Roseman: Criticizing Chip For Oregon Bias Is Unfair

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Chip Kelly answered several questions last week about the number of Oregon players on the Eagles’ roster.

When the team made final cuts this weekend, five remained: defensive ends Brandon Bair and Taylor Hart; wide receivers Josh Huff and Jeff Maehl; and linebacker Casey Matthews.

General manager Howie Roseman met with reporters Saturday afternoon and defended his head coach when it comes to choosing former Ducks.

“He lets us make our own evaluations and talk to him about it, and then he gives us his opinions,” Roseman said. “He doesn’t do anything different than he does for any player from any other school. It’s really not fair that he gets hit on some of this stuff when the guys that we’re keeping, we’re keeping because they’re good players and they can contribute to our football team. That’s for all of us.

“He wants the best players. He wants to win games. He’s very selfish in that regard. I don’t think it’s fair that he gets accused of anything other than that. To me, the question is: Does Coach want anything other than to win football games and to have the best players on the team? I think there’s no question to anyone that’s around him that that’s his sole function and his sole desire.”

As for the players who made the squad, there’s no doubt that Bair earned it with his preseason performance, and Huff was a third-round pick. Hart was a fifth-rounder and is a scheme fit.

Maehl and Matthews were likely two of the final 53. But there’s not much of an argument that the Eagles left superior players off the roster to keep both guys. And it’s likely that Matthews would have been cut if not for Travis Long’s ACL injury. He still could get released if the Eagles find an inside linebacker elsewhere.

“We evaluate players based on their talent level,” Roseman said. “I think that when we talk about guys, it’s an easier projection when you look at how they fit in a system. And so when you’re taking a guy that’s a 4-3 defensive end and you’re trying to project him to a 3-4 outside linebacker, there’s a lot of hypotheticals in there.

“When you’re taking a guy that plays a 3-4 system that your defense plays and you see his attributes or you see how they run routes or you see how they run the ball in a similar scheme, it takes some of the guesswork out, because it’s hard to predict what 21-, 22-year-olds are gonna do in the National Football League. It’s an inexact science as we’ll see with cuts over the next 24 hours.”

The roster could certainly change between now and Week 1 and the Jaguars game. The next 24 hours or so will be hectic as teams continue to make roster moves.

But for now, five of the Eagles’ 53 are Ducks.

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  • Kleptolia

    If there’s no Oregon bias, why does the article lead with a picture of Jeff Maehl, Howie?!



    • EagleDuck

      You are out of control. You must be destroyed.

      • Kleptolia

        I know, right?!

  • Jason

    I am all for keeping a few guys that are really good at kickoff coverage, they are going to be needed a lot this year.

    • Kev_H

      If they are returning players, they aren’t anything special in kick coverage.

  • Tom w

    Who were these clearly superior guys they left off the roster??? Im not a fan of either by any means but that statemtent is a bit of a stretch. Reynolds josey tucker …. Not clearly superior sorry

    • damrvrhunter

      “But there’s not much of an argument that the Eagles left superior players off the roster to keep both guys. ” Bold sentence! Please explain yourself Sheil.

      • Tom w

        Like i said. Love to know who these clearly superior players were.

        • Jason

          Not sure what you are arguing? Unless there was an edit in the story before I read it. Doesn’t the article say there isn’t clearly superior players?

          • oreofestar


          • Andy Six Score and Four

            The article says there isn’t an argument to be made. It’s unclear if this is because it’s so obviously true that you don’t have to argue it, or that it’s pure fiction so you can’t argue for it.

      • OldDuckMcDoc

        They cut Josey who had more rushing yards in week four of pre-season than Adrian Peterson and LeSean COMBINED in favour of Bar…..I mean Maehl and cut Acho who was basically like Ray Lewis (except better at looking after his suits) in favour of caseymatthews.

        What more proof do you want?!?

        • damrvrhunter

          you have convinced me:)

      • paul from nc

        I read it to mean that there were NOT clearly superior players that were cut. I disagree with that , but I think that’s what he meant.

        • Warhound KnowsHstryWarts&All

          Yeah, that’s what I thought – rare bit of poor writing from SK.

        • damrvrhunter

          If that is the case I misread it then.

          • Andy Six Score and Four

            You didn’t misread it, in the sense that it is completely ambiguous, there was no right or wrong way to read it. I really don’t know what he meant. If I hat to guess, I’d agree with what paul said.

