Eagles Release Brian Rolle

Brian Rolle got a call from an unknown “215”  number this morning, and immediately took it as a bad sign.

“I thought, I guess I’m getting released. If its a ‘215’ number and I don’t have it, that can’t be good,” Rolle told Birds 24/7.

The call was from head coach Andy Reid, telling Rolle that he had in fact  been cut.

“I’m surprised to say the least,” said Rolle. “I felt like there’s been tension the last couple weeks there anyway. I’m at a loss for words. It’s crazy but I know I’ll get an opportunity somewhere else. I know I did everything in my power and played hard, and obviously it was not enough. Wherever I end up, there’s going to be hell.”

Taking Rolle’s place on the roster is linebacker Adrian Moten, the 24-year-old out of Maryland who was with the team during training camp. The Eagles also signed offensive lineman Julian Vandervelde back to the practice squad and released longsnapper Kyle Nelson.

Rolle, a sixth-round pick in 2011, started 13 games in his rookie campaign and ended with 42 tackles, a sack, a forced fumble and a fumble return for a touchdown. The linebacker position got bolstered in the offseason with the additions of  DeMeco Ryans and Mychal Kendricks. Rolle was in the mix for the starting weakside linebacker spot but that job ultimately went to Akeem Jordan. With Jordan sidelined against the Giants because of a hamstring injury, Jamar Chaney got the call at WILL.

Rolle said he felt under-appreciated this season.

“I felt like I didn’t get the chance. People saw how productive I was last year. Why I am I not in there this year?” he said.

“I was one of the most productive guys last year. Wherever I get an opportunity I’m going to prove to them that I should have stayed there. I’m not going to bad talk the organization, it is a wonderful organization. At the end of the day it’s football and I can’t let it get to me.”

According to a source, special teams play was a big factor in this decision. Reid was clearly irked by the shoddy kick return coverage against New York.

“Special teams-wise, we’ve got some work to do on the kickoff coverage and kickoff return units. There’s no reason we should be playing like we are in those spots,” said Reid. “Had an opportunity to go through that with [special teams coordinator] Bobby [April] [Monday] morning and we’ve just got to straighten a few things up there. So, we’ll go about working on that this week.”



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  • Jianning Wu

    I feel good that a guy who was “good enough” last year, couldn’t cut it this year.

    Best of luck to Brian, though.

    • xlGmanlx

      Agreed, he was good enough last year, this year? Missed tackles and out of position won’t get you on the field. The igg’s have recently shown that they aren’t playing around – See JJ – and that you should be all in to help the team. I didn’t hear a lot of team based comments from Rolle, but understandable, since he just basically got fired.

  • The Daily Rival

    we should have kept keenan clayton over rolle to begin with.

    • xlGmanlx

      I don’t know why they don’t even at least TRY Clayton at a safety position, you know the one he played in COLLEGE?? Anything is better than Coleman at this point.

    • tag1555

      Maybe he’s doing other things well on special teams, but KC has yet to record a tackle this year for Oakland.

  • JofreyRice

    Judging by his comments, it sounds as if the guy thought WILL was still his job to lose, even after he lost the job to Jordan. Seems like the ridiculously undersized 6th rounder got comfortable. Too bad, he showed some potential last year.

  • He was atrocious last year and a terrible special teams player….it’s about time there was some accountability.

    • He was a sucker for getting faked out of position who didn’t have the foot speed to recover.

      • morgan c

        ha, totally. the part about “everyone saw how productive i was last year” cracked me up. 40 tackles as a linebacker, starting almost every game? when the leading linebackers in the NFL make 120-150 tackles, at least, every year? are you kidding me? dude was CONSISTENTLY unable to get off blocks, and most of his “tackles” were made 8-15 yards downfield. he made a few good plays over the course of last year, that’s it. a few good tackles isn’t enough. chaney and jordan are both superior.
        i doubt he’ll ever start a game on a winning team in the nfl.

