Why Every Guy With a Beard Needs Beard Oil—Stat

We tested more than 20 different varieties from 11 brands to find out why you should be greasing up your man-mane, and these are the results.


Philadelphia, for better or worse, is a city of beards. So much so that we, in fact, have our own “Philly beard,” based on the Sunnah beard, a traditional Muslim men’s facial hair style. From regular dude to sports star, and even right up to the guy in charge, Philly guys aren’t scared to let their chin whiskers out—and, at least here, facial hair ain’t just for hipsters anymore. Beards are in.

But, unfortunately, hobbled by decades of bro-ification and a general bent toward slovenly grooming, us guys don’t really know how to take care of our budding manes en masse. They appear sometimes scraggly, uneven, and generally out of control—the result being not unlike a little kid trying to wear his dad’s shoes around the house for the first time: Nice try, little tyke.

Lately, though, men have been turning to the cosmetic aisle (of the Internet, anyway) for a little help with their newfound ducktails, old Dutches, and chin curtains. Having a beard, after all, is like have another head of hair on your chin—and, as such, requires its own arsenal of care products. Unless, of course, beard-druff sounds like a good time.

If not, beard oil is the way to go. Now, don’t get grossed out yet—I’m not talking about slick, dripping beards and greased-up ‘staches. I’m talking softer, more manageable whiskers that hold their shape better and smell nice, besides. Doesn’t sound so bad put that way, does it?

Think of it as cologne, but one that doubles as a hair and skin moisturizer on top of adding shine and body to your beard. All it takes is 6 to 8 drops massaged into the face and hair once a day, and the result is fuller facial hair more worthy of comparison to the Romanov Dynasty than Duck Dynasty. Depending on scent, of course.

After about a month’s worth of treatments on my own beard, I’ve noticed my whiskers blossom into a full-blown mega-beard, miles ahead of what my normal routine produced before the addition of beard oil. No man (or girlfriend) should be denied the same experience.

So, here, for your bearded pleasure, are some of the best beard oils (and balms!) going, whether you’re growing a full natural or simple goatee.

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  • orangefuzzface

    so which oil/balm is the best iyo?

    • Nick Vadala

      I have a pretty long beard (no razor since about February), so I tend to like the balms over straight oils. Honest Amish’s heavy duty is the one I’ve been reaching for, mainly because it has pretty high degree of hold. A shorter beard might do better with a lighter oil like Beard Brand or Grave Before Shave, etc, though.

    • Shamrock Pete

      Known Felon Beard Oil is by far the best I’ve ever tried! All natural & botanical. Check it out on eBay… http://stores.ebay.com/Known-Felon-Grooming-Products?_rdc=1

  • SilentIntellect

    I use whipped goods beard butter…


    works pretty good, to me

  • BeardedBrother

    Great article Nick! Admittedly I was a little surprised not to see stubbleandstache.com listed given their great Beard Conditioner & Face Moisturizer and their support of wounded heroes…but they are pretty new so maybe next year! Cheers

  • Rich

    How exactly is one supposed to navigate this article, or is there only one recommendation? Is it a slide show? If so, it doesn’t seem to work in Chrome.

    • Nick Vadala

      Sorry about that—it is a slideshow. I’m looking at it in Chrome now, so maybe its a caching or update issue on your end? There ought to be red arrows on the photos that allow you to cycle through.

  • Sage

    Thanks for the Beardology mention. That is my son and daughter-in-law. They have worked tirelessly over the past year or so to produce a quality product and it’s nice to see their efforts pay off. Good, hardworking kids (Of course I would say that!).

  • Dylan Powell

    Nice article, but surprised not to see Woodsman by thebeardedbastard.com on this list. He’s out of Austin, TX & makes killer wax & oil.

