Local Grindr Hookup Leads to Murder in Delco

Dino Dizdarević

Dino Dizdarević

G Philly has learned that a 25-year-old Philly man was murdered last week after he drove to Chester, Pennsylvania, to meet a man he had connected with on Grindr.

The Delaware County District Attorney’s Office confirms the body of Dino Dizdarević was discovered in a lot on the 900 block of Parker Street  in Chester early on Thursday, May 1st. He had been strangled and, according to DA Jack Whelan, sustained “multiple blunt-force trauma injuries to the face.”

On Wednesday, April 30th, Dizdarević told his boyfriend, Nick McBee, with whom he was in an open relationship, he was driving to Chester to meet a man he’d met on the app. McBee began to fear the worst when the night wore on and he hadn’t heard anything from him. “He was a responsible person. He always called to let me know where he was,” he says. “I knew something was wrong.”

McBee filed a missing person’s report with the Philadelphia Police Department on Thursday morning, and was called to identify a body in Chester that matched the description. It was Dizdarević, though, according to sources close to the couple, he had been beaten so severely that he was only able to be identified from his clothing.

Dizdarević and McBee

Dizdarević and McBee

So far no arrests have been made in the case, and it is not being investigated as a hate crime. DA Whelan tells me, however, that “we heard through the grapevine he may have been part of the gay community. We don’t know if he was targeted because of that, but we’re looking at any avenue necessary.”

Dizdarević and McBee moved to Philadelphia from Kentucky last year when Dizdarević got a job as a chemical engineer at the Stepan Company. The pair had been together since December of 2012. “I loved him so much,” McBee says. “We had so many big plans for the future.”

There has been a fund drive established in Dizdarević’s honor to help offset funeral costs for McBee and Dizdarević’s family. You can give here.

Anyone with leads that could lead to an arrest in this case should call Chester Detective Joseph McFate at 610-447-8428, or Delaware County Detective William Gordon at 610-891-4700.

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    Horribly sad. May his murderer be brought to justice and may those who loved and knew him find some sort of peace. R.I.P.

  • DouglasInDallas

    Isn’t the Grindr app associated with a phone number? Seems like an easy way to track down the owner of the phone he was meeting even if that guy wasn’t involved in the attack…

    • DCDayDrinker

      I think the app is connected to a device and not a particular phone number. Some people have it on their iPads, etc. Still though, hopefully they’ll be able to track the perp down.

    • MegaLiberty74

      The police should be able to access Dino’s Grindr profile with the help of the company itself. From there, look at the murderer’s profile, what email address he used to set up such account, and see if any pictures were exchanged in chats between the two.

  • Patrick Hagerty

    This is SO sad you was such a nice guy!

  • Andy

    “we heard through the grapevine he may have been part of the gay community.”

    Really? You heard it through the grapevine? It’s not hard to figure out. He was using Grindr. He was on his way to meet a man. Why be so nonchalant about it?

  • David Clark

    If he had a bf, why wasn’t he at home with him where he belonged? While this is a very upsetting and unfortunate event, it seems our community is turning a blind to a simple matter that could have prevented this….MONOGAMY!

    • Remi

      Monogamy or any other relationship dynamic has nothing to do with this. Just because someone doesn’t participate in the dynamic if your own personal choosing does not mean that another person is justified in killing them. Period.

      This beautiful young man is dead, not because he was nonmonogamous, but because someone committed an act of murder. That simple. Crimes are committed because of the perpetrators of those crimes, not because the victims existed.

      • Ron Marotto

        Well said Remi, and spot on! Enough of blaming the victim, he did NOTHING wrong!

        • Rhonda Simms

          Are you kidding?? He chose to put himself in a dangerous position and is now dead because of it. Your comment is incredibly foolish.

      • Dp2001

        Thank you for correcting the idiot twink.

      • Rhonda Simms

        WRONG! An “open relationship” is not a real relationship. If this guy was committed to his boyfriend and not out meeting random strangers for sex, guess what, he would still be alive! Get a clue

        • Harmit Tamber

          You probably think rape victims have it coming because of how they dress or act too don’t you? Disgusting fool.

