Simms: Eagles Offense Is Bottom-5 Unit

simms_400Even after last week’s clunker against the Cowboys, the Eagles’ offense still stacks up pretty favorably in most statistical categories.

Football Outsiders has the Birds’ offense eighth. They’re third in yards (425.3 per game), third in yards per play (6.2) and 12th in points (24.1 PPG).

But CBS analyst Phil Simms is unimpressed with what he’s seen so far. During a segment on Showtime’s Inside the NFL, Simms listed the Eagles’ offense as one of his bottom-five units in the league.

“I put the Philadelphia Eagles, their offense, in my bottom five,” Simms said. “Why? Not that they’re one of the worst five units in the NFL. It’s because it’s gonna be one of the most fastest thing we’ve ever seen, and what are you gonna do to stop it? The NFL, it’s gonna be unbelievable. That’s all I ever heard, and how’s it working out? Is it just the most unbelievable thing?”

The segment had analysts choose their top-five and bottom-five units (offense or defense) in the league. Of a possible 64 units, Simms had the Eagles’ offense at No. 60. The only two offenses he listed below them were the Cardinals (No. 62) and Jaguars (No. 64).

Simms joined the Jon & Sean Show on 97.5 The Fanatic today and expanded on his thoughts on Chip Kelly and the Eagles.

“I think what we’ve seen has been unique a little bit. I am intrigued,” he said. “Most importantly, I think I am more intrigued about how he is gonna adjust, change and what we will see next year when we watch the Philadelphia Eagles. I’m not gonna lie. I have not watched the Eagles on the coaches tape or anything else. I’ve only watched them on TV because I haven’t had any crossover games with ’em yet. I’m not gonna do any of their games either this season. I’d like to see it on film more to have more of a deep assessment of what they’re doing. So I’m holding a little judgement. I’m not disappointed in what they’ve done.

“Week 1, what’d we see? We saw the Eagles do well in an opening game, really well, against now that we know a really, really bad defense. So it’s typical of everybody, myself included. We are prisoners of the moment. And we thought, oh this is gonna be the greatest thing the NFL has ever seen. And I think we all know, can we all stop that there’s no such thing as the greatest thing coming to the NFL? There’s no such thing. The league adjusts very fast to everything.”

As Simms mentioned, the Eagles do not have any more games on CBS this season.

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  • Alex Karklins

    That made my brain hurt.

  • Dutch

    F Simms……..

  • G_WallyHunter

    Good, none of us want to hear his stupid voice over the eagles game anyways. I hope chip makes him eat his words…. phils always throwing judgements around (even if he witheld some) when he has nowhere near enough information to make a judgement.

  • Eagledelphia

    Worst explanation I’ve ever seen

  • Jmtyl

    Ok why are we listening to a former Giant a-hole

    • William

      He is actually right …..The Eagles were supposed to be the new greatest show on turf …..not or maybe not yet …..Bottom 5 no way but they put up yardage against some really bad teams . redskins , giants and Tampa whose Defense is overrated. I hate the Giants but Simms has a point .

      • Robert Perri

        They also put up a lot of yardage against great teams, like the Broncos and Chiefs… Not points but they moved the ball

        • William

          They put up yardage last year ….the problem was they would turn the ball over. I don’t agree with bottom 5 but the offense isn’t as explosive as the hype promised. Not yet anyway

          • kbt

            So you’re saying the offense is not as good as the hype promised. Who supplied this hype and who promised it? Relative to this teams personnel I’m very happy with how productive the offense has been. If Phil and yourself look at this offense objectively I don’t think you would be disappointed. The only point Phil had, which he made unknowingly, is that media speculation should be ignored and we should base our expectations on reality.

          • southy

            And let’s not mention the fact that other teams with high-ranking offenses tend to have this thing called a franchise qb.