    • himbison

      Ppl wanted Acho over CM and Momahtron over Mahel, they dont care about special teams even though thats all any of the four would play

  • Dominik

    “Maehl and Matthews were likely two of the final 53. But there’s not much
    of an argument that the Eagles left superior players off the roster to
    keep both guys.”

    They just cut their 5th round Rookie who never had a chance because of the graduation rules – for Jeff Maehl. The Jeff Maehl who will never be good enough for the NFL – and everyone knows that, I’m sure Chip does as well.

    • The Answer is Fo’ Fo’ Fo’

      I’m guessing Maehl made it primarily because Huff is still not 100%. Also, he is good on special teams, so there is no issue from my perspective. The graduation rules, while crappy, are not a good argument that Maehl is Oregon bias.

      • Kev_H

        The elephant in the room there is why reach for Huff? He hasn’t shown the NFL talent to justify his draft slot.

    • OldDuckMcDoc

      No offence, but the fact they kept a nondescript sixth WR who’s shown some special teams ability over a nondescript fifth safety who hasn’t is pretty weak sauce if you’re trying to construct an Oregon bias argument.

      A better argument than the “Kenjin Burner is making this squad 4 surez because BIAS!” nonsense we heard over the last 48 hours from some, but still weak.

      • Dominik

        I’m the wrong person to talk about Barner. I don’t have anything against this guy. He hasn’t showed much – positive or negative. I don’t want to judge him yet.

        We know for a fact (as close as we as fans can get to that point in a player evaluation) that Maehl isn’t an NFL WR. He isn’t exactly Maragos or Colt Anderson on ST either. I have nothing against Ducks, as long as they can play. I hate scrubs like CM or Maehl because I don’t think they should be on any final 53 roster in this league – not because they are former Ducks.

        • just curious, but if an ILB and WR are signed (likely another team’s cuts), does all this just become moot? it is really a big deal that probably our 52nd and 53rd players are ducks?

          • Dominik

            Yes, if CM or Maehl aren’t on the roster against the Jags I’d be less pissed. If Reynolds is signed to the PS I still think Howie didn’t act right (it’s a game of chances and probability, isn’t it? No one will sign Maehl away…), but at the end of the day, at least there is no harm.

            And Rob, like I responded in another post, I don’t know why you “accuse” me of a Duck bias. I hate players I don’t think have any value in the NFL. Ducks, Crimson Tide or Bulldogs, I don’t care.

          • sorry about the duck thing; I confused your posts on this page with another commenter’s on a different post (open in another tab).
            I’m more confused with how 6of7 draft picks, plus a UDFA (burton) and 2 other past UDFAs (Bair, Tobin) is somehow not a resounding success? of course they haven’t played RS yet. but why hung up on Reynolds? he showed nothing

    • Warhound KnowsHstryWarts&All

      I think that Reynolds was not battling Maehl for a roster spot. Contrary to what many predicted the Eagles were not going to carry a 10th DB at the expense of another position. Ed had to beat out a Safety or a CB; obviously he failed to do that.

      • Dominik

        If that’s the case – and I’m not saying it isn’t – why in the world do you invest a 5th rounder? All the 9 DBs on the roster were on the roster or already picked when they were on the clock with Reynolds. Why pick a very raw player who will miss the OTAs if you plan on going with 9 DBs and you have 9 DBs already?

        • Warhound KnowsHstryWarts&All

          Good question. Maybe they thought he could beat out Maragos or that Wolff could out play Nate Allen and then they would’ve let Nate go. Perhaps one of five the five CBs might have disappointed. One of the nine may have suffered an injury. It seems that a good argument could be made that it was a wasted pick. Let’s see if he gets picked up by someone or makes it to the practice squad.

        • 76mustang

          You really think that the Eagles knew they were going to keep 9 DBs on draft day??? What if a safety went down in OTAs or Training Camp?? Reynolds should clear waivers and end up on the practice squad…if another team picks him up, it’s a reflection of how well the Eagles are drafting, or how hard pressed teams are to find safeties, or both.

          • Dominik

            “if another team picks him up, it’s a reflection of how well the Eagles are drafting”

            What?? If the Eagles were in no position to reach the playoff this year and see a raw 5th round pick for free, I’d more be pissed if they didn’t sign him. In no way it’s a reflection of good drafting for the team who picked him.

