50 Best Restaurants Poll: Rittenhouse Tavern

On Foobooz, we’ll be running daily surveys, polling readers about where they believe certain restaurants will land in the Philadelphia magazine list of the 50 Best Restaurants.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

50 Best Restaurants will be in the January issue of Philadelphia magazine, hitting newsstands on Wednesday, December 26th.

Photo by Jason Varney

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  • Adam

    Man, I really hope they don’t force this 2 gap issue too hard. There’s basically no one on this roster that is better suited to do it.

    • JofreyRice

      Like I mentioned before, my faith in Kelly is growing, in terms of what he’s doing offensively. I just wish we had a real guru for the D. It may sound simplistic, but someone like JJ–a guy that comes in with a vision, and just manages that side of the ball, soup to nuts. Billy Davis’ press conferences do not inspire a lot of confidence, he sounds about even with Juan “Muscle Memory/Hard Work” Castillio.

      • Question for you, though- how much better could another coach do with the talent on this team? I don’t mean this as a defense of Davis, but rather that now does not seem the time to implement a 2-gap 34. If that is entirely his idea, then it’s a terrible one. If Kelly simply picked him because it’s Kelly’s idea all along and he believes Davis can tame some hybrid brainchild of his, I’m at a loss.

        Who knows what it will be by the start of the regular season? Running a 3-3-5 or “Seattle Under”, if you will, makes our safeties vulnerable. We all saw how that turned out. And yet we don’t have a great coverage SAM to check the big tight ends up field. Who on our team could cover Ertz if someone else drafted him? We’re at least a draft away. More than the personnel change, I’m concerned with who is forcing this new defense this quickly. Or if it’s all just a preseason gamble to see what is possible.

        • deg0ey

          Chip may speak about using the best system to fit the players he has available, but ultimately he’ll have a scheme that he feels more comfortable with. I think that’s the 3-4. With that in mind, an eventual switch to the 3-4 is inevitable – Chip thinks it’s better than the 4-3 for numerous reasons that make a lot of sense and he wants to implement that with his new team.

          If we’re gonna switch to the 3-4 eventually anyway, then I’d prefer it to happen sooner rather than later. It won’t suit all of the players, but by implementing it now he can get a feel for which guys can do it and which need to be replaced.

      • Adam

        Man, I got the complete opposite vibe from Billy Davis’ pressers. I think he’s a fine communicator and he sounds knowledgeable. But I get what you’re saying, I absolutely would love to have someone better… problem was that there just wasn’t any options. Ray Horton was the only candidate I was ready to “covet” (and I mean that very lightly), and he was off the market in a day. Plus I have concerns that he’ll be a 1 year wonder in Cleveland then bail for a head coaching opportunity. Davis seems to be a decent “install guy” in the sense that he’s put in defenses that had success after he’s departed.. for what that’s worth..

        I think as a whole the Eagles fan base is a bit tainted by the coaches we’ve had, and we forget that good coaches actually make adjustments. AR and MM thought they were smarter than the world, and Juan was simply too inexperienced to do it. So what I’m hoping for is that Chip and Billy can break this mold when they realize that we can’t get to the 3-4 2 gap this fast, and that in the mean time, with the personnel we’ve got, that we stop somewhere around a 4-3U or 3-4 1 gap system. FWIW, I think that’s what will happen.

  • G_WallyHunter

    I hate seeing all of these people talking about how similar it looks to Oregon and everthing, a few people have reported that, how similar it looks so far… hopefully CK is just hiding things for now lol
    gives me a bad feeling, just hoping Chip is doing what he needs to do to adapt to this league and ensure that his system has a better chance of being successful at a pro level..
    Maehl saying it didn’t look very different from Oregon is what I’m talking about, not exactly encouraging

    • Guess we should get ready for those Bubble Screens!

    • JofreyRice

      Did you check out the Grantland article? It’s a good read. You’ll feel better afterwards. After that go to fishduck and watch a video, and you’ll be booking your plane ticket to Guyana in no time.

