McNabb Not Yet Sold On Foles


Donovan McNabb has seen Nick Foles start 16 games, but he’s not ready to say the Eagles have found themselves a franchise quarterback.

“That’s the big question. I really can’t answer that at this particular point. But if I had to, give or take, I would say no,” McNabb said during an interview with Harry Mayes and Brian Baldinger on 97.5 The Fanatic.

“He won’t do what he did last year. That just won’t happen – 27 touchdowns, two interceptions. I see him being more of a 25-touchdown, maybe eight, maybe 10 interception guy. But one thing that I think Chip [Kelly] and now [QBs coach] Bill Musgrave are trying to have in the mind of Nick Foles is: You don’t have to take chances all the time. There’s nothing wrong with checking down to the back, utilizing your tight ends. You don’t have to take the shots all the time. It’s not one of those types of offenses where it’s just gonna be, ‘We’re gonna score on the first play and get off the field.’

“So I think the thing for Nick Foles is, don’t worry about what you did last year, focus on what’s going on now because things are gonna change. Defenses are now game-planning for you. They’re gonna try to eliminate LeSean McCoy. But you are their focus. If they can apply pressure to you and get you off your spot, then they’ve done their job. Nick Foles is not known for his ability to get out of the pocket. I remember having him on my radio show, saying, ‘Has anyone ever told you that you have the speed of a turtle?’ When he’s running the read option, I’ve never seen a quarterback move so slow. But with his size, he does a great job of delivering the ball out of the pocket and giving his guys great opportunity.”

Foles was asked after today’s practice whether he had any response.

“No, I don’t,” he said. “Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. I haven’t earned anything. I haven’t earned anything yet. It’s a week to week thing. It always will be. My job’s to go out there and play to the best of my ability. I haven’t earned anything yet.”

The Eagles led the NFL with pass plays of 20+ yards (80) and 40+ yards (18) last year. Foles led the league, averaging 9.1 yards per attempt.

According to Pro Football Focus, 17.4 percent of Foles’ passes traveled at least 20 yards past the line of scrimmage. That was the top mark among all quarterbacks.

“They’re a methodical football team,” McNabb said. “They’re not an explosive type of football team when it comes to the offensive end. With Chip Kelly, he wants to be able to run the football first, and it sets up the play-action game, where it’s more of a dink and dunk and have the opportunity for an explosive play here or there. The gameplan is not to go down the field like you would see Bruce Arians and maybe the Indianapolis Colts and now the Arizona Cardinals do it.

“It’s about wide receiver screens, it’s about giving the ball to LeSean McCoy in space, utilizing your tight ends, and your wide receivers will be your intermediate routes, more from 12 to 15 to be able to catch the ball, make guys miss and get upfield when they can. That’s what the Chip Kelly offense is. It’s the Oregon-based offense that’s made a lot of their players successful on the collegiate level, and obviously it’s working in the NFL.”

McNabb ranked the quarterbacks in the NFC East. He has Foles first, Robert Griffin III second, Tony Romo third and Eli Manning fourth.

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  • Bdawk20

    He is actually right about the style of offense. It is short and intermediate routes to setup bigger players down the line, but the short quick routes with YAC are what he expects to drive this offense. Hence why DJax was expendable.

  • WhatAmIMissing

    Obviously, McNabb was a better quarterback than he is an analyst. He should go home and watch TV from his sofa like the rest of us.

  • Adam

    Please Donnie, stop. Just stop. We love you, and we know 5 loves us.. but stop.

  • miketd1

    #5 will always love us like his foot will always love his mouth.

  • Kleptolia

    Oh, Donovan. Please don’t go into coaching.

    PS: Matt Barkley, not Nick Foles, runs the slowest option on the Eagles team.
    (Probably not true, but #eyeballtest.)

  • Ebrano

    Success in the NFL is actually defined on 3rd down… as well as turnovers… so while Nick’s TD to INT ratio gets all the attention… He should be judged on third down conversions and total turnovers. That is what Kelly is focusing on this year. I think Desean was let go for a number of reasons, but one of those reasons was to focus on third downs… with dependable possession WRs (Matthews/Maclin) instead of flashy big play, overpaid WRs…

  • Eagle924

    Not explosive? How about the most explosive of the nfl stats dont lie, its not dink and dunk is take what it gives they give deep go deep they leave short take short they they dont give it Lesean get it

  • Adam

    Off topic, but is anyone else finding literally anything they can just to waste the days until Sunday? So close yet so far away!

