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Best Fried Chicken

2017 Best Fried Chicken

Poi Dog

Fried chicken junkies, if you’re looking to get your fix from different latitudes, you won’t want to miss this Big Island version, where the bird is dipped in sweet rice flour, doused in furikake seasoning, and topped with togarashi-yuzu mayo. Psst: It comes on the lunch plate with two scoops of rice, macaroni salad and pickled red cabbage. Yum.

102 South 21st Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-279-7015 | Website

2016 Best Double Knot

Double Knot

120 South 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

Panko-breaded, beautifully tender morsels served with a smear of togarashi mayo. Read more »

2016 Best Samwich


1040 North American Street, #1101, Philadelphia, PA Website

Everyone is getting in on the fried-chicken-slapped-on-a-bun game these days, but this one rises above the finger-lickin’ fray. A spice-blended, crispy-skinned, buttermilk-brined bird is topped […] Read more »

2016 Best Clarkville


4301 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Website

The thighs are juicy all the way to the bone, with perfect, crackling skin, and served with a little salad and pickled onion ranch sauce. Read more »

2016 Best Wishbone


210 South 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

They’re done in a buttermilk batter and a delicious pretzel crust and served with dipping sauces like chipotle lime mayo, honey mustard and parmesan pesto. […] Read more »

2015 Best The Chicken Biscuit at Percy Street

The Chicken Biscuit at Percy Street

900 South Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

Loosed from Percy Street’s Texas-style barbecue roots, Erin O’Shea is showing her talents across the menu. But there’s no better bite right now than her […] Read more »

2014 Best Federal Donuts

Federal Donuts

Multiple locations Website

Why stop at perfectly fried chicken? The super-freaked-up versions spiced with Thai chili, za’atar, toasted nori and honey-ginger glaze are genius if only for taking […] Read more »

2012 Best Federal Donuts

Federal Donuts

1219 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

The twice-fried Korean fried chicken has six different topping choices. We keep going back because we know it’s the best, and because we’re not done […] Read more »

2011 Best Speck’s Drive In

Speck’s Drive In

3969 Ridge Pike, Collegeville, PA Website

While we’re sure the neighboring Adult Bookstore does just fine at what it’s best at, we know for a fact that this longtime neighborhood classic […] Read more »

2010 Best Cafe Soho

Cafe Soho

468 West Cheltenham Avenue, Cheltenham, PA Website

Forget everything you think you know about this American classic. Caf Soho’s bon chon, or Korean fried chicken, is twice-fried (meaning more crunch, less grease) […] Read more »