Maclin Bets On Himself, Turns Down Multi-Year Deal

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

Jeremy Maclin watched from the sideline as the Eagles’ offense set record after record in Year 1 under Chip Kelly.

He saw DeSean Jackson and Riley Cooper have career years and envisioned himself playing a role down the line once his knee healed up.

“I’m excited to get a chance to play in Chip’s offense,” Maclin said Friday at the NovaCare Complex. “I’m excited to be able to help this team get to the next level. I think this is a place where I can showcase my skills and I’m comfortable around all my teammates, guys who have been here. I think this was just the right spot for me.”

Maclin and the Eagles discussed a long-term deal (five years), but ultimately the terms weren’t right for the 25-year-old receiver. So he decided to bet on himself with hopes of agreeing to a new deal down the road.

“There was a multi-year deal out there,” Maclin said. “It just wasn’t what I particularly wanted or my side particularly wanted. But we knew that we wanted to be here so I think this was the way to get it done, for me to come back here and play football.”

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Jets and Broncos were interested in taking a run at Maclin if he reached free agency. His deal is worth a maximum of $6 million with $3.5 million guaranteed, a league source tells Tim McManus.

A fair question posed to Maclin was: Why not test the market for a long-term deal rather than settle for a one-year stint here?

“Here’s the thing. I don’t think it’s just for one year,” Maclin said.

Added Howie Roseman: “That’s the hard part about this process with free agency coming up is that you never really know. And we’ve told him directly to Jeremy before he got injured and then again once he got injured that we wanted him back and that we were ready to go whenever he felt comfortable. For him, he also hasn’t had a chance to be a free agent in the National Football League. So it’s a process for him as well. And we understand that. Everyone’s gotta do what works best for them, but we were enthusiastic about our interest in him and bringing him back here and his fit with our football team. And we didn’t hide those emotions much to Jeremy or his agent.”

So the plan is clear: Rip it up in 2014 and sign a long-term deal with the team that drafted him.

“The Eagles expressed that they wanted me back, and I think by them offering me a long-term deal, I feel like that made me comfortable enough to know that I’m in their long-term plans,” Maclin said. “So hopefully come mid-season we’ll be able to do something where I’m here long-term.”

As for Maclin’s knee, he’s six-plus months into his rehab. He tore his ACL for the second time during training camp, but the team had an advantage in monitoring his progress because Maclin did all his work in-house. Right now, he’s able to run, cut and lift at the NovaCare Complex. He didn’t have an exact date for when he expects to be 100 percent, but Maclin said “there’s no doubt” he’ll be full-go for training camp.

“When someone’s in your building like that, it’s not hard to go sneak down to the training room and check on them a little bit and see how he’s doing and go into the weight room and see how he’s doing,” Roseman said. “The one thing about Jeremy is that throughout this season, the relationship was there. He was at our games, he was in the building every day so there was a lot of communication with him and we felt like we were kind of going through the process with him.”

Maclin knew where he wanted to be all along, but with free agency just 11 days away, he wasn’t sure how things were going to turn out until about 3 p.m. Friday afternoon.

In the end, he likes where he’s at and holds the organization in high regard.

“They stuck to every word they said. Everything Howie was telling me has been true, and I respect that, and that’s definitely the type of place that I want to be,” he said.

“I think I made the best decision for my situation. I really do.”

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  • Max Lightfoot

    I love all the psychedelic, head-explodin’ options (in FA and the draft) that this signing gives the Birds – and if he stays healthy they can reward him next year. I suspect Jeremy found out that his FA market value was less than he thought, what with the recent bum knee. Go Eags!

    • Kev_H

      Free agency hasn’t started yet, so Maclin was unable to negotiate with anyone but the Eagles. It doesn’t sound like he was even considering elsewhere.

      • Max Lightfoot

        Well, obviously FA hasn’t started yet – I just meant that apparently other teams were not bombarding his agent’s cell phone, except for the Jets (who will sign anybody) and the Broncos (allegedly).

        It is interesting that Mac said he hopes to get long term contract talks going by next mid-season. Hopefully he’ll be good enough to do that!

