Some Thoughts On the Howie Roseman Debate

Jason La Canfora went after Howie Roseman pretty hard in his latest piece for CBS Sports, portraying the 37-year-old as a shaky general manager who is impeding  the Eagles’ quest to find a quality head coach.

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me one esteemed coach or another advised one of the Eagles’ top candidates not to take the job precisely because of Roseman’s presence there. Roseman isn’t the general manager they should tie their wagon to. It’s clear Chip Kelly wasn’t leaving Oregon for anywhere unless he had a large measure of control over the organization, and owner Jeffrey Lurie has already entrusted that to Roseman. There has been trepidation by some candidates to go all-in given the questions about this existing power structure.

The rumblings about Roseman lacking nuance and foresight, about him turning people off with how drunk with power he’s become, only grow louder as his coaching search grows stranger.

This is not the first time that Roseman has been described as a potential hindrance. When the Eagles were flirting with Penn State’s Bill O’Brien, the Harriburg Patriot News suggested that the former Patriots offensive coordinator may not be fond of the idea of coming to Philadelphia because Roseman is held in “low regard” by Bill Belichick.

There is enough smoke to suggest at the very least that Roseman is not universally admired across the NFL. It is also possible that the Roseman detractors are a very small group with a very loud voice. If an executive wanted to grind an ax, say, he would be able to plant enough seeds in the media to have several stories sprout up.

If the Eagles are having a difficult time finding a desirable candidate who wants the gig, it likely has more to do with the power structure and the quarterback situation than it does Roseman. If Chip Kelly or O’Brien wanted full control over personnel, they would not find it in Philadelphia. Where the Chiefs were willing to cut ties with Scott Pioli to land Andy Reid, Jeffrey Lurie does not appear all that flexible when it comes to his general manager situation; he wants Roseman here, and he wants him to have significant sway.

That, plus the cloudiness at the quarterback position, is enough to shrink the pool.

Peter King believes that some of the bloom is off the Eagles’ rose:

I understand the vagaries of college coaches interviewing for jobs, and how some of them (most, maybe) want to use the interviews to better their lots in college. But the Eagles have averaged 10.4 wins a year, with nine playoff appearances since the turn of the century. That’s about as good as it gets, aside from the Super Bowl drought, in a highly competitive league. But now, this could be a team trending downward.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie said in a club statement: “There is no question we spent a considerable amount of time and effort looking at who we thought were the best collegiate candidates for our head coaching job. We did so knowing that there was a remote chance that these coaches would leave their current posts. We understood that going into the process, but we wanted to leave no stone unturned while trying to find the best head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. We have no regrets about the effort we made in that direction and we will continue to proceed as planned in our search.”

Fine. But would three premier college coaches say no to the Steelers? The Giants? The Packers? Don’t think so.

To find the Eagles job desirable, you have to crave the challenge of following Reid; you must be motivated by the idea of  identifying and grooming a QB while building the franchise back up; you have to be dying to ride the roller coaster with a rabid fan base. And you must find the power structure appealing.

It  is not for everyone. That is true whether Roseman is the GM or not.

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  • In this case, perception may be reality here. Perception is Howie is a hindrance, or at least not a selling point, and this perception, whether it’s true or not, has become reality.

    • Jay Grace

      Howie is the man

      • Pomo

        With a rose & a Jew nose.

      • aub32

        Care to offer a rebuttal instead of just name calling.

        • aub32

          sorry wrong post

  • Joe D

    But even during tax season none of these head coaching candidates want to work with an accountant?


    In the end though I would think a sport that has several ego-driven head coaches someone would want to come in here and bring the first Lombardi to this city. Is that not appealing? And trying to do that while making millions? It doesn’t really seem like a bad gig does it? The upside to coming here and delivering is pretty damn high.