        • david

          Rhonda as a gay male I agree with you

        • Bubbles

          Straight people do it too! It’s called cheating! Haven’t heard if it? Wake up!! Ask any straight Girl or guy about it.. Idiot.. Of FYI manogamous people get murdered too.. Look it up.. Idiot

    • Jon Davis

      Your opinion has been noted. It is however your opinion. And if he’d been single and still responded to a grindr meet up. This wouldn’t have even hit the news because he’d be a body found by the police, with maybe the family being notified.

    • John Johnson

      Nice to know victim blaming isn’t limited to heterosexuals.

    • O

      So if he had been single and gone down there, he would not have been murdered right? Or he was murdered because he was not single? Or maybe you wish you were the first person on scene to cast a stone yourself? You have heard the stories about those who cast the first stone right? You sir are an embarrassment. Your moral priorities are a mess.

      • Two_Tennis

        We don’t know the motivations of the perpetrator. It is entirely possible that he targeted the victim because he was in an open relationship, which was probably posted in his profile.

        • Adan

          What a massively ridiculous thing to say, Two_Braincells…

      • Rhonda Simms

        The point is that if he were actually in love with and committed to his boyfriend, he would not have put himself in a dangerous position like he did. I mean are you really that dense? The only embarrassment here is you.

    • The Benefactor

      They were in an open relationship, that’s why.

      • Annabell

        By far the smartest person on this discussion thread!!!!!!!!!! OPEN relationship idiots! REGARDLESS, that is not the damn point of this and the victim is not to blame. RIP

        • Adan

          You’re not coming across as very ‘smart’ with your very narrow minded OPINIONS. Stop judging people and being so damn prejudicial!!!

        • Rhonda Simms

          Yes he is to blame, stop defending his bad choices just because he’s dead and you feel bad.

      • Rhonda Simms

        Which is not a real relationship…

        • Adan

          The daughter of Satan has spoken…

    • The Benefactor

      MONOGAMY is impossible between two men.

      • Mike S

        No it’s not. Been with my man for over three years, I have no interest in other men, and neither does he.

        • The Benefactor

          Good for you but three years is not enough. Still the honeymoon stage. Long term, life long monogamy is not possible.

          • Greg

            How about 11 years? And we’ve been married for one year (which is as long as it’s been legal to do so.)

      • Daniel Duffey Hernandez

        Been with the same man for 10 years, married for 3, never cheated

        • Adan

          So what?? Monogamy was invented, it is not natural.

          • Rhonda Simms

            That’s your opinion, not everyone else’s. Sounds like you just want excuses to sleep around.

          • Adan

            Where have you come from, the lowest part of Hell? Go back there you pedantic moron, and take you narrow minded OPINION with you. And stay there.

      • Adrian

        No, it really isn’t. It’s a matter of self-control. Just like murder.

      • Rhonda Simms

        How do you know? don’t say something is impossible just because YOU cannot do it. There are plenty of gay men who are in monogamous relationships and your ignorant comment is insulting.

        • Adan


        • Harmit Tamber

          Ignorant comment? That’s rich coming from you. Because in your tiny little brain, everyone is the same right? Everyone has the exact same thought process? And if anyone dare disagree with you, its nothing but burst ovaries and melted testicles with mountains of judgement.

    • Adan

      Nothing prevents you from being… A MORON!

    • Mikel

      And people aren’t murdered by their monogamous partners all the freaking time?

    • Ann

      Really? MONOGAMY does not prevent murder. There are thousand of humans murdered who are MONOGAMOUS…..Yes, this was apparently a case of meeting an unfortunate end due to meeting up with someone…..but….stop the madness and moralizing…..thanks.
      We should/could all be more cautious in our living & decisions…

      • Rhonda Simms

        Uhh that wasn’t his point. Being committed to his boyfriend instead of hooking up with random men off an app would have saved his life. I mean, duh? Nobody is “moralizing;” its not about morals, its about responsibility.

        • disqus_ccJa2ttJT2

          I’m sure you’re a lovely person since you have so much free time to troll this thread and victim bash.

    • Dp2001

      Seriously, kid, STFU. Dino was my friend. We all don’t need some vapid twink on a soap box making his MURDER a referendum on his relationship. Adult relationships are complicated; you’ll learn that when you become one.