    • DirtyWaters

      Isn’t that pretty much life in Nova Scotia?

    • MediaMike

      Thankfully Thursday night will be a good start.

    • 370HSSV 0773H

      That’s what fantasy football is for – fills in the gaps.

    • Brennan Hildebrandt

      I’ve lost track of the days man just trying to get as much info about the birds as possible!!!! All I keep hearing is how the worlds coming to an end with the phillies and the sixers and I can’t stand it anymore JUST…..GIVE……ME…..FOOTBALL ALREADY!!!!!

  • PaoliBulldog

    I bet McNabb’s comments make Foles just wanna go to the Super Bowl and puke.

    • Tikkit, draft crapshoot

      I bet McNabb pukes just watching the Eagles run up tempo.

  • cliff h-MOAR white goons

    honestly dont know who this guy 97.5 is talking too, impersonating #5. this is the McNabb i choose to remember

    • OverreacSean Jackson, #culture

      Upvote for “yes.”

    • Say No to Marc Mo From Easton

      My god… I wish I could still love Donny Mac like I did in those days. Every time he opens his mouth though, all I hear is pure hatred for today’s group of players. He doesn’t want anyone to be as great as he was and it’s just plain sad.

      • All In Eagles

        I agree, I used to love this guy and mostly still do but he does talk a lot of trash when given the opportunity.

        • Corey Dawson

          I was always a McNabb supporter while he was here. Now I can’t be, every time he speaks I shake my head. Joe hit it on the head, he doesn’t want anyone on the team to ever be as good as he was. In his head he’s the greatest.

          I was there the day they retired his number and didn’t enjoy it because of what he’s turned into. It sucks, because during his playing days I would have cheered for it.

        • HokiEagle07

          All that time in DC…

      • im starting to feel just like you.

    • Jason

      The only thing that ever bugged me about this play was him running down the field holding up the number 5. We know it was a great play, let us do the talking for you.

      After hearing him as an analyst, it makes more sense now

      • cliff h-MOAR white goons

        dont even rememeber that. remember tackling my dog (wearing his 5 jersey) and rolling around on the ground, spilling beer everywhere.

        • Say No to Marc Mo From Easton

          There were some great Sundays with him at the helm. I always try to think about that when he opens his mouth.

          • Eagles1018…Please no more du

            You guys are nice. I loved him but I always think of the important games where he had 7 yard hitches in the seam and he’d throw at a guys knees. And for some reason it was like an act of congress to get a pass to hit someone in the chest. He was great yet so damn frustrating to watch

    • PhEaglesPhan

      I like to remeber the good days about #5 too, still rock his jersey in throw back games. It’s unfortunate he can’t back our current QB, he may just be scared that 2014 Eagles may pull off what his entire decade of a Philly Eagles era could not. I honestly feel like our squad could pull off something beautifu this yearl. I look forward to the SI special edition of 2014 SB Eagles on blu-ray set!!!

      • Brennan Hildebrandt

        Oh man do I hope that happens I’m smiling ear to ear just thinking about the possibilities!

  • considering the historical timeline as well as the relative timing (days before regular season starts), I believe this may be one of my all-time favorite BIRDS 24/7 headlines. heck, i’m not even reading before posting. no need

    • Tikkit, draft crapshoot

      You READ the articles???!?!??!?!

    • CHRIS – CB with dreads

      I came straight to the comments first

      • Tikkit, draft crapshoot

        I usually read the articles in chronological order but I saw this headline and knew the comments would be gold.

    • dnabrice

      Hey, you gotta hear what Sheil and Tim have to say!

  • Bdawkbdawk

    Not seeing the issue with Disco Donnie’s answer. Seems sensible. Even ranked Foles as the best in the NFC East. Donnie occasionally says some dumb stuff, but it seems as if most of the fans who claim that McNabb is jealous or try to needlessly nit-pick him probably dislike him for petty reasons. Philadelphia is just not very good at appreciating our nearly hall of fame players.

    • Say No to Marc Mo From Easton

      Up until probably last year I would always rank McNabb as my second favorite player of all time, behind Dawk. He’s slowly but surely dropping a peg at a time though. His answer is sensible, but we all know passive aggressive D-Mac. If you can’t read between the lines then you haven’t watched / heard enough McNabb.

