• http://www.twitter.com/calculus_girl Liebs

    Hah! I highly doubt anyone other than their pre-determined friend-of-a-friend members ever gets a ticket. A girl can dream, I guess.

    • Dan

      Agreed that it’s a tough ticket, yet I have no idea why it is so “dream[y].” Try having a picnic in rittenhouse or on the schuylkill trail or wherever. Heck they have free movie nights in these places too. So I am firmly in the don’t get it category. Love to have someone explain this to me. Sounds needlessly pretentious.

  • Elle

    I thought about it last year, but the idea of a) buying and b) carrying my own table and chairs across the city — in August — was enough for me to pass.

  • Snake

    So I have to buy a ticket and dress in all white to sit in the park and have a bite to eat? This sounds ridiculous.