      • Rhonda Simms

        Stop attacking people who are just telling the truth. You probably don’t like it when a gay person calls for responsibility, do you? His comment showed that he is an adult; your response indicates that you are not one.

        • Dp2001

          Kiss my ass.

        • eileen

          YOu are rediculous. Youre blaming an innocent person for their own murder? Wtf is wrong with you?! Whats the difference between an open relationship and being single. If a straight person meets another person on a social networking site to meet , does that person also mean its tgeir faultt for getting killed? Absolutely not, so take your ignorant mindset somewhere else. An innocent person died for no reeason, and your opinion is hateful.

        • Nathan B

          The very idea that you are stating that he put himself in a dangerous situation is foolish. Being gay and walking the streets is dangerous period with all the anti-gays out there. So by your response he should never leave his home. Open relationships may not be your cup of tea, but it’s not why he brutally beaten and killed. A family lost their brother and son! His boyfriend lost his companion and you sit there and say he was asking for it because he was living his life!

    • Canuck321

      @David Clark…..according to your logic, if he didn’t have a boyfriend at home and was single, then he wouldn’t have been killed? He was killed because he put himself in a dangerous situation. Something that almost everyone has done at least once in their life. If you go somewhere secluded with someone you don’t know, bad things can happen.

  • Pee Bee

    not being investigated as as hate crime?!?!?!?!?!?!? his face was so mutilated that his friend identified him by his clothes?!?!?!?!?!?! weird relationship but still!!!!!

  • Pee Bee

    maybe they should look into it being the ‘bf’. maybe he wasn’t so into the open relationship. people who have their faces bashed in or stabbed dozens of times are crimes of passion by someone they know.

    • Dp2001

      You didn’t know either of them, so please don’t bring up stupid conspiracy theories. I happen to have been Dino’s friend.

      • Pee Bee

        sorry. sad either way. meant no disrespect.

    • Nathan B

      Not likely, that is true however they usually have “crimes of passion” in a familiar place. The main thing is not to blame anyone, Nick lost his companion and even insinuating comes off as poor judgement. We don’t know these people and all we should be offering is our thoughts and prayers.

  • Omar Boyer

    That sucks but that what he gets for being in an “open relationship ” I don’t have a bf rite now but if I had one I would Erase my grindr app of my phone and I wud make sure my man does the same thing. I dont like open minded relationships when im with someone I only want to be with that person.

    • Harmit Tamber

      Way to blame the victim you ignorant moron.

      • Rhonda Simms

        Well it is partially his fault, moron. Get over yourself

        • Jason

          Moron? Really? You make yourself look more and more stupid by every comment you make! No you are the moron, moron!!!

    • The Benefactor

      That’s just you, baby, and only you. Everybody is different. “That’s what he gets?” What an awful thing to say. You need therapy. MONOGAMY is impossible between two men anyway. Maybe for a few years at the very most, but that’s it. And that’s the truth.

      • No Shade

        Yet you think it’s just Omar’s opinion but you still think monogamy is impossible. My dear it’s just you, and only you. Let Omar be and you can be whoever you want to. I believe monogamy and if open relationship works for you perfect. That doesn’t mean I will understand your relationship. Peace!

        • darg

          What is sad is a life have been snuffed out. Regardless of his relationship status. He has family and friend who are hurting because of this loss. I pray that they will find peace and strength during this difficult time.

      • Mike Oneill

        Yeah, really? What studies prove that monogamy is impossible for two men? Jeesh, maybe we should let them marry then…like those monogamous straight couples?

      • Rhonda Simms

        Wow, you claim that everyone is different and then you say that monogamy is impossible? Hahaha!! Sounds like monogamy just hasn’t worked out for you personally and you feel bad about it, so you try to drag everyone else down. I know many gay couples who are monogamous and have been for many many years. You are incredibly ignorant and close minded and I feel sorry for you that you will never find love.

    • eileen

      You are extremely ignorant. Yes, that may be what your idea of a realationship is, but to be so close minded in saying thats how it should be for everyone shows your ignorance to the fact that there are many different types of people and relationships. Its not one size fits all in relationships, its whats right for you and your partner… you cant honestly think your way is the only way it should be. And to judge a man who was killed for his way of living and loving is appalling.

      • Adan

        Hear hear!