    • cliff h-MOAR white goons

      really, you didnt read 90% of that as self serving? feel like McNabb is sick to his stomach that Foles will replace him as Eagles greatest QB. almost rooting against him. RIP #5

      • OldDuckMcDoc


        Thought it was a decent listen. He’s not all in on Foles as a franchise guy yet which is kinda fair enough IMO. I hope he is (a franchise QB), but I don’t expect him to be at this point.

        The numbers he suggested for Foles seemed low in terms of TDs but I figure he’s still talking in old money (25 TDs in his day is probably more 30-35 in today’s world of defence-hating officiating) and he still ranked Foles as the best QB in the East and had praise for Ertz, Shady, Sanchez and others.

        TBH I’m a bit disappointed in the headline, and I thought the same about the last McNabb article here when they led with what was clearly a joke (get ready for the boos). They could just have easily had a headline of “McNabb: Foles Best QB in NFC East” here. The fact that line doesn’t even warrant a mention in the article is…..disappointing.

        • peteike

          I agree, although I do see some of the self serving stuff. I think its tough for some fans to separate the criticism as a talking head vs player. It gets all bunched together

          • OldDuckMcDoc

            Agree, not taking away from the fact that McNabb can be self serving and overly sensitive at times, but here he just strikes me as giving an honest opinion.

            If essentially saying “I think it’s too early to decide if Foles is a franchise QB yet, but if you’re gonna put a gun to my head and demand an answer today I’d have to go with no” is unacceptable to some people then it ain’t McNabb who’s being overly sensitive.

            Like I say, two interviews in a row that have been linked to here. In both of them McNabb spends 95% of it being positive about the Eagles, Foles, Kelly, Maclin, Shady etc. On both occasions the remaining 5% was used to form both headline and thrust of the story, despite the fact that on one occasion that 5% was said with tongue most firmly in cheek. That seems to be a conscious decision, and to me it’s a sad one.

          • Tikkit, draft crapshoot

            I’ll have to listen to them…

          • cliff h-MOAR white goons

            if you chase down a link, hit me up with it, please.

          • Tikkit, draft crapshoot
          • cliff h-MOAR white goons

            thanks…even for me, little lazy, right in article

        • Tikkit, draft crapshoot

          McNabb says:
          Foles is slow- true but unnecessary knock
          Chips offense is not explosive: patently false
          (paraphrasing) Foles takes too many chances: Also, not true. See TD:INT ratio that McNabb himself points to
          The part where he praises Foles while taking shots about decision making, foot speed, and a dink and dunk offense seems like a backhanded one to me.

          • Kev_H

            Exactly. Legitimate issues would be fine, but McNabb was just pulling things out of his rear.

          • OldDuckMcDoc

            Well, the “slow” thing, he’s referencing something he said *to Foles*! They were clearly laughing about it. He’s relaying a story of light ribbing from when they met. Behold lols!

            his point on Kelly’s offence was more about DeSean (whose release they had just discussed), that Kelly’s move away from him shows he doesn’t want it to be a high variance explosive unit, but rather one that is based around the run and short/intermediate routes, though this style can certainly lead to big gains. That’s a view that’s been pretty widely expressed.

            He doesn’t say Foles takes chances. He says the focus of the coaching staff will be on ensuring he doesn’t start doing that in year two as starter. Kelly’s offence is built around getting guys open, so take what’s there, don’t try to be Aaron Rodgers forcing it into tight windows. Again, that isn’t effusive praise but it’s hardly a damning critique. You might even say it’s good advice.

            As I said below, I get that McNabb can be whiny and I understand people reacting this way to him but:

            a. I think the headline sometimes shapeth the opinion and
            b. He just seems to be a guy who doesn’t believe Foles is a world beater yet. And that’s OK.

          • Tikkit, draft crapshoot

            I listened and: yes he was talking to Foles about being slow.
            I though his point about the offense was a total misread by McNabb and his comments regarding taking chances seemed to point to him viewing Foles as taking too many chances. That’s my take.
            A. Headlines shape perception before digestion. Very true.
            B. Fine. But Foles is better than it appears that McNabb gives him credit for.

          • OldDuckMcDoc

            Foles is better than it appears that McNabb gives him credit for.

            That’s a perfectly reasonable opinion. But similarly I didn’t find anything he said to be unreasonable or offensive. There are valid reasons to reserve judgement on Foles and he is.

            Don’t agree at all that he was saying Foles currently takes too many chances, just that not taking unnecessary chances is something the coaches clearly do/should drill into him. There’s not even any inference needed there, it’s what he said.