  • Brandon Roerick

    Good article! Its amazing what some jojoba and argan can do to your beard! Gotta say though, you left out the king of all beard oil companies – The Mod Cabin. Their Vagabond Beard Oil is like liquid heaven on my beard! http://themodcabin.com/product/vagabond-beard-oil/

  • J. Weaver

    Honest Amish is what I use and I highly recomend it! In fact I’ll never use anything else if I’m given the choice, it’s that good and it’s all natural which is a big plus.

  • thebearded1

    I’ve used several oils and made many of my own before these became a beard ‘staple’. 26 years of full beardedness also brought about some creativity! As a preference I’m partial to Beardsley products, and am waiting for their team to see if a beard oil will be available soon. The face sports about 9 inches of length, so oil and conditioner are necessary.

  • Shamrock Pete

    Known Felon Beard Oil is by far the best I’ve ever tried! You can get it on eBay…


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  • Beard Care Products

    Hi Nick, Great article…I wanted to say that sometimes its difficult to afford the $25 beard oils…and some people don’t like the oils and leave-in balms due to sensitivity or it just doesn’t work for their skin/facial hair type. In those cases a shampoo or a soap works better for their skin/facial hair type.

    We offer a range of alternatives that are economical as well at: http://www.beardcareproducts.com – would appreciate it if you can give us a mention sometime. Thanks!

  • Bella

    Southern Sexy beard oil from Soap Revolt Naturals has argan oil it. It made my boyfriends beard super soft. I can now kiss him without scratching up my face!


  • BeardBoss

    I’ve used a lot of these products and all are great. One of the oils I use and didn’t see on the list as others have mentioned is the Woodsman Oil.

    We’ve just started selling some mood specific beard oils and also a new holiday scent. If interested you can find them at http://www.beardboss.com

  • SaresNaturals

    I don’t see quite a few beard oils on this list. There’s many great beard oils out there. Do check out Sare’s Naturals on Etsy.

  • Rebekah L. Bowser

    Where does one purchase these oils in a brick and mortar store in the Philly area?

    • ali k

      P&Qs on south st also Totem on south st

      • Rebekah L. Bowser


  • Austin

    Great article! Lucky Scruff is another one, pretty new but their scents are amazing. My wife loves the Holy! http://www.luckyscruff.com/holy-beard-oil-1-oz

  • Eric Andrist

    What’s with all the scents? I don’t want all that scent up next to my nose. Any fragrance free oils?

    • Corey

      Lucky Scruff is working on a fragrance free blend to be available by the end of the month. I’ve gotten the same feedback from a few hunting buddies.

    • Aaron

      Texas Beard Co. has a non-scented option for oil and balms.

  • Corey

    Hi Nick, I’m Corey and I founded Lucky Scruff Beard Oils and would love to get you a few samples to try out. We’ve got a few blends including our latest Cedar Spice, http://www.luckyscruff.com/cedar-spice-beard-oil-1-oz. Everything is hand mixed and bottled in Nashville, TN.

    • Paul Revere

      What do you use in your oils?

      • Corey

        Almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e and varying essential oils depending on the blend.

  • Andrea

    Whiskey, Ink, & Lace beard oils are all natural and you can purchase them in kits with beard shampoo bars, too!


  • dm10003

    The one and only brand: http://www.bluebeardsoriginal.com/

  • Kar Bar

    try WhippedGoods for your beard care. no it’s not oil it’s shea butter but it smells like cognac, improves your axe skills and leaves your beard shining. ok…maybe two out of the 3.