        • xlGmanlx

          Yeah, you want LB’s who won’t shy away from contact, but production can’t suffer. He was a thumper no doubt, but it didn’t translate into production worth paying for.

  • Joe H

    I wonder if this is a special teams move as opposed to an indictment of Rolle and his abilities… Something really needs tocchange there.

    • JofreyRice

      I think ST really misses Colt Anderson, Akeem Jordan, and Riley Cooper. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I thought ST coverage was pretty good in the preseason, and it seemed like Jordan was always around the play. I think we *MIGHT* actually be good there, if those guys come back healthy.

      • Ken Raining

        This is a good point… it’s hard for any unit to succeed when it’s missing its’ standout performers.

  • poetx99

    sheesh. i bet it was ST. dude was apparently (from his remarks) still thinking of himself as a starter, not taking into account he only started last year because our LBs were terrible.

    eagles probably kept him around through TC because they weren’t sold on chaney’s recovery. when jordan beat him out for the starting Will, that was really the death knell. if he was at all culpable for any of the kick coverage woes, of course he’s toast.

    that doesn’t mean he was the only one, but if a backup, yet promising CB messed up (or receiver, or RB), they are overall more talented and have more upside in the league and that equals adios.

    sorry it didn’t work out, but that’s the business.

  • Wilbert M.

    Bobby April is the one who should have been cut.

    • xlGmanlx

      Yes, although if he isn’t given the correct assets to make it work, how much fault can we lay at him? I have to imagine those playing special teams are better than they have been in recent years, so i find it inexcusable how much they have been exposed in return games.

  • Kimbafuzz

    I’m kinda stunned… but clearly there was a deeper issue here. When he mentions the “tension”, it seems like something may have already been said prior to this week. But still… he’s right. He was very productive last season. Shocked to see him go. Maybe it was a personality thing…..

    • Adam

      6th rounder will never make it on what he did last year. It just seems like he got sour because he lost his job and got put on special teams. Big no no. You show up and do what your ask to the best of the ability or else theres a kid behind you that will do it for you. Just life in the NFL.

  • knighn

    Brian Rolle was a feisty player last year, but he either wasn’t big enough or strong enough. What people generally don’t seem to realize is that B. Rolle was constantly missing tackles. There are all kinds of websites out there that track missed tackles. Rolle had between 10 and 13 missed tackles last season – either way it ranks among the worst in the league. I didn’t see him miss any tackles on STs on Sunday night, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t, repeatedly. If Moten actually upgrades the team, this is a good move. If not, then I will missed Rolle’s feistiness, but not his missed tackles!

  • Johnny Domino

    No doubt a future Brown.

  • Jay Grace

    He sucked

    • Johnny Domino

      Jay knows suck

  • Melodie Rolle-Mitchell

    Keep your head up Brian, when one door closes another one will open! FAITH

  • ICDogg

    I liked him last season but this season he has not only failed to improve, but he has regressed. And someone like him should be good on special teams, but he hasn’t been doing so.

  • djack10

    why not sign a kicker that drives the ball out of the end zone…that guarantees no return. seems like it is worth a roster spot to make the offense have to go 80 yards on most drives. punts can be directed out of bounds.

  • Run Eagles Run

    Get whatever Harbaugh is available in here now. bobby april has had three years of stinky SP teams. Im starting to think it isnt the players…

  • Ken Raining

    I’m not so much surprised that he got cut, but that he got cut while (unless I’m mistaken) Casey Matthews is still on the team. Rolle wasn’t exactly great last year, but he did show more last year then Matthews, and the linebacking as a whole noticeably improved when Rolle became a starter. But, like everybody else has said, it sounds like he pouted when he didn’t win the starting job this year, and that he wasn’t giving his all in his new role. He’s certainly not irreplaceable.

  • Pomo

    Would of like to see Ryan Rau called up.

  • that boy blaze

    hey man it is the business aspect of things. fottball always has and will continue to be a what have you done for me lately league