            And like I said, I didn’t believe they knew they were going with 9 DBs. But Warhound brought this point up. It could be the case, we don’t know. Wouldn’t rule it out, wouldn’t say it’s very likely. But don’t forget: if they didn’t intend to go with 9 DBs from the beginning, Reynolds was competing with Maehl (which was my point). And overall, if you take upside into the equation (and you better do that if you talk about the end of the roster…), Reynolds is the better player. It’s not even close.

    • c’mon, he was a 5th rounder for a reason. dude was not that great. It’s amazing our 4th, other 5th, and 7th not only made the team but may play decent roles. How many other teams can say they went 3 for 4 on day 3? Plus the other pick for Sproles?
      I don’t get this argument at all. It’s not Maehl’s fault no other WRs truly outplayed him. And it’s not Matthews fault that Long tore his ACL. Bair was a surprise to us all. Just as likely the Birds only had 2 former Ducks (Huff and Hart, the new draft picks) going into the season as these 5.

      don’t you think such a bias maybe would have extended to Jairus Byrd or Ward this summer???

      • Dominik

        I don’t know why I get so many responses with the Duck bias. I didn’t say that. I said I hate players like Maehl and Matthews with zero skills and zero upside on this roster. I hate that they wasted (if Reynolds gets signed or poached it would be wasted) a 5th round pick when Reynolds was exactly what they thought he’d be – raw and without a chance since missing OTAs.

        Allen seems to be a great 7th rounder. Doesn’t mean you should waste 5ths.

        • ok, forget the duck thing.

          what exactly is “wasting a 5th”? how many 5ths do you know that pan out? heck, we had 2 this year, and 1 made the roster. impressive enough. I posted earlier to Token with a list of guys picked at Reynold’s spot in the past decade, and look at the rest of this year’s 5th — I don’t get what is wasted. He was our only draft pick cut.

          If anything, I see Maehl as “stealing” one of the RB spots, rather than Reynold’s. He did nothing to earn that spot. pick 162. What were you really expecting from him? Did you see anything this summer to even make him a PS candidate, other than playing at a position of need?

          [edit]: just a quick glance at starting safeties league-wide (and even backups) — not a lot of late round success stories.

          • Rellihcs

            EXACTLY! Thank you.

            “Wasting a 5th” is worthless if you embrace the (truth) notion that daft picks are all gambles. It’s an objective fact that draft picks are gambles and therefore saying a pick (espcially 5th rounder) was a waste because the guy didn’t make the team is shortsighted.

          • OldDuckMcDoc

            I agree with the basic point you’re making, but the “daft picks” typo is gloriously Freudian!

          • Dominik

            I’m so mad about the Reynolds situation because he never had a chance. We knew he was very, very raw. We knew he won’t be able to attend OTAs.

            That’s why Reynolds was a lock to me, without even looking at his play. He wasn’t supposed to play well this season. How would that be possible for a guy who came out too early (but would have been a Day 2 Pick next year, not according to Kiper, but to Chip Kelly) and misses all the OTAs? When they made the pick, they had to think: next year we’ll maybe have a good young Safety. And now they risking him being picked up. If you’re focus in total win now, just don’t draft the guy. If you want to build a roster – don’t let scrubs like Maehl take his place.

            There is no way Howie looks good with this one. If he can get him to the PS, he took a huge risk of losing a 5th round draft pick for NOTHING. If he gets signed away, he lost that pick.

            You know I’m no Howie hater, but I hate this move. And all of this under the circumstances that Jeff Maehl makes this football team – which shows, if nothing else, that our depth isn’t as great as people want to believe.

            Think about it, Rob: if you read this story about the Redskins or the Cowboys, we’re all laughing about how stupid they are, aren’t we? I thought this organisation was better than that.

          • OldDuckMcDoc

            You can read about the Redskins cutting a guy drafted shortly after Reynolds here:


            To the best of my knowledge we aren’t all laughing about how stupid they are. At least, not for this.

            Here you can read about the Falcons cutting a guy drafted shortly before Reynolds:


            Again, not really seen as a big deal.

            It’s certainly not a good thing to see a fifth rounder cut loose so early but it’s also far from the end of the world. They hoped he’d show more in his time here. He didn’t, so rather than waste a roster spot on him they’ll try to stash him on the practise squad. No big deal.