  • timesyours

    Is Roseman really worth all of the trouble then, if this is true? Is he worth mortgaging our coaching future on? A guy who was tight with Banner from stalking the front office until they hired him, with no football pedigree? I mean, sure, maybe it is true what Lurie said that he had “by far” the best talent evaluations (is that really so difficult with the competition he had in the front office?) But he is still a young buck and, regardless of his title, still needs to put some time in before he can go pissing people off or power-grabbing within the organization. Once again, if this is true. But as Philly Jeff said – perception is reality.

  • JofreyRice

    Come on, theorizing there’s just a “very small group” is just willfully not comprehending Landcanformer’s content. He said very clearly that a lot of people have expressed that opinion. Couple that with the earlier reports, and the stark difference in the way the franchise does business since Roseman took over, and it makes a pretty sensible picture of a guy that Locanfarmer says is”turning people off with how drunk with power he’s become”. Aren’t the Eagles in a worse position with the cap than they’ve been in for years? This guy is Mike Tannebaum-lite.

    Jeff’s passionate defense of Roseman seemed out of place in the Reid-termination press conference. It’s starting to look like the Lurie doth protest too much.

  • Johnny_P

    I have a good feeling if Roseman is not in office, Eagles would have already had a press conference announcing their new coach a week ago.

  • JP

    My opinion: Howie is like T.O, a cancer for the Eagles Management. The difference is, T.O had TALENT. How long has Roseman been the GM for the Eagles? 2 years. Since, he’s beent he GM, the Eagles has been having a loosing record. FIRE HOWIE ROSEMAN!!!. Jeff Laurie needs to know that Roseman being around the bad things are going to trickle down into the locker room.

    • jabostick

      We have the benefit of hindsight but virtually all of the moves made over the past couple of years have looked pretty good *at the time* (everyone thought Demetress Bell was as good as they could’ve got when Peters went down). With the exception of the Safety position (which was clearly in need of depth/quality back in the offseason), I thought he’s stocked the cupboard pretty well.

      Of the moves that haven’t worked out, contracts have been low risk. And if you believe the Lurie narrative about Howie’s say in the past few drafts, the one he had more say in looked good at the time and seems to be living up to expectations so far.

      I don’t get the notion that Roseman should be fired unless the incoming coach is so outstanding (with a better option at GM with him) that it is worth it.

  • I think you nailed it on the fact this sudden anti Roseman movement by the national media types maybe due to other execs or agents that have an ax to grind or have professional jealousy.
    The job is attractive because the roster, though with several holes, needs to be retooled, not rebuilt. Plus if you are ego driven coach, wouldn’t you want to come here to win a Super Bowl, where you will then immediately be canonized, statutes erected in your honor and schools be named after you across the entire Leigh/Delaware Valley region.

  • borntosuffer

    So, I am hearing that a lot of coaches are control freaks and don’t want to share responsibility in an organization. Doesn’t surprise me. My feeling is that very few coaches are capable of handling coaching and “final say” GM duties. Better to spread the responsibilities around a bit. Sure, that may scare off a few. But there is a good chance is scares off many that wouldn’t be successful in such a broad role. Would I be surprised that Reid or someone close to him didn’t plant these seeds? Not really. Lurie basically said that Roseman outperformed Reid in player evaluation.

    • Joe D

      You could have a point here but if you are building a house would you rather work with a contractor or a bus driver?

      • borntosuffer

        A football background is great. (I assume that’s your point) But, lot’s of guys with a football background are lousy coaches and/or lousy at evaluating players. I rather work with one who has a good track record. Reid’s drafting killed him in 2010 and 2011. Roseman’s not someone off the street. He has a track record that Lurie knows. Unless you think Lurie is trying to sabotage the team or just plain stupid, he took all that into consideration. I have no problem with Roseman being in his position. I believe an organization will have a much tougher time keeping perspective if a single person has the final say on all decisions. Things can quickly get out of whack – kinda like they did with the Eagles the last few years.

    • JofreyRice

      Hard to see Reid trying to sabotage the Eagles coaching search. He was hired within, what, 48 hours of being fired? And he got to pick his own GM, staff, etc. What’s the point? Nowhere, among any stories of former coaches/players, etc. do you hear of Reid being vindictive in this manner.

