• matt

    you should have an option for “i don’t like either.” i didn’t really like the xochitl logo, but the new one is better than the old one.

  • ENOC – Don Tanblock

    Which is the new and which is the old?

  • gigi

    yes, matt. there should be and option for “i don’t like either.” that’s my vote.

  • lk

    the new logo reminds me of the butcher and singer logo….hmmm trying to trick some guests for business maybe?

  • mazza3

    hate them both. i would pick the old one if i had to but only if they redesigned the 1.

  • JJK

    The new logo is cheesy and looks like a logo for a diner.

  • bobblehead joe

    There was a time when their logo only featured the odd looking symbol on the left of that bottom logo (i guess you’re supposed to see a T, a 3 and a 1 in the negative space?) That was ridiculous, but the newest one is just terrible although acceptable when you consider that they’re in the same building that puts out crap like this:


    Get out your black Nikes, kids. We’re gonna surf the web!

  • orchidmask

    Don’t know exactly why a newer place chooses to change it’s original logo so soon after opening. Was the original logo not thought-out properly (although, it is my favorite between the two)?

    It just does not make sense to change your brand so quickly. Afterall, re-branding cost some coin. And in these economic conditions, is it really justified to start from scratch?

  • http://foobooz.com Foobooz

    One reason for the redesign is that when Table 31 initially opened it was a steakhouse.

    They are also unifying the Plaza Cafe and Table 31 under a singular identity. A decision that no doubt can also be debated.

    Here’s that other logo Bobblehead Joe references.

  • Matt

    What if I like both? What if I’m insecure and need to trash everything around me? Oh, looks like the latter option is already there.

  • orchidmask

    I like the Plaza Cafe ‘s logo as a stand alone. No?

    They really are two different places. Seasonal vs year round…

  • least important person

    This is dog shit!!
    how soon till this place declares bankruptcy?
    what a joke
    Perrier, scarduzio et all
    i kinda feel bad for them