          • Dominik

            Allen is indeed a 5th rounder like Reynolds. The question is: was he known to be very raw when they picked him? Did they made an investment that was supposed to be for the long term and cut it lose after one TC?

            If so, then it’s as stupid as our move, no doubt.

            And remember: we’re not talking the 49ers or the Seahawks roster here. If you really have 60 good players, there have to be some tough cuts to come to 53 – and that could be a raw 5th round Rookie. But if Jeff Maehl or CM make your roster, you can’t talk about how tough your cuts are. No one in the NFL would sign anyone of those players. How can that be a tough cut?

          • OldDuckMcDoc

            The question is: was he known to be very raw when they picked him?

            Of course! It’s not like people getting drafted in the last few rounds are NFL-ready. They almost all need development, and the few that don’t tend to have major character/injury concerns. And yet every year teams cut late round picks before the start of their first season. It’s not stupid, it’s part of NFL life.

            No one in the NFL would sign anyone of those players.

            I think you overestimate the average talent of guys number 52 and 53 on most NFL rosters.

          • Loke1988

            Exactly, they know going in the kids schedule. Heck he was in the frigging PAC 10.

            Don’t over estimate this “Organization”

          • I don’t know; I mean, I get your first paragraph, but if we’re in “win now” why would they keep him on the roster if he hasn’t performed? Doesn’t Maehl actually fit that description? The 53rd guy on your roster, at least for Chip, had damn sure better be playing ST.
            Also, I’m just not so sure on the whole picking a project, OTAs screwed him, etc. etc. Dude was a 5th rounder. Plenty of other Stanford kids overcome the spring rules– generally, those with more actual talent. I just think he got here and did not look good. So why keep a guy on 53 who just doesn’t play well, project or not? that’s exactly what P.S. is for. And if another team wants him to keep on their 53, so be it.

            I’m not the one on here throwing around the howie hater/ howie lover terms. Somehow, for thinking we came out of the draft with a number of good players (and contributors), I’m an unabashed Howie lover. But I don’t think missing on a 5th round pick is really as big a deal as some are saying. As if this is the straw on Howie’s back.

          • Dan

            Here are the last few players taken at pick 162:
            -Brandon Jenkins (on roster)
            -Corey White (on roster)
            -Christopher Carter (cut before 1st season)
            -Brody Eldridge (currently on 3rd team)
            -Jamon Merideth (cut before 1st season; now with 6th team)
            -Erik Ainge (cut after 2 years)
            -Brent Celek (aka “how philly learned to love”)
            -Michael Toudouze (played for 5 teams, was on 2 PS’s)
            -Anthony Alabi (cut after 2 years, didn’t make another team)
            -Thomas Tapeh (played 3 years for AR, then a year in MIN)
            -Keyon Whiteside (cut by 2 teams before 1st season, stuck for 2 years in league)
            -Freddie Milons (cut by us after 1 year. Spent 2 years on PS’s)
            -Jonathon Carter (cut after 2 years, 4 total in league)
            -Pat Dennis (cut after 1 years, 4 total in league)

            mmm. stud city.

            According to the Jimmy Johnson scale, pick 162 is worth about 5% of an average starter. Harvard says its closer to 50%. Still not much. The average draft pick in the nfl lasts ~3 years, and early picks last longer so late picks last for less time.

            Draft has a lot of luck. sometimes you miss. in late rounds its really “sometimes you get lucky”. we’re spoiled by Kelce.


          • Kev_H

            Wasting a 5th is bailing on a guy before you get a chance to see how he develops or picking somebody who is so bad that premature bailing is justified. Take your pick.

      • Kleptolia

        But you should get it, theycallmerob, you should get it.
        Because upside, and flashing, and meh, and caseymatthews, and measurables, and Brandon Boykin….

        Maehl is terrible! If he wasn’t, he would be starting at receiver at Detroit after beating out Calvin Johnson! Chip Kelly has lost control of this roster!!


        This lack of talent on the Eagles roster must be dealt with, swiftly and permanently!

        • klep, you’re really getting you’re shtick down. kudos.

          if I drink enough tonight, I may just post an entire analysis of the 6th WRs in the NFL. And I mean analysis — family life, criminal record, hardships/affluence, route to NFL, fan favorite potential, and ceiling (on scale of reggie wayne –> jerry rice).

          thus, Maehl’s complete and utter inability to ever blow our collective minds will, once and for all, be in print. on the internet. forever.
          to shame his grandchildren with.