      I agree the HC/GM dynamic is usually not workable. I just don’t see how these multiple reports of Howie being an incompetent jerkwad can all be wrong; where there is smoke, there is fire.

      • borntosuffer

        Basically, you are saying Lurie is an idiot with terrible judgement. No other explanation fits “where there’s smoke” explanation. If there’s smoke, Lurie is right next to the fire. Fair enough. However, I can think of many situations where “where there’s smoke” didn’t pan out – Tawana Brawley, WMD, Duke Lacrosse. You get the idea. My guess is maybe Reid didn’t like Roseman’s rise and maybe Roseman’s ego as well. All he had to do was communicate that to a few of his friends that aren’t so tight-lipped – with or without intent. There’s always Banner out there who got pushed aside for Howie as well. Give me someone who performs. Get rid of the rest. Belichick, the cheating bastard, is not exactly a warm and fuzzy guy either.

        • FMWarner

          I agree. I have no idea if Roseman is incompetent or the next Ron Wolf. But Lurie threw Banner and Reid overboard in favor of him, and no one is in a better position to know who did what than Lurie. If you trust that Lurie is not an idiot (and I do), then you just have to bite the bullet and hope he’s right.

        • JofreyRice

          Hmm, don’t recall saying that; Lurie makes mistakes, and says weird things in press conferences. More or less saying I tend to believe these reports. Mike Silver did a piece on Roseman, saying that other GMs thought of his as a “shakedown artist” all the way back in 2010. Lurie put forth this idea that Roseman was a backseater in the roster meltdown, but there are numerous reports of Roseman publicly running around the practice fields of Lehigh making horrible Free Agent signings from 2011. Considering the epic change in the way the Eagles have done business since Roseman has been GM, frankly, it’s inconceivable to me that he hasn’t had a powerful voice in the room. Much like the buzz about Gruden being a creep, the fact that this is from multiple sources, over a lengthy period of time. leads me to believe these reports are true.

          • borntosuffer

            Whether you said it or not, if you believe the reports are true, Lurie is an incompetent idiot. You just added lying and/or delusional to it as well with “it’s inconceivable to me that he hasn’t had a powerful voice in the room”, if you, from your perspective can see that and Lurie can’t. Hey, maybe he is. My guess is that he got rid of the guys that didn’t perform. If Roseman didn’t perform, he would have gotten rid of him too. Otherwise, we are in trouble until Lurie is gone.

          • JofreyRice

            Thanks, I’ll just wait here while you fill me in on the rest of my opinions. Lurie can make an error, without being a complete incompetent idiot stupid dumbhead. He made a pretty big one by bringing Reid back this year–aggrandizing 4 meaningless wins at the end of 2011, as sign of some kind of progression. Obviously, Lurie has done some good things during his time as Eagles owner, but that doesn’t make him infallible. I happen to think that hitching his wagon to Roseman is the wrong choice.

          • borntosuffer

            Transposing numbers in your checkbook is an error. But, being unable to see what is right before your eyes when it is obvious to “multiple sources” who can’t possibly have as much insight into it as Lurie would make him incompetent in his role as the leader of the team. I don’t see any way around the that. The GM job is about picking talent. If Lurie has tracked it, as he said he has, he has all the information to decide whether Roseman does his job well. How is this giving you an opinion? It’s just a logical implication of what you stated. If you believe the reports on Roseman, then getting rid of Roseman won’t solve the problem. Lurie is the source of the problem. He took an “incompetent jerkwad” and gave him more power.

          • JofreyRice

            So people can only make errors in small or inconsequential things, or they are complete idiots? You’re really into seeing things in black and white, hunh? Either there’s no hope with a boob like Lurie owning the Eagles, or all his decisions are beyond question, or critical evaluation. After Ray Rhodes went 6-9-1 in ’97 and the franchise’s nose was pointing downward, Lurie brought him back to coach the team to 3-13 in ’98. After that, he hired a guy that was able to make the franchise relevant, and deliver a pretty consistent playoff team for 14 years.

