Old Original Bookbinders Building Turns Leaf With New Bar


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Foodies and historical building buffs alike can go have a mini celebration tonight as the Old Original Bookbinders on 2nd and Walnut has re-opened as a new bar. Foobooz reports that in spite of the change, the venue is still very much Bookbinders-ish.

Sayeth Foobooz:

The exterior is definitely still Bookbinders. Only a small square sign reveals that “Bookies” is now Olde Bar. The rest of the signage, century old stained glass, banquettes, lighting and flooring all harken back to John Taxin’s seafood house. The menu won’t feel all that different either.

For a full gallery of the newly opened space (and the new menu!), check out Foobooz’s post.

Jose Garces’s Olde Bar Opens Today [Foobooz]

Jose Garces’s Olde Bar Opens Today

the-olde-bar-bar-bookbinders-940Today, Jose Garces opens the Olde Bar in the Old Original Bookbinders building at 2nd and Walnut. The Olde Bar is indeed the old bar from Bookbinders and it hasn’t been so much remade as reopened.

The exterior is definitely still Bookbinders. Only a small square sign reveals that “Bookies” is now Olde Bar. The rest of the signage, century old stained glass, banquettes, lighting and flooring all harken back to John Taxin’s seafood house. The menu won’t feel all that different either.

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Garces Is Opening Bookbinder’s On New Year’s Eve


Well, the bar, anyway. The “Olde Bar” at the Old Original Bookbinder’s in Old City, which has had a makeover and raw bar added to its original, olde-timey woodwork. You catching a theme here? Yeah. Garces and company are looking to capitalize on the storied address and nostalgic memories that people have of Bookbinder’s, but they’re amping up the food and drink side to bring it (a little) more in line with modern tastes.

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Garces Hiring for Bookbinders

Jean and John M. Taxin in Cadillac in front of Old Original Bookbinders Restaurant Philadelphia

Bookbinders owner  John Taxin with his wife Jean, in front of Old Original Bookbinders

An open call is now going on for front and back of the house positions for Jose Garces’ new restaurant and bar in the Old Original Bookbinders building at 125 Walnut Street.

Today’s fair runs till 2 p.m. and another fair will be held tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Though first announced in October of 2013, not many more details have been spilled on what Garces has planned for the sprawling restaurant that once was THE Philadelphia restaurant.

Foobooz Jobs [Foobooz]
Olde Bar [Foobooz]

Center City Applebee’s Is a Hot Commercial Property

Photo via LoopNet

Photo via LoopNet

The most popular office space on the commercial listings site LoopNet is technically 1417 Locust Street, an address attached to the beautiful old building that housed Bookbinder’s for years and now has “Bourbon Street Chicken & Shrimp” as a new menu item at Applebee’s. I tell you, when Bookbinder’s closed and Applebee’s opened, I almost lost my mind. I spent half my youth with clarified butter dribbling down my chin onto a paper bib at that joint, eating lunch with my Dad back in the days when journalism paid well and expense accounts paid better. Nine years old, eating lobster tail, browsing the dozens of photos of luminaries who’d visited the restaurant…I didn’t know how good I had it. Now a night out at Applebee’s — $20 for that new entree — is actually a bit steep.


The month of October saw 658 people checking the listing out for the 20,000-square-foot property, which has frontage on Locust and 15th and commands much of that little alleyway. Speaking of the past, that alleyway used to be home to The Office, the notorious strip club where well-heeled men went to ogle down-at-heels women. A colleague threw me a 30th birthday party there. It was odd but not as odd as you’d think.


The building’s listing reads thusly:

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News and Rumors About 2014 Restaurant Openings


Photo via COOK

Michael Klein posted his 2014 Philadelphia Restaurant Forecast with all sorts of juicy bits of news and rumor.

Stephen Starr and Aimee Olexy are going to be collaborating on another new restaurant. Not many details are revealed but we know Starr has been hiring for a new Italian concept in Philadelphia. Whether this is it or not isn’t so clear. But we have heard whispers of not one but two wood-fired ovens.

UPDATE: Michael Klein is now reporting that Starr and Olexy are going into business together in Fishtown. The next collaboration will be at 1526-30 Frankford Avenue, next to Philadelphia Record Exchange. The project will contain a vegetable garden and will open this spring.

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More on Jose Garces and Bookbinders


Last week’s report that Jose Garces had signed a lease to the original Bookbinders space at 2nd and Walnut created more questions than it answered. Today we have an official statement from the restaurant group that at least sets the context.

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Garces To Old Original Bookbinder’s?


Over at the Insider, they’re reporting that Jose Garces has recently signed a lease on the Old Original Bookbinder’s space at 2nd and Walnut.

This is a huge deal for Garces–and I mean that in every sense of the word.

For starters, it’s literally HUGE. Better than 10,000 square feet. Which is bigger than any of his local spaces (with the possible exception of his operations at the Kimmel Center, depending on how he utilizes all the space available to him).

Second, it’s huge because it’s the old Bookbinder’s–a name that still swings a lot of weight in this town. The last guys to take over a restaurant with a name saddled with that kind of history? Nicolas Fanucci and his crew at Le Bec Fin. And we all know how that went.

Third, the Iron Chef already has a pretty full plate. He’s got Rosa Blanca set to open next month in the old Chifa space. Then Volver at the Kimmel Center. Then his other out-of-town operations to worry about. Taking on a space like this is a bold move no matter what he decides to do with it. And the one thing no one knows right this minute? What, exactly, Garces is planning to do with it.

The Insider has some details on the deal itself. You can check out the full story there.

Garces Leases Old Original Bookbinder’s [Insider]

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Burn! Old Orignal Bookbinder’s owner John Taxin has spent $16,000 for four Phillies tickets this year despite money troubles at his landmark restaurant. [Philadelphia Daily News]

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