      • Rhonda Simms

        You are the one who is ignorant and appalling. His irresponsible behavior got him killed, and now you are defending it?? Wow! Seems like your selfishness is clouding your judgement. Fact is, an “open relationship” is simply irresponsible and stupid. If you choose to live that way then you are also choosing to put yourself at risk. Get a clue

        • eileen

          Read my resonse in the below comment you left under someone elses.

        • Nathan B

          You’re ignorant and self involved that you don’t comprehend what happened! He didn’t ask for it, he went basically on a date and was beaten to death…this happens to single people. It’s a hate crime so please stop commenting you are making yourself look ignorant!!!

    • Dp2001

      You’re disgusting.

    • Jason

      Wow, just wow…it’s Dino’s fault right? Some people need to really evaluate themselves. He’s a victim damn it!!! He has loved ones mourning his death!!! He didn’t ask for this and being in an “open relationship” or “hooking up” doesn’t warrant being beaten to death!!!

  • The Benefactor

    Very tragic. Seems like a sweet guy.

    Why would he drive to Chester to meet a trick? We know the type of people who live in Chester! Chester, of all places.

    Very tragic.

    • Bizz

      What type of people live in Chester?

  • The Benefactor

    Never, never drive to Chester any under circumstances. What was he thinking? We know what Chester is like.

    Why didn’t he meet someone in Fishtown?

    RIP, sweet boy.


    My husband and I are in an open relationship and we have our own reasons for doing. If it worked for Dino, whom I knew from high school, then so be. Him being in an open relationship is not why he is got murdered. This was an unfortunate event with the use of grindr, but this could have been any one of you guys commenting stating you have grindr and all the bs about Dino needing to be at home with Nick. This could happen to anyone leaving any club/bar in ANY city anywhere in the world. Unfortunately this is the society we love in now a days. I give my condolences to Dino ‘s friends, family and sister, who is one of my good friends. Nobody should ever have to go through this but it continues to happen. How about as a community we stop blaming each other and start trying to come up with ways to possibly prevent this type of thing from happening again….

    • Rhonda Simms

      Well if you are in an open relationship, then he is not really your husband, is he? Why on earth should anyone support gay marriage if people like you are going to make a mockery of the institution like that? Maybe now you understand why people oppose it, and other gays who are actually responsible have to fight really hard for their rights because people like you make the rest of us look bad.

      The point is that if he were faithful, he would still be alive. Lesson to be learned, by you especially.

      • Harmit Tamber

        Actually, for some people sex isn’t the biggest form of intimacy in their life. For some its just physical release. Why don’t you go force your personal views on relationships somewhere else? Flagrant imbecile.

      • mayorofsmpleton

        Not everyone fits into your narrow world view of what a relationship is supposed to be. Way to judge. Awesome. Your opinion makes me sick.

        “Faithful” ? What is wrong with you? They had an open relationship. If two consenting adults choose to live their lives together in a way that doesn’t fit your idea of a “traditional” relationship then that is your problem… not theirs. Plenty of straight people have open relationships, marriages where they “play” or marriages that are merely business arrangements. Something tells me you have a habit of oversimplifying things that aren’t every that easy to classify. This kid is not responsible for what happened to him. He was the victim here. Judge the one who murdered him.

  • Tim fetzer

    The sad fact of the matter is, no matter what your relationship is or lack of, this is the risk anyone takes when meeting a complete stranger alone wether it be for sexual reasons or otherwise.There are all kinds of psychotic unstable people in the world. It is a scarey world we live in. My partner and I have been in a relationship for 16 years. We had an off and on open relationship for many years but the last 5 years have been monogamous. It was a choice we made for many different reasons.I feel so bad that this horrible act of violence happened. My thoughts are with his partner and family . My hopes are that justice will be served and this evil person is caught. Peace to everyone.

  • Katya

    This is really, really sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  • manny

    I feel so bad for him and his partner. I hope they catch the guy this is just pure evil RIP

    • Rhonda Simms

      I feel bad that he was murdered but I don’t really feel bad for his “partner” since they were openly cheating on each other.

      • Harmit Tamber

        Seriously, an education…get one. Everyone here knows you’re trash, have some dignity.

        • John P

          Well said!