            Roseman’s obviously done some things right as an employee to be promoted to General Manager. Even his worst detractors talk about his tenacity, work ethic, and passion. Maybe that’s what Lurie sees as more valuable in the long run. I find it very hard to believe that Roseman has not had a hand in the marked change in direction the franchise has taken, in regards to being a lot more active in blue-chip free agency, more likely to sign over-30 guys to longer term deals, going for more questionable “character” guys. Quite frankly, I’m skeptical that a guy without a football background has the skillset to identify talent, and fill out a roster with good players, consistently. Ron Wolf was an outlier–if you look at all the GMs of the best franchises now, they all came from scouting backgrounds: Steelers, Ravens, Packers, Falcons, Giants, 49ers, Seahawks, Colts, etc. Now you add in the rumors about Roseman being disliked by peers that don’t respect him–which, really, has no similarity to Belichick being unfriendly with the media–and the effect of that on the franchise’s image among coaching candidates, and I’m very concerned for the future with Howie at the wheel. Now that Howie is in the driver’s seat, there are no more excuses.

    • JeffLurieisaFool

      Reid has a job and is making comparable $ and would have no reason to get engaged in this. There are a number of Eagles alums who could be saying this including Uncle Joe, Grigson etc…. Even if you wanted to give Howie a pass for the 1st 2 drafts and the FA 2011 bomb-a-palooza (what was he doing in ’10 and ’11 if that were the case), how do you interview Billick and expect anyone to treat you seriously? However, I don’t blame Howie. Who would not want the GM job? Jeff is to blame for this and he is looking like another in the shockingly long line of bad Eagles’ (Philly?) owners. He gets creds for the new stadium and for hiring Reid but he is not good on his front office choices and the direction they are taking this franchise and fanbase. Please come back Myles Tannenbaum, we need you.

  • What Philly needs is a Carolina type of GM/Coach situation. The GM handles the money, the coach has final say over the roster/personnel. That makes sense. Most HC’s don’t want to have the money guy having final say over the talent on the field. And, whether folk like it or not, perception is reality. If the going meme is that Roseman is difficult and power hungry then this gig that everyone thinks is so desirable may not be so desirable.

    • The Guru

      You mean the G.M they fired during the season? That’s a brilliant plan you dope.

      • xlGmanlx

        Or nobody wants him, get a room. At least you’re consistently foolish.

        • The Guru

          You’ve still refused to answer why you think Mike Nolan is a better coach than Jon Gruden. The floor is yours Forrest Gump…

          • xlGmanlx

            Stats, plain and simple for you obtuse. Stats show he won’t win the Lombardi, so who cares what the hell kind coach Nolan is, the percentages are better than Chucky. the stats are not on grudens side, to foolishly spout that drivel is to clearly qualify your football acumen as dim. Stats = history, those who know not of history, repeat it.

          • The Guru

            Mike Nolan was 18-37. How do you like those stats you unbelievable moron? Gruden built a Super Bowl contender with Oakland and won a ring with Tampa. Congrats are proving you know nothing about football….and doing all the heavy lifting simpleton.

          • xlGmanlx

            You mean Gruden beat a team he coached the year before? You know basically could tell players their entire system? Was fired and hasn’t been hired since? But sure, Nolan’s first start wasn’t great, but at least he is still coaching. Simpleton’s like yourself don’t realize statistically Gruden will never win a SB, and unless he plays an old team, neither will Gruden.

          • The Guru

            HAHAHAHAHAHA congrats on the dumbest post in the history of this site. Real question….how do you get through everyday life?

  • 85

    It’s hard for anyone to know for sure whether this is sour grapes from outside the organization, or if there’s really something to this.

    What worries me, though, is that while there appears to be at least a handful of people around the league (and at least a few potential coaching candidates) who think Roseman’s in over his head, disliked or thought of poorly, I haven’t really seen any pro-Howie testimony popping up in any of these stories. You’d think that one of these reporters, in the course of researching these stories, would find SOMEBODY with something positive to say about the guy.

    On the other hand, who HAS been consistently defending him. I can only think of one person. The guy signing the checks. Yikes.