          • macadood

            I think the offense is fine, but I do agree that I expected a bit more from Chip in terms of whacky plays and formations as well as the no huddle fast tempo. seems like all of that has disappeared from the offense in the last few weeks. only onei remember from the cowboys game was that pitch out to shady that only gained a couple yards.

            not sure if he is holding out on revealing his whole play book until next year when the games will mean more, or if the players are still uncomfortable with the new scheme and he doesn’t want to push too many new plays/concepts on them too fast. but we’re 8 weeks in already…

          • defroe81

            the media may have promised the hype due to what he did in college kelly promised no such thing this is where you are wrong…

      • defroe81

        na he doesnt kelly himself said he isnt doing nothing that hasnt been done before those i think are his exact word. the media hyped his entry into the league with the whole fast paced thing. its not like he declared he was going to come in the league and show everyone some new offense no one has ever seen before he didnt hype up anything the media did all that so no simms is wrong and has no point…

      • atlvickfan

        Before the Cowboys game, the Eagles were 2nd in the NFL in offensive DVOA. As long as Vick is QB, they are pretty damn good.

      • Cyrus Robinson

        What ATLVickFan said, plus their number 1 WR has been on IR all year and the Eagles have had many big drops in the end zone, hurting their YPG by a personally guesstimated 3 or 4 points.

  • cliff henny

    do these analyst just get together, go over who’s turn it is to say something idiotic and off-base about kelly to get press?

  • Jason

    Really? I put that as 31st out of 34th studio analyst. My favorite part is that he is putting them there without ever seeing any film on them.

    • cliff henny

      it’s actually a very technical standard he’s holding kelly to…it’s not to a satisfactory ‘unbelievable’ level…after 7 games.

  • Scott J

    It was the analysts that were saying Kelly would change the NFL, not Kelly. An now they’re mocking him for not changing the NFL?

    • Justin

      “Analysts” aren’t the smartest crayons in the box.

    • William

      Really he hasn’t changed anything …except that outside of Denver, this year the Defenses are ahead of the offenses . The teams with good defenses are winning , KC, Seattle, San Fran,Bengals ….hell, the year that the Offenses were supposed to be unstoppable has turned into the year of the Defense. Even the jets are what 4-3 and Rex was supposed to fired by now

      • #7

        yep exactly

  • Justin

    He puts the Eagles offense below the Giants offense? Why does that not surprise me?

  • djack10

    holy cow that was totally nonsensical. i thought the eagles were only the 3rd NFL team IN HISTORY to have over 400 yds of offense the first 4 games or whatever. but yeah i see why they would be bottom five. hey phil, you suck.

    • G_WallyHunter

      First team in the NFL era to get over 425 each of first 4 weeks, 1953 Rams did it I believe, before merger doe. one of 3 teams to get at least 1610 yards in first 4 games (07 pats, 83 chargers)…………… I think those were the stats

      but ya what the hell that means nothing…. really a meaningless stat. So happy Phil isn’t calling any Eags games, he loves the attention eh, puts them in the bottom five because of their “expectations” that were INITIALLY fabricated by all the damn media outlets and hype fiends including Simms

      • anon

        must have missed that giants game where our o schooled him. but he’ll learn this weekend.

  • anon

    TB is so terrible. That win means less and less as the weeks pass.

    • #7

      they are terrible in all phases. even the field itself was terrible. Thursday night football sucks too

      • cliff henny

        monday night is giving thursday nite a run for it’s money nowadays. try to watch eagles and 1 more nfl game so i’m not planted infront of tv all weekend, last month or so havent even done the 2nd game most often.

  • Run Eagles Run

    Pretty good production for a “bottom 5” unit. Basically a huge complement to Chip Kelly, who is apparently turning straw into gold… ok, silver…. ok, bronze with a silver lining.

  • Cranky Caucasian

    Here’s the problem. The media was the one who claimed Kelly would revolutionize the NFL. Kelly himself never said anything like that, just the opposite. And now that the things he’s done have not instantly changed the face of football forever, the media criticizes him for not making revolutionary changes. It’s like claiming the sun won’t rise tomorrow then yelling at the sun for being in the sky. Stupid.