          • Kleptolia

            I’d upvote that.

          • Rellihcs

            How can I send you beer?

      • Token

        This new thing of acting like its common for 4th or 5th rounders to be cut in year one is pretty laughable. That is not a common practice. The guy basically has to suck out loud.

        You are a Howie diehard.

        • Kleptolia

          You haz statistiks?

        • facts disagree with you, no matter how many names you call me. I know it may be hard to believe.
          SEA cut 2 of their late rd picks today, IR’ed another
          one of SF’s 5ths didn’t make it. and neither of their 6ths. or 7th.
          BAL cut their 6th rd QB, and last year’s 4th rd pick. Another late rd guy will pry lose job when Ray Rice and Will Hill return from suspension.

          That’s just this year.

          diehard vs. blowhard, token. your ball.

          • Token

            Well, the 49ers as far as I can see kept both 5ths. The one is just on the injured reserve I believe. Their only 6th rounder Acker went to IR. 7th round Ramsey to PUP. The other 7th also to reserve.

            I wont bother looking up the Seahawks because im guessing its more made up stories.

            For someone who loves facts you rarely ever deal in them.

            And I do wonder if its at all possible that the 49ers and Seahawks have deeper teams then us?

            The fact that you have to make up stories to find 3 examples kind of tells the story.

            If you are cutting a 4th or 5th rounder in year one that is a bad draft pick. Its funny you would even try and make the counter argument. Or was your point that 4th and 5th rounders just dont matter in general?

            Marcus Smith
            Jordan Matthews
            Josh Huff
            Jaylen Watkins
            Taylor Hart
            Beau Allen

            This is shaping up to be one of Howies best classes. With pick 224 being his crown jewel. Heres hoping Matthews ends up being a beast.

          • so, essentially, the one SF cb (reaser) who i saw as cut did make the team. just on IR. like the other guys they signed to IR late. yea, real contributors they are. about as much as a certain 5th rd safety who maybe signs to our PS.
            other than that, I can’t see the goalposts in your argument, they’ve been moved miles away. You’re not worth looking up all the amazing 5th rd draft picks currently working for All-State.

            If I have to go to bed knowing Token considers me a Howie Diehard for shrugging off a late 5th rd waiver on a safety, I think I’ll sleep well.

          • All Things Bad@ss

            You’re complaining ’bout whiffing on a 5th rounder. A 5th rounder?? Just be happy they realized he wasn’t worth the roster spot NOW so you don’t have to bore us with your incessant b***hing for the next however many years. Your beef is getting rancid bro.

          • Loke1988

            Do you know how much it takes to pry away a 5th rounder in the NFL?

          • OldDuckMcDoc

            Love the way you keep grouping “4th and 5th rounders” together to help support your point. Why not 5th and 6th? Because it doesn’t support your point so well.

            Like facts so much? 1 in 10 guys drafted between 150 and 200 this year just got canned, so it ain’t good but it’s hardly the once in a blue moon occurrence you are claiming it to be. Many of those that didn’t get canned got the “mystery IR” treatment.

            This is shaping up to be one of Howies best classes.

            This is shaping up to be a class that, like the other 31 teams’ draft classes, hasn’t played a single down in the NFL. Maybe lets wait until the end of the first quarter of week 1 before making wild proclamations of doom.

            But hey, nice that you’ve stopped banging on about Barner being a lock to make the 53 because of Oregon bias. Why *have* you stopped banging on about that?

          • Dan

            Also it matters how deep your roster is. Howie has brought in lots of talent and chip, stoutland, azz et al have developed it so we’re cutting players that would make other teams. just watch, at least 2-3 will be picked up (I vote Josh Andrews, 1 of the backs, maybe damarus, pratt or moham).

          • 5th rd picks are just a few hop, skip, and jumps away from a 2nd. So, Howie blows.

          • Andy Six Score and Four

            Now, I don’t typically notice when other teams cut their late round picks, but I will admit I don’t remember the Eagles cutting a 5th this early very often. 6th and 7th rounders, but not 5th.

            This is not to dispute your point, which I obviously agree with. Just that I can understand why Token would make the “no, it’s not common” argument. I don’t know if it’s happening way more than usual this year, or if I’m just more aware of it because of the comments section here.

