Beau Allen a ‘Disruptive Force’ Vs. Bears

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

CHICAGO – When asked to assess how the backups performed in the Eagles’ preseason opener against the Bears, the first name out of Chip Kelly’s mouth was a rookie.

“I thought Beau Allen was a disruptive force out there,” he said.

The seventh-round pick out of Wisconsin has been drawing praise during training camp and made his presence felt in the second quarter. Lined up at nose tackle, he used his strength to shove the center back into the quarterback’s face. Combined with an outside rush from Vinny Curry, the Eagles’ defense nearly forced a fumble, but the official ruled that Jordan Palmer’s arm was moving forward.

“I thought I did [have a fumble],” Allen said afterwards. “I was pretty excited for a second there. I didn’t really see the QB’s arm or whatever, but I guess it was an incomplete pass. I was pretty fired up for a second though.”

Fired up would be an understatement. Allen, a native of Minnetonka, Minn., was playing in front of his parents and other family. He was calmly talking at his locker about a half-hour after the game, but clearly the adrenaline was flowing when he was on the field. He couldn’t even remember where he was lined up on play described above.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I was pretty in the moment. I can’t even remember what exactly… I think I was a zero-technique, so right over the center. But like I said, I was pretty fired up so I kind of blacked out for a second. I guess we’ll see on film.”

At 333 pounds, Allen is the heaviest player on the Eagles’ roster. With Bennie Logan sidelined because of a hamstring injury, Allen has lined up with the first team quite a bit during practice. Against Chicago, second-year player Damion Square got the start, but Allen made the most of his opportunity with the second team.

At the NovaCare Complex, he’s had some impressive one-on-one rushes against center Jason Kelce.

“He has a lot of the raw ability you want to see,” Kelce said. “He’s got really, really good feet for his size. He’s got good agility. Obviously he’s heavy so he’s a big load to push around. And now I think he’s starting to feel more and more comfortable so he’s able to play faster and faster and use that natural ability more and more.

“He’s actually a pretty good pass-rusher for how big he is. Most of those big guys can’t really do much. He’s got some different moves. He’s really good at using his feet and quickness to get the offensive linemen to move and then convert that to power, which is usually the best way to use it.”

But on the one play that got people’s attention Friday night, Allen didn’t have to go to an arsenal of moves.

“When you’re right over the center like that, you don’t really have too many options for pass-rush,” he said. “So I guess the best move is try to take him straight back.”

On Friday night, that method worked just fine.

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  • jmkrav

    Sorry Square… Best of luck catching on with another team

    • anon

      yup. but didnt he block that kick?

    • RIP illa

      Sorry square and Logan. Yes Square to another team and Logan as the backup! However, depending on Logan’s Hammy issue, we may be forced to hold on to Square, if it drags out.

      • still would like to see BL as part time nose, part time DE.

        • Eagles4Life

          Ditto to that. Can’t hurt to have him rotating multiple positions on the line.

        • RIP illa

          Of course. But we may run into the problem of Chip and his measurable thing, like we have with Boykin. Although Logan has long arms, he falls a couple of inches short for the criteria of the position. And I know some will argue against it, but the measurable thing is real! Plenty of evidence to support it throughout our team and roster. Really am hoping Allen has what it takes to take his spot, but it’s most likely wishful thinking. But I’ve never seen Logan as a legit NT. I woulda said DE, but what has he proven to do well??? Haven’t seen him win against the run consistently, and his pass rush ability (lack thereof) is not chart topping either. So yeah, like you put it…part time nose and part time DE, but I’ll add coming off of the bench, unless he proves otherwise (consistently) when he comes back.

          Curry-Logan-Hart…at least that’s how I would like it to be
          Hart-Allen-Curry…too bad this is most likely how it’s gonna be

          • Good stuff. 100% agree as far as the measurables are concerned. But here’s the thing – which ones do chip/howie value in the nose tackle? Did Logan get so much PT last year because Chip likes lighter, more athletic nose guards? or did he play out of position because SOP sucked so badly?

          • RIP illa

            I always hated the argument of…’Well he was a starter…’ . It’s very lazy and lame and means nothing. Anyway, last year I woulda sworn it was the lighter more athletic NT that they valued more. So much so that when talking bout the draft, I would defer to Geagle about what type of NT we would get, although I was more than certain I knew what type of NT we needed. Then came the draft and they took the type of guy that I wanted in Allen. I think that says a hell of a lot more than their “coach speak” after the NO loss.

            I do think it was a bit of both (lighter/athletic and the fact that Sop sucked) that made/makes them so high on Logan, and the character thing and blah blah blah that They like him for all of that and see potential where I haven’t seen enough. I do believe that the bottom line should be the play on the field. If you have an NT that’s strong enough and heavy enough to push the pocket, so the QB can step up from the outside rush, while squatting on the line against double teams in run situations, and also while being able to shift down the line one outside run situations…then that’s all one should care about. Allen has shown all of that in TC and last night. Sure he needs further review, but already that’s a hell of a lot more than Logan has shown after a whole year.