  • The Guru

    It’s the same reason they won’t interview Jon Gruden…..because he will not tie his future to Roseman. And I don’t blame him.

  • Justin

    Didn’t these guys (I know at the very least Chip Kelly was) get courted by more than one team? Because if that’s the case, it seems less like an indictment of Roseman if they turned their noses up at other coaching opportunities as well.

  • jabostick

    I can’t imagine the reference of someone outside the organization (even if it were Belichick) would be anything more than a small piece of info – and overruled by their own interactions. I think the presence of a gm could be an issue, but not because it is Roseman, per se.

  • JofreyRice

    Also, this really hasn’t been mentioned, but the Eagles Cap situation is worse off than it ever was under Banner/Reid. Right now, they are 16 Million dollars over the 2013 Salary cap. Obviously, they are going to save some money when they cut/restructure Asomugha’s 15 million dollar base salary, and Vick’s 16.9 Million dollar one, but the least they can get off paying Aso & Vick 4 million bucks, apiece. So that’s 8 million dead cap dollars for two guys they signed like 18 months ago. Luckily, they structured Demeathead Bell’s deal so that they can cut him without penalty. Unfortunately, the cap has been managed in a way that they’re being forced to throw out parts of the boat to avoid sinking. Luckily, we know those guys aren’t good, but they are tossing out a starting QB, CB, and someone brought in to start at LT. If they don’t add Cullen Jenkins to the list, they could get the number down to ~15 million under the cap.

    Without some guys being forced to restructure, I’m not sure they could re-sign DRC if they actually wanted to. They’re going to have to build through the draft, it’s gonna be a tight Christmas!

    • Average__Joseph

      You aren’t taking into account the carry over from 2012 toward the 2013 cap. The Eagles were about $17 million under the cap at season’s end; most of that, if not all, will be able to be applied to the 2013 cap once the cap number has been set. Removing Vick, Bell and Jenkins will then put the Eagles in a very favorable position. Removing just those 3 players would put them at about $24 million under the 2013 projected cap.

      • JofreyRice

        Interesting. I’m going by, which states a carryover of 0, and 1.4 mil in dead money already. That website has them at 17 million OVER the cap for 2013, not under. And like you mentioned, they pretty much HAVE to cut guys. Not seeing that as being as healthy of a situation as years past. It’s a bit of a mirage, as well. Most teams are sinking 10-15 million into a QB; Foles is making 400K next year. Running your team w/a 3rd round QB salary is mighty cost effective, but not many teams get away w/it.

        UPDATE: Just read an article about the carryover by John Clayton. It seems they are carrying over 23 million from 2012 (the most of any franchise), and that will offset the 17 million they are currently over for 2013. The difference is that they’ll be about 5 million under come March 1st.

        So it appears that the Eagles are about in the middle of the pack, before they start throwing contracts overboard, at which point they’ll be in better shape. Even if they were paying a “franchise QB”, they’d still be fine. I stand corrected; this criticism of Roseman is unfair–he’s definitely a salary cap whiz!

  • aub32

    I don’t think Howie is getting a fair shake. We have no idea why the hoodie doesn’t like. Also, if Kelly wanted power, why did it come down to the Eagles and Oregon versus Cleveland and Oregon. Not to mention Lurie has already stated the HC will answer to him alone.

    I would look at several other points before blaming Howie on missing out on the college coaches. Many can argue the ND job is just better than Philly. The money is comparable. The stage is just as big. The arrow is trending up. BOB may have just not had the nerve to leave Happy Valley. I live here. He is everything to the people here.

    I look forward to see what Howie does in the future. We know he can bring in FAs and do wonders with the cap. He pulled off a monster trade for Kolb and a good one for Ryans. I know many will point to the 2011 draft. I excuse the 2011 draft since there were extenuating circumstances. The team had no idea if FA would take place. Therefore they drafted for need, and it backfired. The 2012 draft went really well. He got Cox at a much lower spot than projected and didn’t give up much. He seems do be able to do what a GM should be able to do.

