos have been taken. Hiring has been going on for a couple of weeks now and the diner has a grand opening scheduled for Tuesday, March 26th.

Hours and other details »

Six Pack: Scrapple, Whether You Like It or Not

Scrapple is a polarizing food. Some hear the world scrapple and think “I don’t even want to know what that is made out of” and others think “I don’t even care what this is made out of, it’s delicious.” If you are of the latter group then you will be happy to see this list of Philadelphia restaurants cooking scrapple up traditionally or in interesting ways. If you are of the former, well, hopefully this list will change your mind.

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A Diner Worth Discovering

Adam Erace shares Mel’s Kitchen with us, a year-old diner that already seems like it has been there forever.

When Mel’s finally opened in November, it was a takeout-only operation, but the neighborhood urged Hannon to add seating. In August, she put in butcher-block tables along the windows and installed the counter that (however ineffectively) divides the customers’ quarters from the kitchen. Today, Philadelphia University students and Umbria Street auto-body mechanics alike visit the 20 red-padded swivel stools for bacon-egg-and-cheeses, twice-monthly jambalaya and sandwiches stuffed with Italian-style roast pork, Hannon’s dad’s recipe.

Flo Rida [City Paper]
Mel’s Kitchen [Official Site]

Opening Today: Sweetie’s


Sweetie’s Pie Diner opens today at 1822 Spring Garden Street. It’s an all-vegetarian menu of sweet and savory pies.

The pies are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All come with a soup or salad and are made fresh with local organic ingredients. The savory pies top out at $9.50 and the weekend brunch pies are just $7.50.

Check out the menu after the jump.

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Win Some, Lose Some In Atlantic City


Adam Erace’s review of Teplitzky’s at the Chelsea in Atlantic City reads like a prototypical one-bell, hit-or-miss review of another reviewer in town. But that’s not to say there aren’t dishes worth doting over.

Two tender matzo balls bob like buoys in the broth. On the shimmering surface, golden droplets of chicken fat-the only way to conjure them is making the stock from scratch, which Murphy admirably does-catch the light like shipwrecked jewelry on gentle Atlantic swells. These magic molecules inform a broth so deep it sends echoes down the esophagus. Now I get why they call this stuff Jewish penicillin. All the single bubbes, put your hands up. I’m available.

Diamonds and Clubs [Philadelphia Weekly]
Teplitzky’s [Official Site]

Silk City Lives Again

Silk City Diner

Photo by Ryan Charles

Adam Erace dines at the soap opera that is the Silk City Diner and finds that despite the kitchen drama, the food delivers.

Silk City’s menu is definitely dineresque — hanger steak, meat loaf, grilled cheese and tomato — but the place doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard to be cheeky or retro-chic. The food is interesting, flavorful, and unpretentious, not to mention served in inexpensive, obnoxiously large portions.

This is an accomplishment for a kitchen that’s been a veritable Maury show. North 3rd chef Peter Dunmire helmed the ship until Bee hired David Katz, but Katz left within weeks after issues with menu alterations, and in a recent interview, called Silk City “Applebee’s,” in so many words.

This all went down the very week I ate at Silk City, and Dunmire has since returned to re-re-focus the kitchen. According to Bee, I sampled a little of both chefs’ menus, and though these guys got menu-mama-drama, my yummy meal hardly tasted like sour grapes.

Old Silk City diner is successfully resurrected [Courier Post]
Silk City [MySpace]

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