Jaws: I Wouldn’t Take Manziel In First Three Rounds

NFL: Combine

Opinions on Johnny Manziel’s pro prospects are all over the map. And one analyst who apparently is not a big fan is Ron Jaworski.

Speaking to Mike Missanelli on 97.5 The Fanatic, Jaworksi discussed Manziel’s reported meeting with the Eagles at the combine.

“I’m a big believer in Nick Foles, but who knows?” Jaworski said. “Manziel may fall. I’m not crazy about him, to be honest with you. I’ve only looked at five games. I wouldn’t take him in the first three rounds. That’s my opinion. It’s incomplete right now. But he has not done a whole lot to me.”

As we mentioned earlier today, an MMQB article reported that the Eagles were one of the teams that met with Manziel in Indianapolis. But this is information-gathering season. Coaches, GMs and personnel people are trying to learn as much as they can about the prospects before May. Meeting with the players is a huge part of what’s gone on the past week.

Last year, even after the combine, Chip Kelly, Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie traveled to Morgantown, W. Va. to work out Geno Smith. But when the draft rolled around, they showed little to no interest in selecting the QB.

“There has to be an interest, but it may not necessarily be for the immediate time of this draft,” Jaworski said. “But it’s a way of stockpiling information on a guy, get to know him. And remember, no matter where he may be, the Eagles may have to play against him, so you can certainly gather information about him. Of course you gather a lot of that from film study, but I like the fact that they’ve interviewed him.”

But unless his opinion changes drastically in the coming weeks, Jaworski clearly wouldn’t be a fan of the Eagles somehow ending up with Manziel.

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  • Rick H

    Ron you need to get more Oxygen to your brain!!!

  • Richard Colton

    Michael Barkan just asked D. Gunn on Comcast if he would consider Taj Boyd at #22. Wow.
    I think it’s possible the Eagles draft a QB. Didn’t see anything from Barkley that made me feel confident. Mike Vick is 99% gone. Say Garrapolo is still sitting there in round #3 and the Eagles have a 1st or 2nd round grade on him?

    • Rick H

      NO WAY! He isn’t that good! 5th round IMO

    • JofreyRice

      I’d consider him at 22 times 10. I really soured on him. He’s smaller than expected, and was really scattershot with his accuracy. I liked Stephen Morris from the U, too, but I’m not sure he really wants to be a QB. Said something about just wanting to score somewhere in the average for the Wonderlic. Now, I don’t think that the Wonderlic is some all important test, but I don’t think Tom Stringbean Brady went into his combine thinking he wanted to put together an effort to get drafted in the 6th round.

      Morris should have taken a step forward this year, but got a lot worse. He and Logan Thomas frustrate me, all the physical tools in the world, but lack of interest or passion for refining their craft at the position. One of them should donate their arm to David Fales.

    • MediaMike

      Boyd would be interesting with one of the two picks in the 5th round. I’ve heard he’s a really hard worker with a strong grasp on the game. I’m not sure I love his height @ 6-1, but it wouldn’t be the worst guy they could add as a developmental dude.

      • Token

        Small. Not athletic as people seem to think. Not a good runner. Not a good or accurate passer.

        What is there to like?

        • MediaMike

          Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller seemed to think he’d fit in the NFL well as a guy who’d bring some skills and work ethic as a late round pick. If you have a gun to my head, I’d prefer to get Aaron Murray as a developmental guy or AJ McCarron as the guy to let me take his girlfriend out for a spin, but I get your point on Boyd.

      • Richard Colton

        I might look at him as an UDFA. That’s it. The accuracy just isn’t there for me. Doesn’t look like an NFL QB IMO.

    • Engwrite

      Barkan asks questions to create controversy. Sometimes he goes too far. Most times he is just annoying and makes the show hard to watch.

    • OldDocRoss

      I still say if they don’t think Barkley’s good enough to be a #2 then dump him and move on. If he really does blow goats, I’d hate to have Matt + a rookie TBC as back-up if Foles goes down.

      I reckon Chip likes him more than you or I though. He was surprisingly unrestrained in his praise of Barkley, and in fairness he (Barkley) was flung into some cruddy situations in his rookie year after struggling with injury through most of TC.

      So basically, if they plan on having a rookie as #3 then they either need to believe Barkley’s decent or cut him and find a vet who is.

      • bingobongo

        He’s cheap, so no real value to getting rid of Barkley, we need 3 QBs.

    • cliff henny

      RC: was reading a jimmy k article, had casey’s combine chart, you have to see it. scroll down, it’s at end of article. the shittiness of it cant be put into word. maybe un-fuckin-believa-terri-hotsweatyballsack-tire-fire-garbage


  • Bob Brewer

    Jaws still loves Kyle Boller.

    • JofreyRice

      And Ryan Lindley. He loves guys with strong arms.

    • RightsTough

      And David Carr. And Akili Smith. And Andre Ware. And Rick Meier

  • Brandon Boykin, OLB

    Everyone remember… Chip’s offense wouldn’t work in the pros, either.

