Philly Beer Week by the Numbers

So we’ve been doing a lot of research for Philly Beer Week, attempting to figure out how many events we can make it to without running ourselves absolutely ragged. Along the way we’ve come across a lot of numbers and figures that represent our favorite week of the year.

Ben Franklin’s Virtues of Philly Beer Week: 10

Stops on the Hammer of Glory Route: 23

Years Since the First Philly Beer Week: 5

Breweries Participating This Year: 51

Days in Beer Week: 10

Events Actually Happening between June 1 and June 10 (Official Beer Week): 717

Venues: 209

Participants in the Philly Beer Run: 280 (as of Brew Lounge Tuesday, 400 max)

“Gods” at the Forum of the Gods roundtable: 5

Beer Pong Tournaments: 1

Events Dedicated to Prince’s Birthday: 1

Beer Run Events: 3 (American Sardine Fried Chicken Run, Beermuda Triangle Run)

PBW Events Tagged “Free Beer for Sparks”: 54

Explanations of “Free Beer for Sparks”: 0

Bacon-and-Chocolate Beers to Be Sampled at the Continental’s Brunch on June 2: “a billion”

Beer Cupcakes to Be Served at Whole Foods on June 4: Too many

Dollars to be saved by purchasing tickets ahead of time to the Great Beer Expo: $14

International Breweries at the Great Beer Expo: 50+

US Cities that have Copied Philly Beer Weel: 50+

  • Cheltenham Charlie

    Sparks is the webmaster for the PBW site. Looks like they hired real programmers for the iOS app, that seems to be working pretty well.

  • Austin

    For “Breweries Participating This Year,” is that defined by the number of breweries that have brewers/owners/reps coming into town for PBW or by the number of breweries that are having their products featured during PBW events because if it’s the latter then 51 seems small.

  • Art

    The 51 breweries is the amount of breweries that have paid the fee to be listed. There are more likely over 100 participating breweries.

  • Mike

    Enjoy. Important number is 1. Number 1 party of the week. Number 1 beer event of the year in Philly.