    • GEAGLE

      I don’t think it had anything to do with his value on the market. I actually hear plenty of league executives told Caplan that they were under the impression that Macs rehab went really well and he is looking good. I believe this was a case of Maclin really wanting to be in Philly. I was petrified of us giving him. One year deal and losing him next offseason screwing with our locker room going into 2015 which should be a Super Bowl or bust year, but after hearing Maclins press conference, and the projected increase in cap I feel so much better. He talked about Howie and Chip keeping their word to him, and that everything they ever said to him proved true which he really appreciated. He talked about the fact that they were the ones pushing for him to sign a Multi year deal instead of the one year deal he wanted really made him feel like they want him to be part of the Longterm future, and because for him it’s never been all about the money that he expects it to not be a problem working something out later that keeps him here long term.
      Reporters asked him like 15 times about the one year deal he signed, and ever single time his answer starter with “see the thing is, I really don’t even look at this as a one year deal”. He really sounds genuine, loyal, and willing to stay with us even if it’s not the most lucrative offer he can get.

      He talked about wanting to play with Nick who he thinks will be a GREAT QB for Many years. Talked about how enticing playing in chips offense is. And how the feeling in the locker room going into next year is just so exciting. Guys have confidence in their coaches, and their team mates ability to make this year special..and boy does Maclin!Coop,JP, and Kelce all sound so Genuine and convincing in their video interviews or press conferences.

      Mac was asked about if he is worried about having to line up in the slot and he laughed saying, when he was drafted, the worry was that he was only a slot WR and could never play on the outside, then he played his entire NFL career on the outside and now people are worried about him not being able to play the slot? He says playing the slot isn’t something you just forget and that the fact that in this offense he will be moved around and line up all over the place is what’s attracting him to it…

      • GEAGLE

        Cooper flat out sounded like a REAL Eagle who hadn’t even considered playing for anyone can’t even interview him because all he does is tell you how much he loves being an eagle.

        Really cool of him to flat out admit and credit FOles for being THE ONLY reason he is even in this postion, and him not being oblivious to that fact. talked about how special his chemistry is with the rain maker and what a stud he think Nick will become.
        Cool to hear how confident a veteran like Jason Peters is in FOles and Chip. Didn’t really know that JP was that big of a leader in that he is the main guy that breaks down the film for all the offense. When a special talent is that much of a film rat and is so passionate about winning, you have a beast on your hands. It was also cool to hear how confident he is in Lane and how highly he speaks of him. HE even said, “when it’s time for him to retire as an Eagle, we already will have Lane who will be ready to slide over and replace him and not skip a beat”..Cool to hear how important it is for him to retire an eagles! a few times his tongue slipped and he mentioned how damn appreciated he will always be that “we got him out of buffalo” lol and he then catches himself and does the politically correct thing and says he doesn’t mean anything bad about the bills lol..This is why I still have hope that Jarius Byrd wants to be “rescued” as well :)
        Every one of them mentioned “the special feeling in the locker room going into next year and how very excited all the players are” and they do not sound like they were blowing smoke up our ass..

        It’s was cool to hear when Kelce was asked a question about the merits of paying his own guys instead of spending it in free agency! he agreed! but went out of his way to mention what IMPORTANT free agent signings Meco and Barwin were, and the effects they have had on getting this team turned around (guess he forgot that Meco was traded for, but that makes little difference in the context). Thought it was really cool to hear him bring up Meco and Barwin and how much they mean to us

      • Max Lightfoot

        You’re right – I like Jeremy’s attitude a lot!

  • Joe L

    I’m guessing he’s banking on topping Cooper’s 2013 numbers and then using that 5/25 as a starting point for where ever he goes next year.

    • GEAGLE

      If next years cap rises to 140 and then 150 n 2015 like reported, I don’t see why we couldn’t get him at 5/25

      • MediaMike

        If Maclin has a typical Maclin year as the #2 WR, I think you’d be looking at a 5 / $35 or a 5 / $40 as his deal.