  • The Pickler


    all you beard oil buying nancyboys need to read this

  • Paul Revere
  • thabeard

    Beard-oil??? PUSSIES

  • PJ Bear

    Sorry..but I’m not spending all this money for beard products. And I don’t want my beard to smell like anything..thanks. I’ll do what my father, grandfather and great-grandfather did..and that’s use plain Olive Oil or Coconut Oil at a fraction of the cost for these “designer oils”. Any oil will work for your beard..and just experiment with different thicknesses of oil to find the right one for you. The more watery the oil acts in the bottle..the lighter it is. And if you need a thick oil for extra conditioning but don’t want the heaviness..just put it on your beard..wait a half hour to an hour..and then shampoo and condition your beard with an oil rich formula like Suave’s Almond & Shea Butter..which works incredibly but cost’s cheap. And if you prefer a leave-in balm..Alberto V05 hair dressing works great and is super affordable. And their hot oil treatment works great too. And if you have a frizzy beard..any of those anti-frizz silicone serums/balms you see in the hair aisle will work great..from expensive John Freida to cheap Suave.

    I’m one of those guys that grows a super thick and dark Mediterranean beard. Guys will literally stop me to compliment me on it..so I know what I’m talking about here. Feel free to message me on Facebook if you have any questions. Save your money..get the cheap natural stuff..and beard on my brothers!

    • zslon

      Probably one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever got. I used to buy those ultra-expensive beard oils, whose smell I never liked but thought was part of the deal if I wanted my beard to look good. After following your advice on the olive oil and some of the other products, my beard has never looked better, and at a fraction of the cost. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

      • PJ Bear

        I am so happy to hear that! I’m all about going natural and saving money..so I’m glad you took my advice and now have an awesome looking beard to prove it. And not only are you saving money..but your conditioning your beard with products that haven’t been sitting around for a while (since grocery stores restock constantly) and your not subjecting yourself or others to fragrances your beard doesn’t need. If you need any further advice or want to chat about other beard related stuff such as coloring to cover gray hairs, or just want to say hi, drop me a message on facebook. And congrats on having a nice beard. =)>

        • Red pirate

          Sweet almod oil does my long wiry beard quite well. Sometimes i condition in the shower with Acure Moroccan argan oil conditioner. But the sweet almond oil is the main thing.

          • PJ Bear

            The Suave conditioner I use has Shea butter & Almond oil, and always does an excellent job of conditioning my beard..not to mention it is super affordable. I would suggest trying it since you already like the results of almond oil. =)

          • Dustin Boshart

            You sir, have just made my day. Many thanks

          • PJ Bear

            You are very welcome my friend. =)

          • Mr S

            Yeah, great advise.
            I’ve been using just pure jojoba oil.
            I would have to be crazy to pay $25 for scented almond and jojoba oil.
            Cheers fellow oiler

          • PJ Bear

            Keep in mind that Jojoba oil isn’t really an oil..it’s a wax..so what it is doing is covering your hair shafts with wax. If this is giving you the desired results then keep it up..but I would suggest washing your beard twice with a strong “clarifying” shampoo..to remove the jojoba..and then using either olive oil for light conditioning..or coconut oil for deeper conditioning. It’s worth a try just to see how you like the results. Cheers! =)

          • Isaac Benaiah Ben Israel

            @Pj bear can you give me some tips on beard care like what to use? My hair is very course, my wife says I need to drink more water and everything starts from inside out. I want my beard to be more manageable and softer. If possible. What products would you recommend? You can email me at IsaacBenaiahbenisrael@gmail.com

          • PJ Bear

            Feel free to message me on Facebook if you have any questions..and I’ll do my best to help. =)

          • Trevor Dangberg

            I hear what you’re sayin. I just started growing out my beard. I recently got products from Treebeards Balms and Waxes, in London. So far, so good. But ill try some of your tips as well. Thanks for all the info

        • phreaktor

          What about plain tea tree oil from CVS?

          • PJ Bear

            What about it?

          • phreaktor

            Can I use it? I bought a small bottle today from cvs and tried a bit then brushed it through. I’m going to use it two times a day for a month. Or should I buy something different?

