• http://www.bridgesburgersbeer.com brian

    you’re not tempting me…. i see what you’re trying to do…

  • Al

    Cool, I look forward to the verdict. Oh and while you’re at it, let us know which of your kids you love more. And whether sunrises beat sunsets. Come on, there’s no answer to this, they’re both crazy delicious, the answer is to just always order them both!

  • Jeremy

    If you dont add smoked cheddar to those Debris Fries your doing it wrong.

  • Rick

    I agree with Al

    Michaelangelo’s David or Sistine Chapel?

    The popcorn is getting all the press, but the debris fries are also a knockout.

    I guess I know where I am going tonight.

  • John B.

    I haven’t had the popcorn yet, but my vote will still be for the debris fries. No way the popcorn can top those delicious fries. As for the other comment, I’ve had them with and without the cheese and prefer them cheese-less. And I typically love poutine. Mad props (do the kids still say that?) to the Khyber for getting everything right, when so much could have gone wrong.

  • Kevs

    Are the Debris Fries better than the short rib and Sly Fox cheese covered duck fat fries at Village Whisky?

  • kbor

    What won?