        • GEAGLE

          True…I really wish a reporter were to ask Howie if the increase cap numbers being reported have had an impact, making Maclin easier to retain Longterm, or if he doesn’t pay attention to cap increases until they are made official???I found a few things odd/interesting yesterday:
          Howie talking so much about guys that may not fit our scheme being traded to other teams for players that don’t fit their scheme, then hours later the Dion news surfaced from multiple sources

          We had been trying to sign Mac long term, assuming we were afraid of him playing well! pricing his way out of here and losing next year! then reports surface of the 2014 and 15 caps increasing like 10-15mil, and hours later Howie caved and gave Maclin the one year deal he wanted! when Howie still had 11 more days to play chicken with Maclins agent and try to get them to cave on not wanting to sign the multiyear deal..


  • Weapon Y

    If/when Avant does get cut, (sad but a smart business move), the Eagles should have $19 million in cap space to pay for free agents and rookies. And that’s after Maclin and Cooper came back. Well done, Howie!

    • Adam

      According to the dude from Eaglescap.. he says after Avant gets cut and the cap goes up to 133 we should have 24.7.

      • GreenScabs

        Actually we’ll have a lot more than that. At the beginning of this week (before we extended Peters) we had $24.2 million in cap space (this assuming $130 million salary cap, and including the $17 million in carryover from last year). We extended Peters which saved $2 million in cap space for this year, we now sit at $26.2 million. We extended Kelce, who now $1.41 million against the 2014 cap, but he was going to make $550,000 before the extension, so it’s really only an additional $864,000 against that $26.2 million in cap space.

        Now we sit a $25.34 million in space. Then we resigned Cooper (5 years $25 million, $10 million guaranteed), but only counts $1.8 million against the 2014 cap. Now we sit at $23.34 million in space. And today we resigned Maclin (1 year $5.5 million ($6 mil if he reaches all incentives), $3.5 million guaranteed), since it’s a 1 year deal lets assume the full $5.5 will count against the cap. We’re now sitting at $18.04 million in space.

        Information surfaced this week that the 2014 cap is going to be more than the $130 million originally anticipated, and will be between $133 – $135 mil. Let’s assume $134 million, we’re now sitting at $22.04 million. It’s also now assumed that we’re going to release Avant, which would save $3.25 million in space. We’re now sitting at $25.29 mil in space.

        There are a number of other players we could let go to add additional space as well, e.g. Chung (savings of $2.25 mil if cut), Casey (savings of $2.985 mil if cut), Brad Smith (savings of $1.3 mil if cut), Benn (savings of $1 mil if cut), & Casey Mathews (savings of $645,000 if cut). These cuts alone would save $8.18 million in space.

        So we could be as much as $33.47 million in space with a few moves that I think are very plausible.

        • GreenSabs

          I incorrectly quoted Kelce’s cap figure. He now counts $2.39 mil against the cap, but his previous figure was $670,000, so he now counts $1.72 mil against the 2014 cap. Which means that we are sitting at $24.34 mil under the cap after we cut Avant. Also I meant to reply to Weapon Y not Adam. Adam’s info is dead on, I love, is an awesome cap site too!

        • Will

          Oh, the possibilities!

        • Maggie

          Wow. Second time posting this today! I enjoy reading a good logical analysis.

  • PaoliBulldog

    I have tended to scorn the influence of organizational culture as a contributor to organizational success, because I think a good culture is the result rather than the cause of that success. But I’m changing my mind. If we define a “good culture” as one that allows stakeholders to succeed and encourages them to return, then I’d say there are six organizations with good cultures: Seattle, Denver, Baltimore, Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

    I’m leaving San Francisco and New England out for now since their success seems coach-driven rather than culture-driven. Both teams sucked before hiring their current coaches, and the stories from SF about Harbaugh’s abrasiveness and from NE about Welker and Hernandez have convinced me that those cultures are more like the one Andy Reid and Joe Banner cultivated in Philadelphia (especially as to NE).

    All of which is to say that the Eagles have now extended their two best O-line extension candidates and re-signed their two best FA candidates, and in all cases organizational culture looks likes a big factor.

    Yes, I realize that every player who signs an extension or new contract pays lip service to the team they sign with, but every one of the Eagles’ moves looks mutually satisfactory AND pro-competitive. I wish to hell Lurie would buy the Phillies.

