Reddit Has Some Etiquette Tips for SEPTA

A list of much-needed social cues.


Here are a select few SEPTA etiquette tips from the good people of Reddit.

  • If there’s a line of people waiting to get on the bus and you’re paying cash, let the people with tokens and passes go first. Especially if the weather sucks.
  • Stand like a statue on the train platform in the exact spot the doors of train will be when it gets there. Don’t move out of the way for people getting off the train. Because oh dear you might not get a seat! The men I see doing this are complete pussies.
  • if you have to puke because of your all-night shenanigans please make a quick exit/stop and puke in the street and not all over the chairs and the aisle
  • stop eating Mcdonalds when I’m hammered and hungry.
  • Someone took a shit on the 60 bus today.

A Regional Rail conductor chimed in too, with some more specific advice: “Tell me (train conductor) where your final destination is on the regional rail. We will usually give you the cheapest/easiest way to get there. Don’t say 30th street then tell me after I give you your ticket how to get the trenton train.”


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  • annonymous

    I really wish people would exit from the back doors of the bus, so when I am trying to get in the front door, I don’t have to wait for you to get off. Also, why do people insist on standing in the front aisle when there are seats? Just blocking the aisle.

    • Em

      Even worse, on the trolley where there are separate spaces at the front doors to enter and exit… there’s always at least one person going out the in.

  • annonymous

    When you are on public transportation, please don’t forget that this is a public/shared space. Use your phone sparingly, if at all. No one should be forced to listen to your personal business; save that for the privacy of home.

    • annonymous

      Unfortunately, there will never be a “Quiet Car” designation on a bus, but at minimum, people should be respectful to those around them.

    • BigEd68

      Hahahaha! Right? Sorry but most of the people on the bus/train broadcasting business most likely haven’t been raised with manners and are on a government free cell phone….

  • annonymous

    If you are in a quiet ride car. Be Quiet. When going up and down stairs to get to the train, stick with normal traffic rules. Stay to the right. That way people running to their train do not have to dodge outgoing traffic.

  • Bodizzle

    Screw #1. First come, first served. Why should someone who just got in line behind me get on first after I’ve been standing there waiting for a half hour?

    • SeptaJesus

      Seriously. Screw you if you can’t wait for someone to put their currency in the fare machine, you’re not entitled because you bought a pass or have tokens. Some of these redditors are fucking stupid.

    • sometimesapanda

      you’re that person in line at the grocery store with an overflowing cart that doesn’t let someone with two things go in front of them, aren’t you?

  • Rashad Johnson

    Dear Septa bus driver ,
    If your bus is so jammed pack with people everyday you may want to mention that at headquarters so they can maybe send another bus on your route I see you laugh as we fall all over each other when you turn corners.

  • anonymous

    Don’t sit next to me because I am smaller than you and you think you’ll take my space too!

    Stop falling asleep and swaying your head so that it’s on my shoulder!

    Don’t touch me and get your stuff off of me!

    When you cough cover your mouth, I don’t like the gust of air hitting my head and mussing up my hair!

    Don’t pull out your dinner on the way home the stink of that pork sandwich and hoagie + the motion of the train are making me sick!

    And that night you decided you would clip your finger nails the entire ride home was appalling! I wouldn’t have noticed until I heard the nail clippers over my music!

    Those rats playing on the El tracks, don’t call attention to them… I don’t need to know.

  • sometimesapanda

    that second thing is a load of crap…if you’re standing directly in front of the door when I’m trying to get off I will and have shouldered my way past you. same rules apply for when you’re entering and exiting a building; if you are on your way out, let them out first then you can go in. don’t be a dick, wait your turn

    also, look at a line map for the 60. someone is always going to be taking a shit on that bus

    • no

      I don’t shoulder my way past – I stride forward as if you aren’t there at all. Wanna fight me over it? I’ll give you a swift lesson in manners I guarantee you will never forget.

  • Dan P

    When on the subway/El, don’t stand in front of the doors on the side that the train opens unless you are getting off at that stop. Seriously, you are just in everyone’s way.

  • annonymous

    This is a terrible article