          • PJ Bear

            You can use Tea Tree oil..but I wouldn’t recommend it. Keep in mind it has a very strong odor that many people find offensive..and it may make your eyes water and start bothering your nose after a while as well. Some people also have an allergic reaction to it. And many also experience a rash after using it..especially if they have a skin condition such as Eczema. But the main reason you DON’T want to use it in your beard is that is will probably migrate down your hair follicles and a small amount will end up in your mouth. Not only does it taste awful, but Tea-tree oil should never be swallowed, according to the American Cancer Society, as it can cause severe rashes, blood cell abnormalities, stomach ache, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, unsteadiness, hallucinations, confusion, drowsiness, and even coma. The main uses for TT oil is as a mild anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and for cuts and bruises. So unless you have a fungal or bacterial issue on your face..I wouldn’t use it there and just save it for your body.

            For the beard: olive, almond, coconut and even Vitamin E oil works great. Some people love using Mineral Oil too. Basically any oil that you can eat can be used on your beard, but some are thicker than others so you need to experiment to find the right one for you. =)

          • phreaktor

            Wow great info, thanks. I have pure mineral oil. I’ll use that instead. :)~

          • PJ Bear

            After you apply it..get an old hand towel and rub it all over your beard to remove excess oil so it doesn’t weight your beard down too much or get on your hands or clothing..or anyone elses you might get close too. If it’s still too oily..then shampoo your beard after letting the mineral oil sit on it for a while..and make sure and finish it off with a good conditioner like Suave Almond & Shea Butter conditioner. With such a nice beard and body..there’s no stopping you.. =)

          • Taylor

            thank you so much for this splendid advice.

          • PJ Bear

            Your very welcome my friend. =)

        • Benjamin Briner

          Grape seed oil is fantastic. Just add essential oil of your choice for scent and you have exactly what is used in designer bottles. Plus grapeseed doesn’t really have much of a scent verses olive oil which does, and you can use it as a facial moisturizer without being concerned about being greasy and breaking out.

    • Franz

      Thanks PJ Bear. I wasn’t sold on those products in the article. I knew it had to be simpler.

    • ninja pirate

      The issue I’m having is trying to train my beard to grow down instead of out and bushy like a face afro…

    • Gravion17

      Thanks for the advice Beard Brother! I am going to head out and grab some V05 today ’cause my beard is dry and frizzy. Is it true that VitaminE will help in Beard growth or do I have the wrong vitamin in mind?

    • Luke Garner

      So with the olive oil, or coconut oil, do you just use it before showering, or washing your face?

  • Mike

    There is StatelyBeardCo.com also. New company with a great response. Ohio Handmade.

  • http://www.texasbeardcompany.com/ TxBeardCo

    Texas Beard Company is a new entrant and offers a variety of products and scents and has had an amazing response so far.

    Can confirm. Am owner. 😉

    • P. Silva

      Any free samples for us?
      Cheers and good luck with you company

      • http://www.texasbeardcompany.com/ TxBeardCo

        shoot us an email and we’ll discuss. info@txbrd.co

  • packoline79

    I’ve been using Thrice Noble Beard Balm and Beard Oil in the Lively scent and they’re awesome! I only paid $28 for the both of them in a combo pack. Their website is: http://www.thrice-noble.com