    • Kev_H

      I have to disagree with you on San Francisco. Paraag Marathe has built a great culture there as he worked his way through the organization up to team president over the years. Harbaugh seems like the misfit out there. In any case, the Bill Walsh era 49ers had a revolutionary positive culture and what the post Andy Eagles are doing reminds me of that. Never was too impressed with the Reid-Banner version between Reid’s lack of discipline and Banners power tripping, I’m surprised they did as well as they did.

      • Greenblood 20

        Reid’s success was part him and part a dearth of talent in the NFC during his tenure. Hiring JJ was his master stroke and helped cover up his own deficiencies as a HC, OC, and drafter. Add JJ with a weak NFC for much of his early tenure (except that Tampa team in 2002, there were no heavyweights in the NFC back in the early 2000s) and lucking into a defense that was already studded out from the Ray Rhoades era…viola.

        • Kev_H

          You are 100% spot on. The first 5 years of the Reid era– the successful part- were characterized by three things: First, the opposing NFC East coaches and QBs were horrible, second; Reid’s Eagles couldn’t compete with eventual AFC playoff teams (couldn’t the entire 14 years), and third; Reid’s role in Jake Delhomme and Brad Johnson’s Super Bowl glory. I even think JJ’s defenses were overrated given the poor competition of the time.


    Another Bird down, one more Byrd to go!!! Let’s go HOWIE!!! Keep putting on a clinic, and then put the Dion cherry on top and we will be ready for War

    • Jerry Pomroy

      Damn right we’d be ready for war with DJ & Byrd on top of our in-house signings. And that’s without even getting to the draft yet…

      • TripSquadMonopoly

        Yeah damn that sounds good right now.

        • GEAGLE

          What’s wrong BricksquadMonopoly? Being a racist piece of trash forced you to switch screen names?

          • MediaMike

            Lots of things force folks to change methods of logging in. I had to revert to a different manner to get back on here after the Harry Gamble apologists nuked me over my complaints about breaking up the team 20-25 years ago.

          • GEAGLE

            Oh trust me, I know how anally absurd it can be, but a racist POS shouldn’t even be allowed internet access

          • Hahahah get ’em geags

          • GEAGLE

            He was one of my most loyal scumbag groupies and now he isn’t giving me the proper attention any more..someone must be afraid of the slap on the wrist he received? Lol I miss him talking crap and getting ignored under all my posts…

            First no more down voting, now my groupies are afraid to act up? This sucks lol

    • igglesfaninportland

      Ive watched DJ get beat by beavers too much. Never thought he would compete in the NFL. Dont sell the house of deep draft for last years measurement king.

      • GEAGLE

        Apparently you don’t think highly highly of Chip,Gamble and Howies evaluation skill because you are talking about a player that Gamble. Chip and Howie think very very very highly off…if gamble took the GMs job with the dolphins he would of insisted the switch to a 3-4 because he think Dion will be a flat out stud in that system…


    Cowboys cut Phil Costa, wonder if Howie views him as a G/C version of Barbre? Cheap back up, 26yrs old with 20 starts
    Jamari Lattimore GB Reserve ILB and quality STer…

    Chris Cooks, 6’2 212lb CB, 34th pick bust in 2010 draft(Viking) but zimmer may want him as his next CB rehab project
    Some interesting cheap “batting average” types who became available today

    • Rick H

      Seriously Phil Costa any good? I did not notice him one way or the other when the Eagles played them? How many years has been playing in the league/Cowboys? Thanks

      • no. he is not. the bottom of the barrel of cowboys suck.
        i’d take a 1000 bum knees (aka Kenny Philips) over some Cowboys trash

        • borntosuffer

          “i’d take a 1000 bum knees (aka Kenny Philips) over some Cowboys trash” Spoken like a true Eagle’s fan, Rob.

          • GEAGLE

            Yeah will this eagles fan, isn’t really thrilled about swapping cowboys trash for giants trash

        • GEAGLE

          He isn’t really a cowboy, they signed him cheap like a year ago, and never really played…

      • GEAGLE

        How do you notice lineman who sit on the bench?

        • Rick H

          Point taken on both guys Costa and the L.James possibility. Thank you!