  • Canuck321

    It’s not about blaming the victim for his own murder but it would be nonsensical not to acknowledge he took a big risk by meeting a stranger in an unfamiliar, secluded place. It may not befair but that is reality. Unfortunately, his risk turned into the worst, possible outcome. Gay men have been getting robbed, assaulted, and murdered in their pursuit of anonymous sex for a very long time. Cruising the park at 3 in the morning or cruising the piers in the dark isn’t that much different than Grindr. Predators know that we are vulnerable and they use it to their advantage. Gay men need to minimize their risks when having anonymous sex – blow someone in the shower at the gym, go to the bath house, bookstore or a sex party. Be creative but do what you can not to be alone in an isolated, secluded spot with a stranger who can use it to their advantage. Be smart!

  • Derick

    Instead of questioning the “open relationship” aspect of this story, how about questioning the fact that a young man was beaten and murdered. Who cares if he was gay and in an open relationship…who are we to judge? He was KILLED. That is the main point here.

    • Rhonda Simms

      Wow, you are dense. We are judging his behavior because it got him killed! I mean come on!

      • Harmit Tamber

        You sure do bark a lot…

      • Jason

        Rhonda, no some criminal killed him and not he himself. You are dense and need to take a Xanax because you are obviously in need of therapy! We’re you not loved as a child? Leave these people to grieve, grasp the concept of murder…there are multiple CSI marathons to help you comprehend! For now please do us all a favor and take a nap and refresh yourself for your high moral life you lead. A true inspiration and I say that with the upmost sarcastic love I can give:) good night Rhonda!!!

  • Bunnyeyes

    Embarrassing way to die

    • Adan

      Most embarrassing comment of the day!

  • Dp2001

    I’m sick of people making this about the nature of Dino’s relationship – that was between him and his boyfriend. The issue is that he was murdered and nothing more. This was, in my opinion, a hate crime. I also was friends with Dino. It’s easy for people to trash someone who can no longer defend himself, sitting anonymously behind their keyboards. If you want to make a different contact the Anti Violence Project and ask for them to investigate.

    • Rhonda Simms

      Why are you sick of it, because you do the same thing and don’t want to feel judged? Get your head out of your behind and look at the facts…irresponsible behavior leads to a higher likelihood of unfortunate outcomes. Dino’s “boyfriend” was not a real boyfriend, was he?

      • Dp2001

        Actually, I do not. But this isn’t about me or his relationship. And it’s not your place to judge his. You’re a disgusting, self-righteous scumbag.

        • Jason Scott

          Dp2001, this girl seeks attention by being a low life and judge mental idiot. My condolences to you, I read the story and I feel for you all, his family and Nick. Their relationship was their business and my heart aches for Dino thinking about this! I’m so sorry you have to deal with scum like Rhonda!

      • Dp2001

        Nothing gives you the right to judge the validity of his relationship. I do NOT do the same thing, but the issue isn’t your norms for sexual behavior that you feel obligated to project onto everyone else – it’s his MURDER. You’re attempting to diminish him as a person and his relationship when he’s the victim of a hate crime. You didn’t know him – I did. Go clutch your pearls somewhere else.

      • Jason

        Seriously Rhonda, you’re coming off like someone who does this themselves. Dino didn’t do anything wrong! He was in an open relationship that was between him and Nick and NO ONE ELSE!!! He could have been attacked and killed on the way to the store to buy milk and bread! Quit blaming the victim here. You’re a broken record! It’s a hate crime plain and simple and guess what…it happens to those in commited relationships too!

      • KYChick

        For those of us who actually knew and loved Dino, you are infuriating. I do get some in the fact that this article is filled with inaccuracies and some pure fiction. What I do know is that Dino was a bright, brilliant and thoughtful young man and to make this about anything other than the tragedy of someone taking his life is to use his death as a soapbox for your self-righteousness. That takes a person with a special kind of arrogance and lack of empathy usually exhibited by deeply insecure people who use the anonymity of the internet to make themselves feel better by judging others. I hope it’s working for you, because the rest of us can see right through it. Get some help.

  • Jdawg

    No one deserves this. I hope they catch whoever it was who did this.

  • Dan

    Has there been any investigation? Any suspects? or is this not priority because what he was doing violated a certain segments social mores?