    • #7

      THE MEDIA. It’s always them….especially with all of the social media. 5am I’m up reading shit about the Eagles. These clowns can say what they want with the click of a button

    • johnnycava

      here we go,the media destroying us again just because some dipshit was too confident after a losing season,we just got rid of the “dream team” now this needs to be dealt with,simms is an idiot obviously,because this is no where near a bottom five offense personnel wise and stat wise,simms needs to think about his word usage more and realize hes not playing anymore so he doesnt have to hate the eagles

  • Josh Jordan

    Simms is a hack

  • BleedGreenJames

    “I’m not gonna lie. I have not watched the Eagles on the coaches tape or anything else.”


  • atlvickfan

    BREAKING: Phil Simms fails IMPACT test, entered into NFL concussion protocol

  • sedric

    Phil simms explanation was as good as his sons quaterback play when he was in the nfl

  • #7

    “And we thought, oh this is gonna be the greatest thing the NFL has ever seen”

    Chip Kelly clearly said that he’s not re-inventing the game. Really Phil? People that know football, other than you Phil, knew that the NFL would adjust. Obvious that he has/have to make adjustments. He’s putting an unfair expectation on the Eagles from what he’s watched on TV and his own flawed opinion. The media is so bad now. Hype things up to rip it down

  • hawaiieaglesfan

    Thank you Phil. I feel like I dropped 50 IQ points after reading that.

  • hawaiieaglesfan

    Phil Simms, Sports Analyst. Hmm sounds like an Oxymoron. No I take that back….I meant TOTAL MORON.

  • Dominik

    “I’m not gonna do any of their games either this season”

    Thanks, I guess!?

  • Rage114

    FWIW, he also said that Sam Bradford was going to be in the Manning/Brady category and Andrew Luck was going to be a bust. His rationale was that Luck did not have any arm strength and would be beat up at the NFL level.

  • Adam

    C’mon Sheil.. please don’t turn into Florio on us and post people bashing the Eagles just for hits.

  • Andy


  • johnnysanz3

    This is laughable, disappointment in what was expected or not, the Eagles talent on offense alone is enough to not be bottom-5, even if they ran a local high school playbook.

  • Nah__Roots

    Hey, Phil. Say “Him”.

    Phil – “HEEEEM”

  • papabear13

    I’m sorry, but if your job is “NFL analyst” and you don’t watch the tape, even just a quick run through, of every game every week then you should be fired. The ball is only actually in-play for 11 minutes per game. If he would just focus on his game for that week that would be understandable, but when he calls game for my hometown team it’s shocking how little he appears to know about them. I’m always amazed at how uninformed so many national broadcast guys are.

  • George

    I hope the Eagles put up 50 pts. and 500 yards on the Giants this weekend. Phil Simms is a nitwit!

  • DEBO 215

    Simms isn’t very bright…NFL’s leading rusher and one of its top WR’s in DeSean Jackson…sure bottom 5 offense…


  • John

    Phil Simms is a wiener.

  • mtn_green

    The nfl will be copying chip Kelly, based upon his success so far.
    – packaged plays
    – spread offense run plays

  • Jester

    Let’s see, our offense is worse than TAMPA, JAX, GIANTS, REDSKINS, JETS, MINNESOTA, CLEV
    ELAND, PITT, ETC just t name a few….Phil ur a moron.

  • Loke1988

    This is such a frigging Homer blog. Look at all the Homer thumbs up on the negative reaction to Phil’s off the cuff assessment. Why can’t you people just take off the green tinted glasses and admit that Chip has been unimpressive at best so far?

  • LeClaw

    What’s even more laughable is reading Phil Sheridan try to defend Phil Simms asinine statement…apparently because he expected 60 pts and 700 yards a game when Kelly didn’t a #3 offense is just disappointing…

  • Bob A

    Some people just like to hear themselves talk and Simms is definitely among them. Absurd evaluation of Eagles offense by any measure.

  • Loke1988
    • Loke1988

      I put this here so you Homers could get a better understanding of what Simms meant. Not that it will help or anything.

  • Will

    Simms shut your piehole…