We Hardly Knew You

Michael Klein reports that Kaizan has bowed out at the Academy House after just 5 months. Originally conceptualized as Zen Setsu back in April with kaiseki, a tasting menu of up to 9 courses, Kaizan was a scaled down version that never got much traction.

Also shutting its doors is Clementine’s Bistro which got better reviews than Kaizan but suffered no better a fate, closing after a year.

Closings [Food and Drinq]

  • http://throwingthings.blogspot.com Adam B.

    The Kaizan space is more-or-less cursed. Too far off the street to draw serious traffic … has anyone succeeded there other than Marabella’s?

  • Andre

    It’s not cursed, it’s just a bad space. I think some structural changes should be in order but as long as Academy House keeps finding suckers that won’t happen.

  • Brian

    5 months… damm

  • mike

    The space is pretty wierd and being so setback doesn’t help. I think a big sports bar with lots of tv’s could probably do well there. Something like fox and hound, but with decent tv’s and good food. Maybe a center city chickie and petes’s?