  • doc75

    I wanted the eagles to resign Mac… but his reaction smells a lot like a mercenary for hire…im getting the whole bad 2011-12 taste back in my mouth…now not sure.m. nothing wrong with wanting to do a one year prove it deal.. but there is just something in his attitude that doesn’t settle with me..

    • GEAGLE

      Apparently you haven’t watched the actually videos, or you would have NEVER typed this…300 reporters asked him about signing a one year deal, and every time he corrected them saying he really doesn’t expect it to be a one year situation

      • doc75

        I would have watch the videos, but since im deaf and there is no captioning… I got to go by these reports.. sucks though…but I get what I can get..

  • Joe from Easton

    Howie and Chip are building a winner for years to come. Knowing Gamble with have influence on our draft this year is even more exciting. The Birds are stacked on offense with proven young guys buying into a system that seems to be ahead of the curve. Now throw in a draft in which we can draft BPA and focus on the defense at that. They’re on the right track, to say the least. Go Birds.

  • TNA

    I think the deal makes sense for both sides. Realistically, if Maclin took a multyear deal that was commensurate with an injured but talented receiver, and then had a season in which he performed well above those numbers, he would’ve likely held out next year. And neither party probably wants to be put in that situation. But there’s no way Howie could give him big money before they see him play in game situations. Too much risk.
    Mac hinted they would be talking extension throughout the season. This contract essentially extends the contract talk window and enables both sides more certainty in their valuations.
    In any case, I’m glad he’s back.

    • Maggie

      Always enjoy reading a good logical analysis.

  • Rick H

    General question for anyone I have read that L James has a very good chance of being released by the 49ers. Would he be a fit after a few years now in the NFL?

    • GEAGLE

      Depends what Chip thinks of him….we won’t trade for him, but if he is released, I could see us signing him, which enables us to trade Bryce for value,,,basically I think if we were to add James, it would be so we could get a draft pick for Bryce

      • MediaMike

        Ha ha, don’t be shocked if the Niners cut Gore sooner than later if Lattimore is looking ready to go. They have to pay for the Kaepernick $20 mil / year contract somehow.

        • GEAGLE

          Gore should be safe just for this year, but it’s Kendall Hunters contract year so they will need Lattimore sooner or later

  • Andy124
    • GEAGLE

      Its only right everyone dance along!!

  • wow.
    I’ve never seen an article like this. The quotes from both sides are tremendous.
    Much kudos to you, Sheil, as always, but this organization is just something else.
    I’m fully in the Howie bandwagon now; not only from what he said, but the last quote from Maclin about Howie being true to every word and showing players the utmost respect…just a 1st class organization. In times like these where the kind of crap that happened in Miami still goes on, I’m thankful to be an Eagles fan in the Chip Kelly era.

    • EaglefaninAZ

      The overall change in culture is impressive. Find myself not believing it sometimes. All fans should appreciate what’s happened. So many terrible organizations out there.

      • GEAGLE

        What’s funny is in the past we called ourselves the Gold standard, yet I think we are more well run now then EVER!!!!

    • knighn

      If you’re a player about to hit free agency, or his agent, you’ve got to see a very clear message coming out of the Novacare complex, “Come be one of the Philadelphia Eagles. We take care of our own.”

      • GEAGLE

        Not just the money. Come to the Eagles because we ain’t F’ing around and plan on seriously hunting Lombardi trophies!!!..on organization that offers players a chance for playoff success while treating players well, should make us desired location..

        Also Howie had like 11 more days to play chicken with Maclin! but he caved and gave Maclin what he wanted. I’m sure Howie has been building relationships with agents, and that could pay dividends in the future steering their clients to signing with philly!!!

        Basically, Howie is putting on a GM clinic

        • knighn


    • GEAGLE

      As great as the articles are they don’t even do the actually interviews justice. Head over to and watch the interviews for yourself and you will get the chills from hearing our players talk…I wish this article included the quotes about Riley And Mac talked about how much playing with FOles factored into the decision were they want to be. Coop goes as far to credit FOles for basically putting him in this position. Kelce talking about FOles was awesome as well. Seems like all our guys are Genuinly excited about the future under Howie, Chip and FOles….like 10’awesome videos to watch since the signings. Check them out, your boy Kelce is an awesome interview.