            If Foles goes out and has another Pro Bowl season and McNabb’s still giving it “eh, not convinced yet” then I’ll be the first to criticise him but I take no issue with anything he said here.

          • so basically you are just a foles hater and hoping for him to regress so you can be right about him and since mcnabb shares a similar opinion you wont see it the way everyone esle does what is this year 3 for foles each year he gets better and we should all still doubt him because you and mcnabb think so? ok then…

          • Andy Six Score and Four

            He says some really stupid stuff, man.
            The 25 touchdown prediction for a kid that threw 27 in 10 games last year is a joke. Even for someone who just pulled a number out of the ether without thinking about it. I’m not buying the “old money” excuse, sorry.

            The, “Eagles aren’t a big play offense” was unabashedly stupid. They led the league in big plays last year and it wasn’t even close. I think you’re stretching by connecting it to the DJ release. He didn’t say he expects it to stop being a big play offense this year. He didn’t say he thinks this year will be different from last. He said, with no qualifiers, that the Eagles ARE NOT a big play offense. That’s so wrong as to be insulting. Sure we all expect them to rely LESS on the big play this year, but less than last year can still be a lot of big plays.

            It’s not like he was blindsided by the topic. He knew what they were going to be talking about. He acts like he did some homework on the topic, pointing out how Nick always had an open receiver to throw to (another subtle shot). So he should know damn well how “explosive” this offense is and how many games it took for Nick to connect on 27tds.

            And the Nick as best in the East only came after he basically eviscerated the other 3… Eli throws a gazilliion pics, Romo’s back and Bob played like crap last year and looks lost.

            It was bad. Just a really ignorant interview and I think the fear of Nick being better than him is definitely affecting his judgement, what little he has.

          • OldDuckMcDoc

            He says some really stupid stuff, man.

            No arguments here.

            The 25 touchdown prediction for a kid that threw 27 in 10 games last year is a joke.

            You’re welcome not to buy the” old money” argument but it’s fairly common to hear the last generation still talk like 30+ TDs or 4,000 yards are the preserve only of the elite. And I’d have thought 30 TDs and 8 INTs would be a reasonable projection for Foles, although hoping for more is totally reasonable.

            The, “Eagles aren’t a big play offense” was unabashedly stupid.

            He overstates it, but I think many of us have said in the past that the bread and butter of the Eagles offence is the run and the screen game, which sets up everything else. Sheil chose to mention the fact we led the league in passes over 20, but neglected to mention Foles also led the league in screen passes. Little balance wouldn’t go amiss. Moving away from DeSean is unquestionably a sign we want to be less reliant on the home run than we were last year. I disagree with his “dink and dunk” assessment because more than any team I think we’ll take whatever we’re given, but there’s no question that the running game and screen passes (and how they’re set-up/packaged/disguised) are a huge part of what make us successful.

            Like I say, if we’re sat here in a few months and Foles is knocking back Pro Bowl invites so he can pick up a ring, but McNabb still says he isn’t convinced, then I’ll be all over him. Until then, I have no issue with it.

          • sounds right and more true every article or round table discussion he is involved in dealing with the eagles.

          • dink and dunk who led the league in big pass plays last seasons?

          • exactly

      • James Skip Carl

        Cunningham was better than McNabb

      • MagatBrackendale

        McNabb has said quite a few silly things about quite a few people. Not all Eagles. Really think he is just no good at ad libbing. Give him a script or some time to think and he would probably remember to say what people want to hear.

      • thats what it sounds like to me as well and im usually defending him.

    • Tikkit, draft crapshoot

      Not in agreement. I loved McNabb when he played here but I have always hated his passive aggressive whiny infant bs.

    • TheGhostofNormVanBrocklin

      I loved McNabb and defended him during his playing days probably way more than I should have. Still own my #5 jersey. But how can you not read that first part of his answer and hear a guy that is a) still bitter he was traded away by this organization and b) wants to hold on to all of those team records as long as possible. It’s normal for him to feel that way I suppose but he’s had too much recent history of foot-in-mouth syndrome to think he was giving a completely unbiased answer.

  • PhillySean

    As RG3 would say: heartbreaking…..

  • Tikkit, draft crapshoot

    Dink and dunk? Great McNabb has become one of the people that just riffs off of whatever someone else says about the Eagles. Check downs? Screw you and your worm killing throws. I’ll never miss McNabb opening his mouth, ever.

