News for People Who Like Bad News

The Spaghetti Warehouse on Spring Garden closes up shop today after an improbable 20-year run. [The Insider]

A December 22nd zoning hearing stands between Fathom Seafood House and its opening. [The Insider]

Masked robbers made out with more than $30,000 Saturday as they robbed Club Onyx, a strip club on Delaware Avenue by the Walt Whitman Bridge. [Philadelphia Daily News]

Deal to bring a Victory Brew Pub to Easton has fallen through. [Easton-Times via Jack Curtin]

Vesuvio has closed at the corner of 8th and Fitzwater after 8+ years. [The Insider]

Black Angus appears to be the latest South Street Casualty. [Brownstoner]

  • Alexa

    I am not so sure about Vesuvio. I walked past there this morning and there are a ton of signs in the windows saying, “Closed for renovations.” I know they have been trying to get zoning approved for a roof deck.

  • Snake

    Your link for Vesuvio is broken and I’m not sure that the information is correct either. Last I heard, they were going for some sort of club license.

  • Brian

    just sent a friend a message about Vesuvio’s and she said they are closed for a month to turn the upstairs into two apartments.

  • barryg

    Don’t hold your breath on Vesuvio. Last time I went there it was a disaster. The stench of death was all around–minimal staff, kitchen out of everything, etc.

  • bp

    A Victory Brewpub in Philly would be nice!

  • Snake


    Vesuvio’s always been awful, I’ve never been sure how they stayed open.