      Maclin like 15 times corrected Reporters, in that he realistically does not look at this as a one year deal and fully expects on getting a long term deal worked out…

      We are officially back as a world class organization, and I desire organization. Al players talk about the feeling in the locker room. Guys like Kelce and Cooper literally said that they have never been this excited going into a season, after how last year ended, and the culture Chip created….our players really really seem to believe in Chip and FOles, and it’s a beautiful thing!!!

      Good times

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    Good for Jeremy!!! Hope he balls out and takes this team far. 13-3

    • MediaMike

      I’d settle for 10-6 again, another division win, but a win in the wild card round before losing in Seattle in the divisional round.

  • MediaMike

    So where does the other money go realistically? I don’t see us overpaying for Orakpo, Byrd and Ward look unlikely to hit the market, and I’m not overly impressed with the other guys on D that would be top dollar FAs for our team.

    So mid-level safety and mid/low level OLB prospect? Jenkins / Clemons for S and possibly take a lower money stab at Everson Griffin from the Vikings to see if he can play in space? Re-sign Allen for what won’t be a lot of money either?

    Assuming the FA population isn’t where our money is going this year in a big way, I think we’ll be rolling it to next year because it’ll be time for the following contracts:


    The 2015 FA list is looking pretty poor
    The Eagles really really really need to hit on Safety and OLB in the draft this year or those positions might not ever be good enough.
    Thankfully they’re really set up well salary wise to keep signing from within.

    • DLRJ

      I haven’t heard much talk about backup QB, but that seems like a place we might drop a few bucks. Not sure who is or will be out there, but I can’t imagine it’d be hard to dig up someone who would give MB a run for his money.

    • GEAGLE

      I basically interpret what Howie said yesterday on video is that they absolutely still have the cap space to go after a game changer if he hits the market, to me that meant Byrd/Ward..really on pins and needles over Mondays franchise tag deadline…
      But we will sign like 6 cheap guys either way and hope 3-4 turn out to be players…If we can’t land a super safety, I would assume:
      Malcom Jenkins signed to Chung money
      Corey Graham, Secondary depth who has played almost every DB position at one time or Another. Even when he doesn’t have to start, the ravens always used him in subpackages. Graham was the best player on Chips New Hampshire teams..but his primary role for us would be replacing Colt as our ST ACE..two years, 3mil….problem is, he is a priority of the ravens. They do not want to lose him

      Like I said! Alex Carrington is the DL addition I expect. I don’t believe improving the run defense is a priority, because I think our additions will be geared towards getting off the field on 3rd down, so Carrington is another efficient interior pass rusher to rotate when we go to our 4man line with Cox and Curry. Really under rated player

      Jamarri Lattimore is a cheap 1mil per year substitute ILB from GB, quality ST player, and a substitute that can actually play if need be

      Chris Cooks I wrote about yesterday is a CB I want to take a flier on to replace Marsh. 6’2 212lb bust as the 34th pick in the 2010 draft from the Vikings, but zimmer is known for rehabbing unsuccessful CB so he may be really interested in making Cooks his new project
      Phil Costa was cut yesterday, I could see us signing him to a very cheap deal to come compete in camp! without guarenteeing him a roster spot? God forbid Kelce ever gets hurt, Costa is a backup who is cheap and has 20 starts under his belt playing G and C…I could see him being brought in, to compete with Vandervelde and Molk for the backup center spot, and a backup who can play multiple positions will always interest us. We wouldn’t sign him to a contract that Guarentees him a roster spot, but I could see us liking him as camp competition, and we have done well in free agency with the unknown Barbre! Mathis types..

      Micheal Johnson is my dream OLB, Everson Griffin I also would love, but these guys won’t be cheap, and I would assume we have to cut BG or Cole(or trade one) to be able to spend money on an OLB

      • GEAGLE

        As you see, I’m not expecting many big name signings..we have a nice roster, if we can add 4 FAs who end up making our team, I consider FA a success….but trading for Dion Jordan would make me as happy as I can possibly for a guy like Dion, and you can just focus the draft on more weapons, and saferies

  • usmcnole

    Good for him and good for us