          • Of course any draft pick not making the team is ideal. I love 5th round picks. In fact, they’re probably in my Top 5 Picks I Enjoy Watching.

            I get Token just needs something to complain about. but seriously, a (very late) 5th rd pick? Weren’t we all mocking even getting the extra 5th from NE in the Soap trade? Now, it’s the holy grail separating us from the SEA and SF’s of the world?

            It’s not like Token is going full-Dutch. The dude has some reasoning ability. Which makes this even weirder.

            I’m also thinking many of the folks most upset about this saw Reynolds play the least. OTA’s or not, the kid stank.

          • Andy Six Score and Four

            I wonder if they got him in camp and saw that he was even more unathletic than they thought? I mean, he must have done rather poorly in practice, because while he didn’t show anything in games, he wasn’t Chung either.

        • Loke1988

          And lets discuss this year and last years 1st round picks that probably wont make a single contribution until week 4 at best??

    • Rellihcs

      And how much did the 6th WR contribute to SB teams in history. Go….

    • Loke1988

      First off Im so glad you pointed out they just cut their 5th rounder And then used the excuse of his college schedule like they didn’t know that going in. And then to keep those wr scrubs in favor of others…And shockingly here comes theycallmerob swooping in to defend…things never change around here.

      • man are you just a useless pile of carbon

        • Andy Six Score and Four

          Ugly bag of mostly water.

  • MediaMike

    Howie should put this to bed by saying:

    1) Yes, we know Casey Matthews stinks and were also devastated we are stuck keeping him on the 53 because of the injury to long. Luckily the new NFL contract structures guarantee you won’t have to see him here next year. Again, sorry and I’m all over the waiver wire trying to get this loser out of here.

    2) Yes. we understand Brad Smith and Jeff Maehl aren’t really NFL quality WRs but we need to make sure Huff doesn’t have a case of Phillies Free Agent Pitcher Signing Shoulder before we get rid of both of our special teams quality WRs that y’all hate.

    3) Quack

    • Upvote for #3.

    • MagatBrackendale

      Wellll, it is possible that some players might not put forth their best efforts if they hear their GM speaking of how one of their colleagues “stinks and we are also devastated we are stuck keeping him”. At least if they hear him saying it to reporters. ;~)

  • MediaMike

    And for the record I think rightfully cutting Barner should put the Oregon bias thing to rest ……………. for now!

    • Rellihcs

      along with the Cincy thing (Cole, Celek, Barwin, Kelce)! Those 4 are WAY more influential, have more salary, and are safer that Mehl, Mathews, Bair, Huff, Hart.

  • JosephR2225

    Check his egg roll. I’d bet he uses Duck Sauce and not the clearly superior Chinese Mustard.

    • MediaMike

      Is that was that girls were doing by Jerry Jones’ pants?

      • Rellihcs

        No they were “cleaning his lenses” ala his son-in-law in the superbox at the game….ewwww

      • PaoliBulldog

        They were checking the color of his scotch/rocks (Per the article, Jerrah loves JW Blue in his glass. I have no idea what color he prefers in his …. Oh, man, I am so immature.).

    • cloisterwater

      Anybody who doesn’t use both is a loser.

      • Bert’s Bells

        No way. Duck sauce is all high fructose corn syrup, that ish is nasty.

        • cloisterwater

          So you can eat a deep fried, msg-packed egg roll but thumb your nose at the duck sauce because it’s bad for you?
          Kinda like the supersized big mac meal with a diet coke.

          • Bert’s Bells

            Yup. That high fructose stuff is THAT bad.

  • Tom w

    If im howie i am signing nico johnson and either philip hunt or steven hill and cutting matthews and maehl. Id cut kelly too if need be.

    • MediaMike

      Steven Hill lacks anything remotely resembling NFL level technique and effort right now. He’ll need to be a guy signed at the end of the year and given a full off-season to learn how to play football properly if he want to sign with a playoff team.
      Smells like a Cowboy by the end of the weekend though.

      • Steven Hill was great on the original Law and Order show until he retired. I’m all for Jerrah signing more retired guys.

    • Javi Echie

      Steven Hill sucks why would you take him over Mathews or Maehl?.. They both play special teams and athe least Maehl catches the ball when it’s thrown his way. Hill has the only stone hands

  • Bryan Clayton

    Matthews sucks, how bout that for a bit of a stretch

    • MediaMike

      They were set to cut him before the Long injury. I’m not going to go berserk on keeping Matthews unless guys from that list of better LBs wind up unclaimed, but not on the Eagles.