  • Andy

    So that’s what a Chip Kelly offense is!!!
    Finally someone has explained it to me.
    Thanks, Don.

  • Roasty

    McNabb is so butt hurt that Philly fans are backing Foles. What world does he live in that he thinks this isn’t an explosive offense?

    • Chuck H.

      McNabb could not run a Chip Kelly offense.He would have to go back to Syracuse for eight more years just to understand it.

  • peteike

    I think Foles is under rated for throwing on the run but he does mention he throws well out of the pocket. Speed is not his thing, ya we all kinda know that. Ill take CKs kind of explosive offense all day

  • Kev_H

    As he often showed as a player, McNabb lacks in work ethic and preparation. Look up Foles’ out of the pocket passing numbers in the NFL and college. They are unbelievably good. Foles, up to this point in his career, has been outstanding when knocked off of his spot. I’d like to see one of McNabb’s colleagues in the punditry who does do their homework specifically smack him down over this.

  • Ray888

    After more than a decade as a starting NFL quarterback, this is the depth of analysis that McNabb is able to offer on Foles & the Eagles offense. How many hours of film study did he have to devote to provide these insights? Maybe none.

  • DetmerWonAHeisman

    Wouldn’t it be great if Foles’ response to McNabb was: “Donovan, keep my name out of your mouth….”

    • Say No to Marc Mo From Easton

      Foles’ response was perfect because it’s exactly what Donovan never was wrapped up in basically high-roading Donovan’s comments which show fear that Foles will be what he couldn’t be.

      In short:

      Donovan: “Foles isn’t me”

      Foles: “I know”

      Donovan (after the fact): “Crap”

      • DetmerWonAHeisman

        Agreed. I know Foles would never say anything like that, but I would love to see Donovan’s reaction……..Foles will always take the high road.

      • Chuck H.

        McNabb is now what he has always been; an enigma wrapped in a conundrum. Puked away a chance at a ring because he felt the need to (paraphrasing) “win it for all the black qb’s who didn’t get a chance to”. Maybe Limbaugh was right about #5 all along. IMO Donovan didn’t mind BDawk leaving for Denver, didn’t even try to challenge it because he hated BDawk being the fan favorite, and team’s heart and soul. Really doesn’t matter much anymore what McNabb thinks or says. Reading his opinion is time I’ll never get back.

  • Kev_H

    Could McNabb run Kelly’s up tempo offense?
    A. Of course
    B. Only when he was younger and fit, but not when older and fat.
    C. No

    What say ye?

    • dnabrice

      A. He really would have been awesome in it.

    • Michael Myers

      C. i always liked McNabb, he was a damn good qb for us. I can’t see him running this O, or being accurate enough on all the screens and short passes. How long would it take him to count lineman? Call a timeout?

    • PhillySean

      Really not sure given that McNabb seemed to feel compelled to run the play clock down to a fraction of a second on just about every single snap.

      • Kev_H

        I always thought that was due to Reid taking too long to call plays and get them in there.

        • PhillySean

          Yeah, you’re probably right.
          I’ll say B, but he might not have been ready to run through his progressions when he was fit enough for the task.

          • Kev_H

            That’s the thing. If Kelly could motivate him to work, he’d be great. I’m not sure what to make of his career in that regard. Both Washington and Minnesota were publicly very disappointed in his game prep/work ethic. Did he just pack it in after leaving the Eagles, or did Reid and the Eagles coddle and protect him so much that he never really had to develop an adequate work ethic over his 11 years with the team?

            I do know once he got up to speed in the pro game, he never really took the next step and got any better.

          • John E. Zang

            He never took the game as seriously as she should’ve as a QB. Smiling and laughing after INT’s and all. He never had that complete disgust for losing. I don’t know for a fact but it seems like Andy really wiped his butt. Why do you think he almost never succeeded in two minute drills? Can’t be from working too hard. He just didn’t have a leaders mentality as we can see his personality better than ever right now.

    • MediaMike

      And he’d do it very well. Kelly also would have coached him out of the foot mechanics that led to those worm burner passes.
      That doesn’t make me any happier about how McNabb continues to speak nonsense as an “analyst”, especially about the Eagles.

    • Blaqjaq

      A., probably. I really enjoyed watching 5 play before he lost his legs, but man, he was so inaccurate for a guy as highly thought of around the league as he was .

      • Chuck H.

