Philly FOP President Condemns Courier Times to Bankruptcy, Eternal Damnation

After a cartoon commented on the recent shooting deaths of black men by police, the FOP’s John McNesby sent a fiery response to the Bucks County paper.

John McNesby. Photo |

John McNesby. Photo |

On December 7th, the Bucks County Courier Times ran a syndicated political cartoon from Chris Britt. In that cartoon, minority children waiting for Santa ask him, “Keep us safe from the police.” It’s a reference to the several killings of unarmed black men by police officers this year, including the death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland.

As a reaction, Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby — a man who may wish to become our next state senator — fired off a letter to the Courier Times and its editor, Patricia Walker.

It was a reasoned and measured response:


Just kidding! It was not. Here are my favorite sentences:

  • Surprisingly, you have at least one reader of that excuse for a newspaper you run.
  • “cartoon” (as if the legitimacy of this even being a cartoon is in question)
  • There is a special place in hell for you miserable parasites in the media who seek to exploit violence and hatred in order to sell advertisements.
  • Here’s wishing you a bankrupt New Year.

So, yes, the head of the Philadelphia police union wants the Bucks County Courier Times to go out of business, and its employees to spend an eternity burning in the fires of hell. McNesby may want to rethink this: All the police officers who move to Bensalem after retiring are going to need a news source to keep up with their kids’ high school sports teams. (Go Firebirds!)

The Bucks County FOP also wrote a letter accusing the newspaper of promoting “mistrust between citizens and police.” And this:

Our membership has contacted and given the Courier staff sufficient time to print an apology for this distasteful content and were basically told to get over it.

Walker responded with a letter to the readers:

Letters, cartoons and guest opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our editorial board, rather that of the author or artist. […] Those who subscribe to this newspaper understand our commitment to the community and our steadfast support for law enforcement and those who work very hard to make Bucks County a better place to live. We are united in that effort.

So, basically: Sorry, not sorry (but we don’t agree with the cartoon we ran).

The Daily News flagged a letter to the editor in the Courier, “Deeply disturbed,” that also bashed the newspaper. There will doubtless be more; comments are pouring in on the Courier’s Facebook page.

This isn’t the first time police have gotten angry about a cartoon locally. In 2005, then-Philadelphia Police commissioner Sylvester Johnson complained (in a lighter tone) about a Daily News cartoon by Signe Wilkinson.

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  • Whatwhatwhat?

    Of course, this letter comes from the same guy who spends a majority of his time fighting to keep corrupt cops on the street, adding to the public skepticism and distrust.

    • murdog

      based on your previous posts it just confirms that you are the A***hole and bigot that I thought you were next time you are in danger and in need of a police officer call the Courier Post

      • Whatwhatwhat?

        Thanks, really sweet of you to say. Bigot huh? Do you even know what that word means?

        As for my first comment, McNesby has publicly fought against the Police Department to reinstate cops who have tangible records of misconduct. Not all cops are bad, but the ones that are have the FOP’s full support, so forgive me for laughing at the thought of McNesby calling any one “despicable” without first looking into a mirror. I’ve been fortunate to be helped by some very fine PPD officers whose help and dedication I’ve appreciated. I’ve also been the recipient of blatant police harassment, bullying, and ineptitude, so don’t placate me with your “next time you are in danger” line. Anyone who isn’t a cop or isn’t married to a cop knows how easily officers can (and often do) abuse their “power.”

        I’d encourage you to read the Inquirer’s “Tainted Justice” series, but based on your grammatical deficiency, I’m not convinced you’re even capable of reading above a 3rd grade level. Maybe one day, they’ll publish a picture book for you to better understand.

        • murdog

          Only if it excludes bigots like yourself. Also I would not hold up anything that rag of a newspaper like the Inquire as gospel. But I guess with your limited ability you have to rely on what you can get

          • Whatwhatwhat?

            There is an “r” at the end of “Inquirer”. Always a fun occasion to be called stupid by someone who can’t spell or correctly use punctuation.

          • murdog

            Call me what you want, what it all comes down to is that every morniong you wake up you are still a bigot. You and the A**Hole HinkleyHadAVision

          • Pinquot

            Calling everyone you disagree with an a-hole really shows off the depths of your intellect.

      • HinkleyHadAVision

        Yeah defend those fascist goose steppers kid. So are you a pig yourself or do you just blow one every night?

        • murdog

          Nice, do you speak like that to your Mother.

      • Jimmy

        Well, he certainly wouldn’t call a cop. The courier would probably show up faster, and would be less likely to shot his dog

        • murdog

          Another A**hole heard from.

      • americanjello

        yeah ok officer


    This letter to the Bucks County Courier came from John McNesby a guy who spent his life making the streets of Philadelphia safe for all. John now is President of FOP Lodge 5 and speaks out for all Law Enforcement Officers. John thanks for all you do for everyone.

    • kinopio

      John McNesby made cops looks like low IQ babies. Anyone who agrees with his letter is an embarrassment.