      • I could read Chris Brown all day long. Sheil’s all-22s remind me of his style, and I mean that in the best way possible. And to think, with the quality of our Gs and Kelce being as athletic as he is, the power is a beautiful thing to watch with this team. Defensive woes aside, I’m aiming to grab McCoy for my fantasy team this year.

        • cliff henny

          and we havent even seen peters yet! just imagine if he’s 100%

          • boy, if he’s healthy….it’s practically cheating. My dream for this year? 3-0 start (I’m going to the KC game); Chris Brown running through the streets raving mad and drunk, screaming about reading DL and punishing safeties over the top; and McCoy winning me a fantasy title.

          • cliff henny

            we may not stop anyone, but we might not have too, lol.

        • G_WallyHunter

          If I’m in top 5 pick, McCoy it is, the only RB who I would consider over him is Doug Martin I think. If the Oline of JP-EM-JK-TH-LJ have continuity for the first, say, 8 or 9 games, the offense will be clicking VERY WELL… I want McCoy badly too. Maybe grab Bryce for the flex. If I miss out on McCoy, I’d probably take BB in later round as flex.. he has potential to see at least 20 touches a game..

          • I have #3. And the way I see it, BB is the perfect handicap; get him late round. Even thinking about DJax around 5-6, since none of my Bmore friends follow other teams.

          • G_WallyHunter

            Ah so you have a tough choice there, at least you know now. I think we’re picking out of a hat on draft day… Agreed with BB late round, I will try to get him as flex for sure, 10th round or later if he makes it there… And if Desean’s there in 6 or 7 I’d have to take him. A lot of the people in my league are scrubs, I’m expecting them to choose QBs in the first 1 2 or 3 rounds haha thus allowing other favourable players to drop. I’d like to grab Luck or Romo in the 5th or 6th round, fill up on WR and RB in the first 4… Imagine getting McCoy, Dez, Ridley in first 3, very solid foundation to go off of..

          • Man, I love the game of FFL almost as much as I love winning, but I will never EVER draft a cowboys player.

          • G_WallyHunter

            HAHA that’s hardcore. If AJ Green or VJax are there in 2nd round, I’d probably take them over Dez haha.. or Fitz too, he’s due for a big year with a good arm throwing to him now..

        • Adam

          Ugh, I’m in such a predicament for my fantasy league. It’s a 1 keeper league and I have Doug Martin and Shady. I love my boy Shady but I’m worried he’s gonna get some TD’s vultured from him by another back. Muscle Hamster will basically have no handcuff and he’s pretty damn good, I think I have to go with Martin.

          Not to brag, but I killed my 10 team league last year. This was my team:


          • G_WallyHunter

            Carl Nicks and some Joseph guy are coming back from injuries, I’m leaning towards Dougy too, as hard as it is to lean away from Shady.
            Their run offense did that well last year, and now two pro-bowl Olinemen are returning… and as you said he will be feature back, no BB/McCoy splits. I’d go dougy too if I have a top 3 pick and they’re both there..

        • Agreed anything he writes its worth the read…have you bought Browns book?

      • G_WallyHunter

        I did not, guess I should before making those kinds of conclusions. To be honest, I’m really just going off of what we have seen in TC/PS and a few people’s reports, nothing substantial.
        What’s in Guyana?
        Just read the article, and yes, I feel about 100% better. Especially where it talks about the read-options and how CK “has been doing it with all position groups for years”… just really speaks to his knowledge and speaks to the fact that no matter how much adaptation is needed, this guy’s a genius and is capable of it..

  • Dubiy

    If we stick to the 3-4 instead of the 4-3 under which is better suited for our current personnel then I have no faith in the eagles and assume we are just filling round holes with square pegs again

  • Johnny Domino

    So does Maehl get a look at safety, too?

    • b.d

      You know that’s why he is here. chips not scared, but that dreck behind the linebackers should be. most likely a gunner type on S.T