  • MediaMike

    Jaws speaks, fools may not listen.
    Greg Cosell speaks, fools may not listen.
    Keep investing in scramble bums fools.
    Manziel is not good.

    • Rick H

      What did Jaws first say about Vick & Foles in Kelly’s offense? Who was perfect fit and who didn’t fit?

      • MediaMike

        He’s not rocking 100%, but anybody who disparages a read one and run QB is fine in my book. Guys who play like Manziel need to be gone from the NFL before they ruin the game.

        • ochospantalones

          Yeah, winning while playing entertaining football is THE WORST!

          • MediaMike

            Running around as a scramble bum is not entertaining at all. It’s low grade dog food football that would turn the NFL into a street ball game. No thanks.

          • Brandon Boykin, OLB

            As you may remember, I really hate that you say things like “scramble bums” and “low grade, dog food football.” It’s fun and it adds an element that d-coordinators must account for.

            Now I’m not saying let’s dump Foles for Manziel, nor am I saying scrambler > pocket passer. What I’m saying is that you can’t call these guys “dopes.” They are still pros. They still have to dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge 200-350lb. men trying to effectively kill them. That takes some element of skill that you discount. That’s not the same as some upright guy we can just blitz every time or tailor the pass rush toward because we know he will be in that same spot in the pocket every time.

            Plus, have you ever played football? Do you know how annoying it is as defender chasing a scramble bum? It’s a pain. Being a casual fan, I love to watch a defense get tortured and tired out by a running QB.

            Besides everything else, it’s fun to watch!! I bet you also hate endzone celebrations.

          • Andy124

            Upvote for the dedgeball reference, though I do disagree with several of your points.

        • Rick H

          Look at Russell Wilson & Colin K. from the 2 best teams in the NFL

          • NickS1

            Wilson isn’t a one read and run QB. Both have great defenses.

          • MediaMike

            Thank you Nick. Wilson plays a very cerebral game, understands passing lanes, and never turns 25 yard completions into 7 yard scrambles. Totally different players. Wilson = Young / Elway / Rodgers type smart runner and passer. Kaepernick / Scam Newton = low production turnover factory injury waiting to happen.

          • NickS1

            I think Kaep is still refining his game and learning the position. I can’t stand Scam. RB with a cannon.

          • MediaMike

            Kaep taking a big step back in QB rating from year 2 to year 3 isn’t an indicator of a guy who is refining his game. I think the league is figuring him out over time and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him take another 10 point + dip in his QB rating going into year 4.

          • NickS1

            Maybe. I think his responsibilities changed this year, though. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

          • Nobody

            SF had nothing at WR for most of the season. Kaepernick did ok considering what he had to work with.

          • rls255

            I agree about Wilson, although I’m not ready to put him in the same category as Elway or Young. Let’s be honest, you don’t have to take many chances when you have the best defense in the NFL, possibly of all time.

          • NickS1

            That’s true….. ’91 Birds was best of all time.

          • MediaMike

            He’s certainly not a passer like Elway or Young, but Wilson really understands when to run and when not to run. He also does an excellent job keeping his eyes downfield and setting his feet properly to make an accurate throw. Kaepernick does not of that. Newton is a failure in that area as well. I just think its incredible lazy of people to equate Wilson with scramble bums due to rushing yards and attempts.

          • The Reassurer

            please dont call Cam Newton “Scam” Newton…he was in the MVP conversation this year and was solid all year long. He has no clear cut #1 RB or WR and only had 13 INTs and 1 fumble over 111 rushing attempts. He’s hasn’t missed one game either…

          • Rick H

            My point is they run and run frequently.

          • MediaMike

            Wilson isn’t a run around dope, he’s a guy who moves his feet set up the pass. Kaepernick was a turnover factory in his last game of the season. Wilson ran all of 3 times in the Superbowl. Read some of Cosell’s work on these scrambling idiots who cannot throw guys open and how Wilson isn’t remotely like any of them before you equate the two.

          • ochospantalones

            Russell Wilson: 96 rushes, 539 yards, 5.6 yards per carry, 27 yard longest carry

            Colin Kaepernick: 92 rushes, 524 yards, 5.7 yards per carry, 28 yard longest carry

            Yep, their approaches to running are completely different!

          • MediaMike

            Context, hoss. Context. Again, go read some of Cosell’s work on the subject. Not every rushing attempt by a QB is created equal. Kapernick is not an accurate passer, doesn’t make anticipation throws, and runs himself out of big completions due to dropping his eyes.

          • ochospantalones

            So, let me see if I understand. A good QB is automatically not a running QB, even if he runs more often than people you consider to be running QBs. Got it.

            The point is not that Kaepernick is better than Wilson, he’s not, the point is they play broadly similar styles and obviously it can work if you are good at it.

          • MediaMike

            But they don’t play similar styles at all. You’re equating stats to style w/o any analysis. Again, go look up Greg Cosell’s analysis on the guys. They’re totally different football players.