      • Eagles1018…Please no more du

        I honestly didn’t watch all the preseason. But many bloggers have said Acho outplayed Matthews. So why keep him instead of Acho?

        • Javi Echie

          Mathews is a good special teams player that’s the only advantage he has on Acho…Acho also played well last year and got cut so maybe he just really doesn’t offer much

        • The Answer is Fo’ Fo’ Fo’

          Matthews can play inside and outside, and is better than Acho on special teams. Acho was better at inside backer, but for the last linebacker on the team, versatility was prized.

          • MagatBrackendale

            Many here complain about keeping versatile players, but in fact, versatility has been pretty widely mentioned on other teams’ broadcasts as well.

          • Agreed Acho was no catch. Beyond that, Matthews cannot play inside, and he cannot play outside, and there are way better special teams players out there. Matthews, non athlete that he is, is an embarrassment to the other athletes on the field. The fact that he dares to even show up for work each day points to him lacking any pride, or he’d quit this team, or any other, in shame.

            I’ve seen higher performing doorstops, and in fact have one in my possession right now that has better measurables than Mr. Matthews. No, I’m not bitter. I just despise suck is all.

      • Kev_H

        It’s always something, but he can’t play and he went to the University of Oregon.

    • Kleptolia

      Yeah! He’ll never be a good slot receiver!

      Cut him now!!!!!

  • NickS, Combine Warrior

    This FSU D is stout. Nate Andrews looks like a Kam Chancellor type out there.

  • Bethlehem birds fan

    This is a silly argument…kind of like when I fill out my fantasy draft with eagles in the last 2 rounds because I know what I’m getting…no real impact on the team. At least maehl can catch unlike momah, who we’ve been hearing about for 2 seasons now…if he had any upside, someone else would grab him…You could argue that damaris was more versatile , but we all cringed whenever he was on the field

    • MagatBrackendale

      Welcome to kingdom of conflicting opinions. But at least most of the folks here can spell.

    • Andy Six Score and Four

      I do that too.

      • OldDuckMcDoc

        I do the opposite. I’ve discovered players I draft are more likely to get injured by a statistically significant margin so I round out my team with Cowboys and Giants.

        Regrettably, I’ve held onto Foles in my keeper league this year so if he goes down early you know who to blame.

        • Andy Six Score and Four

          I’ve got Foles as well (Baccing up Brees). Also added Ertz and Matthews this year (as well as Mike Evans). Now I just need to trade DeSean Jaccson away.

          • nice. those are my 3 as well. in one league, Foles will either win me now or lose me forever.

          • Andy Six Score and Four

            My team overall is not too impressive. I’ve got Gore and Rice and just can’t seem to get younger at the position. Hanging hopes on Ridley and Hyde to help out there.

    • Kev_H

      The guys the Eagles are paying to provide players ought to have a better approach than fans picking fantasy rosters.

  • Kleptolia

    7:58 left in first quarter, Mariota has 2 touchdown passes. (Poor competition.)

    Don’t worry. Chip won’t get a chance to draft him next year.

    • Token

      Lets not do the Mariota thing again this year. No real need as of now.

      I watched the hell out of him last year, no longer interested. Cant handle the big moments and struggled against the few tough teams they played.

      • Kleptolia


        Mark Sanchez?

        • Token

          Do you expect Foles to fail? You are confusing.

      • EagleDuck

        Hahaha! He played on a partially torn MCL the second part of the year you jackwagon. Clearly you didn’t watch ‘the hell out of him’ enough or you would know that.

  • MagatBrackendale

    It’s not ducks on the sidelines.

  • Kev_H

    If I’m reading right Boy Wonder pretty much made the case that they favor Ducks. I’m just glad Miami picked earlier than the Eagles in 2013.

  • cliff h-MOAR white goons

    Dang holiday weekends with nice weather and the sitting on beach drinking beer. what did i miss, what are we over-reacting too? Reynolds or Maehl? doubt it’s caseymatthews, think he like eagles herpes, about once every 6 month it shows up and we’ve figured out a way to deal with it.

  • mark baren

    whats with the oregon issue? so what. u of cincinnati has four starters for the eagles.

    • mark baren

      2 on offense and 2 on defense