        C. Not a snowball chance in hell of grasping or executing a Chip Kelly offense. Lacked the intensity, speed, and finesse.

  • John J. King

    who, exactly, gives a sheeeeite what D McBigmouth thinks about anything? He’s not the second coming of Red Smith. C.mon his best line was when he was eating soup.

  • Amar, CB who bought in

    Last sentence “He has Foles first”

    Its not like he’s a hater.

  • Robert Perri

    Did anyone else love the fact he started by saying it was a question he couldn’t answer, then answered it!!! While we all know Foles won’t be able to repeat what he did last year, I now hope he throws 35 TDs and 3ints just to shut him up…

    • NickS, Combine Warrior

      46 & 2

  • NickS, Combine Warrior

    Cowboys signed Sam. Guess Jerry knows the interest in his team is fading outside of the Dallas area.

    • cliff h-MOAR white goons

      53 or practice squad?

      • peteike

        getting physical for practice squad although shouldnt take long to crack that roster.

  • Kev_H

    At least we won’t have to see this again. Never ever (apologies to T. Swift. :

    • Andy Six Score and Four

      I refuse to click play. Ugh.

    • PhillySean

      That really made me uncomfortable.

  • imnotsorryisaidthat

    Be respectful of our online community and contribute to an engaging conversation. We reserve the right to ban impersonators and remove comments that contain personal attacks, threats, or profanity, or are flat-out did that mcnabb wanna be get past philly mags censors

  • Max Lightfoot

    I’m not yet sold on McNabb. I don’t see why any network would hire such a petty, thin-skinned egomaniac to comment on NFL football.

    • Blaqjaq

      Your characterization of him is accurate, but the answer to your question is that he’s intelligent, well spoken, and thus far hasn’t been afraid to be critical of the players. That’s kind of refreshing when a lot of analysts just slobber over the players and coaches.

      • Max Lightfoot

        Never said he wasn’t. And he’s no Jon Gruden, as you say. He’s a highly intelligent and articulate man, and was our greatest quarterback. I have always defended him as our QB. I admired how hard he trained in the offseason.

        But his post-career persecution complex gets a bit old. I don’t think young NFL QBs are standing in line, hoping for his advice. And I question why his seeming bitterness has to seep into his NFL commentary. I’m not saying that forgiving those mindless boo birds should be easy for him – we all have our demons, and we should all be strong enough to deal with them and rise above any bad history. It took Mike Schmidt decades to put his experience in perspective.

        But Donovan – give it a rest, already. Life’s too short to be that bitter.

        Maybe in a way that’s his new shtick – being the “controversial” Donovan McNabb.

        I’m still not sold on that.

        • Blaqjaq

          Yes, I wouldn’t put it past him to have decided that he needs to distinguish himself from the other analysts by being controversial. And the persecution complex is tiresome, but I didn’t sense any bitterness in his Foles commentary. Still, the less I hear from him the better.

          • Max Lightfoot

            I hear ya, man!

  • mtn_green

    Love Donavan, he’s become a national media guy that guesses what eagles are doing and gets it wrong.

  • peteike
    • dnabrice

      What’s awesome is the pose is modeled after the left hook that floored Ali in his heavyweight title win.

      • MediaMike

        Smokin Joe never gets enough credit as an all time great heavyweight.

  • JosephR2225

    But, Number 5… you said you would always love me…

  • JofreyRice


  • Mental pygmy. Leading the league in plays of 20+ and 40+ yards obviously defines a “dink and dunk” offense. Lordy…

    • 370HSSV 0773H

      Donnie seems to forget how much he threw easy screens to Westbrook.

      • Kev_H

        McNabb rarely looked downfield in his first 16 NFL starts.

    • John E. Zang

      Nothing like an “analyst” who doesn’t do his homework before he speaks and just wings it like a drunk butthead on a barstool.

  • 370HSSV 0773H

    Why can’t he just say, I need to see more and I look forward to watching him this year. Or just say, check back with me in December.

    He’s too blunt and comes off as a self-centered, paranoid baby.

    • Ark87

      Exactly, he should have stopped where he started, “I’m not convinced yet” then went on to say right now, no he doesn’t think so, and he’s slow but he will do fine because don’t worry, this offense plays to his natural tendency to dink and dunk. So even if he is wildly successful, it’s the system. Maybe that’s the way it is, but coming from him, who as a young qb had a high-profile individual publicly doubt his ability to be a franchise QB himself, just classless.