  • J Andres Duran

    I wish I had never read this article. I tried all kinds of oils to put on my beard and make it softer: Olive oil, black castor oil, grape-seed oil, honest Amish beard balm, coconut oil, hair conditioners, lotion, Shea butter, made my own oil blends… you name it!! I tried each one of these items at different times over a period of three years with gaps between their use. After having spent a lot of money and time, this is my conclusion: Many of these oils and conditioners do give you the impression of a softer beard/mustache after their applications so you walk away with the impression that you did make your beard softer, but! it is a momentary effect, each oil/conditioner gives this impression, some better than others (black castor oil being one of the best) but ultimately, it seems like these oils harden within the hair shafts with time after penetrating them, and the soft mustache/beard that you felt after application, actually feels prickly and hard hours later. The result is a waaay pricklier beard than you would actually have had had you left your beard alone! (fact!). The real secret to soft facial hair? (kissing girl approved) Avoid shampooing it, avoid conditioning it, just cleanse it with water, this will allow the natural moisturizing oils on your beard to remain there which are what really makes for a soft beard. When shampooing your head rinse the shampoo on your head backwards so that the foam showers off down the back of your head and back. Avoid shampoos and conditioners. I use face wash and tilt forward so that the face washing soap doesn’t touch my mustache. Just rinse and clean your facial hair with water like you would if you were Tarzan. After showering, you will grab a tight-teethed comb and comb the damp facial hair making sure to comb through the bottom of your jaw (directly under your tongue), this area will be soft and oily after a couple of days (keeping in mind that the issue here is that facial hair is not oily or moisturized enough) and you will comb through this area and spread your natural oils throughout your mustache and beard with the comb. After a week, of doing this, you may notice a natural oil smell but only when the hair is wet, once it air dries this natural smell is not perceptible at all (I’ve had women smell me). This procedure is what has allowed me to acquire the softest mustache beard and only after doing this, have I had women tell me that my mustache/beard didn’t prickle or bother them at all. Your welcome gents!!

    • You momma

      You’re wrong, you are probably gay

  • http://www.stargels.com/ mikal

    This is best site hair oil style.

  • Laila London Organics
  • Nordic Seas Beard Oil

    There is a new Beard Oil on the scene. Nordic Seas Beard Oil is currently running a product launch promo thru 5 April, 2014. Follow Nordic Seas on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/nordicseas, Twitter at https://twitter.com/nordicseas or visit the website at http://www.nordicseas.com

  • Emile Schalk

    Amsoil 20/50…’murican man’s oil.

  • Keegan

    I only use Big Bear Beard Balm. Can’t beat an amazing scent and feel for $10. I found it on ETSY. It was the largest one – many were twice the price for half the size!

  • Camil Saad

    Abraham’s Men’s Products has Premium beard oil, beard shampoo, and mustache wax. Helps in fighting acne, dandruff, ingrown hairs, and irritation. all natural and paraben free.

  • Blake

    Blacklabelbeard.com is not on here and they have the best Beard Oils!

  • naim

    Thanks for the tips! They were
    really helpful!


  • Camil Saad

    http://www.abshampoo.com has all the products you need to maintain a healthy beard with healthy skin under it.

  • Wayne
  • Chance Bo-Slice

    You shouldn’t shampoo your beard…. Only condition. Shampoo washes aways to many of the natural oils your face produces for your beard which can lead to skin irritation ingrown hairs and acne. Still all great advice and information thanks guys.

  • TonyC

    Great article! It is well worth the effort in taming your beard. The guys at naturalbod.com helped me out. I just used their Jenulance beard oil and conditioners.

  • Justin Case

    I use plain ole coconut oil mixed with almond oild .. its fantastic .. put it on .. comb it through then rinse it off .. its beautiful =)


    I took your advice on the Suave Shea butter conditioner and my Beard is ridiculously soft ! Igot the 2 pack at target for 3.89 ! And if your looking for a great mustache was / paste I recommend Got 2 be paste its amazing and at 3.00 for a tube it will last.couple of yrs ! Thanks Asian for the advice PJ Bear !

  • http://thebloke.co.nz/ Kerry Adams

    Holy hell… well, since everyone else is spamming their products – if you are in the southern hemisphere – https://thebloke.co.nz/product-category/grooming/product/

    The New Zealand Beard Appreciation Society puts out a range of oils and products as well, including some based on old hunters tales…

  • Julian

    The Barba NYC is beard grooming products based in NYC. All of their products are made from organic ingredients. I really recommend their products. I love their beard oils. Check them out! at http://www.thebarbanyc.com

  • Bryan Pena

    I just started using coconut oil, and want to know if I keep it in or should I was it out? If I need to wash it out how long do I need to wait before it can take affect?