            Don’t mind lighter NTs as long as they have the strength to play the position and can win more battles than they lose. Hell, if Logan had Brandon Graham’s freakish strength, I wouldn’t be as concerned about the fact that he’s lighter, and I would think his athleticism a boon, but he doesn’t. And his athleticism has yet to equate to much other than being able to reach a specific area, quick enough, while the D-line is stunting. He’s not athletic enough where he can be disruptive like VC, nor strong enough where he can be disruptive like BG or BA. What does he do or did he do that’s so fantastic that Howie and fans are hanging all over him? If it’s technique, well that can only get someone so far, and that point stops just short of being a starter…in my book at least.

            So once again, if we just want a solid guy, with good technique, but not good enough to really influence the game against good competition…then that Bennie. Yet, that’s how I would want my backup/rotational guy to be.

          • Sure he needs further review, but already that’s a hell of a lot more than Logan has shown after a whole year.

            –> I can’t get on board with that yet. And while you say we got our guy this year based on measurables, he’s a 7th rounder and we spent a 3rd on Logan after already signing Soap. I do think Davis and Kelly like him at nose. And with the weight he gained, he’s no longer a really small nose compared to league peers.

            I love Beau as much as the next guy, but Bennie played far better than some fans remember/give him credit for

          • RIP illa

            The measurable thing was in reference to Logan playing DE. Sorry, my mistake for not being clear on that.

  • Johnny Domino

    Only room for one Allen on this team.

    • Stuart Philp

      Nate finally has some consistency from year to year (between different coaches, schemes, and injuries) and is coming along nicely imo. I’m not convinced he should start, but he’s looking much better now than at any point in his career, including that first season before his injury when he looked like he could really be something.

      • Johnny Domino

        Would love to love Nate, based on first year Nate.
        Not sure flashes of former glory are enough. Less bad in still not good.

      • I’d love for others to force him into a 3rd, maybe 4th safety role. But looking around league, there is a lot of garbage at that position.

    • MagatBrackendale

      Especially considering the amount of room a 333-pounder takes up!

  • Eagles4Life

    Beau Allen purified himself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. No wonder he’s out here beasting.

    • Yes_General

      Eagles fans everywhere could all appreciate a true 330lb NT doing his thing. Jason Kelce is a great team mate he really encourages everyone and shows them how they can improve and get better. Watching Beau Allen and Curry out there really set the tone. The patriots exploited our DLine last pre season cant wait to see the next pre season game.

  • G_WallyHunter

    Look at the arms on that thing

    I don’t know much about this guy, you guys know more, does he have some serious potential to be the NT of the future? Cuz that’d be greeeaaaat

  • Bullwinkle

    So far Beau is proving that scouting is not as accurate as the experts would like us to believe. I think some players get stereotyped and the scouts evaluate them based on their reputation and not necessarily their true ability. Based on the scouting reports, Allen is supposed to be a big slow footed fireplug. He is demonstrating that he is much better than that and has some real potential. Kudos to the Eagles for recognizing his talent and his ability to fit their system.

    • Cheesesteak

      Azzinaro recruited him out of high school…you can thank him

  • Chuck Dougherty

    there’s nothing slow about his feet…did y’all see how quickly he chased down that running back on the screen play.. that was after he was knocked down on all four…THAT was impressive….

  • dc

    how the actual hell are they able to stuff that huge cranium in to that helmet. that is a violation of the laws of physics.

    • Corey Dawson

      Reminds me of that new kid’s movie I’ve seen previews when they’re trying to fit the big balloon man into the armor.

      • dc

        oh yes right. Big Hero 6?

        • Corey Dawson

          That’s the one.

  • NickS, Combine Warrior

    Dude’s built like a brick sh*thouse. If he can be better than Logan and take that job that’s great, because I didn’t think Logan was bad at all. Hopefully that hammy heals properly and we can have a great 6-7man DL rotation.

    • This. Seems everyone forgot quickly how well Logan played last year after being thrown into starter role. He never was/will be a Ngata; but a 3rd rd NT/DE who can play is a damn good find

      • RIP illa

        Yes, a good find as a rotational player, not starter (IMO). I didn’t forget how well he played, just didn’t notice it. Your well was my meh and my meh was your well.

        • Jsut saw this after replying above. Fair. Guess we’ll agree to disagree

      • NickS, Combine Warrior

        Yeah, it bothers me. Could he be upgraded? Sure can. Is he costing you games? No, he’s not.

  • ICDogg

    Very impressed with Beau Allen. Need to see him with the 1’s, against 1’s, head up on the center.

  • John J. King

    The screen play was a beaut!

  • Eaglehaslanded

    Beau knows football !

  • Shinn

    Can you say, “Seth Joyner”?

  • PaoliBulldog

    Rare to find a nose tackle with his mobility; most NTs these days are just run stuffers and protection for the LBs. Allen and Cox would make a pretty cool pair in a 4-3 look.

  • MattE

    Depth on DL is looking better by the day. Maybe we didn’t need a pass rushing DE, a disruptive rotational nose tackle might do the trick. Him with Curry in passing situations makes me giddy.