      Seems like Mcnabb was at his most mature coming out of college, and has been on a downhill slope ever since.

      • John E. Zang

        Exactly. You’re just in denial if you can’t see the passive aggression spewing from him. He doesn’t have to tell everyone Foles is great yet he goes the complete opposite and basically bashes him, discredits his accomplishments and acts like a jealous baby. The “slow” comment is ridiculous. How fast is Peyton Manning? Tom Brady? How many more Lombardi trophies do they have than him and other qb’s with wheels?

    • Blaqjaq

      Not a Donovan fan, but he’s being paid to be an analyst. If he’s asked a question and limits his response as you suggest he won’t be an analyst for very long. I don’t see his comment as critical of Foles, but of course he’s a lightning rod in this city.

  • dnabrice

    The question is, will Foles top McNabb’s numbers?

    • NickS, Combine Warrior

      Within 3 years Foles should break most of or all of McNabb’s single season records.

      • Pennguino

        He knocked him out of three last year. Should knock him out of 2 more this year

        • NickS, Combine Warrior

          Hopefully. I was just being conservative.

  • Weapon Y

    McNabb just becomes more unlikable every day. Foles had a better season in his second year than McNabb had in any of his eleven seasons with the Eagles. Jealous much?

    • MagatBrackendale

      Oh please. All those playoffs and a Super Bowl appearance were with McNabb at QB. Far more successful than any other QB in Philadelphia in 60 years.

      • John E. Zang

        There also was a talented team around him and a coach that wiped his butt including a top tier defense with one of the greatest minds coaching it. He gets more credit than he deserves. I believe if we had even Jeff Garcia in those championship years we would have at least one Lombardi trophy. Mcnabb was grossly innacurate, folded in big moments and never really got the handle on running a two minute drill, all of which hinders you from winning the big games. Andy did a great job masking his innefficiencies for years. On paper his stats say he’s the best. That’s it. Was he a bad qb? No, he was above average ie not good enough to win the show.

      • Chuck H.

        What? I was born in 1960, the last time our beloved Eagles won it all. I think Norm Van Brocklin (RIP) would disagree with your statement. You must be doing Common Core 2+2=5 math. Failed NFC championships and a puked-up Super Bowl tarnish an otherwise decent, though overpaid career for McNabb.

  • Amar, CB who bought in
    • MediaMike

      When did the Dan Snyder start using “Eric Adelson” as a pen name?

    • EagleDuck

      Holy crap. That is some seriously terrible writing. I mean, really bad. Like, Freshman intern bad. No, JUCO Freshman intern bad. WAIT! JUCO Freshman Intern post lobotomy wake-n-bake fired from McDonalds for ‘lewd behavior’ favorite movie is Hot Tub Time Machine… bad.

  • fran35

    I didn’t feel as if he were bashing Foles. At all.

    However, he is a horrible analyst.

  • MediaMike

    Any of you folks play in a suicide pool?
    I have Detroit at home on MNF of NYG.
    Detroit wins big and Suh terminates Eli! I hope he gives the Giants coach the finger as Eli is writhing on the turf.

  • stephenstempo

    Wait Foles will only throw 25 TD’s in 16 games after throwing 27 in what 9? Does Donovan even watch football anymore? I know when he was playing 30 td’s was considered very good. 10 years ago. Offenses are different now. I do agree though probably 8-10 int’s but more likely 35+ td’s which would still be quite good.

    • MediaMike

      25 TDs in 6 division games maybe!

  • peteike

    oh man, I cant stop laughing reading why your team stinks redskins. Some of the fan emails are funny:

    “When sliding RG3 looks like he’s falling off a bike. I’ve seen sacks of concrete mix fall off forklifts with more grace”

    “This offseason, my dad asked who I would rather have as an owner, Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder. My response without hesitation? “Jerry Jones — he’s gonna die sooner.”

  • Tautalatasi Jr.

    The snow begins to fall as Donovan McNabb peers longingly through a coffee shop window. He catches his reflection and doesn’t even recognize himself.

  • Michael Winter Cho

    It seems that Foles is better at the media thing than Donnie.

  • DrFeelgood

    what a tool…every time MacDoosh says something its a combination of stupidity and jealousy…..his answer about 25 and 8 but not a franchise qb is not logical….

  • Charles

    Can’t wait until all the Foles doubters and haters shut up when Foles throw 40+ TDs and less than 10 INTs. I bet #5 will puke when Foles break all of his passing records.