    • morgan c


    • HowieDontKnow


      • aub32

        Care to offer a rebuttal instead of just name calling.

    • Essell

      Lurie has said he only holds Roseman accountable for the 2012 draft NOT the 2011. That means Reid, or Banner were the responsible parties.

  • UncleCarm

    Peter King’s statement is stupid (regarding the Steelers, Giants and Packers). They are not looking for a coach because they had good seasons. If they had a season like the Eagles just had, then yes, some coaches would say no. The point is, any coach worth having will welcome the challenge. Few coaches go to a team that just had a good season (yes, I know it happens occasionally, but it is the exception, not the rule). There can’t be more than a handfull of people that actually know if Roseman is responsible for the good decisions or the bad decisions, and one of them is Banner. I wonder then, where the rumors have come from…hmmmm.

    • Smegga

      Peter King is useless. I dislike the guy because he writes thousands of words and yet says absolutely nothing relevant. I used to read him every Monday, but it’s just inane drivel, and now I stay far away.

      Still, he has his fans, and earns tons of money. Just wish the money and recognition went to someone more deserving. Like Sheil or Tommy Lawlor.

  • YeahYeah

    Sounds like out school football guys hating on the new stat nerd in the building. Personally, I prefer separation in the head coach/GM duties. All you can go on is Lurie’s evaluation, and why would he lie about Howie’s track record? If Lurie is just a dummy making a bad decision, then we’re stuck either way with a bad owner. But I’m willing to give Lurie the benefit of the doubt given his track record as well.

    • thefadd

      my sentiments exactly. Lurie has the best access to information in the building (or at least he should) and little motivation to divulge any of it

  • laeagle

    So 3 college coaches, who have been at their jobs only 1, 3, and 4 years, have decided to stay at college for the same pay as the NFL but with more job security, and this proves that Howie is a cancer? The only facts are that these 3 stayed in college. Cleveland hired someone we never heard of. Kansas City hired a guy we wouldn’t have hired for obvious reasons. Syracuse hired a guy who lived and worked in the area. Besides that, no other coaches have been hired. What else do we know? The Eagles said they would “leave no stone unturned”, and now they’re interviewing a ton of people.

    I fail to see how any of this is worthy of concern or newsprint. It boggles my mind that people can draw the conclusions they’re drawing from this rather straightforward set of facts.

    • Bob A

      I can’t believe this, but I actually agree with you. I’m sure you’ll agree that I never defend Lurie or Roseman, and have plenty of issues with this owner in particular,but as far as this coaching search has gone, they’ve really done nothing wrong.

      • laeagle

        You are a very wise man, bob, when you agree with me. :)

        But yeah, this whole thing in the press is just crazy. Don’t know how so many people can make so much out of so little actual fact.

  • Run Eagles Run

    but but but what about nick foles????! HE IS THE NEXT PEYTON MANNING!!! LOOK AT HIS NUMBERS! HE IS BETTER THAN MARINO!!!!!!11!!!

    • 1972

      And what does that make your guy? They said he was suppose to be the next steve young lmao!!! fu*koutta here

      • Run Eagles Run

        my guy? I dont have a guy. Im not into football that way. dont get emotionally attached to your qb, it skews your opinion. all this love for nick foles, i hope it doesnt come to it, but its gonna turn to hate. like it always does. but as much as I dont believe he is any good for a starter role, if thats the position he is put it, obviously I will be rooting for him. I want the eagles to win. I want them to go undefeated, and for foles to throw for 4000 yards… but I am realistic. vick would give the team a chance to win. if a coach came in here, and built the offense around vick, instead of forcing him into a system (andy reid) it would work a lot better than building around foles. sorry.

        • The Guru

          Proving you know absolutely nothing about football. Stick to purse snatching punk

  • Following Andy Reid in Phila is not a dream situation so long as the new coach has to report to the head bean counter.

    Of course this should have been a topic of the conversation before firing Andy Reid.

