Take Your Beer Geekery To The Next Level At Philly Beer School

Want to prove you’re even more of a beer geek than any of these newcomers (or even oldcomers) to the craft beer lifestyle? Then become one of the first people in the world to earn a Beer & Brewing Foundation Certificate from Philly Beer School, the sister academy to the Philadelphia Wine School. Instructor Zach Morris will be teaching the class, which runs Saturdays 2-4pm from Feb. 23 to April 16, and covers topics like styles, ingredients and equipment, dry hopping and bottling and kegging. Three sessions are devoted to a brewing lab.

Graduates will earn a professional certificate from The National Wine School in LA, which will qualify them for nothing short of a third-shift entry-level job cleaning mash tuns at a commercial brewery – but unlike newbies with no experience who hold those distinctly unglamorous positions, graduates will at least get paid … maybe.  Beer school owner Keith Wallace has dreamt of launching this program for years but finally decided the time was right because he’s recently earned some positive press for receiving a Best of Philly award for Best Adult Education and his inclusion on a CBS Philly list of the top five sommeliers in the city.

Classes cost $549. More info can be found at the Philly Beer School website.

Philly Beer School [Official]

  • Mike

    Sounds like a bargain. That certificate is probably worth more than a lot of university degrees right now. Who’s going to impress more at the local craft bar?

    #1 I don’t have a job but I do have a Wharton MBA.

    #2 I’m minimum wage and I know what hops are in that beer you’re drinking.

  • JasonB

    I second that statement. My graduate degree is an extremely expensive doorstop right now. Will this be the start of something awesome, or will it be hipster hell?

  • Lord Chesterfield

    For that kind of dough Screech, Kelly and Slater better be there too.