          • ochospantalones

            Being worse at the job is not a difference in style.

          • OldDocRoss

            So, from what you’re saying, I should infer that Donald Brown, 102 attempts, 537 yards, 5.3YPC may have a different approach to running to Wilson and/or Kaep??!


          • anon

            People see what they want to see. If you do well you’re more like Young / Elway, but if you’re Kap you’re more like Vick. When Kap was in the SB / playing better than Wilson i’m sure the same people said that Kap was the new Steve young.

            To even mention RW and AR in the same sentence at this point is sacrilegious.

          • Rick H

            2 points! Wilson ran a lot and scrambled a lot this past season to create offense. Even SB he scrambled then passed and NFCC. Not attempting to equate the two types of QBs. Second you are doing everything you can to pigeon hole Manziel into this one dimentional QB. He is much more then that… My main point is Jaws made a really dumb statement. Finally if you really want boring football across the board then just have all pocket passers. My guy Foles is doing well so far.

  • rls255

    I really think this is just a case of due diligence, unless he were to somehow fall out of round 1.

    • MediaMike

      Also, it’s free scouting for when you play the guy. Coaches often like to pick a guy’s brain on analyzing film together so they can get a handle on what a guy isn’t good at, so they can gain an edge when they have to face him in the future.

      • rls255

        Sure, can’t hurt to put some film on to get an idea of his knowledge/ability to read a defense. At the same time, the Barkley pick really surprised me last year so if Manziel were to drop who knows. One thing that sticks out about the Barkley and Logan pick is Howie’s statement about how they were the two best interviews they had. Seems like Chip and Co. put a lot of emphasis on that part of the process. Makes sense though, knowledge + athleticism/skill = a dangerous combination. Manziel has the athleticism but has he grasped the mental aspect of the position. I’m torn between whether that is something that can be taught/coached up or whether its one of the “intangibles” that everyone likes to talk about. One thing Wilson and Kaep are good at is avoiding big hits, I didn’t watch a lot of Manziel in college but the couple times I did he took some big shots. That would worry me if he were the starting QB.

    • anon

      You think? We ended up taking MB when he fell in the fourth based on his interview.

  • johnjohn

    Jaws kills me lol sal palantonio gives better analysis. Jaws tends to over think to much and contradict himself. Says alot and tben always says but who knows. Some analys im sure yous feel the same way about. Jaws has trouble seeing the it factor in players

    • rls255

      I agree mostly agree on Jaws but I can’t stand Sal Pal. Sure he occasionally gets a breaking story or good nugget from time to time but for the most part I feel like he’s a master of the obvious. He’s a better interviewer than analyst.

  • southy

    One thing that hadn’t been raised about these interviews of qbs is that Howie is essentially building a compendium of draft-time qb evals. This allows you to take a look at what you see in guys at draft time and see whether in retrospect they turn into a solid pro whether you drafted them or not.

    Did we want to draft Geno? Probably not. But we built a file on him that we can revisit in 2-3 years and think critically about our evaluation process. Long term thinking.

    • G_WallyHunter

      Is that you Howie?
      great point

  • travis papa

    Decoud is expected to be released that could be a decent stop gap

  • http://www.benjaminbrophy.com/ Benjamin Brophy

    Not a fan of Manzel’s, a buddy of mine is a huge A+M fan so I watched quite a few games. Manzel doesnt follow his progressions, looks down one receiver then takes off, especially in big moments and a 4.5 40 time isn’t fast enough to get away from NFL defenders.

    • Yeezus

      That’s a bunch of crap. LeSean McCoy ran a 4.50 40.

      • http://www.benjaminbrophy.com/ Benjamin Brophy

        Yeah, but McCoy can stop and start on a dime, he doesnt rely on his speed to run away from people. Manziel did in college. More importantly, he doesn’t go through his progressions. He looks more like Mike Vick than Russell Wilson, at least at this point in his career.

        • Yeezus

          That’s true, but you never mentioned anything about acceleration, cutting, etc. You simply said that a 4.50 wasn’t fast enough to get away from NFL defenders. That’s not true. Mind you, NFL Network superimposed Colin Kaepernick’s 40 over Manziel’s, and the two were as identical as you could get. I’d say Kaepernick does a fine job escaping NFL defenders. For what it’s worth, Manziel allegedly packs a 31″ vertical as well, which would best McCoy by an inch. I never countered your points about his throwing abilities–I prefer Bortles and Bridgewater–but you’re not going to tell me Manziel can’t run.

    • DanFromDelcoo

      He ran the same 40 as Russ Wilson. Certainly fast enough to run away from guys. Whether he can read and throw like Wilson is another argument I am not making. But his speed is good for the NFL,

  • theedevilsadvocate

    manziel for the 50 yard field goal and its good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • morgan c

    Stay away.

  • https://www.skinnypost.com/ GayleSaunders

    Between what he said about Chip Kelly’s offense and this -> “I believe Colin Kaepernick can be the best QB arguably in the history of the NFL.” Ron Jaworski