  • Sensei

    Not really worried thatI Howie is the problem virtually no one has hired a coach yet and the ones who have hired a guy who was recently fired (andy), a college coach from Syracuse (they were respectable this season but they’re still Syracuse) and Chudzinksi who I have no idea how he got a job I’m fine with the front office being thorough with the search once coordinators start turning the job down which we aren’t sure the college coaches even did then I would be start to worry about Howie being a problem

  • “Roseman is held in “low regard” by Bill Belichick.”

    I sure would like to know more about that.

  • daggolden

    Les Bowen and Reuben Frank are on DNL as I type and Les Bowen stated. Jason La Canfora called Howie Roseman to ask him if Ken Whisenhunt had interviewed with the Eagles. Howie declined to confirm it. Later that day Reuben Frank broke the story about the interview. Jason La Canfora the next day wrote the story about Howie without quoting one source as retaliation. Now DNL has just confirmed Adam Shefter from ESPN has talked to Chip Kelley and a few other canidates that the Eagles have interviewed and they all said it was a great interview and they thought Howie did a great job. Jason La Canfora made this whole story up.

    • borntosuffer

      Nice. But, now I have actual quotes from real sources to compete with the “smoke” that MUST have some fire. And, I was all ready to inhale. But, I think @JofreyRice got all the smoke anyway.

      • JofreyRice

        haha, I wish. You expect any league source to come out on the record, criticizing a contemporary, real time? Your willful suspension of critical thinking skills is creepy.

        • borntosuffer

          Says the one who believes anything he reads on the internet.

          • JofreyRice

            Definitely rather spend my time trying to sift through information than working on a second career as a priggish little organizational bootlicker, like yourself. Baaaaa! Baaaaa!

          • borntosuffer

            Go Eagles.

    • borntosuffer

      No! Not substantiated reporting! Not attributed quotes! I won’t have this nonsense blowing away the La Canfora smoke. Me and my friend JR will keep inhaling, find proof of Bigfoot, er, La Canfora’s fire and show you all!

  • Bob A

    I’m the last guy that would ever defend Roseman or Lurie, but this is BS. Which ‘esteemed coach or another’ would have told him this? Because if it isn’t Reid or Banner, what difference does it make? Nobody else really is familiar with the way Roseman would run the day to day operation. LaCanfora probably didn’t get enough inside scoops from Howie, and now he’s paying the price.

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    Whether or not he is the idiot he has been portrayed as, there would be evidence and testimony from sources if he were an exceptional executive. As an outside observer, the floor looks like ‘Destroyer of a Franchise’ and the ceiling looks like ‘Not an Idiot’

  • Bukester

    First thing – LongTimeEagleFan from the area but live overseas now. This site is really great. Sheil is outstanding. DailyNews guys online are unreadable. People say some dumb things here sometimes, but I appreciate everyones opinion. No kidding. The comments are often as good or better than the article.

    That said – Lurie is well-respected. His reputation is on the line with Howie. Lets just say he has a six month contract in my mind – help the owner find a quality HC then step out of the way. The article here is about his reputation. Reputations matter. I don’t know enough about the guy to say anything else other than, if we don’t get Bradley, its on Roseman. If we do get Bradley, and Lurie keeps his word – then Roseman will be the beancounter GM which is fine. As long as the Birds bring in someone of the required calibre, then Roseman will be second fiddle. Big ego ‘n all.

  • Mercer

    I am just curious, didnt Reid have full control over player personnel decisions while he was here? How can you blame roseman for anything if he didnt have final say? Reid says go get this guy, Howie did. I am neither here nor there on Roseman so far, but you cant fault a guy for anything if he didnt have control of personnel decisions.

    Lurie said he has been a better talent evaluator, which could indeed be the case… but Reid wouldnt listen which caused the problems.
    Or, he could have had a say and messed up. Only the Ealges front office knows the truth, which now rests with Lurie and Roseman since they are the last men standing. Given all of the BS that has come out from ALL media sources relating to this head coaching search, im starting to think that “reliable sources” to media is that reporter A talks to reporter B and whatever they decide is now “Fact”