    • NickS, Combine Warrior

      Should only need about 12-13 games to break his yards mark.

  • John E. Zang

    I get not gushing about Nick Foles to the media but all he had to say was “I think he’s talented and has ability to be something but time will tell” not the negative/jealous crap he uttered. He’s hard to like and I for one don’t think he’s deserving of the hall. There’s many more eagles who deserve that nod over him including Randall. He’s a big reason why we DONT have a Super Bowl trophy. He acts like a two year old and always has. So happy we don’t have to see that goofy smile when he tosses and INT anymore.

  • Tom

    Espn didn’t think much of McNabb’s commentary. Why should we?

  • Glenn

    This discussion is another example of why Eagle fans no longer embrace McNabb. He would have better served saying Foles played like a franchise QB last year, and they we have to wait and see if he can continue to play like one, before we can call him one. But he is very impressed with the young man, and his fantastic season, and is hopeful he can continue his success. That would have came across much better. He sounds like a guy who is jealous of Foles success, and is rooting for him to fail. Honestly, McNabb sounds like a fool. He says this is a dink and dunk offense.

    • Blaqjaq

      “He sounds like a guy who is jealous of Foles success, and is rooting for him to fail.”

      I don’t get that at all from his comments. He just says that he’s not ready to anoint Foles as a franchise quarterback, and points out how slow afoot he is. Nothing that we don’t acknowledge at this point in Foles’ young career. However the “dink and dunk offense” comment WAS foolish and misinformed, I agree with you on that one.

  • DoctorRick

    McNabb is a tool. Good QB, terrible analyst. Axe to grind.

  • wee2424

    Ahhh sh*t

  • Pennguino

    McNabb is standing back and watching Foles erase him from the record books. In Foles’ first year of extended action (8+ games), he knocked McNabb out of the number 1 spot in 3 different categories. Completion Percentage, Interception percentage, Passer Rating. Two of those he prided himself on (INT&Pass RTG). He moved him down in the record books (min of 160 attempts and started 8 games) in TD percentage.

    Give Foles ten more years and McNabb won’t be able to sniff the top five for single season records. Total Touchdowns and yards will fall this season.

  • Nicodemus_09

    McCrybaby will be this teams bitter ex old lady for the rest of her days.

  • Jerry Pomroy

    When someone is unhappy with themselves, they often try to tear others down to their level. Misery loves company.

  • EuropeanEagle

    SOme stuff that was left out from the McNabb interview…

    “When I see Foles out there not throwing ugly spirals right into the turf, or not throwing 260 mph passes in his receiver’s ankles’ from 5 yards I think he just doesn’t have it in him to be a franchise qb… the guy won’t even smile and tap his chest with a “my bad” when he misses a wide open receiver. I just don’t get what people see in this guy. And as long as the Eagles don’t find a quarterback who answers “I have no idea what trips right means” when you ask him about that formation, they’re in trouble. A source close to the team even told me he knows a game can end in a tie! I mean comon! Come back to earth for a second people!”

  • Patrick Herron

    So according to McNabb, Foles is a dink-and-dunk fluke, but he then ranks Foles the best QB in the East, Ranks Griffin 2nd, and ranks 2-ring Eli at the bottom?

    • thedtrain12

      yet he was top marks in 20+ pass plays…weird

  • shady25

    I used to like this guy but he is so annoying. Everyone he talks it sounds like he has a sinus infection. Voice is so annoying.

    Atleast the worms are happy he’s not playing anymore.

  • Joe Thomas

    He basically said he needs to see more, and i agree.

    • Andy Six Score and Four

      That’s one of the things he said, and that part’s fine. But that’s not the only thing he said, and the other stuff was very stupid.

  • midnightgreen-til-death

    McNabb is the most jealous hater out there. My God………let it go Donovan! I loved the guy thru his whole career here in Philly. I always defended him when people were being overly critical, but I agreed when he had a bad outing. But everytime he opens his mouth….he just gets more and more on my nerves. Probably the most underappreciated athlete in Philadelphia history. You had your time to shine, Donovan… go away and let Nick have his time in Philly. Like it or not …..Foles is exactly the kind of uncomplicated, humble, practical non-ego driven, level headed and confident guy to lead this team. Enjoy him Eagle fans and remember to thank Andy Reid for getting two franchise Qb decisions right!

  • tc

    McScab is a dope…go to KC and suck up to the Fatboy.