  • Earl J

    His last sentence fittingly shows the bully he is.

    • victor06

      exactly. his letter just adds credence to the criticism of cops.
      he could have expressed his distaste in a professional manner but I don’t think he knows how

  • ChasInNJ

    Now the FOP has extended its anti-Mumia jihad to those who are anywhere critical of the police. On that level the FOP are no different from the brownshirts in Germany or the blackshirts under Mussolini.

    Blind worship of the police is a hallmark of a totalitarian society — and anyone who worships the police is an apologist for fascism.

    • murdog

      and you my friend are a first class bigot

      • ChasInNJ

        I know an FOP groupie when I read one — and murdog is an FOP groupie.

        • murdog

          and you are a first class bigot

          • Morondog

            You don’t even know what that word means you right wing stooge.

    • Teeter Von Schnauzen

      There is no way you are actually this stupid. Mumia shouldn’t even be breathing right now. The cop he killed was the best kind…he genuinely carred for the people he was protecting. Mumia a worthless cop killer who is beneath our contempt. It really isn’t that difficult to not get hurt by the police. Just listen to them and don’t be dumb. That is apparently too difficult for some people.

      • ChasInNJ

        He’s a black man, he’s accused of killing a cop, therefore he’s guilty, fry him. That’s the same logic the Nazis used to demonize Jews.

        The FOP is an unsavory blend of brownshirts and McCarthyites. While the FOP tries to whack anybody critical of the cops, the FOP is protecting real criminals under the guise of Blue Privilege.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Anyone who worships the police is an apologist for fascism. It’s no different from right-wing politicians defending the CIA and torture.

        • Teeter Von Schnauzen

          No, this is America where you are innocent until proven guilty. Mumia was CONVICTED of killing a cop and therefore he should fry. I don’t care what color he is or the cop is. You are terrible at arguing.

  • Kcantihwd

    The letter was exactly what should have been expected from that person who represents all law enforcement officers – even if some of those he represents are corrupt. Nonetheless, the cartoon was dispicable, as it implies that ALL officers are. As for the affects of this “newspaper going bankrupt….” the author of this article weighs far too much emphasis his outlet plays in this Information Age. Get over yourself.

    • kelly

      Except it’s probably how black and brown children might see the police. Especially those who’ve lost loved ones to police brutality or have been harrassed by the police.

  • FTP

    John McNesby is a literal and figurative pig.

  • Teeter Von Schnauzen

    I don’t particularly like it either, but It was just an editorial cartoon. John McNesby has served this city well and we all owe him a debt of gratitude. But John, seriously man, stop whining about this. It’s a nothing cartoon in a nothing newspaper. Just let it go.

  • Ewock

    Imagine if the cartoon was a police officer asking Santa to be safe from young black males.

    • Derek Gustavo Rowe

      Yes. Lets imagine a world where police dont have guns and unlimited ammo where young black males are constantly killing them. You cant. You couldnt even imagine mall security with just a flashlight asking Santa for that. But the scenario in the cartoon above? Yeah thats real life.

  • jimmyt

    God bless Eric Frein

  • Jackie Chiles

    I hope your paper goes bankrupt too, but mostly because wishing for your paper to go bankrupt causes you such butthurt.

  • Jeff Share

    It was a terrible cartoon. Very poor taste. These are very unfortunate incidents and the one in NYC is inexcusable but don’t smear an entire occupation, the majority of whom are very dedicated peace officers.

    • Grimsley Banks

      Like how we shouldn’t smear an entire race as murderous, thieving, horrid thugs maybe?

      • kelly

        Exactly. All those 30 year old looking 12 year olds with demon faces and superhuman strength our out to get the police.

    • Brandon

      I could buy this if there were police condemning these horrific acts of violence against black youth, but I haven’t seen any such thing.

    • nonstopping

      “these are very unfortunate incidents” how about you have a member of your family murdered by a police officer for absolutely no reason, and then watch their killer be kept on the streets where they’ll probably kill someone else. oh wait, you won’t, because you’re white and therefore safe.

  • Leuprecht

    Regardless of what you think about the situation, the letter was damn rude. Instead of sounding like a civil adult, McNesby gives off the tone of an upper-class suburban person who is about to verbally assault a sales clerk after being told their coupon expired two months ago.

  • Potosino

    The belligerent bullying of his letter shows that McNesby lacks the temperament to be a police officer. He owes the public an apology — and a resignation.

  • penguintruth

    What a classless thug. Every day for the rest of the year should have similar cartoons now.

  • Death In Venice

    Eerily effeminate eyes leering out from that grinning, quadruple-chinned hood of pink flesh. I know what it looks like to me. (And nope, it’s not the gay.) Anyone else want to guess?

  • Kyle Clements

    Cops like McNesby should shut their doughnut holes and go take a flying leap. It terrifies me that there are such immature and petty people as McNesby in law enforcement.